Tazer Camera Makes Me The Tallest Person in The Picture

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Paul Garcia 9 month ago
make a garden sprinkler system that turns towards the person when they walk by it
catfish552 5 month ago
"...enough pain to floor a fully grown adult" Shame you couldn't test that part on yourself.
RANDOMstuff animation 4 month ago
Michael: hey I'm gonna taze you guy if that's ok Offline TV: *wanna be part of our group?*
Blammo! GAMES 3 month ago
Next time on Michael Reeves: Literally just killing people. Also, I'm NOT surprised I got a ton of likes, and I think you're STINKY
Davis Chase 5 month ago
This man is getting payed to smoke crack and make torture devices
EthanLyons12 9 month ago
Make a chair that moves every time you try to sit down
Keaten 5 month ago
*tortures friends by forcing them on the ground* “This video is sponsored by honey.”
Gaming with Azian 5 month ago
“I’m the tallest in the room” Cameraman: am I a joke to you
TappyDoesStuff 5 month ago
he sometimes looks like a slightly asain harry potter
GCM Productions 4 month ago
The tasers didn’t crack me up, no, the “WTF is oat meal” meme in the background made me laugh.
R 6 month ago
This whole channel is an excuse for Michael to electrify people
JJolla 5 month ago
Michael laughing like the mad scientist he is while tazing everyone he sees.
Thepikazapper05 5 month ago
A small Asian boy laughs as he makes people writhe in pain at his feet
NoobasticMan 5 month ago
I wouldn't be surprised if he just cut off their legs.
Seto Kaiba 5 month ago
I swear this man was Kevin mcalister when he was a kid and jigsaw when he’s an old man
reko sn 9 month ago
Make a camera that takes your photo only when you blink
TheLatinBat 5 month ago
electrocuting bed when you dont get up after your alarm.
Congrey 5 month ago
Scarra: I didn’t fall down! Michael: So you have chosen...death
remco moerland 4 month ago
nobody: micheal: "LEG ARMPIT"
Perfection 5 month ago
"Scarra was the only person I tested it on and did not fall to the ground." Me: Oh, that's cool. "But that's okay because I later went in with a real taser to try and tase the back of his legs" I did not see that coming. That's hilarious.
James Barrows 4 month ago
This guy has a serious problem with electrocuting people
Zinvox 3 month ago
"Tallest in the picture" that's inaccurate. A more realistic title is "only person in the picture"
syncc12 5 month ago
So this is what Bruce Greene’s been up to
Wisles 79 5 month ago
Yo this man could be advancing world tech but instead he makes stuff that tazes people
Wasssup360 9 month ago
Are we just not gonna talk about how he did all of this in the bathroom?
AWS Chan 5 month ago
Michael: “Oh there’s not enough leg room on this bus or plane or car or other noun” Me: There’s not enough leg room on this cat people.
hee hoo 5 month ago
This makes him the highest in the room. Travis is proud
Krisha Millare 5 month ago
I think Michael's blood is just pure Monster Energy at this point
v i a r r a h シ 3 month ago
Me watching, listening to him talk science and acting like I understand “Oh yea, this is big brain time”
PickleBanjo 9 month ago
A drone connected to vr goggles that constantly follows you so you’re living in 3rd person
Horner 5 month ago
for anyone interested, that is the ischiocrural muscle group.
Pedro Pereira 4 month ago
Micheal: *goes to rehab* Someone: I'm addicted to drugs Another Person: I'm addicted to alcohol Micheal: oh, I'm addicted to tazing people
Leshiy 5 month ago
"You just max the pain, and hope they hit the floor."
Ultra Gaming 5 month ago
I feel like Pokimane knew this was coming a day in advance.
zygno 9 month ago
make a robot that grabs your feet when they aren’t under the blanket
El Catrin C 3 month ago
i think he likes being tazed, sexually i mean
saladman 3 month ago
This proves that short people contain the most hate
That 1 Weasel 5 month ago
Michael: See, I don't need to be made taller, every body else needs to be shorter Me: Please, Dear God, don't chop their legs down Edit: Thank you guys so much for almost 150 likes!
Philip Jin 5 month ago
he's definitely the highest in the room
Hydraxion Voltage 9 month ago
Next video: "A machine that forces everyone within a mile to kneel before me"
NoU 5 month ago
Your friends dying on the floor: AAAAA- you: im the tallest in the room
CodingChaos 3 month ago
Robotic arms coming out of your back like iron man would also be cool.
Stale Marsh 5 month ago
Until you realize that sleeping in a king bed when you're under 6 ft makes you feel alone... *cries*
chuckNthegod 3 month ago
"tazing someone who isn't me is just FUN!" Yeah. I getcha.
Zoe 9 month ago
love the "what the 𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 is oatmeal" wallpaper bud
ThaBunnyBun 4 month ago
He's like Simone Giertz and Mark Rober combined on steroids.
flopm0nster 3 month ago
As somebody who is 6'4", I feel threatened.
