NEW iPad Pro AND MacBook Air

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Talking about the new 2020 iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini!

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Aepek 3 month ago
“Not necessarily entertainment value”; just that us helps “keeps things normal” for us who are quarantined......or social distancing. So, vids still coming = 👍🏻👍🏻
Pretty Lourice 3 month ago
Who else watching this, but probably won’t buy it? Like if you are! 👍🏻❤️
Anthony Fonseca 3 month ago
Did everyone else see the missing plugin😁
Edu Madrid 3 month ago
who liked the missing plugin moment? :P
Egg In Tree 3 month ago
Isnt it Ijutines Birthday??? Edit: It Is! happy birthday Justine!!!
DJTech 3 month ago
6:52 the "Missing Plugin" killed me 🤣 Is that another problem with the new Mac Pro?
Klaneos Mac 3 month ago
Heya, can’t see your TikTok handle in the info under the video.
A G 3 month ago
I think she messed up the editing a little but at 6:52 😂
Tech17 3 month ago
Jerryrigeverything:walks into the Apple store to buy the new iPad Pro Apple store: ffs not this guy again.
R C 3 month ago
“Cant be worse than whats happening down here” 😂😂😂
rexnicious 3 month ago
But who ACTUALLY uses the camera on their iPad? Seems rather gratuitous for Apple to spend money on that.
RickP2012 3 month ago
You should have started with the AR footage to fool people into thinking you had one already!
Daily Dose Of Migue 3 month ago
Right now , I’m trying to YouTube because it makes me feel as normal as possible. I see creators talking about upcoming things and just makes me feel like one day everything is going to be over and everything is going to go back to normal. So yes, I appreciate all the content creators pulling through and continuing to upload like nothing is happening. It’s helping me cope with my anxiety.
Ethan Moberley 3 month ago
"scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7
Mia 3 month ago
Her energy is quite different though, you can absolutely tell.
samlol23 3 month ago
I’m gonna make people’s laser/radar detector bug out and watch them hit the brakes over and over and over
griffie liedtke 3 month ago
I'm watching designated survivor.
Martôk 3 month ago
For those of us with a 2018 iPad Pro.. we essentially have the 2020 iPad Pro... it's all about that Magic Keyboard!
James Bunt 3 month ago
Watching this in a darken room on a projector was interesting as every time Justine hands went forward on the black table it looked like she was popping out of the bottom of the screen.
Jake Vanzanten 3 month ago
Ahhh I love the new iPad especially with the keyboard. Too bad I can’t afford it
Thomas Rose 3 month ago
FaceID on iMac and MacBook will be a problem especially I have "Add to Cart" syndrome; what if it mistakes my eyes for confirmation and payment. I can already see how broke I am going to get if they do that hahah!
vailbe 3 month ago
When u decide to buy the 2018 pro and Apple decides to Release the new one 3 weeks after 💀
David Harrison 3 month ago
iPad Pro users: “The new Magic Keyboard has a trackpad! This is so cool!” PowerBook 500 users: “Welcome to 1994...”
Jack Bauer 3 month ago
Damn there’s more frickin adverts on this video than there is on the xfactor show.
Victoria McLeod 3 month ago
I feel like we can’t call the iPad a computer replacement when there’s no Flash extension compatibility. Coming from an iPad Pro owner I’ve hated that I can’t complete certain school or work projects when it’s constantly not supported.
Lorena V. 3 month ago
I just bought the iPad Pro of 2019 😭😭
parkingthought 3 month ago
Actually, a large chunk of the economy and people's lives can continue to move forward while things are being disrupted by COVID. Keeping things as normal as possible is really helpful. One reason I'll be getting this device is to help me transition my work to working remote. Thank you for sharing this video! Keep up the good work.
ijono 3 month ago
this is literally the only thing i need rn. being informed about the things i love is just the perfect distraction!
RIWAJ 3 month ago
When’s the Macbook PRO likely coming out
Douglas Ceretta Hamerski 3 month ago
6:50 - something went wrong there
Tony Stark 3 month ago
The real question is does it scratch a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7!!
