Can Coyote Outfox a Fox?!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and Mario are in Colorado at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center and they pal around with TWO adorably feisty foxes, Rhett and Scarlett!

So... can Coyote outfox a FOX?! Watch to find out!

We want to thank the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center for making this episode possible! Check out their website to plan a visit of your own to meet Rhett and Scarlett! -

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Sarpywarpy 3 month ago
I hate how people just left after the stings those who stayed are true fans
TheEmeraldWeegee 3 month ago
Coyote: Come on down the slide! Fox: *Ignores him* Coyote: I've got cheese! Fox: *Z O O M*
MaverickXIII 3 month ago
Coyote rocking that beard, looking like he's straight outta red dead.
littlesumlittle X 3 month ago
10:52 Coyote: “Come down the slide!?” Fox: “nah man I want che-“ Coyote “I got cheese?” Fox “Yas queen!” Yeets down slide*
dank panda 3 month ago
Me: *returns to brave wilderness after months* Coyote: * wears different hat* Me: oh no, what happened
Zelda player 3 month ago
Me: *See's Coyote's beard* Me: looks like you also got your winter fur
KA1N 3 month ago
Coyote looking like Kratos with that beard. Fox: *sniffs camera* Coyote: BOI
10k subscribers with 2 videos 3 month ago
coyote to his crush: will you be my girlfriend? she: no but we can be friends coyote: i’m coyote peterson and i just entered the friend zone sorry but i miss the good old days
Elєmєntαl Bσч 3 month ago
I feel like this guy is having the greatest time of his life while i seat here with my sleeping dog
I’m not a robot Bye 3 month ago
How is this guy still alive?🤨 I come here every year and check if he’s alive😅
Melody_ The _Mental 3 month ago
*i love foxes, who’s with me? And I wish coyote could interact with a fennec fox*
Crystal 3 month ago
Coyote: This is a very intricate system Me: Just looks like a double gate system Coyote: It’s a double gate system
Jakeub800 3 month ago
Coyote" I would not recommend having foxes as a pet Me" but they are cute Coyote" they are super high maintenance and hard to take care of Me" but they are super cute Coyote" -_-
Fartsalot08 3 month ago
Damn people left after he completed the sting index
Cheyenne H. 3 month ago
The fox is like, actually me when coyote says, "I got cheese."
Salmolaken 3 month ago
Coyote: here you go a glove Fox: takes glove Coyote: 😮
4LeafCoder 3 month ago
Coyote: "Foxes don't make good pets." *Juniper watching from laptop* Juniper: "How dare he! I'm as loyal, cute, and lovable as any pet can be! I'm so mad I could scream like a seagull, steal food from the fridge, and pick fights with Fig and Elmwood for no reason! I'm the perfect pet!"
Subaru Playz 3 month ago
Me: see Coyote's beard Also me: dang, that beard has been growing
Devin Cavazos 3 month ago
4:36 “Hey Scarlett, come on out of there! We have guests!”
Avery the Cuban-American 3 month ago
Coyote: Go for it Fox: No Coyote: I got cheese! Fox: You speak my language. Cheese is love, cheese is life
Kristie Bergeron 3 month ago
Maxime Lavoie 3 month ago
Coyote: oh he´s got my glove let’s see what happends Us: what’s gonna happen is your gonna get a frostbite 🥶
AlbanTheFirefox 03 3 month ago
Im Coyote Petterson And im about to enter the cute zone with: The red fox
Buzzy Robo 3 month ago
who else saw the wolf in the background @11:36
typicaltiger 3 month ago
Coyote: “go for it, I got cheeese” Fox: -ignores coyote- Me:”GiMmE tHe ChEeSe”
Kayden Samuel 3 month ago
Coyote: come on Fox: ... Also coyote : I got cheese Fox: damn that’s all you had to say
EATMORCHICKEN3 3 month ago
ME: Doesn't leave my room for a whole day My parents: 0:11
Thomas_Intensifies 3 month ago
Coyote: Wanna play with my glove? Also Coyote: *_Instant regret_*
Darren Aschacher 3 month ago
Me: *sees cute fox on video* * Guiltily looks at taxidermised fox on shelf*
Inkling 3 month ago
coyote:heres my glove! fox:ill be taking that coyote:give it back! fox:gives it back coyote:u earned some cheese! me:🤔
For_Matoka 3 month ago
Coyote: hey, i have a glove, wanna see It? Fox:It's Free real Estate
Jenniffer Moomaw 3 month ago
10:55 this is the greatest thing we have all seen a fox going down a slide Me: No the best thing we have seen is a grown man climb up a fox skywalk and not get stuck
Arturo Bermejo 3 month ago
4:12 my mom when she calls me to eat.
