10 TYPES OF KISSES ll Cody Orlove FT. Zoe Laverne

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ily zoe laverne 3 month ago
no one: not a soul: literally no one: cody: *yelling at the dog* BACK OFF MY GIRLFRIEND 😤😤
Myassar Jorban 3 month ago
Zoe: *depressed* “he’s running late” Cody: *running*
Kawaii Wolf Alpha Edits 3 month ago
I know I can't be the only one who's glad they got back together. They seem genuinely happy and that makes me happy 😊
Trevor Lennon 3 month ago
Zoe is the one that convinced me cheating people really can change.
Potato Chips 3 month ago
Lol the way she said "EWWWW COOTIES"
Abriel’s Vlogs 3 month ago
Cody: ARE YOU READY!?! no one: not one soul: Zoe: 𝙥𝙚𝙬 Omggg thanks for all the likes
Christjoy D. 3 month ago
Zoe: What’s your favorite color Cody: Blue Me: wait so it’s blue now? I though it was red? Ummm🧐
xhoneyglaze 3 month ago
Me: Sees comments Youtube: Haha, *No.*
Mikayla Evans 3 month ago
You know Cody is a tiktoker when he said “I SAID STOP BEING SAD “
MrBeast 3 month ago
Who's been a huge fan of "cody " before 2020? 🥰 👇🏻 gifting my next first 100 subs🎁              With notis on💫
alexa Bautista 3 month ago
Zoe: “cheek kiss” Also zoe: kisses cody on the forehead😂
Avery Dawn 3 month ago
When you can’t think of a clever comment that will get a lot of likes
Beatriz Raposo 3 month ago
The air kiss was definitely the best one lmao 😂
Sasha Nicole 3 month ago
When drip was bitting Zoe & Cody was like “back off my girlfriend” I was dying😂
Sierra Wilson 3 month ago
Who else has been here since they first started dating? (The first time)
Rebecca Williams 3 month ago
Cody: Zoe's channel will be the first link in the description Merch link: lol u thought
scobby shaggy 3 month ago
no one: not eats a bag of chips: zoe: HeY Mom cody : kisses her cheek ME: ThAt CuRvE ThoUgH
linda viagi 3 month ago
I watched many videos like:"10 types of kisses" they were boring cause they just read the type of kiss and then they kiss. You really do it funny!I love it. Best couple
Daria Madej 3 month ago
Cody: ARE YOU READY!? Zoe: pEw.
Kelsea Lee 3 month ago
who else loves there goofiness 💗💗 zoe: upset he’s late 🙄😔 cody: running fast
brynna bananananananana 3 month ago
Zoe: sad Cody: I SAID STOP BEING SAD That had me laughing
Kitty Kupcake 3 month ago
When Zoe said “the cheek kiss” i low key thought she said “cheat kiss” and i was like WHAT?!
Yamilet Cuevas 3 month ago
The way she said “YESSSSSSSS”
addison elaine 3 month ago
i can only imagine a 8-9 year old watching this and is like “oh this is how ur suppose to kiss” them they go and do it to their crush💀
Christjoy D. 3 month ago
No one: Me throughout the video: 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣 Me typing this: that’s my reaction to everything 🤣🤣💀
Edits. X 3 month ago
Cody- kisses zoe Not a Single Soul . . Zoe- EW COOTYS/COODIES
Duckie Xzody 3 month ago
The beginning when Cody was beating up drip I WAS ROLLING💀😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mi Le 3 month ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: No one in existence: Zoe:pEw
Zuzanna Potoniec 3 month ago
When I saw the thumbnail I was like : yes more ship edits😂🥺
Maia Tyler 3 month ago
POV: your early for once
Julez Rodriguez 3 month ago
no one: literally no one: not a single soul: Cody snoring like my 73 year old grandpa😂
Tayha Carroll 3 month ago
No one: Not a soul: Not even Cody: Zoe’s fingers: 🩸 Also Zoe: 🇫🇷 wi wi
Abigail Jane 3 month ago
6:04 bahahaha I can’t
X_queenzala 16 3 month ago
0:27 I’m laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂
Okay Alondra 3 month ago
Zoe:(being sad) Cody: don’t be sad Zoe:(still being sad) Cody: I SAID DONT BE SAD!
Jennifer Leach 3 month ago
Milagros Green 3 month ago
Kearstin Sheldon 3 month ago
No one: Not even Santa: Cody: snoring 😴 🐴 I’m sorry it was so funny
Lainey Dougal 3 month ago
No one: No one ever: Not a single soul: Not a single living organism: Cody & Zoe: AWAAAAAAAAAAAA 4:07
jazmine and friends 3 month ago
Who else came from zoes instagram live?
Jordan Davis 3 month ago
Who's here from the live
Melanie Hill 3 month ago
Vesna Rados 3 month ago
adding a zoe ever like: 👸🏼
Itsmaya_ - 3 month ago
zoe: whats ur favorite color cody: blue two seconds later no one: not a single soul: cody orlove: i dare u to kiss me
Millie W 3 month ago
When ur early and don’t know what to say ILYSM Zoe and Cody
Frankie The Flamingo 3 month ago
nobody: absolutley nobody: Zoe: OUI OUI FRANCAISSS!
