The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

745K views • 10 days ago
Jimmy Fallon shouts out a new charity with Trevor Noah via video chat in another Tonight Show home edition. Tonight, Jimmy invites D-Nice to his #stayhome festivities fresh off the DJ's own epic virtual dance parties and tells coronavirus to Go On, Git.

Jimmy is highlighting a different charity each night that you can donate to and help those in need. Tonight's charity, No Kid Hungry, is providing critical assistance to schools and community groups across the country to help feed the 22 million children who are losing access to the free school meals they rely on as the coronavirus closes schools nationwide. To donate directly to No Kid Hungry, visit

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The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Trevor Noah, DJ D-Nice)

Eoghan O'Carroll 9 days ago
Am I the only one who is actually thoroughly enjoying all these at home talk shows, they're so genuine and the hosts look so comfortable at home!
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández 9 days ago
Jimmy's wife needs to be the first one interviewed when the show gets back to being normal so we can hear her side of quarantine life with Jimmy as the best camera lady of the apocalypse! Her zoom action on the boot was pro!
Priscilia Mellark 9 days ago
Seeing Jimmy Fallon : Home Edition, I get it now why they choose him as the tonight show host, why he somehow convinced The Roots to be the house band. He know how to have fun on his own, he is funny. At regular tonight show it seems like he's trying too hard, like he was forced to please everyone, here he's just having fun
Jill Seufert 9 days ago
lol his wife's still not laughing, I get it, she lives with him and probably is thinking don't feed the beast lol.
Kevin Heller 9 days ago
I'm like Trevor, I live inside. Don't feel the difference much.
The Lost Cause 9 days ago
Travor: "This is not even a joke. This is no joke. I like staying inside. I feel that nothing has changed... " Sounds all plausible! until: "I tried intermittent fasting just before the virus period and I now realized I don't need to eat." -- NO, still in joke mode!!!
Samantha Rohse 9 days ago
It’s so funny that all of the guests reactions are like “WHERE ARE YOU” because Jimmy’s house has such a unique style
Jexan Marie Vlogs 9 days ago
What’s your plan for the weekend? Me: “And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive” 😅 Keep safe everyone!
Jennifer Fischer 9 days ago
I would love to see his wife make him over for an "Ew!" skit... how cute would he be with his daughters, saying "Ew!"?!?!
Vonetta Spencer 9 days ago
Yo this at home version of the show is starting to really take shape, like check out the graphics this week. (His kids are awesome!)
Antony Simkin 9 days ago
What I most love in this pandemic is how pure everything is now. How real is the life now. It's beautiful. No elaborated jokes, just some warmth, some feelings, some random talking, some jokes without laughs on the background... Just pure, you know? Real. I was missing those times man. Where life wasn't a show but was a collective thing. Where you are happy because nobody shows you something fake that confuses. And you end up hating what you have, instead of loving it, because you see something unreal, like a show on the tv. It is really beautiful how pure and awesome this episode was. We have to overcome this and become a better world community. Cheers.
Jack Pines 9 days ago
You all should consider hosting a Zoom conference as your live, "studio" audience. It can host something like 250 participants and could provide another source of humor.
curlyqs100 9 days ago
Trevor Noah: Introverts' Spokesperson. I love staying home, too!
Mikayla Adams 9 days ago
“I don’t eat for 18 hours of the day” Me: eats every hour of the day
Patricia Yanez Gomez 9 days ago
Once the show is back on the studio, he should have his wife as the first guest 😊
M B 9 days ago
To everyone that’s spent the last few years isolated & alone due to disabilities, anxiety etc I’m thinking of you. Six years I’ve spent alone & selfish Brits can’t even manage to self isolate for six damn days! Instead they think it’s a bloody bank holiday. To anyone isolating properly (unlike Jeffree Starr who is setting a bad example by letting every Tom, dick & Harry turn up at his mansion to do his damn make up & still insists he’s in”quarantine” stfu Jeff, that ain’t quarantine) thank you for isolating & saving lives & showing everyone how selfless you are.
iAglow 9 days ago
The wife is an amazing camera woman. I can't believe she stayed that silent through all that joke
Noha Afifi 9 days ago
I can hear an imaginary audience laughing after every joke😆
DrewSpeedDemon 9 days ago
As a dude with seasonal allergies, who is recovering from an allergy induced sinus infection, jimmy fallon just made me cry lol
Megan Burke 9 days ago
I feel like this is leaked footage of him practicing at home the night before the show
LayBae 9 days ago
“Who are your guest? HUNTERS!” I LOST IT😂😂😂😂😂
John Tao 9 days ago
Richest country, starving kid. Shame. Jimmy and Trevor ROCK!!
