Oney in America

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Danyul Lowe 19:05 16.03.2015
He..... He's looks normal. I expected a strange fat guy with long hair.
Northstar 03:00 07.05.2016
"I'm not done with YouTube." *Goes off the surface of the earth for a year*
Logan Cuthbert 2 years ago
Little did Chris know, years later he starts a let's play channel with an alien named Ding Dong and funny mustache man named Julian.
Gal 05:40 17.06.2015
KingJohnnyTimber 02:53 20.07.2016
Oney: Born in Ireland. Has American accent
seth Smith 21:36 16.08.2016
his teeth are on another level of perfection
Victor Sandwich 06:23 15.08.2015
just when i think I'm straight
Rooty Tooty 05:43 12.06.2015
...You can move in with me pretty boy....**inhales deeply**
theonlynontrollhere 00:22 21.02.2016
Holy crap he's cute, did not expect that from the voice of a hellbender
Lyndsey Jane 1 year ago
I feel so bad that Adult Swim dropped them...buuuuut I am so glad Chris is making video games now ❤
blanka ondo 03:59 09.06.2016
Oney looks like the adult version of the Kazoo Kid
Zultchy 01:15 26.03.2015
Oney looks like someone hit his dog. :c
WickedHandzz 22:18 22.09.2016
His face... *Emotionally and sexually triggered.*
Comicazi 07:57 15.09.2016
i can hear his Irish accent here and there
toasterhottub 2 years ago
T Crayton 2 years ago
It’s been 3 years where are you at ya dingy
Lala 11:21 29.01.2016
What did you say? I'm lost in your eyes...
Trinity Darling 06:55 16.03.2015
Good lawd, I didn't know he was so handsome ~
EwSensei 05:21 24.07.2016
its 2016...he made this in 2014 so umm yea 1 more year guys....*cries in Corner*
nate edwards 04:01 01.12.2016
Your teeth are terrifyingly straight.
Mortem3r 22:35 02.08.2014
fullsend 22:12 09.05.2016
I'm not gay, but I'd go down on you if you asked me.
Freyzi 2 years ago
"Work on Hellbenders for 3 years".... *looks at calendar*. Sure Chris. At least OneyPlays is good.
Acadia Mercer 01:12 16.04.2015
I was not expecting him to be so hot
Hen The G 10 month ago
Oney: Mom can I have visa to go to America to work on Hellbenders Mom: To make Hellbenders?? Oney: Yess. *Actually moves to America to be Let's Player* G A M E T I M E
Jeddicus 10 month ago
So Oney is cute, funny, and a great animator. Its official, he's the perfect man
Jon Duke 20:59 20.10.2015
Why bother getting a Visa, OneyNG? Just come across Mexico, aint nobody going to stop you or ask any questions.
errorproxy 01:26 05.04.2016
Did you only shave your face or do you only grow hair on your neck?
Emily H. Lambert 11:54 08.12.2014
I can't believe he doesn't think he's handsome. He is strikingly good-looking, and I have a strong feeling most people would agree.
u2 Hoodie 07:39 12.10.2016
Oh my he's cute
Kapski 22:05 24.11.2016
Oney sorta sounds depressed.
Bluewolf 23 21:44 02.05.2017
Candace Shade 20:38 02.03.2016
First 5seconds I swore he was a cgi animation
yy 12:32 17.03.2016
"I'm going to still upload stuff whenever I can" ;_;
Drake Vicorian 7 month ago
I thought the title was “only in america”.
ChannelNotFound 20:58 27.09.2015
2 years later... No Hellbenders
Matt Mihalko 15:01 04.09.2016
You have the best mouth ❤️
candii ninamers 08:11 08.05.2016
omg he so cuteeeee
funnyman 2 years ago
is that Chris from oneyplays?
fallout3600 2 years ago
so weird when you hear the voice coming out of a real person lol
Pengmaeda 1 year ago
Oh god, hes more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!
RubberNinja 22:41 02.08.2014
Sweet!  You're finally getting you butt over here.  I'll have to come up and visit you guys so we can hang.  Safe travels buddy, I know how stressful immigration and visa stuff can be and I'm glad you're nearing the end of that!
LycanLink 09:51 14.01.2015
I dunno if he's attractive to people that are into men, but he definitely has the look, from my perspective. Talented animator, comedian, musician, AND a pretty boy? I have no opinion on how I look, but I doubt I look anywhere near that good. I am peanut butter and jealous.
Eymmi Cedillo 08:17 27.11.2015
You're so hawt I cry
Alisha Flowers 15:01 07.04.2016
you're cute, Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuuuuuu
Eskimo JOE 22:17 05.02.2016
Man.. I love your teeth.. Like a lot. lol
Old channel, no longer active. 2 years ago
"I'm going to America to go to work on Hellbenders for three years!" Oh...
Grow Slow 2 years ago
"It's putting me in America for 3 years." So they're finally gonna deport you soon.
