Joyner Lucas & Tory Lanez - Suge (Remix)

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William Mbongolwane 8 month ago
Joyner and Tory collaborated to drop a diss track against oxygen.
kickssass 3 month ago
Literally the only shitty thing about joyner is that all these remixes aren't on Spotify..
Aj Alazam 4 month ago
I played this in my car and got a speeding ticket.
Javian Jagdeen 4 month ago
Joyner: Think you can keep the flow Tory ??? Tory: Hold my hairline !!!!
The Best Doggo 4 month ago
When the two quiet kids start talking
Adolf Hitler 7 month ago
I thought you needed oxygen to make fire
DedDreamer 3 month ago
This song has more n-words than to kill a mockingbird does (17 from Joyner, 49 from Tory, totaling to 66 n-words)
Amadou Cisse 5 month ago
My friend: the wifi password is on the back of the router! The back of the router: 2:20
Gabriel Muñoz 4 month ago
Joyner lucas' remixes are more disrespectful than a diss track lol
GAVIN KELLEY 3 month ago
Joyner sound like he just woke up and Tory sound like he just smoked 50 cigarettes and I love it
xChizten 6 month ago
*When the two smartest kids get assigned partners*
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos 4 month ago
*Joyner really does have some of the best remixs ever* 🔥
Bomex Gaming 2 month ago
Beat: exists Joyner: *I'm about to end this Mans whole career*
blood seeker 3 month ago
Joyner: 2:20 Dababy: left the chat
Michael Eddy 3 month ago
Who verse was better Like (Joyner) Comment (Tory)
Camron Rauls 8 month ago
Good luck to the person tryna write the genius lyrics 💀😨
Rappi1990 3 month ago
I never heard a Rapper like Tory, he can switch up his voice so many times in one song thats impressiv
Flaming_Arrow 3 month ago
Here you go: 2:20 4:30
Jaxon Glover 3 month ago
This like Goku & Jiren on the same team 🤯
ttv. Kagzyyy 3 month ago
Omfg Tory's part was too crazy like wtf he switching the flow ten times over and that rhyme scheme
Durham 8 month ago
When Joyner does a remix it sounds like the original was a parody
Mitch McConnell 4 month ago
Here’s a fun drinking game: take a shot every time u see “oxygen” in a Joyner/Eminem comment section
Amadou Cisse 5 month ago
The teacher: I'll only say this once so take notes. Also The teacher: 2:20
Whisk3y 2 month ago
This is the song that turns DaBaby into DaMan
B.russell04 3 month ago
Oxygen: exists Joyner n Tory: imma bout to end this mans whole career
nesta wylde. 4 month ago
When Joyner said: "dhvhiovfswxgijbiibgdzrcbkojbvctyjbcyuj xdgjnk vchjjoj jvgghiookjnbvgcfdedfuhbjop". I felt that.
Jay W. 3 month ago
This is the hardest Tory has ever went
Amadou Cisse 5 month ago
At the end of the commercial: side effects may include 2:20
Boi wot 3 month ago
They did Tory Lanez wrong 😭 that drawing look like a whole crack head
Too Short 2 month ago
Dear Oxygen Welcome to your diss track -Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez
donte. hall 4 month ago
Toryyy ate this. The personality, the speed, the flow switches, the pop culture references!!!!
RioVaunnI UOENO 3 month ago
Who still listening in 2020"
Sonny Cole 2 month ago
Who’d have thought Tory can hold his own on a beat with THE Joyner Lucas. Not bad at all.
ExoPulse 3 month ago
Me: Sitting down, breathing normally. _Oxygen will remember that_
David Green 6 month ago
judge : you’re still getting 20 years in prison 6ix9ine : i know how joyner and tory rap without oxygen
Gerry McLoughlin 4 month ago
It pisses me off that these aren’t on Spotify, especially since they are better than the OG ones
ll L E X ll 2 month ago
I’m convinced Tory doesn’t know why a period is. Or even a comma
dr death 2 month ago
"ADHD is a social experiment" Alien conspiracy is now in motion, all will die -dr death
NoahAttacker 3 month ago
I played this song in my house The fire alarm went off 😐🔥
Worm Whisperer 6 month ago
Heard the remix on the radio, so I decided to come listen to the original.
Haris Sahab 2 month ago
Joyner is a lyrical genius. No wonder Em praised him. He is truly a goddamn genius.
Carter The Hedgehog 5 month ago
Dababy: Picks a good beat for suge Joyner: You stole my beat
Tay Biggs 3 month ago
Why he do Tory dirty like that 😂🤦🏾‍♂️” Invited him over and gave him sum soda in bleach “
Todd Sogaking 2 month ago
Man I don't know who TF this rapper named Oxygen is, but they murked his ass dog. I wonder if he'll respond 🤔 it's been a few months.
ProdByNick 8 month ago
So basically if you want a collab with Joyner, start a beef with him xd
phoenix waynick 2 month ago
Idea: now hear me out. Take away Tori Lanes and replace him with Jarren Benton. Just sayin....
Kinetic 3 month ago
*Joyner & Tory exist* Oxygen: "Am i a joke to you?"
Rutger Colt IV 4 month ago
Why is there not more artists that spit like this😭
cometastral 3 month ago
"Just my moment and no one is sharing it." Well, I guess Tory is
FlawleZZ 7 month ago
Logic has beef with joyner ... They collab. Tory has beef with joyner... They collab. DAX getting ready to diss joyner.
