Lil Yachty, DaBaby - Oprah's Bank Account (Visualizer) ft. Drake

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Music video by Lil Yachty, DaBaby performing Oprah's Bank Account (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
Marquise Thomas 2 month ago
I'm mad because he couldve used his real hair 😅
Juicy TV 2 month ago
i like his voice with autotune idk
Smite 2 month ago
yatchy, uzi and 21 dropping music at the same time damn i almost thought it was 2016
S W I T C H B I T C H 2 month ago
When Carti now drops Whole lotta red, we literally got back the SoundCloud era
shay shabran 2 month ago
Please don't mind this comment. I'm pretending to be texting someone.
MazzaManRob 2 month ago
This is the Lil Boat we love most 🔥🔥🔥
Draven Goodwin 2 month ago
My man out here with four phones. 😂😂😂
Gu3rby 2 month ago
Kid: Mom can we have Oprah Mom: No we have Oprah at home *Oprah at home*
isaiahcow1 2 month ago
Uzi, Yachty, 21 all dropping music in the same month... SoundCloud rapper era boutta be back on top 😌🐐🔥
Jay Banks 2 month ago
This was so random.
Thirty Way Tre 2 month ago
damn bro had to do a humiliation ritual that’s tuff
Y N 2 month ago
yachty dressed up as oprah on a monday is too much for me😭
FleXx Lugar 2 month ago
He didn't once stop & laugh at his appearance. He's clearly done this b4
Beats and Basketball 2 month ago
this holy trinity can defeat the corona virus
Marquise Thomas 2 month ago
Dave Chappelle shed a tear when he saw this
Status of T 2 month ago
Return of the SoundCloud GODS i have waited my whole life for this
TME Swift 2 month ago
i’m way to earlyyyy
Paul Lucian 2 month ago
all i can see is a drake x dababy collab, yall know we need that🔥🥵💯
X X 2 month ago
Yachty looking like someone’s aunty 😂😂
bounty nation 2 month ago
Drake with another side mission
Shxllow 2 month ago
This what we waited for 🔥⛵️
Nappybwoii 2 month ago
This is the best visualiser I’ve seen in my life
Father Reverend 2 month ago
He did so good I honestly thought that was Oprah Winfrey.
Bartty Sky 2 month ago
Yatchy and Uzi albums scream 2016, Soundcloud era back The Weeknd: *XO Tour Llif3*
Ayo GunnaMac 2 month ago
Baby need to chill he on fire Drake killed as usual and lil yacht did better than usual I like it 🧐👌
Harut Makyan 2 month ago
how about that LG doublephone 😂😂
PlusOdd 2 month ago
Use this as a “been here before this blows up” button .
Depay Csgo 2 month ago
2:32 weird flex
jchronicals 2 month ago
Yachty answering his emails on his phone whilst in the wig is sending meeeee😂😂
JUSTDRiNK-LLC 2 month ago
First verse Drake : I condone the drama , i turned down madonna “ 🤣😂
quci 2 month ago
2016 is coming back
androidBT Santiago 2 month ago
Lil boatt idolo,ídolo,ídolo 100% eres me idolo
Camilo Ortega 2 month ago
Yatchy is back 🔥
Tyler Spillane 2 month ago
Illuminati puppet
leon bailey 2 month ago
When’s the rest of the album coming out ???
King Kold 2 month ago
Soundcloud era coming back!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
J Zilla 2 month ago
Omg omg omg I’m crying so hard this is the best song everrrrt
Marc Vinyls 2 month ago
not gonna lie this is crazy 🔥 . The collab I never knew I needed 😂
WACK ZACK 2 month ago
This is soundcloud nostalgia
Damere Hardy 2 month ago
Ngl I just want this comment to have the most make my dream come true😁👍🏽
Chibamba Musonda 2 month ago
This straight fire🔥😭 anything else you think doesn't matter
Latavion Music 2 month ago
Using that drake feature wisely
The Kiid 2 month ago
No one: Drake: you need me like dollars that are old to you
brandonn 2 month ago
Soundcloud is officially back Ladies and Gentlemen 🙌🏽
Jasanth ! 2 month ago
seein yachty as a female was painfully disturbing
Arkeim 2 month ago
Bro how has this been out for 20 mins and have less than 1000 views
Anthony Lagunes 2 month ago
Lil Yachee killed it with this one🔥💯
RG 2 month ago
Yachty's verse is so catchy, LIL BOAT!