Jessica Stevens 9 days ago
Jimmy laughing at his own jokes is adorable cheerful
luckksy 9 days ago
"True colors of people are coming out" soo true thank you soo much Jimmy for sending positive vibes throughout the world !!
Fatima Mirza 9 days ago
Trevor likes being inside because his mum had to keep him hid during apartheid - ‘Born a crime’.
Astha Srivastav 9 days ago
Great line "we are not staying home because everyone gonna die. We are staying home to prevent a disaster "😐😐
Amanda C 9 days ago
I’m happy that he brought up seasonal allergies. My allergies kicked in right when all of this started getting more attention. Thank goodness for Flonase.
威武几个 9 days ago
“Germany banned gathering of two people and above “ Family of three: “When it’s time, the kid has to die.....”
Dj Cabeça 9 days ago
Hey Jimmy, how about doing a The Tonight Show: At Home Edition with Steven Higgins. Will be funny. A big hug from Brazil !!
Fyona Amor 9 days ago
"maybe this is an American thing, people don't know what to buy in an emergency" SO TRUE...
maverici yo 9 days ago
"D-nice...where's D-nice at? "You mean Denise?"
Momma Bear 9 days ago
Wiping tears over how into the "go on git" you were, Jimmy 😂 the hat, the decor, the multiple strands of straw you were chompin on..😂 How your wife remains a quiet, steady cameraman is truly heroic 😆
Freddie Montanez 9 days ago
I always like Jimmy Fallon's Show. He's a down to earth guy.
sadie mildenberger 9 days ago
Omg 🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought the punch line of his sister’s joke had to do with masterbation until he clarified! I used to think so highly of myself but time alone proves less and less cause for that
Petra J. 9 days ago
Am I the only one who actually likes Jimmy's Man of the Woods room?
Munir Rahool 9 days ago
P.s. Salute to the wife, she is GOOD with the camera. Ending on the Boot and then overall too. You guys don't need a team. You got the best at home.
Kat Corona 9 days ago
This show is so much better than Kimmel’s at home show. Fallon’s tempo, humor and the whole shtick is perfection. I feel like Fallon understands the YouTube audience. Now if he could get Phil DeFranco on, he’d win the internet.
JonsLana 9 days ago
Jimmy: Nan & Trevor Noah: thank you so so much for doing this. Thank you so so much for trying to encourage people to stay inside. Thank you so much for trying to keep our spirits up & hopes alive. Thank you so so much for trying to entertain us and make us smile through this nightmare. You guys are the best❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
GoodLuckNabs 9 days ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate his daughters drawing of his logo!? It looks so good, keep it and use it!!
Raquel Colon 9 days ago
You don’t understand what this is doing for me sitting here in my house in NYC. I’m crying from the gratitude. THANK YOU TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I will tune in everyday!
MVP 9 days ago
This is actually the most likeable and real he ever was and one has to appreciate the hustle here!
Taking the Fork 9 days ago
Jimmy every time his kids have cabin fever during quarantine (use tonight show dad voice): Hey guys, we need you to make more handmade graphics, it's really important, AND USE COLOR THIS TIME! 😂
V. Gorski 9 days ago
Love the fact that he made this vid and neat the his wife is the camera operator ! You Rock, Jimmy! Keep on keeping on ! Far out! You are the Bomb ! ( cannot think of any more outdated phrases ). TYSM for transmitting. The Soda stream line WAS funny ! 👍
Shannon Smith 9 days ago
LMAO T.Noah made me laugh out Sooooo LOUD hahahah " what are your Guest ? Hunters ??!!!! T.Noah making so much of my points
Madison Heights 9 days ago
In case you are missing the audience laughter, the seagulls here are laughing.
Anna Tairova 9 days ago
His jokes are so good. And his sister's too. Just because of the joke I noticed that my hands are sore and wrinkly more that usual.