CEO of Gucci Taint Enterprise 1 year ago
“That’s why I didn’t want to animate this” Your telling me those teeth are real?! Damn!
c lit 11:03 02.02.2017
"More absent" *uploads nothing for 2 years*
Brollyssweetface 19:36 20.04.2016
Lol, I kinda expected this guy to be a total weirdo. But he's so normal.
88SLLS 07:20 19.02.2015
Heh, I forgot it was 3 years. I just have to wait 2.5 years now before I can say "Where's Hellbenders gosh dernit?"
fishflavoredicecream 15:56 02.10.2016
is he... is he wearing lipstick???
Billythecookie 07:25 01.01.2016
is 2016 the year of new hellbenders?
Brainblox 2 years ago
He looks like the adult version of Kazoo Kid 😂
Multilobster 10 month ago
I really wish hellbenders worked for you I loved all of them and I thought it had a lot of potential anyway keep working on bowlbo and good luck Chris
FemaleAnimeMaster 1 year ago
I don’t know why but having only heard his voice with no face, he looks like he’s cgi
Hitori VEGA 23:49 02.08.2014
I didn't know you could animate so photo realistically!
Skizze 10:56 10.03.2017
"I'm still gonna upload videos, here."Chris was never seen from, again.
Senor Studly 09:24 24.05.2015
Does he only grow neck hair or something?
LeviathanLP 5 month ago
1:46 You're welcome
Logan Coats 6 month ago
and then oney proceeded to only do oney plays and everyone loved it
uncle Barry 22:09 26.01.2017
"I'm still gonna upload stuff" *Sigh*
elguitarTom 01:59 27.07.2015
First time shaving?
Fella 5299 04:26 30.11.2016
I've shown hellbenders to almost all of my friends and they loved it.
MK4mo TDI 1 year ago
"I'm not done with YouTube" 4 years later.... Where the F is hell benders?
Erik Tillgren 2 years ago
Published on Aug 2, 2014, three years later
Cloud Lake 2 years ago
I've been waiting for so long. The Years have passed and we now have arrived for HellBenders!!! IT's about TIME!! :D
Dead Phil 22:27 11.02.2016
miss your videos bro
reed stephens 18:12 02.01.2017
alright it's been like 2.5 years now
Karl XIV Johan 19:21 03.08.2014
Chris is seriously quite cute... I'm straight as an arrow, but I'm not blind.
guy anermanator 18:07 13.06.2015
@Cheryl Lee I love you Cheryl more then you can ever think.
Sir. Ben 6 month ago
For the longest time i thought oney was american
Pengmaeda 1 year ago
Oh god, hes more hideous than I could have ever imagined!
Gameboy0104 10 month ago
Hey Chris oneyplays! I eat legos
Ginjo 22:59 02.08.2014
Holy crap... This video is so well animated.
Magic man 1 year ago
It's not him, his face didn't morph while he was talking
Kubernikus 18 1 year ago
This was uploaded in 2014! It’s 2019
PeeBeeMee 1 year ago
"if you're really grasping for content.." *Links ONEY PLAYS*
Olivia W 21:07 01.11.2016
we're waiting chris. we're waiting.
ffupnooC 22:13 12.07.2015
Nice neckbeard you're growing!
Preston Rutherford 2 years ago
Hope you'll release some animations on this channel soon, your content was so good.
That Random Guy 2 years ago
Omg 1 more month
Xsuprio 04:14 21.02.2016
Hope you're doing good, Chris. And that "corporate" isn't giving you too hard a time.
CreepsMcPasta 23:58 02.08.2014
Kudos on getting into America! I've only heard legends about how bad the process is to get there longer than 3 months.
Madddie V 05:13 01.05.2017
it's almost been a complete three years.
HipsterChimiChanga 2 years ago
“I saw a man so beautiful I started crying”
Sarah Cat 04:43 24.02.2015
He's so cute:)
Tyler McCandless 23:55 26.03.2017
"I'm not quitting" as he quits
Weebl's Stuff 21:29 03.08.2014
Good luck man. I hope it all works out for you.
Kevan Bianco 10 month ago
look at chris now hes in an ice camp
Jaunge 2 years ago
Woah, is that Ben Folds?
Fish 02:46 01.03.2016
"Im still gonna upload" -OneyNG 2014, here we are in 2016 without a video for a year. I think I speak for all of us when i say that we miss you!
Blunder 1 year ago
Aww man, I've been loving all the new Hellbenders we've gotten in the past 4 years. Jk Chris, I love you.
Arthur Viana 01:45 08.11.2015
Over a year has passed, and I'm still waiting for the "future stuff"
Maybe hes born with it maybe its Mephistopheles 4 month ago
look at this obama era video realy shows its age!
Tyrone McCleod 2 years ago
Well, it's been 3 years how did it go?
KaBoom 05:11 18.10.2016
Which visa was it? L-1? I know L visas are good for 3 years usually, then subject to two year extensions.