U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 13,000 As Trump Tells States To Do More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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As the coronavirus continues to spread Trump tells governors needing supplies 'we're not a shipping clerk,' and the Senate eyes another bill to help Americans. This as reports emerge that some GOP senators dumped stocks concerned the threat would tank stock markets. Aired on 03/19/2020.
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U.S. Coronavirus Cases Top 13,000 As Trump Tells States To Do More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Jacob Elliott 20 days ago
And japan still wants to proceed with their olympics , this disease hasn’t even begun strike yet.
Kong 20 days ago
needs 10s of thousands of ventilators? UM. wtf???? we knew about this 2 months ago.
Liam Hayward 20 days ago
They only canceled school because they knew the nurses ice packs won’t help 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️. Chill it’s a joke
Dark Star 20 days ago
Never thought I would be alive to witness something like this.....
Ed Dexter 20 days ago
“Nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought...” Unless they were PAYING ATTENTION to the rest of the world.
Br1aNn 20 days ago
Oof someone on my dad’s floor at work has confirmed coronavirus
tom11zz884 20 days ago
Who didn't see this coming?
RRough 20 days ago
Can't go on quarantine when your jobs will literally fire you for trying to not get the virus...
Jay M 20 days ago
China informed US in December 2019, this guy keep saying that was just a flu
Karin Reck 20 days ago
Love how it went from a payment for ALL americans to SOME americans😑
Mugdorna 20 days ago
“It will go away with the warm weather” Thailand is always warm, it’s seeing number of infected growing fast......
Victor Vector 20 days ago
wonder what is really going on with this deal..
Star Brand 20 days ago
That's insider trading plain and simple. Arrest them!
MyChilepepper 20 days ago
Hey we need shipping clerks. I'm offended because I'm one of them.
Austin 20 days ago
“We’re not a shipping clerk” laughs in USPS
keith lawson 20 days ago
How could a senator smile while this is going on
Johnny Vincent 20 days ago
Big government is evil.....unless a deadly virus is crawling across the White House front lawn.
Stinky Sundae 20 days ago
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Coronavirus: Hold my beer...
Becky Weisfeld 20 days ago
8:26 the Sharpie strikes again
LS O 20 days ago
Mayor Bill de Blasio: "There are millions and tens of millions of Americans who don't understand what [Trump is] doing right now." So what else is new?!!! Lmao!
Jorge Lopez 20 days ago
He knew all this in January instead he said its a Hoax by the Dems, its like the flu,told.people to go out , and worried more about the stock market crashing!! Lying SOB
willj78 20 days ago
Do more? 4 weeks too late! The cases are already here, we just haven't tested enough people to find them yet.
Scorpio Cove 20 days ago
Senators laughing....unbelievable
Waffle SS 20 days ago
"When the Man comes around" song is playing...
Greg Potts 20 days ago
If only we had a government agency that watched all infectious diseases before the Corona virus outbreak
ComboedZZ 20 days ago
2:53 me when i see a kid picking his nose at school
Augie V 20 days ago
No federal warning and we have to do it ourselves. No federal taxes Paid !!!
Don Brown 20 days ago
The photographer who took the picture, will never go to another briefing again.
Liz North 20 days ago
Retired literature teacher here...thought some of you might not know that newspapers are written at 4th grade reading level. Do with that information what you will. ❤
Gerardo Miranda 20 days ago
Lindsey needs to wipe that smile off his face. This is no joke. Show some compassion and do your job.
Marie Light 20 days ago
Who knew? Jan 07: CDC forms Incident Mgt Structure Jan 20: CDC activates Emergency Ops Center Jan 20: S Korea begins drive-thru testing @ 15,000/day Jan 23: Test is available to diagnose Covid-19 using Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction Did the IC know? You bet. Was a special someone listening? No, because he was mass tweeting about a Senate trial. Who knew? World -1.
Iann Vezeau 20 days ago
if i may say ": sounds like STEPHEN KING -THE STAND kinda scenario right in front of us
TheCutBeautii 20 days ago
*SMH* this man said "It's going to disappear, one day, its like a miracle." I don't want a president who believes in miracles. This isn't a lifetime movie. Whose man's is this?!?!?
Doc Holiday 20 days ago
I here that trump is closing the country down, no work for 2 weeks .
REMwell Foundation 20 days ago
He's more focused on the cure than prevention or treatment.
Ashoka. 20 days ago
* 28 days later soundtrack: East hasting starts playing (°~°) *
Reno van Zanten 20 days ago
"The last of us is started!"
James Hayes 20 days ago
"It's all over, people! We don't have a prayer!" Rev. Lovejoy.
obre 20 days ago
The US had a closed door meeting in mid. January and it was said that this was a Spanish flu level threat. The government did nothing to prepare. They knew this was coming and did nothing. 4 Senators cashed out stocks over the info that was not shared with the People. So what do you think A. Manslaughter or B. Treason? No other option here.
kay oss 20 days ago
"THe cases will go down to zero". -Trump
Nature Lovely 20 days ago
Its only been 2 weeks : ) think about that
Safwan Rahman 20 days ago
2:27 lol her eyes
Uncle Ben 20 days ago
Keyword: *TESTED* Rumors are it was over 50.000 cases left untested.
Kaja Maroon 20 days ago
With corona school closed, stores closed, no going out to any party these times are insane!
