A Health-Care Crisis That's Leading To A Financial Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 10 percent Thursday, with the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 both down by 9 percent. It was the worst point drop ever for the Dow and its worst performance since the market crash in 1987. The panel discusses. Aired on 03/13/20.
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A Health-Care Crisis That's Leading To A Financial Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Bob Courtier 27 days ago
I had private health insurance when I retired. When I began having back problems they dropped me with no explanation. After that I couldn’t get insured and lost both my houses. A lifetime of hard work for a half hour surgery. To me the insurance companies are nothing but criminals.
Caleb Hughes 27 days ago
Wait so the Federal Government can pump 1.5 trillion dollars into the stock market to ease investors anxieties, but not pay for the creation of more Covid-19 tests or give people guarunteed sick leave for the two week mandatory quarantine if they do get the illness? That's pretty neat.
John Lopez 27 days ago
The FED coming to the rescue is like having the Arsonist show up to put out the fire!
Rich X 27 days ago
Yes - react to the problem rather than just reacting to the symptoms.
Natasha cutie pie 27 days ago
Wow the Fed be breaking their necks to save Wall Street but can't put a dime toward Universal Healthcare for the citizens. This country, I swear... 🙄
Steve Folkes 27 days ago
I see in the comments the same thought I had: A multi billion bill coming out of Congress and, "Quick! Throw a trillion and a half over there!" All hands on deck and watch those Xillions flow! Yes, we are all affected, but when it hits the investor class where it hurts - zoom! B-b-b-but, how do we pay for it? Quick! Cut Social Security and Medicare!
Sean Sopata 27 days ago
Mika reading the list at the beginning is like some bizarre opening to a disaster zombie movie
P Costello 27 days ago
Wall Street is screaming .... "The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!!!!"
Coach CutThroat 27 days ago
Government: invest, your money is going to be safe !! Me: but I might die ... Get the FOH #healthbeforewealth
Norman Mattson 27 days ago
$1.5 trillion, Socialism for Wall St.
David Williams 27 days ago
They have money for Wars but can't feed the poor
Karlos Khaos 27 days ago
And the lottery begins
kim alonzo 27 days ago
Thumbnail should say: Healthcare crisis that's covering up the financial crisis.
Michael Rouppas 27 days ago
The markets crash after the financial genius tries giving a speech loaded with lies to stabilize the markets? Fake President
One Love 27 days ago
Funny feds always find money to give the rich but let ppl ask for help an they claim their broke
Progressive Humanist 27 days ago
Take a second to recognize how extraordinary it is that the potus, ostensibly the single most person in charge of the safety and care of all US citizens, has been trying to slow down testing for a deadly virus because the more cases are confirmed, the more he (rightfully) looks bad. Also think of just how stupid, how utterly infantile and cowardly, one has to be to think that this "wish it away" policy would help his optics on this. For of course the less people are tested and thus self quarantined and treated, the more the disease will spread, the more people will die, the more the populace will panic, and thus the worse the crisis, the worse 45* looks. It's a simple causal chain that you'd think any person possessing even a below average but still normal range intelligence and comprehension of the world could grasp and foresee, much less a very stable genius who should thus posses an above average capacity for prescience. So even if all 45* cares about is his reputation (and reelection chances) which we know is true since he is a textbook malignant narcissist psychopath (no hyperbole), it is in his own interest to push for as much testing as possible as soon as possible to try to stem this crisis. And yet he's too jaw dropping stupid, irrational, and ignorant to even comprehend this. This level of incompetence is beyond appalling and unbelievable in a purported leader and it is deeply dangerous to the welfare of all citizens, as we are unfortunately witnessing in real time.
Mr. Mister 27 days ago
The echo of Michael Cohen's laughter can be heard bouncing off the disinfected prison walls.
floijd 27 days ago
Thank GOD the Apple stores are reopening. For a second I thought we had a problem here.
cattigereyes1 27 days ago
The poor will be sick zero health care just as the 1% has made the system, this will break the middle class! Enjoy!
supersaiandemon 27 days ago
Medicare for all would be s great start.
Mike Higgins 27 days ago
The Chinese had shut down their economy for 2 months running onto 3 months. They probably will have to keep it closed for another 2 to 3 months to keep the virus at bay.
