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This video was very hard for me to film. But I feel in my heart that it's time for me to come clean about a lot of things & open up about stuff that i've been keeping to myself. To my subscribers, thank you for continuing to always support me! I love you guys!




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Victoria Ferrante 1 month ago
“Everyone else’s opinion of me is none of my business” i read this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was so eye opening
Dianna Pena 1 month ago
I feel like she shouldn’t have to explain herself like that even about why she didn’t really talk about makeup on this video. We love you Jac ❤️ stay strong !
Serena Zhang 1 month ago
I can only imagine how much u went through, can totally relate been depressed and ate away my feeling gained 40lbs, hated myself for it because my horrible marriage. However after the divorce and started to love myself again, I am happier than ever, and lost most of the weight, the most important part is I know how to love myself again! You go girl, I will definitely support you!!❤️❤️❤️
Ashton C 1 month ago
I haven’t watched you in like 4 years, girl, but I’m certainly gonna start tuning in again! You have such a kind soul, I can see it! And I love what you said about putting some kindness out into the world, it’s so true! Good luck on your mental health journey, you deserve to be happy. Life is hard enough without having yourself as an enemy but sometimes it is like moving mountains to become friends with yourself again. Stay strong, beautiful, you’re doing wonderful. ❤️
Felicity Y 1 month ago
“ we’re all cancers so well cry at the drop of a dime “ and that’s on facts 😂😂 I stann jaclyn
Paula Blanco 1 month ago
It was really brave of you to talk about your issues with alcohol, anxiety and bullying. I'm proud of you, and highly look forward to the new product launch. Glad you're back and wish you all the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Makenna M 1 month ago
Is it just me or does Jaclyn have the most gorgeous eyes and naturally glowing skin😍
DivaDarling83 1 month ago
I’m sitting here looking and you and listening to your heart and I’m crying. You are not alone in your depression, it is so real for so many of us. Thank you for sharing your heart even though you know you will be criticized for it!! Ps you are gorgeous without make up and good for you for not wearing make up for so long!!!
Mariah K 1 month ago
Thank you for being real, raw, relatable and so much more to so many of us ride or dies and new ride or dies that will join your tribe! I genuinely wish that 2020 a better year than 2019 for you….Maybe even the best yet :) Your BRAVERY is unmatched. Your heart is CONTAGIOUS. I never read through comments really, but going through the ones on this video—I can just feel the love that you have enticed from your viewers! Let us enter this decade with a new/healthier mindset (spreading love, compliments, and GENUINE-ness)!!!
Ashley Hancock 1 month ago
“The sign of a beautiful person is that they see the beauty in others!” 💜 So proud of you and over the moon excited to see your gorgeous face back on You Tube again! Xoxo
Kenzie Gattis 1 month ago
“If you have anything nice to say, say it.” - this is now something I will start to live by.
Katie Ware 1 month ago
Jaclyn: *talks about how sick she’s been and throwing up and still has the most beautiful natural glow* Girl, you’re so strong, you got this. ❤️
Emily Harris 1 month ago
Thank you for talking about things that I can’t imagine how hard It was for you to talk about. We are rooting for you, your success, and your health. 2020 will be your year 💜
Sheila Garza 1 month ago
When you said “we’re gonna get me on the right track” i got the CHILLS. I love you
Butter Fly 1 month ago
Flu & depression for me feel exactly the same. Having had both they mimic each other. When someone asks me what mental health issues feel like, I say physically, its exactly like flu, mentally it is sheer exhaustion & darkness Xx
Evelyn Arroyo 1 month ago
It is so terrible that you have to explain your “weight gain” to anyone. Yet alone, explain your hardships and personal life. For that, I appreciate you. You are stronger than you think. Thank you for sharing this. You are such an inspiration, don’t let anyone change that ❤️
Tiffany Eddy 1 month ago
I started out watching your early youtube videos years ago. You're so funny, gorgeous, and have a good head on your shoulders. Things happen and we live and learn. I wish you much luck on all of your future goals. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." 💖👑
Jessica Del Toro 1 month ago
Jaclyn, i wish you the very best! Sending so much love and positivity!! Thank you for being so honest and transparent and making everyone just realize that we’re all human beings with feelings and emotions no matter if your net worth is $126 million or $126 like at the end of the day we’re all people and our worth should not be based on a number but realize what’s more important is how we are on the inside. I can honestly see how hard it was for you to talk about what you’ve been going through, but I thank you. Because sometimes we just have to stop the hussle and bussle to bring each other up and be supportive of one another. The sun still shines when is storms. ❤️
Caitie Walden 1 month ago
I've been watching you for years and I absolutely love you! You're the only youtuber that I get super excited when I see you have a new video! Watching your videos has helped me through a lot of bad times in my life.