Highway Tino 2 month ago
Who's here before a million views Turn me Blue baby
Wale QD 2 month ago
Who's here before 100k views
Angel Moya 2 month ago
Drake on a quest sheesh🔥
Sittiporn Numora 2 month ago
Lil boat
KanyeArteul Sabino 2 month ago
Long time we haven't heard from this legend right here, we're glad you're back lil yatchy. Cant wait for your new songs. BLESS UP!
J 300 2 month ago
Wtf is this... It's still fire tho
souzitts 2 month ago
Quem é brasileiro ou português e amou o vídeoclipe dê like
Delainey F. 2 month ago
I see them melting that lace..get it laid sis😭😭😭‼️💅🏾
kennythegoat YT 2 month ago
Let’s gooooo🔥🤮
KvsLastLonger 2 month ago
Cant wait till i can make a song with you 🔥 you my inspiration 💚
Lucas Silva 2 month ago
Lil Yachty viajou😅🇧🇷
Deric000 2 month ago
Finally new music!!
Kool Gamez 2 month ago
Album finna be fire
CammyHam Gaming 2 month ago
Wow what a combo? I guess 😂😂😂 fire doe
McTicket Knees 2 month ago
Spotify now
Owen Sithole 2 month ago
Album is about to be fire with Pierre Bourne🔥🔥🔥
Kîwî _4xx 2 month ago
Lil yachty look like one of the blue girls from the proud family 🤣🤣🤣🤣
NOPE NOPE 2 month ago
2020 be turning to 2016
Captain Crunch 7L 2 month ago
you know it’s a good hair dresser when they have dyed/highlighted hair
Arkansas State Football Fan 2 month ago
I wish I could make a good comment 😔
Nazal Abdomen 2 month ago
Lil Yachty, lowkey looks like my local librarian.
Patrick Clark 2 month ago
I've been waiting for his return🔥🔥
Thanos Birbas 2 month ago
Im feeling 2020 the new 2016 boys 🤩
Dre’sWay Tv 2 month ago
Hard!!! 🔥🔥
Ramon Phenix 2 month ago
2 phones fr!
Jas The Stoner 2 month ago
Here before 1 mil 😎
Sebastien Fulga 2 month ago
Gives me summer 16 lil boat vibes🥰
RBN SAVAGE 2 month ago
UU Z 2 month ago
U kno yatchy back when his hair black😌
WieruX 2 month ago
Liam Anderson 2 month ago
lmaooooo he had the samsung sponsor in the music video but now hes on the 11
Sterling Parker 2 month ago
Okay Yachty 😭🔥
ohsnapples 2 month ago
DachiiXO 2 month ago
“I turned down Madonna “
sauce 2 month ago
2016 Yachty back 🔥🔥🔥🔥
march maddness 2 month ago
First he wrote act up now he's dressing like oprah👀
Joseph Cahalan 2 month ago
Love the visuals
k vetta 2 month ago
you look as good as Oprah bank account. I just wanna take you out 🔥
OSSMAKER 2 month ago
First from MOROCCO 🇲🇦🇲🇦
Bummy Davis 2 month ago
He is from Atlanta 🤷🏻‍♂️
AXOLOTL 2 month ago
Dasameflow back at it again 💯
Ryan Robinson 2 month ago
This fih 🗣🔥🔥🔥
S1lver 2 month ago
Eyyy we back
Zoe crenshaw 2 month ago
2020 going good so far
souzitts 2 month ago
New Hit ❤️💪
Match day 2 month ago
Liiit 🔥🔥
Movh 2 month ago
dude has 4 phones
DAM1AN TGD 2 month ago
Brings back those 2017 vibes
what the hell 2 month ago
DaBaby verse lit 🔥🔥
Staylowtino Staylowtino 2 month ago
He sold his soul!!!
Viral Timid 2 month ago
Luca Liniger 2 month ago
Doublephone like a Dealer😅