1880 - Ace of Spades

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Additonal animation
Nathan wheeler:

Nick Cerniglia:

BURf 5 month ago
Every design in this looks like an online red dead character.
Izy Adamson 5 month ago
The parody videos are fine, but I think your originals are so funny and really showcase your talent as an artist and writer. I hope to see more like this in 2020
ToonterrorTV 5 month ago
damn the nutsac on homeboy looks like a pair of drapes hanging off a dead bat.
Akenraes Vakreander 5 month ago
Picture this: You are granted immortality by a genie. But you are then trapped in the hell world that is Meat Canyon's expanded universe.
[email protected] 5 month ago
"Good, lawd! My buttery fingers got me slippin' all over my gun!" -Silver-Tongue Jackson.
Rorschach I 5 month ago
That man is rocking the classic “ Baby Choker”.
Comic Sans 5 month ago
"You win...this time...mmmmmm~." -Best dying quote of 2020 so far.
R.E.Z 5 month ago
I’d like to see you draw Codename: Kids Next Door next
Darryl Minaker 5 month ago
"dAT De'uRr is Charles Eggman. Duh fastest shootur-in-duh-Hwhest. That ol' boi's larerge ahhnd in charerge." *WADDLEWADDLWADDLEWADDLE* "There Goes Duh Mohst Dhangerus man in this-this hear. This Wild. This here wiuld wuest." *WADDLEWADDLWADDLEWADDLE* This is how I want my created character cutscenes to play out. Like.. Yeah...
J-Sant 5 month ago
That “mmm” when the guy died... what a peaceful death...
ChaoticKlutz 5 month ago
Silver-Tongue Jackson - Sonic Charles Eggman - Dr. Eggman Orange Bandana - Tails Red Shirt - Knuckles
TheCobra451 5 month ago
"God damn old big boy had a tumble" - line of the century
Parody Poops 5 month ago
​1:18 That guy on the right must be trying the Baby Choker.
The ClickBait Detective 5 month ago
“Godamn ol big boy had a tumble huh”
Shane Jewula 5 month ago
I swear all characters you make always have deformed balls. 😂
alex johnson 5 month ago
"you win this round eggman" Eggman: *I'M TAKING EVERYTHING FROM YOU, GIVE ME YOUR PHONE*
Thane Mac 4 month ago
*"There goes the most dangerous man in this..this here..this wild..this here wild west"*
Brady Prentice 5 month ago
Glorious animation aside. That music at the end is rad as shit, where can I find the full version?
Nelson Ayoola 4 month ago
“The fastest shooter in the hwest”
Cody Jones 5 month ago
When he shot that big slow bullet I just burst into laughter ha
0801hector 4 month ago
“That there is Charles Eggman, the faster shooter in the wheste”
Ducks Rule Florida 5 month ago
"Goddamn old big boy had a tumble, huh?" *wheeze* I can't breathe
Zsidk Batjrr 5 month ago
Finally, a follow up to the child eater.
Daniel Gutierrez 5 month ago
“I’ve got a plan Arthur” What is life “What” What
Volatile Carbon 5 month ago
Guy in the red shirt sounds like he sells propane and propane accessories.
Aladdin Sane 5 month ago
Ol’ Egg-man’s looking like a double wide surprise *sniffs* Gawd Dayum
Atomic Spark 5 month ago
*That slow bullet was the funniest thing I've ever seen XD*
Galacticdscool 5 month ago
After Eggman's tumble he was diagnosed with chronic lumbago, poor soul.
PhatDookie 420 5 month ago
1:30 *Large and in charge!* Just like MeatCanyon!
Jared Jones 5 month ago
I love how disgusting everyone looks, the animation alone is hilarious.
Alex DeLuna 5 month ago
Young Dr. Eggman, “Grandma Eggman what happened to Grandpa Eggman?” Grandma Eggman: *Vietnam flashbacks*
2Cryptic Boi 5 month ago
Do a video about Sid the science kid the kid who wants to know everything about Everything In the same voice as the Pinocchio one
LetsWatch 5 month ago
made a reaction lol
ShadowNny 5 month ago
I don't BELIEVE in a round eggman, Dutch! *BECAUSE I'M A FLAT ARTHUR!!!*
Brayden Hatcher 5 month ago
1:27 look at their balls
The Great Old One 5 month ago
The fastest shooter the WHest
ChunkyCookiez 5 month ago
WHOOP WHOOP that’s the sound of MeatCanyon giving us a dose of weirdness
ScarPup Yt 4 month ago
“Pair of old lady’s” Scared me when he said that
rus alessio 5 month ago
" *The fastest shooter in the west* "
Bo Pahanin 4 month ago
“The fastest shooter in the hWest”
Chris Tyler Jr 5 month ago
“You win...this time. Mmmm.” Lmao
IndieMedley 5 month ago
Video: Up for one second One guy who already disliked: *Fastest downdoot in the west*
Jiren in your recommendations 5 month ago
If Humpty Dumpty was from the wild wild west
Rhett Dickerson 5 month ago
1:33 when you clog your friends toilet and try to sneak out unnoticed.
Daniel Acevedo 5 month ago
That “mmmm” when Silver-Tongue Jackson died... I *felt* that
The Regent of Greater Hungary 5 month ago
*..... looks confused...* “Aces...?”
TF FOC GRIMLOK The Siva Mind 5 month ago
Video title: exist Destiny fans: allow us to introduce ourselves
Darth Revan 5 month ago