Claudia Perez 1 month ago
I’m so happy you’re back Jaclyn!!! Big or small, you’re still a champ in my eyes ❤️
Lisa Maree 1 month ago
You’re such a STRONG person to even recognise what you were doing and why!
Rebekah Lamb 1 month ago
So happy to see that you’re coming back to YouTube I love you so much ❤️
Taylor Snodgrass 1 month ago
You’re so genuine which makes you beautiful on the inside and out
Sierra Vickers 1 month ago
Love this video! And you! I could never be in the spotlight the way you and other influencer’s are. It’s a cruel world but even still you shine bright! Keep up the good vibes!
Gloria Salazar 1 month ago
I love you❤️With God’s help, you’ll come out of all this you’re going to through🙏🏻
sa rah 1 month ago
to everyone reading this: 💌 here's some love and positivity to go
True Care Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa 1 month ago
sweetkeet126 1 month ago
I support you Jaclyn! Would love to see content about how you're transforming your life! It would be really inspirational to watch <3
Megan Daniel 1 month ago
It is so refreshing to hear such a huge influencer y’all about REAL things happening to them/ in their lives. Love you Jaclyn, you’re beautiful inside and out ❤️❤️
Claire Gerke 1 month ago
Gosh there are already so many amazing, positive comments here, and i’m gonna go ahead and add my own as well. I’ve actually never commented on one of your videos before, and I think i’ve only commented once or twice on youtube videos. I have watched you since a little after the OG Kim K makeup video. back when your thumbnails were pics of one eye and the eyeshadow look. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you’ve impacted my life. I remember watching your videos all throughout high school, and even now, and you taught me so much more than makeup. I remember you saying makeup isn’t permanent and to practice it for a few minutes before bed. I remember this beautiful coral look you did back in like 2014 and you wore a neutral top and bright jewelry. that video stands out because that’s when you began teaching me fashion and you didn’t even make the video about your clothes. I was there for your marriage, and divorce, with jon. I can remember my heart breaking when you announced the split but of course I understood. I remember you first talking about your anxiety and I finally had someone who could relate to me. I could go on and on and on. Jaclyn, you have been one of the biggest role models for me for the last 7 or 8 years now. you’ve been my best friend and my older sister and my cheerleader and listener and teacher and gosh so much more. thank you for being you and for being present with us. Thank You, Claire
Abby M 1 month ago
Hey, you’re doing your best. Everyone has failures. There are tons of people on here who don’t comment but watch your videos and are rooting for you.
HopOffMySwagger11 1 month ago
Thank you for sharing this, we literally don’t deserve you!! I will always be a fan of yours, your kindness radiates from you, I love you!
sirena 1 month ago
On a side note, I love your nails. I’ll definitely be getting them done half pink half orange 🧡💗
Mia Perez 1 month ago
Jaclyn, I love you! Every time you post these videos I realize how much we have in common and all I want to do is be your best friend 😂 Never stop being you 😘💕
Mabel M 1 month ago
When you said a lot of people watch me before they fall asleep is me! I was literally getting comfortable and than you did that calming sigh lol 😂 😊😊
Allison Moore 1 month ago
I’m so glad you spoke up for yourself, and we’re honest about how self medicating is harmful. I’m proud of you.
