FIND THE EGG, WIN $10,000! *Golden Egg Challenge*

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!
Zak_GamingYT 10 days ago
Brandon: he got back together before i got together with my ex Me: then what are u waitin for get back togther now!!!
Jackary 10 days ago
me: clicks a brawadis video **RUNNING BACK TO YOU ILL COME RUNNING BACK TO YOU **
lilxholly 10 days ago
15:07 kaelyn n brian how they looked at each other 😂
Destiny Gomez 10 days ago
When Brian looked at Kaelyn when it said “call ex”
Bradley Brule 10 days ago
7:24 I wish I could see Brandon’s face😂
oscar 10 days ago
The way that Sherman was looking after he hung up on his ex.
Fernando M 9 days ago
The way Jackie looking for eggs got me feeling some type of way
peachgal 4 10 days ago
17:05 😳. is he planning on getting back with jackie? 🤩💘
MC and FAM!! 9 days ago
1:07 I like how everyone is doing his intro except Anthony just standing there 😂
Akshyan Nanthakumar 10 days ago
14:47 kaylen yeeting the hot sauce in her mouth
Trippy Stephhh 10 days ago
The way Brian looked at Kaelyn when it came to the dare about calling his ex 😭 I love ya'll
Julian 2Wavy 10 days ago
6:58 she was testing him
lika turajeva 9 days ago
I feel like he didn’t give them the money
Ayden Long 10 days ago
4:18 did anyone else hear Jackie say “bae when”
Nutty Norris 9 days ago
The way that Sherman was looking after he hung up on his ex
Oscar 10 days ago
Why does Brandon always make weird ass awkward jokes about him and Jackie not being together
Irma G 10 days ago
No one: Jackie and Kaylynn: passing something beneath the counter 😂
Abdulla Mohd 10 days ago
No one: Brandon: wHaT abOuT a LAte NigHt
Diego Garcia 10 days ago
Ps4 players players in the comments: “Kill that controller” 😂
Im 960 9 days ago
Brandon on Instagram: I’m going to change the song Also Brandon: I couldn’t find a song
Bluhts 9 days ago
Brawadis : I love my fans Me : you don’t even heart comments 🤦‍♂️💀
Rotem Shaul 10 days ago
4:46 Jackie did Anthony wrong, Brandon said couples thing, Brian and Kaylin, and Jackie... wait
Triple5805 10 days ago
4:32 kaylyn said “Brandon I’m going to expose you”🤭🤔
Daniel Marquez 9 days ago
Lmao Sherman to Brian “you don’t need it I do” to the 1k🤣😂
MA1016 9 days ago
10:41 Jackie and Kaelyn’s laugh sounded like spongebob 🤣
Cisco Manages 10 days ago
10:30 He was trying to open it the wrong way lmao, he was never gonna open it.
EMELY CRUZ 10 days ago
When brandon say you dating the whole world😂to ANTONY
Gabino Ramos 10 days ago
4:46 why Jackie did Anthony like that 😭
Kush Life 10 days ago
5:18 If only we knew what he was thinking at that moment 😆😂😂
Angelo Gabriel 10 days ago
Brandon wasn't born to be rich He deserved to be rich
Dark_ Cheez 9 days ago
“Or what about a late night” hits different
Alex Rodriguez 10 days ago
Oops my heart went That kinda hurted me though When they put their dirty hands on the controller
Gucci Baby 10 days ago
4:05 I’ve heard that somewhere 🤔 😳 but that controller one hurt me so bad 😬
Nick Nick 10 days ago
4:17 Jackie said babe to Brandon please just say it’s official
YouTube User 9 days ago
Best part is when Anthony called his ex
Bravoz Tv 10 days ago
3:32 Anthony transgender confirmed
Supreme6515 10 days ago
6:58 you can see Jackie arching on purpose
Hold My Pringles 10 days ago
0:27 HA everyone knows Anthony is going to get that one
Avigail Jimenez 10 days ago
“He’s dead he’s dead” 😂😂😂
Clara Isik 10 days ago
4:16 “babbe!” ?????!!! 6:23 “babe” Guys it’s official. 🥳
Clarence Woodfork 10 days ago
did no one hear jackie said “baeee whennn”
ILL_DESTROY_8 10 days ago
13:35 I’m screaming 😫😂
Jose Vazquez 10 days ago
When she’s home alone 2:48
Guxee 10 days ago
No one Brandon: What about our late nights🤣
MXP 10 days ago
“What about a late night” 😭🤣💀 Ask me how many times I said that today 😂💀
SVG_ Ahmad 9 days ago
What’s the song called that he starts the vid
Gamer squad 10 days ago
4:17 why did Jackie call Brawadis babe
Futgods 10 10 days ago
6:58 I wish I could hit Jackie from the back🍑😍
Roland Bushi 10 days ago
4:18 Brandon’s ex said “ baeeee “
Zid Klifford 10 days ago
nobody: Brandon: finds new background music for 24 hours
uR_m0m_1029384765 65 9 days ago
Brandon said "gamers you might wanna close your eyes" so I was gonna close my eyes but then saw a gaybox controller (sorry meant xbox) and started smiling😂😂 jk xbox and ps4 are both lit
Poo Bon 9 days ago
15:06 OMG I can’t get over the way Brian looked at Kaelyn 🥺❤️
Jose Rojas 10 days ago
Literally nobody: Brawadis video starts:what about a late night 🎶
Karam Gaming 9 days ago
Sherman don’t want money he just want booty 😂😁
