New Apple Products To Expect In 2020! iPhone 12, SE 2, iOS 14 & More!

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Apple's 2020 is going to be a HUGE year for hardware, here's all the new products to expect. iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 9 (SE 2), iOS 14, new iPad Pros & more!

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Wyatt B 4 month ago
Filip: this video is sponsored... Me: probably NordVPN or Honey Filip: *RAID SHADOW LEGENDS* Me: 👀
HistorycallGENERAL 4 month ago
Man feel bad for the guy that won the airpods but didn’t respond.
X Vaclty 4 month ago
Imagine if you were his son...
KEN BEE 4 month ago
Raid: Shadow Legends They got to you too, bro? 😫
Speedy 4 month ago
How many cameras does the iphone need? Apple: *yes.*
Ty1o Limmm 4 month ago
Eesa M 4 month ago
No one: The iPhone name in 2025: iPhone 16 X Plus Max Pro S R XDR Plus Lite 2 Max
adios plus 4 month ago
People: Any changes? Apple: YESN'T
Francisco 1 4 month ago
Comments: "comments: raid shadows legends"
gg oo 4 month ago
Users: so what is the diffrents Apple: YES
ErwinDaPolishBanana08 4 month ago
**its 2025** **EverythingApplePro: New apple products we expect in 2069** Edit: thanks for so many likes !!!
Jeffrey Hernandez 4 month ago
When the black air pods coming out like damn that's all I want
MrFlippy 4 month ago
Filip: "we got a sponsor for today's video" Me: "ooh strange, it's rare EAP gets a sponsor, I rarely hear those! Wonder what it's gonna be." Filip:
A.G _empire 4 month ago
_"The most immersive RPG experience ever in a mobile game!"_
Bollywood Media 4 month ago
1:34 iPad Pros 2:43 iPhone 9 SE2 3:31 Apple Red Watch 3:44 iOS 14 4:19 iPhone 12 LineUp 6:52 Apple Watch Series 6 8:11 macBook Pro 8:59 HomePod Lite 9:13 Apple AR Smart Glasses 9:34 High-End Headphones
Jero W 4 month ago
Nobody: Everybody:ThiS vidEo iS sPoNoReD bY rAiD ShAdoW lEgAnDs
Peter Aganyo 4 month ago
Been waiting for those glasses; 😊 tired of having to carry a phone that’s getting bigger or heavier each release.
Elliott Core 4 month ago
When I heard "this video is sponsored " I thought he was sponsored by Apple, and then I heard those magic words Raid: Shadow Legends lmao
Freddie Lee Thompson 4 month ago
4:55 This is my favourite design, and I’m still using a 4s. Roll on September ☺️
CHANOS TAR 2.0 • 25 years ago 4 month ago
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Choco Loco 4 month ago
4:25 that looks amazing
Ito Tube Gaming 4 month ago
Me watching literally any video: Raid Shadow Legends: Hello there
Marqué par Selimovic 4 month ago
The new Apple Line Up 2020: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Gianluca Posca 4 month ago
Oh, I was really looking forward to having no notch. That’s really unfortunate.
mxckin 4 month ago
Nobody: Raidshadow legends: so you thought I was gone
Forst Gamers camer 4 month ago
No🙁😭😭 Why raid WHYYY
Mihael 4 month ago
Everyone: To upgrade from older iPhone to the newer one? Me, still using iPhone 7 plus: NAHH!
HurleyFreedomBoi 4 month ago
Lets hope this decade  Apple starts leading again.
Perfect Gohan 4 month ago
O:40 You thought Nordvpn but it was me raid shadow legends 😏
salsa 4 month ago
youtubers after the raid shadow legends meme died: phew im glad thats almost gon- *E P I C B A T T L E M U S I C I N T E N S I F I E D*
AJ 4 month ago
I have a feeling the iPad Pro’s gonna adopt the same camera “build” as the iPhone 11, not the 11 Pro.
