Sam Smith - I Feel Love (Visualiser)

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Ooh, it's so good, it's so good
It's so good, it's so good
It's so good
Ooh, I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
Ooh, fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free
Ooh, you and me, you and me
You and me, you and me
You and me
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
Ooh, I got you, I got you
I got you, I got you
I got you
Ooh, what you do, what you do
What you do, what you do
What you do
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love

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pew 8 month ago
Nobody: The mosquitos in my room at 12am:
; l σ ω є 6 month ago
El comentario en español que te salva :0
FIX Zamora 5 month ago
Anh Ngô 6 month ago
Nobody: Target: I feel love Target employees: I hate my life
Jon Bastianelli 6 month ago
The original version was way ahead of its time . One of the greatest tunes ever
Expert Gaming 6 month ago
Who came here because of the target commercial with this song ?
Killiam Beltrán 6 month ago
Si estás leyendo esto: Estarás bien. El amor te encontrará. La salud mejorará. El dinero llegará. Y la vida será mejor de lo que crees. Paciencia... Feliz 2020 🍷
Roy Carrington 4 month ago
Disco music is coming back, this was a great song of Donna Summer
Jordan Ezell 5 month ago
Feels like opera, tech, and hip hop had a baby. With a hint of disco. Edit: 234 likes equals the number of people who love to listen to this music. I’m one of them.
Bryyy Raiz 6 month ago
Intro: "It's so good" Chorus: "I feel love" x69
malak hamideh 8 month ago
hearing this song made me feel like i'm in a gay club
C F 6 month ago
Kiara Britt 6 month ago
I feel high just listening to this
KID STANKER 6 month ago
This is how many Target employees want this song to stop being played. 👇🏻
Bruno Antezana 5 month ago
Hermoso tributo a 2 grandes de la música: •Giorgio Moroder •Donna Summer
justchickenstrips 8 month ago
Lol at Everyone born in the 2000s thinking this is a brand new song 😂😂
Emilio Reyes 6 month ago
Ya me vi entrando a la cena de navidad con esta canción. 😂
Talents 5 month ago
Planet fitness employee. Target isn’t the only ones haunted by this song
Dionne Coburn 5 month ago
I remember when Donna Summer wrote and performed this song!! She was the disco queen of the 70's!!! He does an awesome job on this!!!
MrSeksyy 5 month ago
Record company: We wanna cover I Feel Love. Which one of you girls thinks she can do it? ...Rita?Ava? Zarah? Ariana? Bebe? Miley?...Anyone? Sam Smith: Yes
Brit 7 month ago
All rise for Target's national anthem.
aei - 6 month ago
Why does this song feel like it’s going down my throat
88Senpai Soul88 6 month ago
Fun fact: this is a cover of Donna Summer's song
Mauxxy 6 month ago
I wonder how many times a day target plays this while we’re taking a dump
JuanM Cast 4 month ago
My name is giovanni giorgio but everybody calls me giorgio.
Stephanie Alonso 7 month ago
nobody: target stores: “let’s play this song 10 times per hour.”
Marcus Kawa 5 month ago
Not a single soul : 1:23 Me when a stranger compliments my looks
James Whiteside 6 month ago
This song is to Target employees as Micheal Jackson’s Thriller is to Party City employees
Kriiskav Kirp 4 month ago
It sounds like mosquitos at the summer in my room at 3 o'clock keeping me awake.
Isabella B 6 month ago
Target employees: “oMg i hAtE tHis SoNG, I HeAR iT 82892929 tImEs A DaY aT wOrK” Also target employees: *searches up song and clicks on video*
Iliana lopez 6 month ago
This song plays in my dreams every night. I’m a target employee. Update: it’s in my nightmares now too lmao
Pittsburgh Highlights 6 month ago
Walked into target and all I hear : I feel looooovvvvveeee
Nicola Calambur 6 month ago
Feel bad for mall workers
Lpsstarlight 6 month ago
Nobody: Literally target commercial every 5 mins
Co Wa 6 month ago
The original song was composed by Giorgio Moroder... a legend and a genius!
Neiber Marín 8 month ago
This is the gayest thing ever and I’m here for it
Wissam Nasr 6 month ago
Bottom line: he feels love
민윤기 6 month ago
No one: Target: 1:23
Chourouk Ben messaoud 5 month ago
this song feels like LSD
Mariela 6 month ago
I love how every ,or almost every, Target employee has come to this video to complain about the song yet they clicked here lol. Just keep scrolling to another video then.
Sam SImpson 6 month ago
Target’s marketing director is a gay. There’s no other explanation. (That’s not a bad thing)
Angel Silva 6 month ago
Lol I'm sorry for all Target' employees that aren't standing this song anymore 😂 These comments are killin' me!
WyGuy 6 month ago
When I heard this on a Target commercial, I thought, "Hey! This isn't the version I know from Just Dance 3!" I like the instrumental though.
COOPER KENT 4 month ago
0:39 when there’s still just enough pizza rolls left for you and you beat your siblings to them
azalago 7 month ago
I love how Sam Smith basically went from their first album to basically saying "Imma make music and videos that are super gay and y'all gonna have to deal."
essexlad301 4 month ago
Ooooooooooooooooooooh I feel love, I feel love, I feel love, I feel love, I feeeeeel. A late 1970's classic originally by the late great Donna Summer. But pleased to say Sam has bought it back to life and completely nailed it. What a great cover. Well done that man!