I hate Mystic hyper 4 month ago
“ADHD is a social experiment”- Joyner Lucas-
tayler the rapper Owens 2 month ago
I hate how amazing lyricists like Joyner have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition(no hate towards dababy but Joyner is better)
Kenneth T 2 month ago
quick maths: Joyner + Tory= - (O2)
D'Airus Brown 2 month ago
Joyner:I wanna make a remix The rap community: (In Michael Scott voice) NO NO NO NO NO NO
Al Faiq 3 month ago
oxygen: joyner lucas : *exists* oxygen: am i a joke to you
Casaine 2 month ago
Why does Joyner sound like he has a sore throat?
Justine withhair 5 month ago
All the times when Joyner and Tory took a breath: 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
Amadou Cisse 5 month ago
Oxygen: I am inevitable Joyner and Tory: Oxygen: 😯
JohnnyOmm 8 month ago
Tory : How many bars we doing? Joyner : We're building a jailhouse
Hold up how could u have a verse after what Joyner just did if I was after him I would’ve been like nah this is your song bruh I’m good
GTP Plays 4 month ago
Lil baby and dababy: we the best collaborate ever Joyner Lucas and Tory: hold are hats and lungs
Born C 3 month ago
As a old head I always tell my boyz that there are some young cats out here really spitting that shit and I think these cats went in straight supercayin mode!!!✊🏾🗣💥💣
Devin Krasco 3 month ago
Joyner: look at this mans forehead Tory:I’m gonna hide behind instagram
KR 8 month ago
- Ends beef with Logic, makes a fire track with him. - Ends beef with Tory Lanez, makes a fire track with him. Respecctt
glooy 3 month ago
*beat just starting* Joyner: ridbdjwbfkwncowpapcnvjsidbfidnxicbdkxifisbcidywvgoxbsosbrogjdocnkdhwhdvgodocbdichdjwbc
Josh S 3 month ago
Joyner and Tory rap Oxygen: am I joke to you
Bailen Ganeshappa 3 month ago
Why isn’t this song on Spotify?
Kanox Baker 5 month ago
Daniel Jordan 7 month ago
Joyner & Tory: *down, left, L1, down, down, R2, down, L2, down* *Infinite lung capacity activated*
tom kommer 3 month ago
Oxygen: how much of me do u want? tory and Joyner: no
Jim Reynolds 2 month ago
Joyner: this is a nice beat let’s steal it
Joyner said if Freddy and Jason had a kid it would be him He gay
Korvos 3 month ago
1:42 When you step on your cats tail.
pramudya 8 month ago
Joyner turn the beef into a steak
kenspin TV 3 month ago
Tory: nah hold on Im just rappin too much man... The Suge Beat: (lifts head) Im dead! (drops head)
Jimmy H Outdoors 3 month ago
These remixes need to get on apple and Spotify
Christopher Hall 2 month ago
What does the word SUGE on a fighter jet with me? Also how is ADHD a social experiment?
Broke gamer301 3 month ago
I would quit at genius if I had to do the lyrics for this song
TheChosen KVNG 8 month ago
Damn.. I had to pause video so he could catch his breath.
Zion Walden-Holmes 4 month ago
Juan Leon 3 month ago
When tory said “i got old n**** cheese” i felt that
3112 2 month ago
3:22 Mortal kombat reference
dun kev 2 month ago
my friend's dog when I ring the doorbell: 0:24
keith centeno 8 month ago
Me:*tries to rap the first verse* My lungs: o no baby. What is you doing?
Tai Stokes 3 month ago
Bruh. The beat *quit* because Tory was going too hard.
Clout Gorilla 2 month ago
This makes me want to download Minecraft exploits
Luke Chewbacca 4 month ago
When you search the lyrics up and start rapping and then you just drop dead because ur trying to keep up
john brown 3 month ago
When Joyner said Hakuna Matata, I felt that.
Jordan Morris 7 month ago
Joyner: ay Tory I got an idea for a remix. Tory: what? Joyner: what if we just went for 6 straight minutes without breathing? Tory: NIGAA!
C.K-da-Kxng Here 3 month ago
Tory and Joyner hear a nice beat Both: Hold my lungs
Joseph Hausser 3 month ago
"I've been handin' L's to Joyner and Tory for actin too light skinned" 😂 nice jab
3112 2 month ago
He sounded sick like actually like sick as In cold or flu but it made it sound good
fergy997878 4 month ago
"Then give 'em a choice: which one you want die with, the .9 or Beretta?" What if my Beretta is a 9mm...
Atom 8 month ago
I don't know about y'all, but i need a Joyner x JID feature, and a Joyner x Denzel feature. 🔥
Samuel Nassar 4 month ago
Science teacher: fire is the hottest element Satan: indeed Joyner and Tory: hold our lungs
Jake Fix 4 month ago
why do i keep coming back i’m legit addicted
William Delgado 4 month ago
DaBaby: man i killed that beat nobody can beat that Joyner: hold my oxygen
Alina A 2 month ago
I guess he's becoming to my favorite rapper. Anyway, he's already one of them😅👍
nicholas lamela 5 month ago
Why doesn’t Tory put this much effort into his own songs?😂
Rh 53 3 month ago
Why is this not on Spotify? This straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