I ate my old Strongman diet for a day

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Big Love
Team Beast
Eddie 'The Beast' Hall 4 month ago
Hope you enjoyed my suffering during this video 😂 And thank you for all your continued positive support 🤗🙏🏻 Any ideas of future videos you want me to do. Let me know below. Big Love Team Beast ❤️
Scott Mactaggart 4 month ago
Random kid from school: “my dad could beat up your dad” Eddies kid: “my dad could eat your dad”
Michael Kevin Millet 4 month ago
Wife: Honey, what would you like to eat today? Eddie: All of it.
Ryan Haydon 4 month ago
"Strongman diet" aka "The early grave diet."
Jin GodsBlood 4 month ago
Wife: "Wouldn't be the first time I've put it in your mouth for you!" Eddie: "I can say exactly the same thing" *Smirks at camera* lmfaooo that was great
Love Rundberget 4 month ago
imagine being able to actually say "my dad is the strongest man in the world"
Danny Hodge 4 month ago
"Hey Eddie, why don't you do a 10K calorie challenge?" "I don't do diets"
Miwton Bwyadlee 4 month ago
This kids childhood memories of his father is just going to be dude sitting at kitchen table eating lol
Adam Mikołajek 4 month ago
Everyone: Eat at least 2 hours before gym Eddie at Gym: Sorry i just spit some beef on You
Bill Holland 4 month ago
"Oh yes we've had breakfast, but what about second breakfast?" (Scottish accent)
TheHilariousMage 4 month ago
All of my meals put together looks like a snack compare to just one of his meal
Uzimaster 64 4 month ago
How to be a strong man: _Eat, Sleep, She is a good wife repeat._
IMDb Video Games 4 month ago
Wife: How much food do you want to eat today? Eddie: Yes.
Rgmekanic 4 month ago
Eddie to Realtor: "I eat and sleep for 22 hours of the day and my wife stays home and cooks to support it. Our budget? 2 million."
Strykerr Rukerr 4 month ago
Imagine Eddie swinging an axe at your head 500 year ago on a battlefield.
Pure Rage 4 month ago
“Closes door”, somewhere on the other side of the earth “Earthquake ensues”
Mus seck 4 month ago
Your diet is your wife’s full time job.
Juan Naym 4 month ago
"Maximus" is such a fitting name for the son of one of the strongest men who ever lived
Wasted Viking 4 month ago
Me: What are we eating for breakfast darling? Darling: A heart attack.
Einhärjar 4 month ago
I can see the feminists screaming at their screens watching this :DDDDDDDDD
vRestyy 4 month ago
is no one going to say anything about how eddie slams the front door while taking his kid to school
David Herndon 4 month ago
American Heart Association: "You should try to eat about 2000 calories per day." Eddie: "You mean first breakfast?"
bouytt guyt 4 month ago
How to be a strong man: Eat, Sleep, She is a good wife repeat.
ad urpina 4 month ago
Cat: hey, thats a lot of food you got there
Tinyturtlefeet 4 month ago
Man's like an actual bear prepping for hibernation.
Stevey TeeVee 4 month ago
That's almost my whole day's eating for breakfast.
Branden 4 month ago
Let's hope he has the worlds strongest toilet
20000 calories Youtuber: I'll do a challenge Eddie: I'll do my diet...
SlumgetyouSum 4 month ago
3:19 those are regular sized nutella jars on the table for your information.
pepeluis karajan 4 month ago
That 1´5 liter bottle of wáter looks like a 0´5 liter bottle in his hand
xTheN16 4 month ago
Honest Question: How often did you had to go poop with all this food?
Charles Whittaker Curry 4 month ago
The real reason Eddie won, his wife being a real MVP for cooking all of his stuff.
Nukri Samyurashvili 4 month ago
imagine. if addie wants to do 10k calorie challange he has to cut down from his diet thats insane.
Kishou Arima 4 month ago
Has anyone seen Eddie yeeting his cat across the table I found that shit hillarious :D
My Name Isn’t Simon 4 month ago
Eddie: -Burps loudly- I was looking for a compliment then Eddies son: -SUPERMAN PUNCH TO THE BACK OF DADS HEAD-
Dennis Johansson 4 month ago
"It's not a cat" - joey tribbiani!
Oystersnag 4 month ago
Random kid at school: "My dad is stronger than your dad." Eddie's son: "My dad is literally stronger than everyone on the planet."
brady whiting 4 month ago
any one else not the table flexing under the shear weight of his arms
Gabriel Villar 4 month ago
Now we all know the amount of mass that goes in Eddie's bodys... ..... But can u imagine the amount that goes out?
Asfixiator 4 month ago
0:13 Every day there is a minor earthquake when Eddie first walks downstairs.
Amit Saini 4 month ago
Me: What the heck is that ? Eddie: That’s our cat ! Me: Why is it turned inside out ?
Tabatari 4 month ago
Eddie: "Think i'm gonna go for a poo first" Toilet in the other room: Why do i hear boss music.
Julian Steinwender 4 month ago
Sign up for "hot ones" with Sean Evans! would be great to see you there :)
Shawn 4 month ago
I can see why Eddie looked like the Hindenburg before he lost weight
ACTIVATED JJRW 4 month ago
5:25 looks like Eddie launched the cat at the fridge 😂😂😂😂
Greg TOUSSAINT 4 month ago
When his son says "my dad is the strongest dad in the world" it's true...
