Thrice - "Beyond The Pines" (Lyric Video)

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Directed by Dan Fusselman
Cinematography by Bret Kalmbach
Produced by Apairus Company


Somewhere down the way, there’s a hidden place that anyone – that all of us – could find.
But all our maps have failed, so venture through the veil and realize these roads are intertwined. Far beyond those walls, gleaming black and white – further than our false schemes of wrong and right – is a field where we can walk, leaving all our names behind. I will meet you there, beyond the pines, templed in twilight or dawn; the light and easy air tracing the lines on our palms. Somewhere down the road is a place that we can go where everyone and everything is
divine. And when we’re all awake, we can finally make an end of these divisions in our minds.
I will meet you there – don’t go to sleep. Our souls and feet both bare – with grass beneath.
The oaths we needn’t swear are vast and deep. Our breath will be our prayer – alone – complete.

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DIGIT4LB4TH 7 month ago
my daughters life lasted only two days. Our hearts will be broken forever. I cant stop crying listening to this and it gives me strength at the same time. Ill meet you there Emma.
Andrew Anderson 8 month ago
It's like Thrice has grown up with me. I remember back in high school when "Deadbolt" was my favorite damn song. That energy fit my attitude. Now I'm 30 and have done a lot more living and reflecting and here they are making beautiful songs that aid in my reflections on life. What a band.
NyyZ 7 month ago
I clicked unintentionally and that was the best mistake I ever had
DoomJaks 4 month ago
I sang this at my dads funeral. i was the only one that went...he had 4 daughters. i was the only one. i love you dad
Galeno 92 7 month ago
Lost my brother 6 months ago , he was my best friend , he was just 28 . I miss you , i will meet you there .
Thank You 8 month ago
I'll meet you there beyond the pines. I love you and miss you. See you soon. #mom
SketchaMPM 8 month ago
This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs you guys have ever written. From Paper Tigers to For Miles, Digital Sea to In Exile, Hurricane to Just Breathe, thanks for being the most consistent and genre-defying band in my life.
SkepticalContrarian 8 month ago
I immediately want to hear this Acoustic.
John Heiner 8 month ago
This song is incredibly beautiful. The arrangement, lyrics, instrumentation, everything. I personally love the tension that is built up with the 5/4 time signature in the verse, and then the beautiful release into 6/4 for the chorus. Just awesome.
Fil Bianchi 4 month ago
Does anyone know where these footages were made? Such an incredibly beautiful place.
BOOF SQUAD 6 month ago
I haven't cried that hard since artax died in the swamp of sadness.
Nicole Mumphrey 6 month ago
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about." -Rumi
Gregorius Aria Neruda 7 month ago
Found this by accident; has been on repeat ever since. Thanks, YouTube algorithm!
weltenfabrik 8 month ago
Damn I'm so calm right now just by listening to this masterpiece
Jesus Ramos 8 month ago
Gotta be the best lyrical video I've ever seen.
MrAbovetopsecret 8 month ago
Amazing song. It's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity and nonsense this world offers. Thanks for reminding me that beauty lies beyond this.
Chazz Zethaz 8 month ago
This kinda make me want to cry of joy... Damn, I miss you momma. Such a beautiful song.-
Jack Morton 8 month ago
Incredible clip to an incredible song. Saw Thrice in Brisbane earlier this year, genuinely Dustin is one of the best vocalists around today. Incredible show, incredible band!
Zachary Milos 8 month ago
Saw these guys back when I was in high school... Now I'm 31. Great to see them still pumping out great music.
Local Idiot 8 month ago
Was feeling rough and this almost brought me to tears (in a good way). This was genuinely therapeutic to listen to. Thank you so much Thrice!
Travis D'Arcey 3 month ago
Holy shit, my brother sent me this song, never heard anything like it, absolutely amazing
ShellShock794 8 month ago
It's so sad to think that there's thousands, if not millions of people that will live their whole lives without ever leaving the big cities and never seeing nature
Mefiul 7 month ago
Somoene edit this song with clips from the film A Place Beyond The Pines please
An Effortless Smile 8 month ago
Was instantly reminded of the film The Place Beyond the Pines and had to give a listen. Not disappointed.
M3T4L 8 month ago
This song really touched me... thank you.