Samantha B 1 month ago
This video breaks my heart. Since the beginning you’ve been one of the sweetest & most genuine people I’ve found on social media. I’m praying & just wishing for amazing things to come this year because YOU DESERVE IT💕 You’re beautiful no matter what but yes please please just be healthy & be strong against any potential addictions. Substance abuse is very scary & can happen before you realize. Love you girl❤️
Sidgmakeup 1 month ago
The way you’re feeling breaks my heart! We love you so much!❤️
Amanda Bivens 1 month ago
Your eyes and skin and just everything about you is so beautiful I love you.
Destinee Emmerich 1 month ago
Spread love and kindness, especially for our children of the future! Love that you posted this ❤️ ps DONT respond to the hate. It doesn’t even deserve the time of day. Sending you love and light 🌟
Marlana Marie 1 month ago
"you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending" - C.S Lewis. Remember this, Jaclyn. You are a beautiful soul. A role model for so many. Be true to yourself, always.
Gina m 1 month ago
You are such a beautiful soul <3 thank you for being real, raw and honest!
Siobhan Mortimer 1 month ago
I will never forget my exboyfriend's comments about being at a party in LA. He said every single person who talks to you is just trying to figure out what they can get from you - every social interaction is just people fishing for ways that they can make money through their connection with you
SweetMimi 1 month ago
I Pray our Great Lord above for you! He's the waymaker, healer and loves you! You are gorgeous! 😘
Jasmine Love 1 month ago
JACLYN PLZ READ: I LOVE YOU. Whenever ur sad remember tht I always have and will look up to u just because YOU ARE SO INSPIRING. You are extremely expiring . You make me laugh til I cry. I love u for just being yourself and you are so full of light. You always see the light through the darkness. You made this video and I was like “yup jaclyn said to keep pushing forward and Thts wat we will do” I’m we. We is just me. Ok I’ll stop now 😂❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘 JACLYN U Freakin ROCK! I’m 26 btw. Been watching u since 2009 girl❤️
Brooke Nicole 1 month ago
Y’all Jaclyn is always explaining herself and that’s sad. Can you imagine if we had to get on the internet and explain ourselves constantly? It’s time to start standing with her and supporting her! Jaclyn always has the best intentions and a heart of gold. She’s an easy target because she’s sweet and people take advantage of sweet genuine people. It makes them feel good to pick on people. Jaclyn I love you!! 2020 is your year baby! Xoxo
Janelle Digos 1 month ago
11:51 I agree! Everyone is so sensitive nowadays 🤣
Courtney Willard 1 month ago
Such a honest, genuine and vulnerable moment; so proud of you! Can’t even imagine what you’ve been going through! Sending lots of prayers ❤️❤️❤️
Monica Rodriguez 1 month ago
I love how far u came in life! You are a true inspiration, I’ve always connected with u
ellebee Xoo 1 month ago
Girl, I feel you, I support you, I love you! Praying this season you’re in, goes as God intended it to be. He will guide you and give you peace!!!
hello kitty 1 month ago
Her fingers were literally shaking while talking 🥺 she was holding so hard not to cry. Yassss, u will crawl out of it ❤️
Sophie LaFontaine 1 month ago
You’re amazing, truly a blessing to have an influencer speak the truths and real world things❤️
Ashley Elizabeth 1 month ago
I struggle with anxiety and depression too and I can't even imagine having all the weight added that you've had. Praying for you babe. 💖💖💖 Always keep going!! 👑 I have confidence in your strength! we love you
Angela Nadar 1 month ago
This video almost made me cry! You never know what a person is going through in their personal lives. Stay strong
Alyson Hausner 1 month ago
Jaclyn Hill you are my idol. It's actually insane to me watching this video because I relate to the health portion so much. I was diagnosed with a horrible intestinal infection in December and it took such a toll on me. I've had the same realizations in the past few weeks. Being healthy is such a valuable thing, and you don't realize it until you're body is literally the one thing you are focused on. Everything in your life takes a pause, and it really made me have a new perspective on my current situation. It's comforting to know that someone that I look up to has gone through and had the same realization as me. I have such a huge respect for anyone with chronic illnesses. I also really want to address what you said about having something nice to say. You are so right. Mean people are way louder than nice people, and I think it is time that it changes. You will always be my idol, Jaclyn. As I went shopping today for my sister's wedding makeup supplies(I'm doing her makeup for the big day), I kept explaining things how you explain them, and telling her that we use this product because this is what jaclyn uses. If you read this(I know its alot, and like sooo many other comments) just know I love you and you are a boss ass bitch always😘
Rosie C 1 month ago
When you said you nurse him, I pictured breastfeeding a grown man 😂 because I’m a weirdo. I know you didn’t mean that but, 🤷🏻‍♀️
Kaenan Burkhart 1 month ago
You’re beyond gorgeous and your makeup looks amazing ❤️ and I’ve been here since day one ❤️😩 I love you so much and I’m so thankful someone with depression and anxiety etc isn’t afraid to talk about it! You’re a hero!!! I love you so much
mathilda's mayhem 1 month ago
I’m finally getting around to watching this because my January was the longest year too but I want to tell you how god damn cute you look.
