World's Smallest Raptor!

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On this episode of Beyond Dinosaurs, Coyote is back in Wyoming at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center to show you a new species of raptor - the world's smallest raptor! This dinosaur is ready to make its debut on camera!

Get ready to see Wyoming's smallest known dinosaur!

BIG THANKS to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and their entire staff for the support in making this video! Check out their website to book a tour of the Something Interesting dig site or to come out for a day of digging:
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The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is currently seeking funding to build a state-of-the-art Green Museum on a 22-acre site located on Highway 20 just south of Thermopolis. Donate to their cause!:

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RANDOMstuff animation 5 month ago
I bet if these things were still alive, he'll let them bite him for a video
Hollingsworthy 5 month ago
I can just imagine coyote letting a tyrannosaurus bite his arm
Jacob McGinnis 5 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: *sticks arm into boiling hot water for literally no reason*
Mr god 5 month ago
Nobody: Cayote: *reenacts Lion King with jar of pickles*
Obi Wan Kenobi 4 month ago
Coyote: Stops hurting himself Viewers: IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT
Frost Ghost 5 month ago
Future: "humans figure out how to bring back dinosaurs" Coyote: "Today, we are going enter the bite zone, with the T-rex! Oh yea!" Everyone: *Grabs popcorn* Coyote: *Gets bit* "AHHHH" Mark: "You okay? You okay?" Coyote: 💀💀💀 Mark: ".... you okay?"
Vens8 5 month ago
"Don't give up on your dreams kids. Anything is possible." *_Wise words have been spoken_*
James Smith 5 month ago
Coyote: Yours is bigger than mine. Mario: Let's not go there.
Dread 5 month ago
*aggressively singing the jurassic park theme through a trumpet*
Meek Milk 5 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: *stands on edge of cliff holding pickle jar like Simba* aHAaHhHHhHhHHhHH
Ethan Moore 5 month ago
Hey Coyote you have really inspired me to explore the world, study wildlife and actually have a hobby. Spend time with my friends and dig, climb, and car l in the grass looking for animals and bugs. Thank you SO much! You have spelled my future!
Sonic Ice Cream With Gumball Eyes 5 month ago
Coyote: finds T. rex tooth Coyote: "Beat That Mario!" Mario: "Uhh, I found an entire Mosasaur."
Cyan Dee 5 month ago
Coyote during his previous life: *I'm Coyote Peterson, and I am about to enter the bite zone with the hEs-pErO-rNi-tHoiDeS*
Tom Mcallister 5 month ago
Coyote seemed pretty disappointed when he saw the bones
DiamondSamurai 5 month ago
The background music makes the video so much better
Kermit Master Dog 5 month ago
"life, uh, finds a way"
Yours Truly 5 month ago
I remember my dinosaur “phase”
Shadow - Gaming 5 month ago
I always acted like I was spinosaurus and played with my sister as she was other dinosaur , I always attacked her as I was the stronger one
24mech 5 month ago
“From the nations largest mineral hot spring” Coyote Peterson : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wasn't me 5 month ago
Can we just acknowledge the fact that most of us probably laughed when he called it a murder bird?
ImaadI 5 month ago
*a big skeleton, a little skeleton, and a-*
KrisDnMuriel 5 month ago
Brave Wilderness, Bravest Man Alive
Edgar Medina 5 month ago
Coyote gets bitten in half by a dinosaur Mark: Coyote are you okay?
The guy below Me is gay 5 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: we are about to enter the sting zone of a dinosaur killing wasp
Hayley Waalen 5 month ago
Hesperornithoides is the name of this little dino.
Sophiaallenomg 5 month ago
when your early and dont know what to say
Ghost Raptor310 5 month ago
This is so cool
Beta Ray Tasty 5 month ago
Thermopolis means "hot city". I can't imagine why they named it that.