Jorgen 2 4 month ago
YouTube's main thing in 2019 and 2020: RAiD sHadOw lEGenDs
Denny Joseph 4 month ago
I've been watching you for the last couple of years!! You are my source for all APPLE news!!!!!!!.. The legit ones ...
ScooterBoyyy 3 month ago
i'd love the sandwich design to return
Mr. Artist 4 month ago
In order to continue making youtube good. Delete “Raid: Shadow Legends”
IDontKnow 4 month ago
I recently lost my left AirPod so I need an upgrade with the pros 🙏🙏🙏
SystemRichie 4 month ago
Lmao NO Im not playing RAID SHADOW LEGENDS 😂😂😂
Timothy Flynn 4 month ago
Your channel is much more informative than anything Apple puts out, I look forward to seeing your episodes as much as I do the Mandalorian! Can’t wait to see the next of both!
Sahil Rehman 4 month ago
Hey, dude, I've entered in all your other giveaways but never won one😭it would be amazing if you choose me to win the pair of AirPods pro🥺🤞✌️✌️
Alec Shoemaker 4 month ago
3:18 they are developing FaceID in SE2 (9)
ZENIT 55 4 month ago
I actually laughed when he said Raid Shadow Legends 😂 Them sponsoring Youtubers has became a meme at this point
Matthew Clarkson 4 month ago
I really want to win. A lot of my friends have AirPods and I use 2 dollar earbuds with a ripped wire, thank you for this opportunity!
Tony M 4 month ago
We got another one bois. Raid showdown legends for the win
Gor 4 month ago
I thought it was a joke when he said *R A I D S H A D O W L E G E N D S*
Ivandashh 4 month ago
Ughh I lost one of my AirPods, hook it up with some AirPods pro please 😭
SketchWind 4 month ago
Oh no they’ve gotten to him as well
Alvin Squezz 4 month ago
Apple is officially busy this year.. I can’t wait to see Apple Watch series 5.
dindog22 4 month ago
I don't want to replace my phone with glasses ever. first off, I already wear glasses
L0l Cheeky 4 month ago
Me: * barely getting a iPhone XS Apple: makes 20 new more iPhones
Jason Langevin 4 month ago
6:46 does anyone have a link or access to that wallpaper?
Aidrik 4 month ago
Oh no... he’s fallen to RAID Shadow Legends: the most EPIC RPG you can get on a phone! We need to save him!
Resale Value 4 month ago
2:57 iPhone _9_ is gonna be more powerful than the iPhone _X_ . *sEeMs LeGiT*
Kiddo Mckenzie 4 month ago
One of my favorite channels🔥
GTŹ ÂPØŁŁØ 4 month ago
Started screaming when I saw the raid shadow legends sponsor
James Cruz 4 month ago
Great lineup for this year’s iPhones 📱, would be nice to have Touch ID and no notch , but I like the iPhone 4 look 👀 👍
Anson Jimmie 4 month ago
"sponsored by raid shadow legends"
darktennisball 4 month ago
2:08 scary transition bro
Wendy Brox 4 month ago
Thank you for being my go to for the latest info. Always look forward to a quality video.
Darlyne Lanticse-Rufino 4 month ago
Thank you for another great video!! AirPods giveaway 2nd Chance!!! 🤞🤞 Followed, liked, commented on latest post 😆🙌🏻🍎
Errons H 4 month ago
I can't believe how well you keep up with YouTube, you've been so consistent throughout the years, and I think people do not understand how hard and stressful that is😏
PHANTOMPUBG 4 month ago
I want AirPods Please I have none and my friends will be jealous because there always picking on me
Fitz 4 month ago
Apple realeasing a "Pro Motion" feature just means you need a "Promotion" to afford it
Vanda Tobin 4 month ago
It’s very hard when something happens where you can have trouble with giveaways, but I’m here for it
Sparksy Cat 4 month ago
2:08 Everythingapplepro videos- now with dynamic wallpapers.