C. T 4 month ago
I've never seen such self control..... Im talking about being able to hold a banana and 2 kiwis and not make a knob joke..... What a legend 👍
AyeYerMa 4 month ago
9:10 "and a little jar of nutella" never in my life have I ever heard someone say they added a little jar of nutella to their breakfast...until now that is
Mitch Zimmerman 4 month ago
16:22 had me in tears
Gabriel Plic 4 month ago
Eddie was dehydrated throughout this entire vid, don’t be mistaken
Cihan Vural 4 month ago
04:15 it's my breakfast+dinner
Siddharth Bohra 4 month ago
Eddie "the feast" hall.
samypiggysoup 4 month ago
You feed your self but you don’t feed the cat look how skinny it dam is
KoBo_043 4 month ago
13:22 "So that's 300 kilo's of meat..." Half a cow on his plate, right there!
Oliver Allen 4 month ago
"I want to deadlift 1000+ lbs" Do you want to eat *15000 calories* EVERY DAY for months?
miguel angel Pacheco 4 month ago
well that's that, I'm not hungry anymore, I think just watching this filled my macros for the day
_Mtthw_ 4 month ago
Max: I’m not going to school today dad! Eddie: *literally just picks up max and throws him from his house to the school*
noctis nox 4 month ago
arnold wants to be a professional strongcat, cut him some slack :P (binging these videos for some reason)
Linky609 4 month ago
Normal people: we just had breakfast Strongmen: we've had one yes, now it's time for second breakfast.
İbrahim Fadıl Günaydın 4 month ago
Plot Twist: Eddies Son in school: My Dad is the strongest man in the world But its actually true
bibbyshibby 4 month ago
8:34 Don't be fooled, that's a regular sized bottle of nutella in his hands
Jeremy 716 4 month ago
Legend has it the toilet committed suicide the next day.
GTAjedi 4 month ago
Can't get past him holding the irons the wrong way around!
drifterz 4 month ago
13:20 "we got 300 kilo of meat..." Damn! Don't think anyone's done that before!
Pretisy 4 month ago
Bro, when I saw Max on the left side of the car I was like, "HE CAN DRIVE!" Then I realize they're in Great Britain.
Sebastian Jackson 4 month ago
I really feel fat when your doing a 20k calorie challenge and your pudding portions are the size of mine.
KonElKent 4 month ago
Americans: we go all out for Thanksgiving; a whole turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread, gravy for everything, cranberries, pie... Eddie: you mean Tuesdays?
peter babic 4 month ago
To see him hold that mug with a ,,little miss princess,, writting on is priceless :DDD
Gottfried von Bouillon 4 month ago
Livin' the healthy life mate maybe you should start smokin' just to top it off...
Tolga Ali 4 month ago
Eddies toilet: "oh mercy my lord"
Timothy Munoz 4 month ago
Jesus, Eddie just ate my entire week's worth of maintenance calories in a day!
Joshua Quinn 4 month ago
Eddie holds a dehydrated cat 🐈
Mohamed Nada 4 month ago
the kid is back from school and he's still eating xd
Jesusaved420 4 month ago
1:45 "My dad can beat up your dad" oh boii lmao
Hawkeye 4 month ago
and for desert, he eats Arnold.
Jay Pete 4 month ago
Not too fond of an animal roaming around the kitchen sitting on tables. Don’t bring anything to the potluck! LMAO
onlynamelefthere 4 month ago
19:02 "I had a very very big poop earlier...brings back memories" XD
The Lexdysic cartographer 4 month ago
Mans ate my whole days worth of calories in one sitting.
Oliver Crew 4 month ago
16:20 this is why I love eddie
Samuel Hoque 4 month ago
Playback 5:25 at 0.25 speed😂😂😂 And 5:53 🤣
Corey Burton 4 month ago
Fair play to your wife mate, must've been draining for her to cook all that every day and support you through all that and how much time you spent training and all that! What an absolute gem of a woman! Class act!❤️
Dylan Butters 4 month ago
“It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve put it on your mouth” ... “ I could say the same back”😂😂😂16:20
rudeboystu69 4 month ago
4:23 "let's get it"....shout out to your mate Beard Meets Food?
Great Gouda 4 month ago
Man if I could afford to eat a full english breakfast everyday i'd be in heaven haha
Eliad Buchnik 4 month ago
more than 6 times the average Joe recommended calorie intake way to go Eddie! your muscles need energy constantly and much more than what the average person needs.
NIMBLE BARK6 4 month ago
Imagine being part of his family and going to the bathroom after him when he’s done with this video
Michael Jarrett 4 month ago
Next video: "Eddie traumatizes the family toilet by putting it through 47 torturous minutes of showing it what his ass can do"
Keith Riter 4 month ago
We're the hell u putting all this.u have a secret stomach we don't know about.
Chris Kametriser 4 month ago
I love how Eddie ate every cashew on it's own
TheIndianGuy 4 month ago
Me: How much do you eat? Eddie: All of it
Brandon Matthew 4 month ago
Eddie: "What about breakfast?" Aragorn: "You've already had it..." Eddie: "We've had one yes, but what about second breakfast?"
Wheelchair Jimmy 4 month ago
I wonder what Eddie's toilet looked like after this video
sypen1 4 month ago
You can’t find good women like that anymore
Moura David 4 month ago
Just imagine a fart from Eddie, that creates a tornado for sure
Wild Camping 101 4 month ago
When your body is really aching from a brutal workout the thought of cooking and eating is just pure torture.
Preston Richardson 4 month ago
Did I just watch a man individually eat every cashew out the package
Luca Joyce 4 month ago
This mans first breakfast is the total amount of calories I have in a day
Tiller 4 month ago
Eddie "let's get it" Hall😂😂
TheNathanator13 4 month ago
He just woke up and already consumes more calories than I do in 24 hours
peanut butter 4 month ago
I feel like the cat and the kid should trade names.