You can’t tell me that isn’t Pinhead Larry.
CRYCLOWN CLAN 5 month ago
“had a tumble huh” I felt that.
SeVan Vazquez 5 month ago
0:59 i find myself saying the same things while in incognito mode
Green bean cultist 5 month ago
hi mom
asvp berg 5 month ago
1:37 that man nuts just chillin
WC3fanatic997 5 month ago
That. That damn Meatyboi. He's the craziest. The craziest animator this whole side of. The Wild Wild Wierd Side O' Youtube.
Ferret_ Lover95 5 month ago
0:59 "GOOD LORD!" 😂
Pink Pearl 4 month ago
1:48 Hank Hill has returned
Sanjay B 5 month ago
"..goddamn ole big boy had a tumble huh" 😂
Toxic Male 4 month ago
Ah yes, the mortal enemy of fatties everywhere... GRAVITY!
Dominic Roosa 5 month ago
0:50 when you slam your door after getting yelled at by parents and you hear footsteps
Jimmy Kase 4 month ago
"The fastest shooter in the wheest"
Michael Stidham 4 month ago
Lmao this is the funniest shit ever "good lord, my buttery fingers got me slippin all over my gun." 😂😂
Gabriel Cruz 4 month ago
The dude in the red says west like someone from south park
D lucky#7's 5 month ago
0:54 Bullet Bills be like.
Adolf Hitler 5 month ago
This is what eggman does when sonic beats him
Random Me 4 month ago
"Ma buttery fingers got me slippin all over ma gun!"
Russell 5 month ago
" The fastest shooter in the *WYEST* "
Kult of Christiansen 5 month ago
I thought this video was going to be a cover of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” from 1980 but if recorded in 1880 with banjos and acoustic guitars... but I was sadly wrong.
ZHERO ZHERO 5 month ago
I wouldn’t mind a pair of old ladies 😉
Darius X Mitchell 5 month ago
When the fat kid (me) falls down in class The class: 1:48
Donald 5 month ago
Red Dead Redemption 3 looks quite interesting
german gameplay prime time 5 month ago
1:44 why is he soooooo CUTE?!?!
Seraphinus 5 month ago
"No one can defeat the quad laser"
Dalton Jones 5 month ago
Red Dead Redemption 2 online cards in a nutshell. Edit: Wow... That’s a lot of likes.
Harold Likins 4 month ago
I'm so glad to see episode two of this finally out! Hopefully in a few years the third one releases and it gets as much views as your parody videos do now!
no_sleepn 5 month ago
0:48 quick time events be like
burnacle 5 month ago
I love Jackson's limp wrist after he finally gets his gun out.
Little Johnny 5 month ago
0:50 When you stub your toe
Isak Isak 5 month ago
«That boy is large and in charge!»
FuryXD 4 month ago
0:37 when my brother beats me to the best spot on the Monopoly board
AR Gamer Palico 4 month ago
Where's Mario when you need him
Snake Messiah 4 month ago
This is the most interesting crucible match I've seen...is this even destiny?
system1912 5 month ago
"Don't be slow rolling me fool!" Curt Jones circa 2019
Tim Nicenips 5 month ago
You guys need to do a beavis and butthead episode
Goofy Filmer 5 month ago
id have the same reaction to a bullet the size of my head flyin at me at the speed of dial up.
S Judas 5 month ago
I'd love to know how long it takes to create each animation, they are fantastic. I do know that 2:36 can take quite a while.
Tristan Wiren 5 month ago
"God damn old big boy had a tumble" made me spit grape juice all over a white carpet. Thank you for ur creativity.
Jango Yifftail 5 month ago
This makes me want to see MeatCanyon do a parody of "The Mandalorian", since that series is basically just a "Spaghetti Western" in space. lolz
Chubie Lester 4 month ago
1:17 That Fella Had Great Balls of Steel
Xitroid 4 month ago
Best parts of the video: 1:19-1:51. Everything about the conversation between the two men is priceless. Especially the fact that you managed to execute a good stereotypical western accent
canaan chambers 5 month ago
I love how slow Charles bigmans bullet went, *OH GOOD GOD!*
Eddie Ortega 5 month ago
There goes the most dangerous man in this, this here, this wild, this here wild West
Logan Roth 5 month ago
Yes dude, more nightmare fuel!
Southern Buckeye 5 month ago
"God Damn ol' Big-Boy had a tumble huh"
Sasuke 5 month ago
I was about to say “ I can’t wait any longer papa”
RandyLahey54 5 month ago
"..the fastest shooter in the Whehest.."
Massive peepee Man 5 month ago
That, my friends, is what we call a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly varying levels of wtf is happening, but a roller coaster nonetheless.
Broken 55 Muffler 5 month ago
CAN YOU MAKE “JOHNNY BRAVO” hahaha... or the ninja turtles!! “I NEED MORE!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩💯
Kidbuu 459 5 month ago
The fastest shooter in the ᴴʷᵉˢᵗ
African Warlord 5 month ago
The intro is my faviorate because it feels like a old timy movie
Ran Dam01 5 month ago
I've been going hard on the Red dead too.
Daladari XIII 5 month ago
"The fastest shooter in the whest"