Fatou Mbye 4 month ago
I’m watching this on an xr. I now feel poor. But ima download that game.
Owen Chubb 4 month ago
Wow I watch this and realize I can’t afford any of it
Dhanabordee Mekintharanggur 4 month ago
Me: went to comment section expecting to read discussions about the new apple products The comment section: *RAID SHADOW LEGENDS*
Adrian Pinnecoose 4 month ago
Thanks for keeping me updated with the latest and greatest!
The Healthy Cuber 4 month ago
1:27 He starts the REAL video
david black 4 month ago
Wait amin what’s the point of Apple tags when I thought Apple could track your phone even if it’s switched off
Manny perez 4 month ago
XD I’m new and I just switched to Apple!
Thyrone 4 month ago
Watching this on my SE lol
Acxiion 4 month ago
As soon as I heard it was sponsored I knew it was gonna be Raid shadow legends
Gabriel Tobing 4 month ago
9:13 eyePhones!
Gabriel Tobing 4 month ago
9:13 eyePhones!
BryanPlaysGames_ 4 month ago
the look on my face when he said "RAIDSHADOWLEGENDS" omg i died
Blue Wave 4 month ago
Quan Tran 4 month ago
Love your videos! Good content as always :)
Techboy 124 4 month ago
I've been waiting for the iPhone SE 2!
Mat Wearing 4 month ago
I would love a chance to win the AirPod Pro, thanks for the chance!
Maggie Grace 4 month ago
This is SO cool!! I can’t wait for the iPhone 9
Clay&Dez T 3 month ago
Been loving your videos for years ! Hope to win something special for once in life ❤️
111nyg 4 month ago
Any MacBook update? I’m waiting for an upgrade.
Baasirul Islam 4 month ago
Love you bro !!!!!!! I want the airpods pro bro, cheers.
BOPPDOPP 4 month ago
Me: “so... you’re back...” Raid shadow legends: “yes... but not as strong... just you wait”
Laurie T 4 month ago
Thanks for all of the info, love your videos! 😊
Gabriel Tobing 4 month ago
9:13 Also easy to break and costs $3000! Not including the lens, just the frame. Each lens cost another $2500 as it's 'diamond coated', but scratches still at a level 6 with deeper grooves on a level 7.
Gabriel Tobing 4 month ago
9:13 Also easy to break and costs $3000! Not including the lens, just the frame. Each lens cost another $2500 as it's 'diamond coated', but scratches still at a level 6 with deeper grooves on a level 7.
Robert Clevinger 4 month ago
Awesome!! Thanks for always updating us on Apple.
Mythic Knight 4 month ago
I knew the sponsor would have been rsid shadow legends
pedro DeLaVega 4 month ago
Finally they making the beautiful ce2 I have bieing waiting for 3 years to upgrade to small phone with a full screen and same as the 4.7 which I till have i can hardly wait
Lionheart 4 month ago
Excellent information as usual. I’m hopefully looking forward to a new iPad for myself this year and a new iWatch.
Alex Kagarov 4 month ago
UNCOOKED VERSION I see you, I see you...
groovy sam 4 month ago
you see, I'm trying to wait because apple loves to release phones every year lol. However, the 5G makes me very nervousss
Toluca47 4 month ago
Thanks for the information. I am looking forward to upgrading my iPhone next year.
J T H 4 month ago
We heard it may be faster. Thank you apple very cool 👏👏👏👏👏👏
danial afiq 4 month ago
another RAID : SHADOW LEGENDS SHOUTOUT!!!!!!! the game is everywhere in youtube!!!!!!! help!!!!!
Jourdain Jardin 4 month ago
The smaller pro is already too big for my hands... and now it’s going to be bigger 😳 are they just for men?
Natalie Kwan 4 month ago
I'd love to see the iphone with the touch ID embedded
Sam 4 month ago
I followed you on YouTube and instagram long time ago ..big fan❤️❤️👍👍