Kaelin T 3 month ago
No one: Not a single soul: Zoe: VHAT VHAT (in her French accent)
ParadiseUnicorn love 3 month ago
Why is no one talk about how Zoe was dodging his air kisses 😂
Tula Marasco 3 month ago
Jayden Perez 3 month ago
Cody*tries to kiss Zoe’s cheek* Her mom: I ain’t gon let you get the chanceee
Sha&Shan 3 month ago
Who else love Cody? 👇💕 Btw, I would love feedback on the new video I just did. Thank you :)
Angelina Ramos 3 month ago
"Are you ready" ,,, "YESSSSSS!"
Ariana Marie 3 month ago
Emilija Ancelane 3 month ago
Cody: grab a snack and a drink nobody: no one : literally me:*grabs bag of m&ms and a balloon full of water with a hole in it
hcney luv 3 month ago
I’m such a big fan! I have been here from the start! I was traumatized when you broke up and started crying when you got back together! I honestly thought that you two were the cutest couple, If you see this i would cry but you two have got the most amazing supporters ever. 🤧🤧💞💞💞💞💞
Camilla Cutie 3 month ago
*ARE YOU READY?* *pew* *ARE YOU READY?* *YEAHHHH!!* That had me dying 😂😂
ChunkyGacha Ali 3 month ago
Omg I’m early I wonder if you like comments oh well
Bella Mariani-Morrison 3 month ago
Cody: and the—hey back off my girlfriend back off my girlfriend zoe: *sits on bed to observe* 🤣
Michelle Rogers 3 month ago
zoe: EeW CuTis Idk how to spell cutis or cudis IDK XD
Bløssøm 3 month ago
The tour: America Me: Aussie ;-;
Faith Manor 3 month ago
“Ew CuDYy alwalge” has me rolling
Aleah Ryan 3 month ago
4:12 anyone else notice that they messed up on the editing?😂
Kiara Talley 3 month ago
I love how you can tell each different vibes of when they wasn't together and now they back and this how they turned out to be . I LOVE YALL SM!💋♥️♥️#ZODYFOREVA 👎🏾like this up if you agree down below 👎🏾👎🏾
Keziah Pierce 3 month ago
Zoe at the being”phew” 👇🏽❤️💓 It was the cutest 💘💘
Heyitsmari xox 3 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Not even a single soul: Zoe: EWW COOTIES
kayleigh kayleigh 3 month ago
Roblox Jade 3 month ago
ᴄʜɪᴄᴀɢᴏ ᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ 3 month ago
4:48 *Me when my mum comes into see if I’m asleep*
vilayuth vissonavong 3 month ago
Lol I was laughing when the blowing kiss come lol
Mia Bowley 3 month ago
I can’t with the blowing one- 😂😂😂
Molly Morris 3 month ago
No one actually nobody Zoe : EW COOTIES NO EW EW AAAAHHHHHH
itz_brooklyn ッ 3 month ago
there’s already 500 comments omg
babygirl _oop_14 3 month ago
Y'all never come to Kentucky we feel left out the closet one there I could go to is Ohio
brenda portillo 3 month ago
Cody “ Your WelCome” Zoe: “Thank you?!?” Me 😐
Leslie Duarte 3 month ago
4:50 made laugh crazy as hell 😂😂😂 but the way how Cody was snorting 😂😂😂
Tiyana Becker 3 month ago
At 5:43 I died when Cody said STOP BEING SAD 🤣
Lauren MacD 3 month ago
The way he picked puppers at the start 🥺
Roblox Girl 3 month ago
Zoe and Cody:*screaming the whole video* Me:BRO CHILL OMG LOL
Lucy Newton 3 month ago
I'm sorry but this is kinda cringe
Žilvinas Kisielius 3 month ago
am i the only that thinks the first kiss is so weird..
Chloe Willaby 3 month ago
The 1 lip one got meeeee 😂😂😂😂
Megan Philpott 3 month ago
No one : Littrely no one : Cody: I SAID DONT BE SAD it was so quiet in my house till then 😂 😂😂😂
Chagui Vidal 3 month ago
Zoe:EWW COOTIES!! Cody:Imma go tell John!!
Nina's Random account 3 month ago
This video just called me single in so many different languages
Shenae Ames 3 month ago
0:01-0:50 when you drank wAaAaAayyy too much coffee 😂
Clara/Christinne Bernadette 3 month ago
Omg they are coming to montreal but i cant come :(
Sophia Holland 3 month ago
am i the only one who noticed they did the cheek kiss twice
tory 3 month ago
Cleriesa Japris 3 month ago
this is literally the cutest everrr...
Madeline Campbell 3 month ago
cody: grab some food grab a drink me: *looks around and i’m eating satines and drinking diet coke*
Bryanna Rivera 3 month ago
Did u know that when u Cary dogs on there backs they feel like there falling
Lola Lofthouse 3 month ago
Zoe sounds like me cat at 4:07 😂
Unknown Unknown 3 month ago
4:09 i'm dyyiingggg 😂😂😂
Gacha Queen 3 month ago
Who else is here because of Cody’s live last night?
L.A.K SQUAD 3 month ago
This had me dying I’m so fricken serious
xxHxneybez 3 month ago
no one: Litterly No one: Not even a single soul Zoe: *BOY KOODIES EWwwW*
lilmessysoul 3 month ago
The "french kiss" one had me dead💀🤣
brenda portillo 3 month ago
Zoe: “ew cooties “ Cody: “ew” Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
theyadore.sayla 3 month ago
I lost it at French kiss I was drinking Kool-Aid and I spit it out on my white sheets 😭✋
aubrey hernandez 3 month ago
zoey being sad kiss and cody said STOP BEING SAD