360 20 days ago
The covid 19 be kinda shy tho😳
Tony Droid 20 days ago
I find it hilarious how all these Sinners think God is gonna just let them keep sinning with no consequences😂 Judgement of God is here!
Deens M 20 days ago
Is Lyndsey Graham just drunk all the time, he is so crass on camera!
Miura marley 20 days ago
*China: its a prank bro.* *Everybody else: thas.. Thats not how it works!* 😡
Christina Yanez 20 days ago
I need to be able to tend to my doctor appts due to my health.
mcfrickenwatcher 20 days ago
2020 has been a crazy year, the coronavirus alone is crazy enough not to mention kobe bryant dying, we actually had a good super bowl, tom brady left the patriots. anything else? probably
mark anderson 20 days ago
remember when herpes was the biggest threat?
xtscarface M 20 days ago
I once got advice to save money for emergencies. Thank life i followed it.
Neko- Chan 20 days ago
Man I feel lik is Titanic all over again 😖
Samuel Butt 20 days ago
The clothing industry should be asked to help with PPE
villanshi 20 days ago
I'm loving 2020 so far
Chez J. 20 days ago
The plethora of misinformation in these comments. We’re doomed
stable genius 20 days ago
Stuff yourself with chloroquine and you can also go swimming in the mosquito-infested florida swamps. Get off the beaches and swamp-surf.
Deirdre Schoen 20 days ago
Thank you for your indifference mr. president
Mountain lighting Girl 20 days ago
Agenda 21 in full effect.
Guillermo Velazquez 20 days ago
Goldie C 20 days ago
I seen this coming since December.
Pout-a- Belle's 20 days ago
Everyone's tax refund (that we already worked/earned) would be great right about now.
Paul Wilson 20 days ago
*brian... you didnt mention diane feinstein's husband selling off stocks... how did he know to do this? could it be his wife told him?*
Iman El 20 days ago
My work obliges me to leave the house even though its just a secondary type of work ...
Anita Barnard 20 days ago
people r serving food talking over it no mask some without gloves really
Trumpenstein 20 days ago
Keep in mind that analysts and portfolio advisers are still say "hang in there ride this out".
Ronnie Harris 20 days ago
why it did'nt go to where he's from see he just trying to make us scarced
Bryan Cespedes 20 days ago
The house always wins, even for you stockholders :/ sorry
Cindy Lou Who 20 days ago
"No one in their wildest dreams would have thought we needed 10's of thousands of ventilators." Hmmm, Corona Virus is a respiratory illness. People can't breath on their own. And he's a stable genius.
Alex Montoya 20 days ago
End times 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Madridista Ernest 20 days ago
our hearts are with you all , hold on until researchers find a cure for this disease.
Nikigreen420 20 days ago
Rothschild say: let the Game begin!
Greg Bonz 20 days ago
Event 201 is how he knows. They all know.
Khonh lo 20 days ago
man remember when he said the 10 cases could be down to zero in a month? Or that this virus is fake news because its almost the same as the seasonal flu? How far we have gone.
Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth 20 days ago
I want to go back to the 90's this situation is making me more anxious and depressed
aN IMMORTALz 20 days ago
Fire the spray tan guy he missed ya eyes man 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
A_a_ron B 20 days ago
Never trust a MAN named"lindsey "
J A 20 days ago
Dark times and Msgt Williams is back 🤣
Rik K 20 days ago
This is what happened when we became reliant on other countries to manufacture our products.
Seth Serdynski 20 days ago
Manal 20 days ago
G.A.B.E 708 20 days ago
The last of us
Fluffy Talguw 20 days ago
Lol this is a Republican nightmare, all this govt aid 😂
B. Terence Harwick 20 days ago
"YOU do more = I'm clueless -- Responsible? I do know how to Promise to my idol worshippers -- Just Don't check on results (there ARE suckers born every minute). And they vote too.
Sexy Baby 20 days ago
Richard Nyomouf 20 days ago
Maybe the nwo started early or they're going to steal those billions. Either way it's a distraction.
Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions 20 days ago
**Division theme intensifies**
Willam J 20 days ago
Debby McCormack 20 days ago
Wow! Hard to believe a corrupt, uneducated, responsibility dodging reality show host wouldn't be able to handle a cirsis.
Ryan Wilson 20 days ago
*sharpens pitchfork Looks like we have a problem here...
bunnybrainzxo 20 days ago
Bruhh my dads in mexico rn come back bruh
Charles Cruz 20 days ago
trump was warned Research what Crimson Contagion 2019 is.
Galvin B 20 days ago
Stay home, stay safe mates.
:Y Frank 20 days ago
'we're not a shipping clerk' lmao
pj carroll 20 days ago
Can someone tell me what she’s doing today
Danny Agpalo 20 days ago
Very true. I work in the one of the most diverse and multi culture Hospital in Queens. We are running low in medical supplies especially PPE...
Loni Carr 20 days ago
How are they going to keep the homeless "home" (less) ?
Dennis Choi 20 days ago
Thanks for CDC!!!! Little too late now!!!!
J Z 20 days ago
Can a reporter just ask him “are you up for the job”? What are people waiting for?
joh joh 20 days ago
don't let anyone violate your rights over this. maintain personal liberty. stay safe and stay free.