WildKobra 3 month ago
Coyote: Foxes don't make good pets foxalbiazul: *Am I a joke to you?*
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
Coyote might not be able to outfox a fox, but nobody can outlast Coyote when it comes to tolerating stings.
that one guy 3 month ago
Me watching Vsauc: hey look at Michael's beard Me watching cyote: hey . Look at... OMFG
The Animal Notebook 1 3 month ago
Something you probably don’t now : Coyote’s real name is Nathaniel
the cameraman 3 month ago
Fox: doesn't want to do anything with strange creatures Coyote: I have cheese Fox: That's all you had to say
Blue Fire 3 month ago
1:14 Awwww. This is the exact sleeping pose for foxes in minecraft
Nabil el Haddouchi 3 month ago
11:38 I see a wolf behind the fence
Ana Lin 3 month ago
Thank you for emphasizing at the end again that they don’t make good pets, they’re so beautiful, but they deserve to be wild. :)
Jesus Alberto 3 month ago
Coyote: I got some cheese! Fox: runs to the cheese* Me: shark puppet is actually a fox?
Fox 3 month ago
11:43 "you ready for some more cheese?" *fox instantly pays attention*
Lobstro 3 month ago
10:33 "No touch! Only food!"
Derik Leach 3 month ago
(4:49) **Scarlett's tail: Anti-Gravity**
Sora The Floof x3 3 month ago
So how's the snow here in Colorado? We got snowfall where I am today! :P *It was also really slippery-*
•WølfTøpic• Gacha 3 month ago
I love these videos but I miss “I’m coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the sting zone with the bullet ant!” But I still watch now. I just miss it
Puglife 24/7 3 month ago
Coyote: C'mon C'mon buddy The fox: No :3 Coyote: I got cheese The fox: *sliding down the tunnel* WHAT, CHEEEEEEEEEESE? :3
Get a sence of Humour 3 month ago
Person "what's your jacket made from bro?" Coyote "*FOX*"
The Fox 3 month ago
Wow, that’s my cousin you’re playing with!
Grace Slagle 3 month ago
10:54 his gloves sticking out like that is hilarious
Da ultimate BLADER 3 month ago
Coyote Peterson: ret come down the slide Ret: nope Coyote Peterson: I got cheese 🧀 Ret:YEA
TheMysticalGold 3 month ago
*Coyote's face is starting to looks like kratos.*
Rachel Murray 3 month ago
i haven’t watched him in a year, i wondered if he changed.. i’m so happy he didn’t. i missed that intro
Silvia Kim-Miller 3 month ago
Who has accidentally left for like a year or two and then seeing Coyote Peterson right now and your kind of shocked
KidAwesome Canada 3 month ago
11:38 there’s like a dog in the background
TTV tryhard 3 month ago
11:16 wow that must be some good hearing
Saba Ahmed 3 month ago
*fox goes down the slide* Coyote: YES!! that was Me: THE MOST ADORABLE THING I'VE EVER SEEN!
Alyssa Morelli 3 month ago
Why does it sound like he’s describing my jack Russell terrier
GokuDude 3 month ago
When you see he has grown a massive beird in 3 years
Michael Bauer 3 month ago
I’m on my way to the Everglades National Park in Florida City, Florida right now!!!!