KING SHAVERS 6 month ago
This song reminds me of GTA Vice City
Ahlammm X 5 month ago
Not a single shop: Target: *plays this song over and over*
Nixon Castro Mabanta 4 month ago
Walking into your apartment and your TV is missing: "Oooohhhh. I've been robbed. I've been robbed.I've been robbed. I've been robbed. I've been robbbbbbbeddddd" 👐
Anastaciacl18 8 month ago
I feel like I am experiencing the future and the 80's at the same time
mxdiggitydom 6 month ago
I hear this song every hour on the 7 to 11 minute mark bc I work at Target, please help me
TMS_ OSA 6 month ago
Target: Let’s play this song five times every song Target : Please stand for our national anthem
Claire fonseca 5 month ago
Never expected something like this from Sam Smith😂 love the song tho😌
The Daily Toast 4 month ago
High volume may damage user ears *That's nice*
Delphina Salvatore 8 month ago
Why do I feel like someone suddenly put me through the time machine to old 80's ?
Khim 5 month ago
Me:Discovered this song at Target 💃🏼🕺🏻 Target Employees:🤯😤
JW Roberson 6 month ago
Target plays the heck out of this in their stores!
Kelly BAcon 6 month ago
Here's to Donna Summer today's her birthday December 31st 2019 may she rest in peace 💋👁️👁️💋🌠🌠🌠♥️
Tony G 5 month ago
All hail the queen... Donna, and respect! This woman was a genius, and made her voice an instrument to the beat of this song. That is pure talent, EVEN if you didn’t write the music itself, or get credit. Sam, fantastic homage to paying attention to her hypnotic legacy!! I’m liking you more and more. 👍
Goober 7 month ago
When the pizza gets delivered 10 minutes earlier than expected
Nicholas Muller 6 month ago
Watches tv for the first time in a year: Target ad: ima end this mans whole expirience
Ahlammm X 5 month ago
Me walking in target: Hearing* “I feel love I feel love I FEEL LOVE”
Once x army x blink 6 month ago
Sam Smith:"I feel love" Me singing to this:"I feel love, I feel so special"
Ellen Paris 6 month ago
LA GRAN, ESPECTACULAR,... IT'S AMAZING, INCREDIBLE... DONNA SUMMER!!!!!! Está increíble su cover!!!!
Mr Oakley 07 7 month ago
They play this song at target every 5 minutes smh lol
drew 6 month ago
the 4.9k dislikes are all from target team members
owo number 1 6 month ago
Anyone else: target Me: just dance 3
Joe Jones 6 month ago
I was in a club back in the day back in the 70's, and "Blondie," came on and this was the "[email protected]%$t..."I didn't know I'd like it so much, but Sam Smith brings it out of you...
Vincent Garcia 6 month ago
Lol looked up “Sam Smith target commercial song” and this was the first to pop up 😂
Selfa 211 8 month ago
Sam Smith has completed his transformation into the modern George Michael
Mauxxy 6 month ago
This song only blew up cause of target
Hi Baby 4 month ago
Sam when are you going to do something with Boy George?.
Alejandro Cruz 4 month ago
Regularmente los covers no me gustan, pero este tiene algo especial. RIP Donna Summer
jaycee salazar 6 month ago
mahou shoujo 8 month ago
Sam Smith being a mosquito for 4 minutes straight
Bipo :o 6 month ago
i miss when my store was silent instead of playing this song 50 times a day
Scott Wood 6 month ago
Target Stores: Let's convert all our retail locations to Studio 54's Bianca, Andy, Calvin: Splendid, let's all dance now.
Night 6 month ago
I don’t know why but this makes me feel like A song from GTA 5 radio
Lea N. 6 month ago
Nobody: Target on December:
Loading 7 month ago
Finally decided to find this because of that target commercial
santiago castro aguilar 6 month ago
I really liked it! I am a ver y fan of Donna Summer and I love this song. I must admmit that this has been really good. Let's keep disco and Donna's legacy alive!
YoUr_MoMs_A_tHoTiAnA 6 month ago
No one: Literally no one: 42 years later Black Friday at target be like:I FEEL LOVE
Little_Squidward 6 month ago
I recognized this as Sam Smith from the Target commercial AS SOON AS IT PLAYED
CHIlonethugga 6 month ago
This song is the anthem of my souls infinite torment at target
Happier 8 month ago
¿Cuantos que hablamos español amamos a Sam Smith? 💙💙💙💙💙
FrothyKibbles67 6 month ago
I just heard this on the radio and thought it was interesting
Gabriela Bravo 6 month ago
Someone should make a video where this song plays in an empty target titled “”I feel love by Sam Smith” plays in an empty target while over worked team members put away 20 carts of reshop before they need to clock out” Idk man don’t listen to me haha I’m sleep deprived
Steve Harrington 6 month ago
I first heard this at Target An employee was dancing to it
aei - 6 month ago
Why is this song. Going. In. My. Throat
R P 6 month ago
Can’t hear this without hearing Tehran 1979 for American Gods. Throws me off
Edith Orozpe 6 month ago
I love you all 4 month ago
Nobody: Every anime protagonist:
Jenna McNamara 6 month ago
This song is stuck in my head every night because of the target commercial
panchirriful 8 month ago
Donde están mis pinches Mexicanos amando a la Sam enzapatillada con brillantina y triunfanda 😉
Lina Nomnom 6 month ago
Give some credit to the one and only Donna summer - I feel love ( original mix 1979 )
Exe. Dist 6 month ago
Was Giorgio involved in the making of this? Still like Donna summers version
sintek001 6 month ago
Esta canción me recuerda un tema a clásico
Rokkayah Alansary 5 month ago
Me waiting for sam to sing : Sam : oooooooohhhhhhh i feel love ×100
Neon Light 7 month ago
I do hope you people know this is a cover song of the original Donna Summer - I Feel Love.
Karen Muñoz 5 month ago
Con ese tema increíble Place meterme un LCD