Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament (Day 2)

292K views • 9 days ago
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Today, we're determining the top fruit ice cream flavor in day 2 of TAKE IT TO THE SCOOP!! GMM #1716

Check out Day 2 of the Top of the Toppings Tournament where the crew determines the best ice cream topping!

Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Good Mythical Morning 9 days ago
Check out Day 2 of the Top of the Toppings Tournament where the crew determines the best ice cream topping!
Fares Mohammed 9 days ago
Let’s not forget throughout this whole tournament that Rhett is lactose intolerant
AdaptiveCaesar 9 days ago
“Hold on brotha don’t be a jacka**”. You need to put that on a t-shirt with Rhett smiling at the bottom
One Spoopy Boi 9 days ago
Rhett: Not everything from Texas is great Two minutes later... Rhett:YEEEEEHAW
Starving Jake 9 days ago
This episode just confirmed that Links children are actually Rhetts.
Natalie Stewart 9 days ago
Rhett saying "I think I would eat listeria if it tasted this good" was literally everyone in Texas when the tragedy of '15 occurred.
Ruby Quetzacoatl 9 days ago
I think we can all come to the consensus that Rhett and Link just aren’t big fans of Ben and Jerry’s unless it’s peanut butter
sorahamber 9 days ago
15 minutes and 1 second of Rhett turning into a Texan
Rhyann Robinson 9 days ago
You know what they say: the higher Rhett’s hair, the closer to Texas 😂
Kyle Thompson 9 days ago
Rhett: “I would have eaten listeria if it tasted this good... “ Texans: “Now you’re gettin it...”
Garrett Pedde 9 days ago
I'm starting to think that when Link says he 'doesn't like' something, me really just means 'doesn't prefer'
Campusanis 9 days ago
Rhett: The whole company's moving to Texas *nervous laughter from the crew*
Maya -Gur 9 days ago
11:42 "If you're gonna have any type of gathering" It was recorded in advance, at a time when gatherings still took place, many moons ago
For These Are My Thoughts 9 days ago
Rhett: “...the ice cream I made sweet love to in college.” Fan fic writers: *typing intensifies*
kahlil salome 9 days ago
Here in Texas we have a place called amy’s. So when ever we get a pint from there I will go to the freezer and take a massive spoonful of ice cream and just eat it like that
Blue Lena 9 days ago
Rhett's texan joke backfired so fast
honeyglory 9 days ago
I like her lmao such a cool energy every time she’s invited back
Officer Tucker 9 days ago
Rhett: “Texas ain’t that great.” Link: “Don’t mess with Texas.” Me (A.K.A Texan): “That’s why Link is my favorite.”
Carson Cook 9 days ago
I never understood why we Texans always got such a bad reputation... we’re just passionate 😂. But I’m glad Rhett and Link finally like something from Texas!
Rae Elaine 9 days ago
“the whole companies movin there” cue the *crews nervous laughter*
MeKKan 9 days ago
I imagine the cuddle sanctuary isn't doing too well right now.
Isabel Schoenmakers 9 days ago
Can someone turn Link's "I DON'T EVEN LIKE BANANAS" into a gif please? That would be really awesome.
Aubrey C 9 days ago
Rhett: Not everything in Texas is good like whattaburger Also Rhett: EVERYTHING IN TEXAS IS GOOD
Lazy Fox Plays 9 days ago
I’m just here to see if they consider a jar of peanut butter a fruit.
Jose O Med 9 days ago
I love how Rhett went from “everything from Texas isn’t great” to “everything from Texas is great”
Julie Tran 9 days ago
Rhett: "Everything from Texas is great." Yes, yes it is.
iRooki 9 days ago
Rhett: Texas is overrated Also Rhett: Texas is amazing
Cobryth 9 days ago
Link: I don't even like bannans! Me: you don't like anything link.
