Using the Sun to Save the Earth!?

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Marvel fan and host Tamara Krinsky becomes an environmental hero with the power of photosynthesis named Dr. Mara Skye in the newest Marvel Make Me a Hero!

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Spider-Man 3 month ago
In case you didn’t today, wash your hands!
hiimdylan 3 month ago
She’s Captain Planet
Black Phoenix 3 month ago
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Jean Grey.
Max Kernfeld 3 month ago
*Praise the Sun*
The Gamer Likes That 3 month ago
She is pretty amazing ☺️
COSMIC NERD 3 month ago
Oi que incrível
Isaac Zuniga Franco 3 month ago
Can I be in your video of that I saw my first marvel movie since I was 6
Creation Anomaly 3 month ago
That gasp at the beginning of the video will give someone a heart attack if they're watching it in the middle of the night!
Blizaga101 3 month ago
Happy to see the old artist back, I liked the temp artist they had but this ones style I jus find more appealing.
Aaron Fuentes 3 month ago
Bruh can you make me one!?!
Tea Green owo 3 month ago
... 😘 *BEAUTIFUL* 😘
Ira Ford 3 month ago
Great drawing.
Bea Las 3 month ago
daz rod 3 month ago
Ginger ❤
KNT Channel 3 month ago
Niko : Yes!
Khairul Hakim 3 month ago
Rogue : "You ran out of ideas dont ya"
The Other Dude 3 month ago
Looks like Jean Grey cosplaying as Poison Ivy...
GAME OVER 3 month ago
Can you make me a hero?
aiims wallah 3 month ago
4th comment 3.30 am
Mihir Salunkhe 3 month ago
Ed 865 3 month ago
Looks like a fully clothed Poison Ivy.
アムルーセシュ オタクシネフィリア 3 month ago
Love you marvel from India
IronFromIce Y 3 month ago
She should watch agents of shield
dingz 3 month ago
Use ZA WARUDO to save earth.
Living Laser 3 month ago
You can make an entire universe of ''Make Me Hero''!
Gaming With Legend 3 month ago
17th ? AW MAN
Jennifer M 3 month ago
Scot Fretwell 3 month ago
Make sure they are lgbtq+
Pablo Loto 3 month ago
Es estrella de fuego? La amiga de Spiderman
Abhijit gamer 3 month ago
Please Iron man is back
Ravi Kabaddi 3 month ago
israel tufiño dtg 3 month ago
D universe 😜😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😆
MG16NCP 3 month ago
Jean Grey knockoff.
محمد ضياء الدين ٢٠٢٠ 3 month ago
I Like video 😍 Very good
Venus Doutzen Parks 3 month ago
What ever heheheh kinda funny how the way she talks ... I tried how she talks smiling showing all the hidden teeth at the top and bottom of my mouth while talking ... It made my mouth kinda ache .. hehehhehe wow go gurll okrrrrrr you got the power over mouth cramping gurlll okrrrr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fabain Carranza 3 month ago
Nice hero 😎
Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro 3 month ago
Very Cool
Jessi Chavez 3 month ago
Tik Tok plus 3 month ago
Alain Smith 3 month ago
So basically she is Poison Ivy! Right?
Dion Beckett 3 month ago
If there were no sun. We would all not survive.
Jair Vilca 3 month ago
Soy latinoamericano
SMS Super Mario Scooter 3 month ago
Marc Fisher 3 month ago
Stevenado14 3 month ago
Way to social justice warrior lmao
David Saul Rivera Sosa 3 month ago
Beauty supergirl and your power is very instering
Pratyush Kaushik 3 month ago
That's called superman
nice guy from neighborhood 3 month ago
Im legend 12 comment at 100 vievs and 50 likes nope i checked at30 likes not 50