Nouman Ali 27 days ago
Joe and Mika, I am from Long Island New York, I visited City MD and requested Coronavirus test, I was told unfortunately we do not have testing kits available,
Adrian 'Tio' Cardona 27 days ago
Get these financial "specialist" off the air and start interviewing REGULAR FOLK. Those who do not have the kind of money necessary to survive!
Allen M 27 days ago
Wow Pence is really shining at his new job.
Mimi Traveler 27 days ago
$1.5 trillion in corporate socialism... HHHMMMMM...
Craig Bigelow 27 days ago
WOW, a healthcare crisis? Shame we don't have healthcare! It would cost to much!😕
Jack Smack 27 days ago
Arthur Don't 27 days ago
Now US will feel how other countries feel when US imposes economical sanctions
T N 27 days ago
Stock Market: "What? The Emperor wears no clothes??"
Paul Shayatovch 27 days ago
Man, I didn't know a "hoax" could mess things up so badly.
Arthur S Dancer 27 days ago
I just want to know who's making tests how many & how long until we have them ? This feels like Katrina times a million !
Sarah McCoy 27 days ago
Thanks to our very stable genius and his administration for doing NOTHING to prepare us for the onslaught of the coronavirus.
Billy Anderson 27 days ago
Maybe the harm was intentional and theyre dangerous criminals?
MVVpro 27 days ago
Maybe Wall Street should finally learn the lesson that the Republican candidates they always support, ruin the economy sooner or later.
Andre 27 days ago
THIS is what IT looks and feels like, when the sh^t has hit the fan!
Dana sue Salter 27 days ago
The entire world needs to self quarantine for 30 days, it will stop.
James Williams Junior 27 days ago
It's amazing how they avoid ralkk about Medicare for All
Noemi Frederick 27 days ago
Its the lack of action from the top. Remove trump.
natalie harless 27 days ago
It's time for a major resignation here, Trump. Even some YOUR Republicans are doubting you. They should have voted FOR your impeachment.
Gypsy Outlaw 27 days ago
RI closed colleges.
Boo ! 27 days ago
he called it a foreign virus....remember when he took all credit for stock performance?
Brock Ledbetter 27 days ago
That stimulus could’ve paid for all the student debt...
Judge Tato 27 days ago
FalseCast 27 days ago
Dotards economy is in the toilet....flush when you're done MAGAts.
Stacy Gagnon 27 days ago
It's comical hearing/watching Joe shocked as if he had no idea!!!
Tecle Kidane 27 days ago
The sooner we realize as a nation that medical coverage for all is a human right the stronger we will become as a nation.
C. R 27 days ago
NY should do the same thing we cannot mitigate the spread of this virus in schools if remain open there is no chance of social distancing in schools
MarcAndre1 27 days ago
Lest we forget Steve Mnuchin's call to the banks in 2019 making sure banks have enough money... They don't... The money being pumped into the markets right now is propping up the theft by the Trump administration.
dan lucky 27 days ago
Quick ! Lets sneak money into the deep states pension fund !
penny rutter 27 days ago
Hows socialized medicine sound now?
Ladibug4422 27 days ago
Wait the government just GAVE 1.5;trillion dollars to the banks??! AND NEVER WORRIED ABOUT HOW WE WOULD PAY FOR IT🤔🤔🤔🤔well gosh darn that sure sounds like socialism 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Cosmo Spacemonkey 27 days ago
This is what happens when you build a “moral” society on magical gods and the worship of the mighty dollar - and the twisted Republican and ideology who loves mixing the two.
Castro T 27 days ago
*4:10 -asking every American to change every aspect of our lives..........(good luck with that) 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Addison Steiner 27 days ago
Thank you, Xi Jinping, for nipping this in the bud before it got out of control.
Chicken Little Syndrome 27 days ago
Joe Biden's unscripted solution: "Gah...you know, the thing..."
Regan Parenton 27 days ago
RIP AMERICA Just published my thoughts on my channel last week.
Duane Hall 27 days ago
It took less than one trump term to change US life as we knew it. Thanks Trumputin.
The End Begins 27 days ago
Kerry Aldrich 27 days ago
Now this is WINNING! All thanks to king rump for such a huge victory! Wow, just can't stand all this winning. What a brain. Such words. Nothing but the best.
wss w 27 days ago
We are winning so much your going yo bry tired of winning. Remember that
My Name 27 days ago
tests coming soon™ (trademark). test coming soon, next week, every week its next week.