Chris Rife 4 month ago
could possible be my all time fav song, give it tons of views/listens
Daniel Rodriguez 8 month ago
I love that their music has grown as I have. Just like Metallica, both are my absolute favored bands. Have to love when bands mature and grow rather than trying to keep the same sound album after album.
Sabina W 8 month ago
Maybe I'll find that wonderful beautiful hidden place someday.
grindcoremaniac 8 month ago
Amazing song from an amazing band. The ending with Dustin singing quietly gave me goosebumps.
Bradford Ryser 8 month ago
My favorite song on the new album. I can't help but tear up when I sit and listen by myself. This song has a lot of meaning for me, and just like many Thrice songs, speaks directly to my soul. Thanks guys, meet you there.
Nfinety8 7 month ago
Play this @ my funeral
Matt Fellows 7 month ago
His voice when he sings "is a field where we can walk, leaving all our names behind" is so haunting.
georgebaggy 5 month ago
I've got a cousin who's struggling with heroin addiction. He has me worried sick, but whenever it becomes too much to bear, I listen to this song to ease my mind.
Christophe Brun 8 month ago
this voice ... Sometimes I dream that I have the same but I wake up...
georgebaggy 7 month ago
Did someone close to Dustin die? These lyrics make me think so.
Cambria Borgel 3 month ago
Lost my grandma Loretta at 6. I will meet you there, Loretta. I'll never forget how much you loved fishing in that little town in Alaska.
WATCHMAN 8 month ago
This song is the example of the reason for which I love music. The song is amazing, givin me chills for the whole duration. See you soon in Milan.
Jonathan Logan 3 month ago
This song... It starts and I love it, and it builds so wonderfully, and I get to about 3 minutes in and I feel like it’s going to just SOAR and become something transcendent. But it doesn’t. It sputters to a halt and limps to the end. I keep coming back, and every time I’m disappointed.
CasualCed 6 month ago
i got a little tear in my eye...great song - very great
Lucifer Morningstar 7 month ago
I can't wait to meet you there, brother.
Mason Weems 8 month ago
I only just found this song 2 days ago and it's an incredible listening experience. The vocals, instrumentation, and emotion is amazing!
james reid-lourie 6 month ago
Anyone know more songs similar to this by thrice? First song I've heard. Cheers
echelon chick 5 month ago
I love how people interpret this song differently. it means something different for every individual. the power of lyrics is amazing
Spookyboi Fun time 5 month ago
This is such a beautiful song. I'm so proud of these guys for writing this whole album. It really speaks to me
Nick 8 month ago
I haven’t listen to this band in ten years...I need to get caught up
Toyboyzink TV 4 month ago
This is different to the Thrice I remember but I'm glad I took another look so amazing
Joshua Brown 7 month ago
Seriously a breathe of fresh air. Absolutely beautiful song and video. You can sense the emotion and heart poured out into this. Keep these kinds of songs up.
Kullen Permelia 8 month ago
You guys are absolutely breathtaking and I can't stress enough..... thank you for being a consistent and positive band, much love...yah boy from WV
CobaltLobo 6 month ago
his voice reminds me of Gavin Rossdale and Ryan Star. Absolutely beautiful
Matty Leduc 8 month ago
Pop punk meets Coldplay and mushrooms
Dragonrider - MotoVlogs & Motorcycle Videos 8 month ago
One of my favourite songs of the last years<3
Libby Withnall 8 month ago
Beautiful song and stunning visual images.
Fitz Mayi 3 month ago
The first time listening thrice this is beautiful.
JonsThreeCents 8 month ago
Well, if I ever have problems sleeping ...
P4NDIC Brazil 7 month ago
omg I aprecciated so much this song
SeqMK 6 month ago
Just watched them live. Never seen a better band in my 31 years. The track list, the sound, just amazing! Sad it only lasted 1 hour which to me seemed like 10 mins
Zeus Himself 8 month ago
Yes, been waiting for a video for this!
Mushrambo 6 month ago
This song literally moves me to tears every single time I hear it. Such an amazing song from my favorite band.
Michael Wight 4 month ago
They getting that 5/4, 6/4 goin' on. You can tell from that choppiness in the verse. Extra effort they put into this one.
Luca HAMBLETON 8 month ago
What a brilliant song, got myself stuck on this album anyone else?