Sophia G 1 month ago
I love how personal this is. Thank you jaclyn ❤️
Elizabeth Combs 1 month ago
Love you girl!! So happy to see you back! I've been struggling too! You're amazing! Don't let people get you down! I have learned so much from you! Just keep being Jaclyn!
Nathaly Zometa 1 month ago
Noticed she was shaking while talking about her weight. Broke my heart💔 Love you and I know youre gonna make it out better than ever babe💕
Christi Wright 1 month ago
First of all, we’re all amazing 🥰 I started following you when my daughter told me about you. Her favorite palette is your morphe eyeshadow palette. I hope you put out lipstick again. The next time will be better!
Jodi Famulare 1 month ago
Thanks, Jaclyn for being so honest and open. I can’t imagine how vulnerable you feel. Life knocks all of us down at one point. You will come out of this even stronger! Be excited for your upcoming launch! I am!
Jarritys McGraw 1 month ago
I love you! I'm sooo proud of you! Stay strong! Youre a true inspiration-in so many wAys
Lili 1 month ago
Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. you have always looked gorgeous thin or thick 😘🥰💓
Elizabeth Sanchez 1 month ago
“No, youre on your period and craving nachos, thats not depression”
Grace Allen 1 month ago
This video had me crying and laughing at the same time (“ok and now I’m gonna do my brows!” Girl, been there 😂) I’ve been watching her videos since the beginning. I remember when her backdrop was just her kitchen. I’ve always loved Jaclyn for her skills, her honesty, and her fun personality so it breaks my heart to see the negative petty things people write about her. How stupidly mad they get at her for talking about the products she’s worked so hard on and is so excited about. I actually have two of most of the vault palettes bc I was moving so fast to order the full set online that I didn’t realize they were in stock at Ulta down the street and I didn’t want to wait for shipping so I drove over and immediately bought them again. SOME OF US ARE EXCITED TOO!! I also struggle with depression and unfortunately at times I also cope with alcohol. Makeup has always been a safe space for me and Jaclyn has always been one of my favorites. Hearing her talk about her struggles recently felt like hearing it from a friend and broke my heart just the same. I know she probably won’t see this bc there are like 30k comments, but I’m going to take her advice and add to the positivity. I’m so glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better and have found a team to help you get better in a healthy way. I know how hard it is. Im freaking PUMPED for whatever your new colab is. May the haters never find a foundation that matches their skin type and undertones.
quinn 1 month ago
Here’s my comment Jaclyn ♥️ Thank you for opening up to us.
Melanie Kelly 1 month ago
Have always watched your videos when they came up in my recommendations but this one made me truly fall in love w your heart and personality. Wishing you nothing but the best in your journey ♡
Dayana Toronto 1 month ago
I can’t stand how freakin cute you are!! Ugh love your life! Watching this video for a second time like a weirdo 😂
Aamir Mulla 1 month ago
Joe Goldberg said it best “ Los Angeles fakest of all “
Anayeli Perez 1 month ago
i am in a shock.. wow. you’re absolutely amazing and i am SO extremely proud of you for opening up. you’re absolutely gorgeous.
Ashley Derflinger 1 month ago
Never forget the honest, true, beautiful person you truly are. I cant imagine the pressure you feel every single day in the spotlight. Just know there are people out here who love you regardless.
Nyoka Lavulo 1 month ago
Love u girl! We literally need more of this genuineness!