TheIndigoPineapple 3 month ago
Coyote: Be Brave, Stay Wild While he’s in a fox enclosure
Pigloo 3 month ago
Dang, you have a whole beard now 😮
TheJoker 3 month ago
Am i the only one who read the title and thought " can a coyote outfox a fox " i got alittle bit confused
Vivianayy Or just vivian 3 month ago
11:44 AHHH SO CUTE! ❤️
Liam Brock 3 month ago
ok, so the first thing I want to do when working with mammals is INSERT MY DOMINANCE
Noob Played Call of Duty Mobile 3 month ago
7:06 wow! That's a real swiper you got there eh?
he claire 3 month ago
“Hi, I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the friend zone of this girl in a coffee shop.”
teehee really 3 month ago
coyote when he gets stung:ow me when i get stung:*intense tom y jerry scream*
Kaylee :3 3 month ago
I love how he does my favorite animal FOXESSSS
Tailonda McCaskill 3 month ago
Looks like mix of cat and dog.... Likes cheese like a mouse. 😭😍 PERFECTION
Bindu Mutasim 3 month ago
1:17 how minecraft made fox
Anna Rodahl 3 month ago
*fox licking camera*: Mmmm, viewer-flavored 🦊
Eli Weatherford 3 month ago
7:47 imagine walking around at a rehabilitation center for animals and seeing your favorite YouTuber in a bridge with a fox.
LSCarval Zebra 3 month ago
Everyone: paying attention to the video Me:please shave your beard
John D. Elliott 3 month ago
What a magnificent beard. I wish mine looked that good.
e . e 3 month ago
Dang, I missed Coyote. Does anyone know where he went?
Kasonas 3 month ago
I was feeding a stray cat, and then realized one night when I went out to my backyard, it was actually a beautiful fox. I had to stop though, because he was spraying all over and it stunk like a skunk.
Paravetje 3 month ago
Foxes are amazing, they are also very cute with their winter coat. Love how when they lay down they wrap their tail around them to keep their face warm.
Sans The SkeleGirl 3 month ago
The subtitles called Mario "Sumari"
Bruces Banner 3 month ago
This is so amazing i laughed so hard when he took your glove and went up to the skyway
Gun with Legs 3 month ago
When you gonna outcoyote a coyote
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e 3 month ago
Before video: I want a dog mom! After video: I Want A FOX MOM!!
Heyo 3 month ago
This popping up on my recommended brought so many memories
Bow Art inc. 3 month ago
"Come on go for it!,...I got cheese!!!"
DeerPelt Gacha 3 month ago
"I got cheeze!"
Benjamin Colondam 3 month ago
they're so cute.
MadJaster 3 month ago
Is no one gonna talk about how cool coyote looks with the furs, beard and hat for the intro
Sukie Lor 3 month ago
Haven't watched you in so long, time goes by fast. When i saw your beard I was like nani. You looked young back then when i watched you. Not that you look old but you look older then when i used to watch you.
Christin Petty 3 month ago
that Rhett was absolutely adorable! what a personality <3 im in texas at the moment and i spotted two wild foxes around our back yard about a month ago. That was an awesome experience :)
Boss13_2677 - Roblox - Añthøñy Philip hadaway 3 month ago
Yay coyote I stopped watching you a while back it's nice to see some more of your videos 🤪🙃
1998guys :D 3 month ago
12:23 flowey/asriel want's to know your location
Jasmine Miller 3 month ago
3:36 oh wow who else thinks that's ADORABLE
Ezra Blumenfeld 3 month ago
Foxes are so similar to dogs! If you’ve ever trained a dog, you know
Vivian Tiktoker 2 month ago
I want it as a pet it so cute
Maggie Frank 3 month ago
This is one of the most wholesome videos I have ever seen in my entire life I love it
aka big money Roblox jyl 2 month ago
Coyote: come down the slide Fox : does not listen Fox: im looking for cheese Coyote: I got cheese
Jink Cipher 3 month ago
Coyote: I got cheese! Fox: *Turns on*
Sophia Hernandez 3 month ago
Coyote: come on go for it Fox: no Coyote: I’ve got cheese 🧀 Fox: got to go fast
S1L3NC3 GAM3S 3 month ago
Coyote : left the chat Kratos : Joined the chat