Jeremy Dumitrache 3 month ago
The Mac mini specs haven't changed at all except for double the standard storage. Same processor options etc otherwise
SeanyTechMagic 3 month ago
The new iPad Pro calls me broke in 100 different languages! LOL! 😂
chris Morales 3 month ago
you should watch the crown on Netflix it's sooo good
Sahar Salim Kazi 3 month ago
5:13 "That looks big" THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Dalya Gamer 3 month ago
Happy birthday Justine love ❤️ I’m I the only one who remember 🌸 hope you have a great day🌹it’s 20th March🎈🎊🎉🎁
Laszlo Gaspar 3 month ago
FaceID hasn’t come to the MacBook yet because it would require the display to be much thicker to accommodate the sensors required for FaceID.
vGodFN 3 month ago
“WHO ELSE IS STUCK AT HOME BC OF CORONA??🏠” (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪŦᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)⏲
Jack and Bennys 3 month ago
6:53 , dont ignore justine! (this happens to me all the time on fcpx😩)
Baconface McGee 3 month ago
I’m an introvert and I’ve been self quarantining and social distancing myself for years.
Tom Gargano 3 month ago
So if the keyboard port charges the iPad then that must mean the iPad has a form of wireless charging?
ryan elizabeth 3 month ago
anyone else confused on the picture of 6:52
Martin Acuna 3 month ago
I’m stuck at home because I got pneumonia on Monday, so yeah 😷
Rebecca Cox 3 month ago
“Missing plugin” is my favourite feature of the MacBook Air!😂😂😂
Cliff Gerardo 3 month ago
6:55 missing plugin lol😂
Felix KY Tang 3 month ago
I really don’t know if I need the ipad of the MacBooks
WassellThatAbout 3 month ago
Justine, please don’t underestimate how much your videos can brighten up someone’s day in times like these. It’s not your duty and you shouldn’t feel you have to upload if you don’t want to, but you uploading and talking about tech is not doing anything but good in this world. I appreciate the upload and I’m excited for the new iPad, something to look forward to!
Leo Yan 3 month ago
County of Los Angeles just announced lockdown...Stay safe :(
I Love youtubers 3 month ago
the ipad pro was float when stick the keyboard me: !? the web: yes, it float
mema 3 month ago
Im watching this with my ipad air 2. Im like decades left out.
Ninomiyaオージ 3 month ago
The latest iPad Pro’s benchmarks is suck You should wait for the next one that is supposed to come out in this autumn if you have 2018 version.
Deltator Gaming 3 month ago
6:52 GOT EMM’
StarBuddy Young 3 month ago
A girl with two blinking eyes is introducing the ipad, neat.
May 3 month ago
I can't wait to live vicariously through Justine when she gets the new iPad as I can't afford one xD
iadtag 3 month ago
It's sad that you're somehow forced to make this video. I know you like making videos and sharing your thoughts but I can't continue watching if it feels like this.
Thomas atigh 3 month ago
Maybe try doing a few less coronavirus jokes. Kinda makes me sad :(
Aziz Johnny 3 month ago
Tim: a new product we called it.... Justine: ok take my money
BOOSTDTV 3 month ago
I love the black table. the way it frames you like you are reaching outside the Frame is super cool. I agree with everyone else, keep creating. we all need the entertainment more than other.
Haydn z1234 3 month ago
6:52 A little broken 😂
Dante E 3 month ago
Apple: Our stores are closing Also Apple: Here’s our new iPad with a better camera 😴
Angelina Pineiro 3 month ago
My mom has the iPad we got it before the commercial came out! It’s amazing! I’m especially jealous about the new apple pen side charging mechanic! Lol
That random Guy 3 month ago
Justine: announces the Apple Watch bands and phone cases before the Mac mini Mac mini: Am I a joke to you?
515ventures 3 month ago
I love this single chick, she is married to Apple products! 💯💯💯💯
ARYAN PURI 3 month ago
My parents promised me that they will give me the new iPad pro this year.... but covid stops me ...
Tech Guy 3 month ago
The AR app showing the iPad on the desk is as close to AR as I’ll ever see until they release the 5G iPhone which is LIKELY DELAYED BY THE CORONAVIRUS TOO PS I CAN RECOMMEND video game playthroughs on YouTube to pass the time
Choco Loco 3 month ago
0:19 not hard for me to think about tech and expect the videos
piwypd0 3 month ago
7:50 they need to add the cameras to the laptops and that means either bump or notch. plus is more profitable to continue selling you crappy 720p at a premium apple price tag =)
Chima Amanambu 3 month ago
Justine, there was an error in the editing at 6:52.
top 5 funniest videos funny 3 month ago
Pleas shout me up pleas I have been with seens 2019jan
Niels S 3 month ago
6:52 I just love that about the new MacBook!!
