One Last Job

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one last job and you'll never hear from me again

hey Show More and mobile folks. i ran into some difficulty with the audio on this one and ended up refilming and editing the whole thing this morning (it's 11:29 AM when i'm writing). i think it came out a lot better though so i'm glad i did it. hope you're having a good day and i hope you don't get dragged into a romp that ends in your sacrificing yourself for the greater good in an emotional climax that teaches us the power of friendship and love but if it happens i'm sure it'll make for great tv
Stable Voices 4 month ago
And then came the hideous flashbacks from Damian's last tour of duty at The Cheesecake Factory.
MechanicalAnimal 4 month ago
"Some upstart thinks they can run a pub just because they like IPAs." Have truer words been spoken?
Rhys Blacklidge 4 month ago
Part 2 is when he gets his first tip
Paul T 4 month ago
You can’t smoke in here
Patricklaurence 4 month ago
You should be a comedian.
Finemasilm 4 month ago
John wick the burger king
Pootis Lollipop 4 month ago
Wonderful. The joke doesnt overstay its welcome. A quality shitpost.
Nuovoswiss 4 month ago
LOL - Pro tip: open carry to assert dominance at your new job
Mohammed Al-Sahaf 4 month ago
I'm glad Philip DeFranco brought me here. This was hilarious.
Jack Bishop 4 month ago
You nailed Damian's voice, you sounded just like him!
josé tomás guajardo 4 month ago
You son of a B*, i'm in
Siddhi Desai 4 month ago
I'd watch this movie
Chickscopiesherday 4 month ago
these 2 guys just happened to have zits in the same exact spots amazing
TheTimeweasel 4 month ago
what the hell dude you're like actually really funny. and i don't laugh at much. you've got yourself a new subscriber, i'm in.
Rex Rupe 4 month ago
You should stop playing with your gun when people try to talk to you Phil it's making everyone nervous
matthlowder 4 month ago
Dude, this one is solid. My favorite of the past few weeks. Thanks man!
Look Behind You 4 month ago
You should be president
Lombremic 4 month ago
When you have no friends, so you play every role
Kevin Saxby 4 month ago
This is my favorite YouTube channel.
Superlative CG 4 month ago
Bullets are probably the only things that do their job after being fired.
Kyocus 4 month ago
This whole thing was brilliant. I was endlessly amused!
Michael Natrin 4 month ago
"What's the catch?" 🎣😂
Moog Moog 4 month ago
Will this be coming to Netflix or perhaps Amazon Prime?
Nathan Naps 4 month ago
100% down with the slow but quality content. Keep up the good work!
DjRapitops 4 month ago
Brilliant, simply brilliand Damien
CommentCop Badge#666 4 month ago
That sea bass better not be Chilean. They're back on the "no serve" list this year. Be careful Damian. I think it could be a set up. And bee tee dubs, you are pretty... ...cute. For a merc that is.
Ayman Suliman 4 month ago
Oh wow the joke just flew past me I had to watch it twice
Ola hjj 4 month ago
Lmao, you earned yourself a sub!
Kohl Dybdahl 4 month ago
This was funny. I enjoyed it. Thank you for making it.
Chris Allison 4 month ago
Haha how do you come up with this stuff? You're INSANE
green49285 4 month ago
a funny video by a well timed line & actual funny ending? Im in.
EmpatheticOne 4 month ago
All of Adrian brodys job interviews...
Coda Mission 4 month ago
That flinch at $16 plus tips was entirely relatable
Laura T. 4 month ago
This is hilarious 🤣
Z Wars 4 month ago
Of course it's about a real job
Liya Char 4 month ago
Your action movie tropes are badass and cringy at the same time. Love em
Martí Ortiz Augé 4 month ago
Hey it's the guy with the hair!
j_smitty01 4 month ago
There it is. Classic Phil material. Great work!
Tyler Clark 4 month ago
The subtle zooms lol
E J 4 month ago
Hey, did you add the background music yourself or is it from a song? If it's from a song could you post a link?
Anthony Saginario 4 month ago
Very funny I've been watching your others now too. Subbed.