Mackenzie Sanchez 9 days ago
rhett: y'all folks from texas think everything there is great also rhett & link: Everything From North Carolina Is Perfect
seidimeow 9 days ago
Mythical entertainment!! Y'all are more than welcome to move on down here! What-a great idea rhett!!! 🤠
Pixel Perfect 9 days ago
Rhett: "I dont know whats with Texans, they think everything from Texas is great. Its not." Rhett, but a few seconds later: *"I am the Texas now."*
Teegan Gilmore 9 days ago
GMM should do a bracket on movies with the genres being comedy, sci-fi,horror, and fantasy
Kaden Helms 9 days ago
I’m happy to see Link actually like things for once
Kyle James 9 days ago
Rhett : “you’ve underestimated how fruity you are “ Lmaooo
reigning UK hide and seek champion 9 days ago
I love whenever they have previous guests back. They’re so enjoyable.
Henry Farber 9 days ago
When link shouted “i don’t even like bananas”
Irish Pineapple 9 days ago
Rhett: Not EVERYTHING from Texas is good okay?! Also Rhett: It’s from Texas, and that’s good!(keeps complementing things from Texas)
Mr.Jordy 9 days ago
Rhett: "You underestimated just how fruity you are!" 😂😂😂
RocKeritapop 9 days ago
I was a little hurt 😔 when he was talking about Texas but i knew we would pull thru with our ice cream 🤪🤪🤪 Love you guys!!!! Thanks for making my mornings😘😘’s. Cassette 9 days ago
3:20 I’m getting flashbacks to “Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time” -
Viral Phoenix 9 days ago
"You underestimated just how fruity you are" -Rhett 2020
Yasser 9 days ago
“You underestimated just how fruity you are” 😂😂
Stephanie 9 days ago
Texans: They had us in the first half....
Jonathan Berry 9 days ago
Chase: Ding ding ding My brain: Top of Morning!
KittyPryde330 9 days ago
"I want all the tang!" "You underestimated how fruity you are" .... my sweet kids have no idea why I'm laughing, they're just pretending to laugh along 🤣
Julia Layne 9 days ago
Whataburger is fan freaking tastic. Y’all just haven’t had the right things from there. I’m not from Texas, I’m from Alabama, either way whataburger is great!!!!
David Rodden 9 days ago
"How does one create tang?" Citrus.
John O’Dowd 9 days ago
Just learned that Dreyers and Edys are the same brand, just marketed differently east and west of the Rockys 💫 the more you know
K H 9 days ago
It hurt my soul that none of the Ben and Jerry's went forward.
ChefDuJour78 9 days ago
Don’t come for Texas, Rhett. You don’t want that heat.
A M 9 days ago
Nobody ever: Link: ring the bell with your dingel ling
Chef Antonio’s Kitchen 9 days ago
I'm with him when he says Cherry Gacia tastes like "cough medicine"....i still devour it tho.
Emma Peyton 9 days ago
I almost had a heart attack when I realized that they trusted link with a spoon
Nick Is Bomb 9 days ago
IDEA: DO A TOURNAMENT WITH ICE CREAM SYRUP!!! (Not trying to ask for likes but if you think this is a good idea like it so they might see it)
Josh Slocum 9 days ago
"How does one create tang??" ME:"I don't know, you tell me." *Winks*
Dom C 9 days ago
Me: I wish my job involved ice cream even a little bit Rhett and Link:
Jonathon D 9 days ago
Knowing this round doesn't matter because the peanut butter flavor will win regardless
The Tørtøise Kid 9 days ago
link: "making love to some cherry garcia" fanfic authors: *_write that down, wriTE THAT DOWN_*
Prakriti Pritmani 9 days ago
Chase: "Ding, Ding, Ding" Me, clearly a Jacksepticeye Fan: "Top of morning!"
Emma K 9 days ago
"You underestimated how fruity you are" LOL
Jade Symone 9 days ago
I love when non Texan people discover why we only eat bluebell ice cream in Texas ☺️
The Bull 9 days ago
When you said whataburger wasn’t good I wanted to straight punch you in the face
4K qweshii 9 days ago
rhett looks like a lion with all that hair 😂😂😂
Miami Sports 9 days ago
I just realized that they do these Food brackets every year during March madness. 😔😔
Oweme Owemy 9 days ago
I’ll be honest, these days I’ve struggled to tell my Bit from my Burt
inbal 9 days ago
Rhett: “the ice cream I made sweet love to in college” and you guys were wondering how someone came up with "breaking the seal"...
zackh5504 9 days ago
Dear Rhett: I'm glad you learnt your place. Love, a Texan.