Wankum Stankum 4 month ago
Michael: “now the rest of the build is super easy” Me: 👁👄👁
Caramel Coconut 4 month ago
He’s like a supervillain. I’m getting Megamind energy idk
Janrei Africa 9 month ago
"I don't need to be taller, I just need to make everyone shorter" - Michael
Kafftum 3 month ago
Where did he learn all of this...I really admire him and I want to be just like him.
SalGaming 5 month ago
Michael’s brain: How many people do you want to taze? Michael: Yes
-BOBOMB - 5 month ago
7:37 The slaughter- i mean fun begins
Beastclan915 4 month ago
being short is nice but everybody likes pointing it out
Matt Moorehead 9 month ago
He doesn't upload much but when he does it is electrifying
ChrisTheFoxLover _05 5 month ago
Michael:"Let's make sure it's connected correctly or else it will go through your nuts and that's not a joke."
Silly Poon 5 month ago
3 sec in "I'm very short" *relatable*
long live xxx 3 month ago
"I am very short" me "felt that shit"
RadioGuy 4 month ago
Write a program that tazes people's legs and arms forcing them to walk
Sonic4ever2576 9 month ago
A twin size bed for Michael is like a crib for an average size man.
XOXRayXOX 5 month ago
Michael sees laser tag: no we need pain **TAZER TAG** Michael sees normal camera: MORE PAIN **TAZER CAMERA**
Kyle Morrison 5 month ago
Shout-out to honey for letting him put that in the video
Spooky Spaghetti 4 month ago
So are we gonna talk about Michael's oatmeal background
kei san 3 month ago
am I a maniac for laughing at the people while they’re being tazed
Jakesto 8 month ago
Here's an actually useful idea: a fire detector that stops beeping when u yell at it that ur just cooking
Caroniver Robocacci 5 month ago
5:53 "SEND NUDES" just casually on their wall
Tay James 4 month ago
Love how he’s in his bathroom
UberVilla 3 month ago
The fact that he puts together all of these electronics in a sink gives me anxiety
Sandy P 3 month ago
How the hell does he have connections to those three groups who have nothing to do with each others...
Doodle Noodle 9 month ago
“But Michael it sounds your coming up with another excuse to *tase* people.” Michael: *yEs*
Lordmonocr 5 month ago
i swear he’s addicted to the pain at this point
l bolen 5 month ago
Some one make a compilation of Michael electrocuting himself and other people.
duck person 3 month ago
Love how he made the device in his bathroom :0
noha 5 month ago
micheal, you forgot to taze the camera man.
Matthew Hicks 9 month ago
Make a camera that takes your photo only when you blink
nicoforlife 5 month ago
This man is pure chaos and I love him
No, Not Today 5 month ago
this is the first video i’ve watched by him and he’s a natural, i mean he just flows and it’s very enjoyable to watch
Jared Thompson 5 month ago
We were wrong. Bush wasn't responsible for committing war crimes via prisoner torture; you were.
roblox i playz 3 month ago
Girls: i can't do my work here My man:*works on a fricking toilet
Firepointboy 9 month ago
“Tallest person in the room” Cameraman: (sweats nervously)
Advantageous 5 month ago
Jokes on the tall people, us small people have more oxygen down here
Stuffy Boi 5 month ago
Started sweating when he started to create all that near a bath tub
Bono Giamboni 4 month ago
He's straight up a goblin engineer. Next time he'll just implement chainsaws.
DiamondJacket 3 month ago
"Ah, Fed. I'm so glad you asked..." Wall: SEND NUDES
TheAsianSwag TM 9 month ago
Make a GPS that bullys you for driving poorly.
wolf agent 5 month ago
This is Human cruelty so you know the Geneva convention is after ya.
David Melvin 3 month ago
When you said you were the tallest person I finally got what you meant that the muscle pads make you taller
mémęs 3 month ago
I guess you can say "I'm the highest in the room"
That Guy Tyarus 3 month ago
"Its not like a taser. its not- Its not a taser... Its not a taser...."
Alt.F4 9 month ago
Robot Idea: Instead of making a robot you should just shoot Will with a paintball gun every time you see him and make a video out of it.
courtnry salamone 4 month ago
"Right below the asscheek and right above the leg armpit" Me trying to describe a thigh
jakr tttgre 3 month ago
Or you can just get a step stool that works
Alex Stan 5 month ago
The amount of times he changed his shirt makes me think that just the intro took 5 days
Dunewalker Gaming 3 month ago
you wanna see to much height have me stand in a picture with you
zinkpieco 9 month ago
Every single device that solves a problem using Doofenshmirtz logic should have -inator on the end of the name
Captivating Expression 5 month ago
Life hacks 101, life hack number one: There is no life hack whatever you do Micheal will taze you with a drone or gun.
FBI Agent #3187 4 month ago
"Right below the ass cheek and right above the, like, the leg armpit" ah, yes, I remember learning about those in school
Parker Bobere 4 month ago
This channel is the most underrated thing I've ever seen
Andrew Xiao 4 month ago
“Good coffee is a pleasure, good friends are a treasure, unless if you have a friend named Michael Reeves, then run for your life and go back to school.
Something 9 month ago
Why does everything Micheal makes look like a bomb