Frances Duty 9 days ago
I laughed at why are we even here, You being declared none essential and a bidet as soda stream.
Ieuan Woodhouse 9 days ago
The best thing about this is that jimmy is laughing at his own jokes
Apple pie 🥧 9 days ago
“YouTube dot com” 😆 Jimmy, your gen X is showing
Deborah Mckillip 9 days ago
Suggestion: you should have your kids laugh where the audience would
Na n. 9 days ago
I like that the format becoming slightly more official with time, he has a transition screen and the official outro is the exist sign now, Late Night format runs in Jimmy's blood <3
Epic Alternatives 9 days ago
I've watched more of these home-casts than the studio show.
Morgan Wenger 9 days ago
OMGeesh I'm in love with this "Go-on Git" sketch
R M 9 days ago
Jimmy regarding the portion about "you dont have to not be a person" my father in law fell down while running the other door and shattered his wrist. He could not get a single person to help him up even though he was visibly inn pain. My mother in law showed up and pled to 3 different people before someone would help. Its crazy!
Allison Nicole 9 days ago
Why was this show so funny today omg I am laughing so hard lmaoooo
MH LI 9 days ago
That's kind of weird: in other interviews Trevor stated that he always wanted to go outside and his grandma and mother always had to keep him in because he is a mixed child, which was illegal at the time he was a child in South Africa.
Oliver Dodds 9 days ago
his daughter's are the next leonardo davinci and picaso
Dallas Inc 9 days ago
"Good one" "I know" Was a good joke though cuz my knuckles are bleedin.
Oogle at Luxury 9 days ago
Whenever a celebrity asks me to donate to a cause it's a bit frustrating. The economy is on the brink of a collapse. Average people need to be saving up an emergency fund. You have millions of dollars.
Nicole S 9 days ago
The guests questioning Jimmys decor is my new favorite segment
D.D.T Sik 9 days ago
A part of me wishes that his cowboy boots were red, just so that his Ted Mosby resemblance could be more apparent.
Vamanos Ninja 9 days ago
You can tell he got on his daughters to make a clearer sign this time, lol
L.I. Terally 9 days ago
I want all the comedians to do their shows like this from now on.
Gem Galang 9 days ago
Jimmy looked like he was walking like John Travolta in Staying Alive. I thought he was going to break down in a full disco dance!🤣😂
Frank Gailey 9 days ago
They say laughter is the best medicine it the best thing have for now.
mindxcircus 9 days ago
"I LIVE INSIDE!" - Trevor, my spirit animal.
Christine Cho 9 days ago
I thought his dog was about to go down the slide with them. 😂
Yanira Amaya 9 days ago
Jimmy, your passion to encourage people, seeing people making a difference and seeing people be genuinely happy is so amazing. I love your excitement and support for other people’s passion as well. You make my heart smile. ❤️😍❤️
JAY KRISSY 9 days ago
PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!! people need to keep that in mind.
Mohammed AL-Saddah 9 days ago
The weather and stock market joke was a good one 😂
Jean Dziadosz 9 days ago
"I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cow bell!"
JAY KRISSY 9 days ago
Trevor, I said the same thing too.. Jimmy's home decor is a bit off.
Chunky Moe 9 days ago
I need a "Gary the Dog" in my life.
Anna Tairova 9 days ago
He is so handsome there and his daughters are princesses for sure.
Cory Jensen 9 days ago
That might have been the funniest “go on git” ever. I don’t know if it was actually that funny, or if the fact that no one (including his wife) was laughing 😂😂😂
Kathy Mac Gillivray 9 days ago
"Why are we even here?"...our local radio traffic reporter...
David St Fleur 9 days ago
Jimmy Fallon said to his wife come on laugh a little bit I'm dying here. Jimmy wife: you're been the fun parent for our kids, I have no choice to be serious parent.
RARosie1 9 days ago
I’m loving this at home editions! After this is all over I vote for sweaters, jeans, awkward family exchanges, and 5 o’clock shadows at least once a week!
I laugh at Jimmy’s laugh more than his jokes😂 I love his family! The cutest😍
Kate B 9 days ago
everyone's ragging on jimmy's little birch room. i think it's great! the whole house is nice!