Oscar Rivera Garcia 10 days ago
Me when his them music starts playing 🕺🏾🕺🏾💃🏻🕺🏾💃🏻🕺🏾💃🏻🕺🏾💃🏻🕺🏾💃🏻🕺🏾
Tigershark Gaming 10 days ago
7:25 you know Brandon was enjoying that
ttg-demon 4567 9 days ago
Me: clicks a brawadis video Me hearing jakey call Brandon bey
Emmanuel Bautista 10 days ago
I was chillen about the controller because it was a X Box Controller if it was a PS4 controller I would be pissed 😂
Tim Anderson 10 days ago
Idk anyone else but I always enjoy when Bosley is in videos we seen a glance of him behind the gate I like Brian and Anthony but I was for team Badgirls in this to win they won by one poor Brian Faze Rug lol 🤣
Abdullah Mahmoud 10 days ago
Anyone realize that Jackie says “babe when” at 4:15
Owen Culver 9 days ago
Everyone: I hate this song he plays it and Brandon sees it in every video Brandon: continues to play the song throughout the whole vid
Storm fIsHy 10 days ago
Who’s love the no copyright music at the start. I always sing it!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜💜💜💜
swetha marripudi 10 days ago
*dare* : call ur *ex* *Anthony* : which one 😂
Jesus Sanchez 9 days ago
Tha was fun buh I’m back to being bored 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂
The Blue 17 10 days ago
Sherman looks like bad bunny with those glasses 😂
xcuen but Infected 9 days ago
That’s what your supposed to do if it’s a Xbox controller Ruin it Ps4 gang 🔥🐐
Lui M 10 days ago
13:38 Its fine its an xbox controller 😂
imzy_1123 9 days ago
13:55 that’s what XBOX deserves
Matthew Vita 9 days ago
It’s cute how faze rug nows Brawadis intro
umulkayr abdirahman 9 days ago
J.A.R Productions 10 days ago
"This is sickness is very serious" *uses a shdt ton of money*
Kevin Villalba 10 days ago
I’m On DiEt• Anthony 2020 13:12
Greedy 1 10 days ago
That song makes me think it’s perfect song for Jackie and him lol
Salvador Ramirez 9 days ago
6:58 I know damn well Brandon made a loop of this for sure!!!😝
Diego Ventura 10 days ago
Jackie said eww when Brandon said it’s a couple thing 😂
Alexis Riley 9 days ago
15:34 when he says your name 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️
player roe 9 days ago
Anthony : use real money *this vid : paper . Love you Anthony the original
4:17 i just heard jackie called brandon "bae"
Kimberly Gonzalez 9 days ago
I think Brandon is a little to ubsest with the Lysol spry in the first clip.
Darlene O’Hara 10 days ago
They are watching! Californians “should at all times practice social distancing,” keeping at least six feet away from others when performing necessary activities, the administration directive states.
Ayden Long 10 days ago
17:10 Brandon hinting that he’s gettin back with Jackie 🤔
iiiParis :3 10 days ago
Look at 17:06 Brandon says Anthony is getting back together with his ex before I get back with Jackie?! Me:so is Brandon gonna ask out Jackie soon or...??
Bryan Reyes 9 days ago
4:17 Jackie called Brandon bae are Jackie and Brandon doing it
Andi Morales 9 days ago
When he is cleaning all the balls in the beginning of the video, that is all the moms when they first heard about the Coronavirus.
L AGÆCY 9 days ago
13:36 I hate you Brandon😂for this I can feel the pain for Brian 😥😏
Cdixon 03 9 days ago
papa rug sounded like a porn actor when he said "girls youre under arrest"
first class gaming savage 10 days ago
4:17 Jackie calls Brandon babe that's a big hint
Ykhanis Yakhnis 9 days ago
1:18 Shirmen means on Assyrian ,,our ass" 🤣🤣🤣
Ivy Zombie 9 days ago
Brawadis Jackie with yuh for your money I know yuh ain’t dating her but still🤦🏻‍♂️
MilkNSenpai 10 days ago
Yusuf Kabeer 9 days ago
I swear I had memorised Brawadis’ background song because he overuses it
aye datway 9 days ago
Brandon cashnasty wants that 1v1 and 2v2 with malcom give him the business 11-0 him for the culture dont hold back
nokapp ANT 10 days ago
I see u still have the same background music/ just started the video
Wavy Cldz 9 days ago
6:58 u know Brandon's enjoying that
jemily gambino 9 days ago
i dislike how kaitlyn is a little TOO competitive that she really made jacky kinda fall and drag her along @6:00
Vinitaa Ranjan 10 days ago
When is Dennis COMING back
3D1BLE - GAMING 10 days ago
Another shopping spree for Anthony? No wonder he spends so much money it's because of all those FaZe Rug and Brawadis money videos 🤣
madog gg 10 days ago
I thought Brian and kaylen were dating? Also women privilege
Papi bryann 9 days ago
Lmaooo I’m convinced Anthony always wears sweats and hoodie cause he’s overweight.❤️
Yaya Martinez 9 days ago
When his intro sounds like a blesiv intro