Alli Brinkman 1 month ago
love you jaclyn!! I always feel like I'm sitting with one of my best girlfriends when i watch your videos. Much love to you!
Tatiana C 1 month ago
This open, honest, vulnerable, and genuine Jaclyn is the one I want to follow. There’s something about you in this video I haven’t seen before. From one human to another, I hope this will be your year - take care of yourself please. 💗
Naomi 1 month ago
This was so genuine and real and relatable. I love you Jaclyn. Always have, always will. Even my husband knows you lol cuz I make him watch makeup videos with me. Sending you all the hugs and well wishes for this year!!! Xxx
I LOVE YOU 🥺❤️ KEEP BEING REAL!!!! I’m proud of you.
Cindy Landaverde 1 month ago
Beautiful as always!!! I’ve watched you for over 5+ years, in my teen years to be exact way before your fame. And I always knew you would amount to great things in life.. You have what it takes! You’re mighty talented and passionate about your work and We, who have followed you for years know your true intentions and are 100% with you! Don’t let the criticizers affect you in anyway because more likely than not they’re not troubled by you, but are at war with themselves mentally and emotionally. Stay strong, stay positive & I hope you feel better soon!!! Thank you for being you Jaclyn❤️
Lindsay Fitzgerald 1 month ago
Thank you for sharing ur store! This made me love u more than ever! Ur amazing
Maxie Simpson 1 month ago
I totally felt that when you said you just wanted to get back to being healthy and happy. I’m on that same road ! Love you jac ❤️
Rachel Hanna 1 month ago
love you jaclyn, you've got so much support! always remember that! you rock
Maham Idrees 1 month ago
Loved every second of this video! Kudos to you for being real. I hope God gives you nothing but the best xx
Asma Kulsum 1 month ago
Jaclyn, love you, girl!! You're beautiful! Inside out❤️❤️❤️
Andi Lietz 1 month ago
This video is so powerful Jaclyn! Keep doing you and spreading positivity, love and honesty! We’ll always be here to support you, love you always! ❤️
jacky prieto 1 month ago
“i’m still going w my blush, i need to stop” 😂
amandagarriott21 1 month ago
I'm so glad your back girl!!! I have missed watching your videos! And by the way your still as beautiful as ever!!! Praying for you and the positive journey your on! God bless you!!!
Jessica Farrell 1 month ago
Wishing you all the best for the future !! I’m such a huge fan — much love and continued respect ❤️
Jasmine Aguilar 1 month ago
I’ve been watching you for the longest. I love you!
Je Ss 1 month ago
The body is temporary, so are the thoughts. Enjoy the moment. Oh, and you’re gorgeous!
Yvette Aguilar 1 month ago
I can’t imagine all you went through. We all have our struggles and we need to remember that.
Angie M 1 month ago
Really proud of you for this girl! You look fricken beautiful too ❤️❤️❤️
Luisa R. 1 month ago
Your makeup is always so beautiful 😍
Stacy Hartgrave 1 month ago
I also suffer from anxiety. I hope that you find peace, happiness and fulfillment Jaclyn. Thanks for sharing your struggles and thus your strength 💖
Jackie Pamplona 1 month ago
Loved everything about this video! Keep going and never give up till you get to where you wanna be!! Love you xoxo 💕
nicole 1 month ago
I can’t lie, I definitely judged Jaclyn after the lipstick launch and the way that she handled everything. But this video just showed that she’s human, she makes mistakes, and she struggles with the same things that everyone does. I appreciate your honesty and transparency jaclyn!! It’s not easy to talk about things like this but I’m so glad that you did. Wishing all the best for you ❤️
Yesenia Aldana 1 month ago
You’re such an inspiration Jaclyn ❤️
BeautyLink 1 month ago
🥰Sending you love and positivity Jaclyn!!! Keep ur head up 💕beautiful!!!!❤️Never give up, never surrender!!!🙏🏻💕👑
Amanda MUA 1 month ago
Watching this again because you’re so amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Meghan Haila 1 month ago
So so proud of you. Thank you for honesty, and allowing us to see your heart. Can’t wait for all that 2020 will hold for you! 💗