ARMYBell 9 days ago
My mindset before watching: *Fruit flavors* Rhett and Link: The winner is “Butter Pecan”.
grace_bartlett01 9 days ago
I don't even know why I am following this series as intensely as I am
Sally Otley 9 days ago
"You underestimate just how fruity you are" - Rhett 2020
Daniela Vargas 9 days ago
“Sometimes you don’t need that much tang” -Caucus Mountain people 2020 😂
TheBurningPitsOfTheDuat 9 days ago
Watching these fellas eat stuff is still as entertaining as ever 😂 Wonder how far in advance episodes are filmed?
Arash Dehghani 9 days ago
🤣😂🤣😂 Rhett: Texans think everything from texas is great, but its not. 2 minutes later: I've gotta go with the banana pudding, stuff from texas is great! 🤣😂🤣😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Madi M 9 days ago
This makes my day better, especially since I can't see my friends and go to classes.
TheVerySeriousLewis 9 days ago
"I would prefer a turd shaped mamgo" - Link 2020
pcb19xx 9 days ago
"You underestimated just how fruity you are" Good one, Rhett.
Ismini kosti 9 days ago
What does link eat if he doesn't like anything? In every episode he is gonna say at least one time that he doesn't like something 😂
Caitlyn 9 days ago
Seeing how much content they have pre-recorded is very eye-opening. They already know the winner of the tournament!
Colleen McIndoe 9 days ago
Whenever I forget y’all are from NC, you throw in a NC State reference.
Jay Mal 9 days ago
wait so is edies pronounced “ed-ees” or “ee-dees” ???? i’m so confused
o.thatfanboy.o 9 days ago
NEXT VLOG: Rhett goes back to whataburger
The Wyvern Wire 9 days ago
I agree, everything in Texas is great, including the tax rates
Sami Mackay 9 days ago
“Ring the bell with the ding a ling” link 2020
Makay Erickson 9 days ago
I have never been more proud of my country. TEXAS BLUEBELL FOR THE WIN!
Crash Random 9 days ago
Rhett: You underestimated just how fruity you are. Me: falls on the ground laughing so hard I tear up 😂
Emma Peyton 9 days ago
Link: I don't like bananas Me: wAtch your language Link a minute later: it has my vote bop bop boop
Jacen Blue 9 days ago
Haagen-dazs strawberry should be on the bracket
tzomi 9 days ago
Rhett "you underestimated just how fruity you are".
Taina Figueroa 9 days ago
Funny how Rhett was having a hard time picking the first one. Dissed Texas and then everything is awesome in Texas 😂😂😂 so funny
Lizanne Carter 9 days ago
“Everything from Texas isn’t that great” them’s fightin words right there Rhett...
Big Z 9 days ago
When you realize gmm shoots like 20 videos in one day and just change there clothes lol
Noah Moussaoui 9 days ago
Damn no cheesecake flavors...
KNIGHTS AT WAR 9 days ago
“You underestimated just how fruity you are.” Lmao
Beckytube MB 9 days ago
“They’ll grow outta it” - Rhett 2020
Stephanie Davis 9 days ago
14:01 me either link but that banana pudding ice cream just touches my soul!
Catherine M. 9 days ago
Where my Texans at? Rhett? I’m looking at you.
Oonagh72 9 days ago
After that fanfic “making love to Cherry Garcia” takes on a whole new meaning. And “you underestimated just how fruity you are” is creating another story altogether.
Cleejen 9 days ago
Rhett: "You underestimated just how fruity you are"
Stuff n Things 9 days ago
"shi... shaved - shaved like turds" Rhett is quick.
Taylor Hillock 9 days ago
am I the only one that notices how often Link doesn't change his spoon between icecreams?