Beanicall 5 month ago
"The Smallest Rapper"
Twisted Bonnie 5 month ago
“The littler murderer bird is now on display to the public”
Brando Pando 5 month ago
Hey Coyote I live in Rock springs Wyoming and I need to go there sometime that is the coolest thing I've ever seen
Sulfurian5267 5 month ago
"Related to velociraptors" oh no it's a juvenile velociraptor
ChickenBlade 5 month ago
I was about to say that, did they just bring dinosaurs back to life
I wouldn't mind the tiny Raptors running around making cute hissing noises
Jordan Aparicio 5 month ago
6:50 don’t thank me
Makkei 5 month ago
1:00 Me When I Hear Creepy Sounds At Night
EkkaFijiWater ! 5 month ago
since when was there a section for dinosaurs? CUZ IM FREAKING OUT
Harsh Mohatta 5 month ago
Brave Wilderness is the next bear grills
Ranstone 5 month ago
8:32 Only logical explanation is that Lori squashed Gimbo.
3112 5 month ago
These things on ark are so annoying when you start the game
RyverseCraft 5 month ago
Coyote Peterson is like a 4 year old boy at 1:40 (and basically the whole video)
Captain Morgan IV 5 month ago
"they are like chickens with claws" Do you mean roosters
Yumile's Vlogs 5 month ago
Raptors in 1000 bc Rapter: lol what's gonna hapen, my bones are gonna be inprisoned?
DOCTOR Jiggly 5 month ago
Brave wilderness you should do a video “ I got stung by a box jellyfish “
IYBA 5 month ago
But big monster!? Oh wrong movie... Uhh so pickle pops anyone?
mompernl 5 month ago
Roses are red, Sugar taste like heaven, What you’re looking for Is at 6:47
blueraptor Interesting videos 5 month ago
I’m really fascinated about this can you do more vids on raptors please and thank you coyote
KittyRules 5 month ago
matthewg2923 5 month ago
Coyote would you ever consider entering the sting zone of a jellyfish
Jdbeam 51 5 month ago
That’s so coolllll!!!
Nicole Dwight 5 month ago
You just posted this and there's already 1.6k views HOW
-Gacha Kat- 5 month ago
Nobody: Coyote: **Holds Jar of pickles like the Lion King**
Gabriel Gonzalez 4 month ago
7:03 actually Utahraptor was a solitary hunter because of it's immense size compared to the other raptor species.
LunaWolf0632 5 month ago
1:12 Open full sound LOUDLY Edit : wow thx thats a lot of likes :D
RyverseCraft 5 month ago
I DIED LAUGHING when you said “The little murder bird is now on display to the public” 10:21
Seespotbite 5 month ago
Ark flashback: *Troodons.* Torpor: Increases by 1000
Ryan Streett 5 month ago
My names coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the stub zone With the American doorframe
Lauren Fanucchi 5 month ago
I really like the "Lion King" reference with the pickle.
PSIQAIS - 5 month ago
Im early yay
MG Crafts 5 month ago
whoa that's so cool I had a dream that they discovered some type of small raptor and parasaurolophus that was still fleshy. Scientists were able to recreate it and they built a whole museum for them and other dinosaurs. The parasaur was the only living dino they had though. The museum was huge it looked kinda modern and it was more than one story high. The parasaur was a different color than what the Scientists thought it would be and it was kind of aggressive.
Christian Guzman 5 month ago
6:03 Coyote stop. It's getting weird.
MediMaxy ! 5 month ago
I am surprised that he hasn't let him self be bitten by a Lion
William Hernandez 5 month ago
That Lori Raptor are the equivalent of Cucos from The Legend of Zelda
ThIs UsErNaMe Is TaKeN 5 month ago
I lived in Wyoming about 15 minutes from that museum. I would visit almost every weekend and never thought my favorite YouTuber would visit!
Arianna Mermaid 5 month ago
Omg I have therios now
Brejianna Stapleton 5 month ago
You were 2 hours away from me and I had NO IDEA 😭😭😭
Twisted Bonnie 5 month ago
Pause the video then go too 1:14 *circle of life from lion king plays* *drops picks jar* Coyote: pickles?