Franz Xaver 4 month ago
the song that keeps me sane during exams right now...
seth miller 6 month ago
i dedicate this song to my long lost brother. Love you Tray R.I.P brother
Jacob Crowell 4 month ago
This song is amazing. Can anyone recommend other Thrice songs in this style? I know they play just about every rock genera
Craig Taylor-Broad 8 month ago
I don't know how Thrice stay being good at every section of their career
burnout1256 8 month ago
This song is one of the most beautiful songs ever
DeeJay herrera 4 month ago
What a powerful message. I love this song! All my troubles were put on pause when I heard this song. Great Job dudes!
Nithin Peter 8 month ago
On my birthday. Why more could I ask for? I love these guys!
CJSchecter96 8 month ago
Beautiful! Video is almost exactly what i'd envisioned closing my eyes and listening to the song before. Truly incredible the way Thrice can convey it through their music.
Marc Collins 6 month ago
This song hits the feels so hard, I love the whole album and this is a perfect sign off. I listened to Dustin's podcast today on the lyric breakdown! It was great live too!
Reb Matius 7 month ago
Showed up on my recommendation. Glad i clicked.
Bruno 8 month ago
This is poetry in verses, a poem. Isto é poesia em versos, um poema. Beautifull. Lindo e Bonito. Belo.
exotitan 5 month ago
I'll meet you there, Ian. I miss you man, cant believe it's been 11 years.
Quill Inkwell 8 month ago
This is beautiful. I have dreams where I float over landscapes like this.
Matt S 7 month ago
I’m once again deeply moved and inspired by another Thrice song. Thank you gentlemen
Agent oftheWild 5 month ago
This is a wonderful song to go with beautiful footage. I'm a fan of mixing beautiful music and gorgeous footage :)
Mark Brewer 5 month ago
Love the feel created by the verses in 5, but played in a waltz feel so it kind of feels like it's tripping over itself until the chorus breaks out.
Luca Alessandrelli 7 month ago
Lyrics of this song made me shaking
Kid Kranium 4 month ago
Lost my mom months ago, can't stop crying to this song. I'll meet you there, mom. Love you so much and miss you.
Joe Hammock 8 month ago
Been here since 2000. This new shit just jams so well while I'm in the middle of the rocky mountains watching all the fall colors
Annastasia666 X 7 month ago
This dudes voice just makes me swoon..................!
Roose Lectum 4 month ago
I'll see you all there, WWG1WGA <3
Supernatural Superstar 7 month ago
This is going to make me cry. I haven't heard Thrice in years
Meowzinator 8 month ago
Soooo beatiful. No words left.
Jason Welch 7 month ago
Wow, that's sound and lyrics of this song are beautiful display of their work as a band.
Thomas E 8 month ago
I'm getting married next year, and I want this as the song for our first dance.
Mario Dillon 5 month ago
My go to song to humble myself and keep grounded wen things get stressful and annoying
mister cynical 4 month ago
he loves his five over fours i do too
exotitan 7 month ago
I'll meet you there, Ian. Beyond the Pines. Miss you dude.
Dustin Schiffer 8 month ago
There's a sadness to this song. Glad to hear some new Thrice!
mvphigh 6 month ago
My favorite song off their new album
Andrew Noyes 4 month ago
kill me quickly hooked me, this is divinely inspired angelic music that inspires me to save the others still wandering
Poke Eusebio 8 month ago
You can really feel the song... such a beautiful poem!
Ace on Wheels 8 month ago
I get goosebumps when I hear this song on a stereo. Watching this video just made them stronger. I fucking love these guys. Thank you Thrice for always being a positive light along this avenue of my life.
Hunter Gilley 5 month ago
R.I.P Rocko Best dog and best friend I've ever had he will always have a special place in my heart
Bouhraoua Karim 5 month ago
I miss you my brother, almost 5 years now... living without you is so hard! Love you forever
AqueL Tip 8 month ago
moty0303 7 month ago
This is really good guys.. Thank you
Samuel Mayeur 8 month ago
That's an incredible song, and this clip is perfect. Much love Thrice <3
saarxddd 8 month ago
Somehow this is just what I needed right now... Thank you for this song and for uploading it at the right moment 💜
RJWDPRODS 7 month ago