Ahmad A. 4 month ago
this reminds me of deus ex
Abby Mortensen 4 month ago
do you do standup??? also is it my imagination or has your stuff taken on a different tone since you took the break and started posting less regularly? you're really funny and i love your content (i say content and not videos because your tweets are pretty sick too. the take me to church one was my favorite).
nawab256 4 month ago
Well I'm sold. SUBSCRIBED!
Joshua Jones 4 month ago
When is it supposed to get funny
rainbow lonely bear 4 month ago
I need 300 more of these
Nitropig 4 month ago
I had a good time and enjoyed it, hey good job Philip.
abhishekkulhari 4 month ago
Makes a lotta sense
Stale Chips 4 month ago
Is this coming this summer? I know I'll be.
Vishnu Bear 4 month ago
Good one 😂
blookittikat 4 month ago
idk who you are or how I got here but a) damn nice job and b) wow you are very beautiful for a man. you're a very handsome man. congratulations on your genuinely lovely face and hair <3
FibeVideo 4 month ago
Here from Philly D
Pow Pow's Pepsi 4 month ago
Solid snake wants to know your location
EssBücher 4 month ago
I can't tell you how many times have happended
Milos Kaurin 4 month ago
Unatco might need your help
Luis Eduardo Gómez de Aranda Junco 4 month ago
Broken Washingmachine 4 month ago
I love this. Great video dude.
Klycarbo 4 month ago
This is great!
Mere Gaming 4 month ago
How do you only have 33k subscribers, you should have millions. You will I'm sure.
Ben W 4 month ago
I want to watch the rest
Joshua Charette 4 month ago
That really does make sense.
blookittikat 4 month ago
I am now subscribed :)
Damien Mcilrath 4 month ago
hey that's my name
Angelo Messina 4 month ago
Is that 16 on or off the books? That's some next level $#%@ bro.🤑
Michael Mayer 4 month ago
Phil Defranco!!!
AstroReflux 4 month ago
ur channel bout to blow up. how to invest?
Kittenpox 4 month ago
I love this vid so much ^_^
Wonderwolf 4 month ago
YES bring the gun... smh
altf4please 4 month ago
What is that music? Nice synths
George K. 4 month ago
Whatever happened to the #PHILGANGNICEBOYS niceboy? Missed you in the last two videos, hope all is good
bobfox 4 month ago
He also should probably not smoke on the job either
Shaun Kalkat 4 month ago
Lotta People probably won't realize how much creative talent you need to be able to think of an idea like the one in your video and then flesh it out into a hilarious bit
AEmilius Resurrection 4 month ago
Nice job, Phil.
Lief Jorgen 4 month ago
... at the Gastro Pub?
Ibrahim Seck 4 month ago
Haha that's funny !
Damien Slash 4 month ago
Love this channel
This Yellow Face 4 month ago
Vineeth Paul 4 month ago
She is pretty
saifmanman 4 month ago
aaaaand subscribed
Lora Nothere 4 month ago
I love gastro pubs😍
e a t h e m o r y 4 month ago
Moien Heydari 4 month ago
Are u back?????????
Underwater Coastline 4 month ago
Man Batman sure changed
sarcasmo57 4 month ago
It was nice.
Check Mate 4 month ago
Are you two twins? Am i the only one here who thinks they both look like the same person?
ToothpikcOriginal 4 month ago
Secret link gang
R H 4 month ago
I prefer astropubs.
Lauren M 4 month ago
Wew Lad 4 month ago
Joseph Christopher 4 month ago
Jordanary Blue 4 month ago
Phil this video was funny. Feel free to keep making funny videos. I find them enjoyable.
ThatWrestlingHound 4 month ago
Jim Pickens 4 month ago
Just Looking 4 month ago
He looks like loki
YEEEA GANG WEED 4 month ago
ur funny
ohtrueyeahnah 4 month ago
You look like my friend James who also just lost the game.
Dr. Lovebot 4 month ago
Has anybody ever told you you look a lot like Ace Watkins, the first Gamer president? How do you feel about his controversial UPS5 (Universal PS5) proposal? Also his beautiful flowing hair?