Absol Dark 3 month ago
How Justine was talking about the size difference of the MacBook that was me when I used my 3ds to transfer Pokémon to HOME
Marwan Amireh 3 month ago
8:33 the Mac mini is still the same. They just made it so that the base model is 256 GB and reused the same page.
RobT07 3 month ago
Westworld! Yes, it’s so good. I might start re-watching Seasons 1 and 2 between new episodes. Is this now?
Calvin Dean 3 month ago
Love love your takes! “The Calvin Dean Show”
Greg G 3 month ago
Trying to look on the bright side. All of those grounded planes and petrol/diesel cars that are staying in the driveway and not polluting the air. I call that a bright side. Stay safe and thanks for uploading videos. The iPad looks good. I still have the first iPad pro. might get this one or wait until next years.
Aayra Sharma (814aayshar) 3 month ago
Yes! You're the best! 😁I'm commenting on my iMac!
Kartik 3 month ago
The 2019 MBA has a dual core with clock speed of 1.6Ghz while the 2020 MBA, though has a quad core processor has a lower clock speed of 1.1 GHz. Doesn’t that make the upgrade kinda small?
Marco 3 month ago
I just celebrated my 11th birthday in March and got the apple pencil 2nd gen to draw on my ipad pro. It's amazing. It was soooo good that was drawing for the whole day yesterday without having to charge my ipad!!!!
The Frugal Audiophile 3 month ago
I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube watching videos like this so I appreciate content creators that continue to produce. Also started watching outlander on Netflix, it’s pretty good!
Ryan McCaffrey 3 month ago
@1:33 “This is the highest performance iPad ever. Obviously, you’d have to imagine so, because they’re not going to make an iPad not as good as the last one.” MacBook Pro 2015 - Pretty much perfect. Apple: Here we have the brand new MacBook Pro 2016
theRjamesmilan 3 month ago
6:52 missing plug in though
UnusuallyAsian 3 month ago
The main question that im waiting for is that if you can finally play games with W, A, S and D and bluetoothing a mouse to the ipad and play games like minecraft, roblox and such?
Alexis Lefebvre 3 month ago
I’m a lumafusion user and it’s an amazing app for editing. Worth every penny. 👍
AndreiPh 3 month ago
Seriously I'm Completly Jealous about Ijustine bruhhh like Apple fan out there🤗
iApplePro 3 month ago
6:52 LOL there’s something missing
Practically Insane 3 month ago
i swear everytime i buy something new that comes out they always have to make a new one
Neha Roy 3 month ago
For the first ever in 5 years watching ijustine’s videos, I’m legit feeling her being sad. And I can totally understand. Please stay strong and calm. Everything will be fine Justine. :) With lots of love. ❤️
OfficialBlueLemon 3 month ago
6:52 WHAT WAS THAT?!?!
What's your point? 3 month ago
Hey Justine i watched the west world as well it's so amazing to me how everything is soooo changed ! im SHooooooocked
LyNcH •X• 3 month ago
2:43 " I cant be trusted"
EMPRISH 3 month ago
I'd buy once final cut pro X is already compatible with the device
Joe Marzo 3 month ago
Yes keep the videos coming we need smiles :). By the way does it have a better screen because performance on mine has been top notch and I have the latest one with LumaFusion. I don’t really use the cameras either. Thanks again +1 sub
Abby Haring 3 month ago
I want the iPad sooooo badddd but there wayyyyy tooooo expensiveeeeee!!!!!!!!!
Arvind Ramachandran 3 month ago
3:08 when she makes sense
Bri 3 month ago
When was this Mac book and iPad released I had no ideeeeeeee OMG yesss. I’ve been waiting to see what it has to offer so I can make a decision
karachuchay vlog 3 month ago
hey justin i just wanna know if there will be an ipad mini 6 this 2020m? thanks
iWajdi 3 month ago
I played the whole Tomb Raider 2013 in one night I pretty sure that i am doing Quarantine activity right!
Specular 3 month ago
Saaaame, West World Premiere was so good, their world building is amazing, can't wait to see where they take series 3.
Plzignoreme 128 3 month ago
all the people here complaining about not being able to afford it
Glenn Urieta 3 month ago
Your dark table top is deceptive and looks like you’re breaking frame for fun 😂 Oh and the iPad looks gorgeous