Stefanie Thueson 9 days ago
Loved “Go on ‘n git” . The thing about the emails from all the places you’ve been to once telling you how they’re dealing with Corona, hit home! Would love to see Justin Timberlake do a segment. Are they still friends?
AMG -AMightyGrizzly 9 days ago
11:40-13:12 Honestly, everything he said including the fasting is exactly what I've been doing. I've always been(or wanted to be if I didn't live on a large field that required constant, CONSTANT maintenance with all these animals, plants, and crap) an indoor kid that just wanted to play video games, watch movies/shows/anime, draw/sing badly, and just enjoy creativity cause I just wish to see it all. Ya know? To me, outside is work. Inside is fun. I don't know. But, I've been doing the fasting too. Cause in my mind, I'm letting my parents and sister eat in order to save on food and I eat only one meal a day to save on food supply. Now, I've been without food before and you need to know how to eat very little based on how much you exert yourself. If I'm told the day before that I'm gonna work constantly, then it's time to eat beforehand to get energy into my body for that future work. However, if we are FINALLY (thankfully) gonna be sitting down and not moving cause I promise the the trees, grass, plants, grass, animals, etc. aren't going ANYWHERE, then I don't need to eat as much. I drink plenty of water though and eat only what I need like almonds, peanuts, veggies, fruit, no carbs, and plenty of juice. Practice and know you're body before doing any of this. If you're staring at a screen too long. Then, try to absorb the least amount of light into your eyes, especially blue light. It burns your eyes function of blue and nobody needs that. Stay safe and healthy. Plus wash your hands.y parents yell at Ys to wash our hands, but then they touch there face, the door, the barn door, the doorknobs, the cabinets, the vehicles, everything! So, PLEASE, wash your hands, and don't just say it, but actually wash them! Good luck everyone.
Leowolf27 9 days ago
For a moment I thought that his cowboy character was holding green onions, which would have been hilarious.
Edel Murphy 9 days ago
I love how he is laughing along with himself....making me laugh
Jennifer Marea 9 days ago
"Go on get seasonal allergies. Read the ding dong room. This is not the right time for you to be showing up"😂
Karen T 9 days ago
Gary looks like he's missing the days when the humans would leave him to be home alone in peace ha.
Margie Martinson 9 days ago
I can’t believe he hasn’t gone camping his house is nature all over.
Esther Greaves 9 days ago
maybe it's just me, but I loved the show when it was just Jimmy being a normal dad on lock down with his kids.
strawboy1230 9 days ago
Watched Trevor's show and then it autoplayed to this ep. Saw that Trevor had the same exact outfit on. ...Damn, what a time to be alive.
Morgan Galusha 9 days ago
jimmy laughing at jokes before saying them is the best thing ever
Ashitaka 9 days ago
9:00 Go on git; but that cowboy in the background painting is suspiciously similar to the Mesa Verde logo, so you better call Saul before he comes for ya.
Maria João Pereira 9 days ago
Dear Jimmy, family and tonight show crew, you guys are the best. I am on my second week of lockdown here in Portugal and want to thank you for these awesome home editions. Today I was able to watch 2 guys that I admire a lot for all the entertainment that you Share with everyone. Keep on going and keep safe with your families. It has been dark days for Italy and Spain, hoping that Portugal wont get that bad. Take care and I send our love from the city of Setúbal, Portugal. Ps- It is so cool to hear your wife laugh. 😁😁
Spicy Whagaian 9 days ago
Trevor Noah is so cool. I work at a grocery store and hearing him talk about this is so nice and awesome. ❤❤
Maureen Tornetta 9 days ago
Lol I just found myself saying to our barking dog, “ go on get” lol
Wenscael 9 days ago
Trevor "Nothing has changed" is channeling the internet hard 😂
Sarah Rose 9 days ago
I love how guests are calling Jimmy out on his intense cabin room! 😂
Supernorry 9 days ago
The weather guy turned towards the sports guy and said "why are we even here" HILARIOUS the monologue was great XD
Marilyn Celestine 9 days ago
"A lot of a little is a lot."
MissGloria95 9 days ago
“I don’t walk like this. I was walking normally.” Lol
PeaceLoveJENx3 9 days ago
Trevor: “I love being inside. I live inside.” 😂😂