Castro T 27 days ago
*consumer culture (R.I.P.) 🙏
J West 27 days ago
Well, I bought a ton of stock at sale prices! Can wait for the BS to settle! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY! THE LOWER IT GOES, THE MORE YOU BUY!!
puking emoji 27 days ago
This is exactly what would look like if thanos is real and he snap
R 27 days ago
When the jew tells you to sell, you buy.
Miriam Parks 27 days ago
Queen Dye 27 days ago
Voice Of Reality 27 days ago
1.5 trillion to Epstein's friends. Sure, he killed himself.🙄
Shawn Gotti 27 days ago
Wow. They could’ve wiped away alllllll student debt with that amount 😡
John Lopez 27 days ago
These people have gotten this all wrong, that's MSM for you!
Hello 1814 27 days ago
That money could have ended student loan debt, fund healthcare for this crisis - not prop up the rich.
Canyon Racer 27 days ago
Crashes occur Because the market is fundamentally unbalanced......and it still is......consumer debt?!?!?......that “shoe” hasn’t even dropped...yet..... this was inevitable....and they know it😘
Creshauna Smith 27 days ago
They’re to worried about the stock market WHEN PEOPLE ARE DYING !!!! When are there going to be enough test for everyone to get tested????
pjp88029 klee 27 days ago
6:08am-6:17am EDT. 2nd Clip of today's show uploaded by MSNBC [Fri.13.March2020].
dbptwg 27 days ago
Kelly Boyce 27 days ago
This financial crisis was already coming this virus just sped it up.
Debra Smith 27 days ago
God Bless us all. Truly!
Robert C Hodge 27 days ago
Thanks GOP (Goons of Putin) you are Making America Crater again. Our first task is to throw the scoundrels out 11/3/2020. The beginning of the Future.
Lisa Frazier 27 days ago
Hurray! I had no money saved, and so no money to lose :) I have my loved ones and my health so all is good.
Kim Dee 27 days ago
The Great Depression
Cmanic Gaterau 27 days ago
MSNBC is just as bad for giving disinformation and Fox New's. This market was way overpriced and a adjustment was required. Covid-19 was the pin that popped the bubble. Saying it is the reason for the bear market is naive at best.
AlgoBis 27 days ago
She's my President 27 days ago
A MSNBCannibal Crisis that is leading to a shortage in Illegal alien
Valerie Shutiva 27 days ago
Prisoner Zero 27 days ago
This is going to cause another Dempanic!!
Space Magic 27 days ago
good thing they are talking further tax cuts so if the government ever needs to bail out the economy again they can't, I'm sure they'll blame Obama for that too ffs
Randy Lafferty 27 days ago
Lol not even tge rich can escape. Praise JEHOVAH.
K Cuzz 27 days ago
South Bound Brook NJ schools have closed and will tentatively open again on April 14th.
James Denny 27 days ago
THIS IS TRUMPS' ECONOMY... he said it himself !
F1 Manager Legend 27 days ago
Maui is still busy. Bars were busy tonight. I think we will be (cough) ok. (COUGH COUGH)
tj Rioux 27 days ago
This is why we need Bernie. Biden rejects medicare for all - he wants to continue corporate greed and is just a Nothing Burger.
Voice Of Reality 27 days ago
Cigs Booze TP And guns. Good things to stock. Thank you open border fools. Diversity makes us stronger.
Trumps IQ zero 27 days ago
We dont just get past this. (We all have to get this virus). The ones who live through it are then non noval survivors. They have built immunities now. That is how it is accepted into the community's, the more people who survive it, the more immunities we build as a society. This is now a new flu that will come and go every year.
Ganiscol 27 days ago
Shocker: Entertainment takes a backseat to public safety
Joe Pinciaro 27 days ago
Did you see the close of the DOW Plus 1985
Stephen Anderson 27 days ago
They should have learned to Bernie and his supporters. Chickens are coming home to roost.
LOOK AT MY NAME 27 days ago
People acting like the Fed injecting money into wall street is something new, it's been happening since way before the Bush administration.
Don Carlos 27 days ago
Isn't this the beginning of I am legend?
Shana Logan 27 days ago
WHERE'S THE DATA?? #coronavirustest
Rosanna Weinstock 27 days ago
Are private insurances part of the blame for the testing?