Nicten 5 month ago
Oh! I'm 5 minutes late only! :D
froilan poquiz 5 month ago
5 views and 5 comments wow hahaha
Vidal zaragoza 5 month ago
I love the Raptor Dinos. They're my favorite type of dinosaurs. Guess it goes to show ya, many Raptors start out tiny and grow to the largest species of Raptor.
ColdTurkey 5 month ago
Dinosaur doctor: I’m sorry to inform you but you got Coyote Raptor: How much time I got ?
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 5 month ago
Bruh why does coyote Peterson sound like hiccup from the how to train your dragon movies
Patada games 5 month ago
This is all we love brave wilderness 👇💜
If dianosaur we Will be done for it
ashalexanderful 5 month ago
"The little murder bird" 😂
Eric Hannah 5 month ago
Happy that he’s getting his own tv show on animal planet
Relani Lyles 5 month ago
Hey Coyote and his camera crew!, I just wanted to say all the information you have provided in this video is helping me understand more about this small dinosaur 🦕!. ❤️ You are an amazing human being! Hey Mario!, how was your BIGGER tooth you found? Its clearly big and historical but it is amazing 😉! 🦕🦖❤️ Hello Mark!, how was your day today? And you are an amazing person and I love how you perfectly make this camera footage <3 YOU ALL ARE AMAZING THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING ME! ;w; ❤️🦖🦕🎥 <3
JurassicSouls 5 month ago
Nurul Ihsan Nazim 5 month ago
day 1: if your up to the challenge, i recommend touching the smallest bit of the gympie gympie plant which is one of the most poisonous plants in the world that gives the worst pain known to men that can last up to almost a year. give this comment a like so he can see!!!
soap. 4 month ago
everybody must be speechless
heyou 5 month ago
Mario: Finds T-Rex skull, Ha, beat that Coyote! Coyote: I found an even larger older dinosaur; YOUR MOM. Coyote gets fed up. XD
Gabriel Gonzalez 5 month ago
1:52 and from that moment on, Mario would never let me forget it.
Hubert Robison 4 month ago
I see coyote on the thumbnail. I click.
Kayleigh Waters 5 month ago
Huh I didn't know I could have seen old fossils at a museum... Usually id just go se met great grandma...
Dainty Minnie 5 month ago
Omg I saw one underneath my bed last night😲 Was scared to get off my bed.
CrystalKids 5 month ago
"the little murder bird" lol, Coyote's a treasure
So they dont leave Me : bruh like these bones gona re assemble and run away
kyle g 5 month ago
My cat is the smallest Raptor, or so he thinks.
sadie marsden 5 month ago
One of my favorite YouTube channels ❤️
LPS _Nightmare_Studios 5 month ago
Can I have a pickle pop ;w; *i can eat like a whole jar of pickles the same size as the one in the video*
Autumn Zoscak 4 month ago
I remember watching Coyote when I was younger and I always just rewatched my favorite videos over and over again, when the book came out you already guessed I begged my mom to buy that book. So she did I loved that book and never let it go, plus I’m also from Ohio, I have mad respect for you Coyote you made my childhood better
Cheekybird 65 5 month ago
I love how he says kids makes me feel epicly coooool
andrewoojinchoi 5 month ago
I thought the thumbnail was like a scorpion claw or something. and I’m like, raptor scorpion?
Bella the equestrian 5 month ago
Y’all made a new series called beyond the dinosaurs!!! Yay 😁❤️🎉
Max Power 5 month ago
Literally Everybody: Nobody: Coyote:
soap. 4 month ago
J Mo 5 month ago
I don't know why I thought I was gonna' see the worlds smallest snake. What the hell is wrong with me?
Beast Carlostyk 5 month ago
That was the dumbest question I ever heard coyote say🤦🏻‍♂️he really asked if the lori raptor was crushed,if it was crushed it’s fossils would’ve been broken
panfriedd 5 month ago
this series is awesome, ever since history channel ripped off the biting series i think it's cool coyote is branching out and diversifying his content
Zach Studios 5 month ago
We I know you will never probably see this but I want to see you get stung by the scorpion fish it’s 1000x worse than lion fish