The 2020 C8 Corvette is the BEST way to spend $60,000 *World's First DONUTS!*

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2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Review. This C8 Corvette review was filmed on the roads without the Z51 Package and on the track with the C8 Corvette Z51 package. The C8 Corvette is pumping out 495hp and 470lb-ft tq from a 6.2L V8. At $58,900, would this be your pick over the Porsche Cayman, Porsche Boxster, Toyota Supra, McLaren GT, McLaren 570S, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, Acura NSX?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
Sorry we photoshopped the thumbnail green. Chevy gave us a dull burgundy C8 and we were worried it wouldn’t work well as a thumbnail. ❤️ Thanks for watching and subscribing 🙂
Vladimir Bogdantsev 3 month ago
I CAN NOT BELIEVE it's this cheap, man. From this perspective it's a revolution.
Joni Defer 3 month ago
I smiled so hard when I heard the transmission is made by Tremec, I applied for a job there a couple years back and actually got in but was offered a better position somewhere else. This Belgian company makes high quality products though, i’m super proud of their achievement with the C8.
Cole Cryderman 3 month ago
"The Corvette is the only mid engined car you can get for that price" Porsche Cayman: Am I a joke to you?
CAfakmykak 3 month ago
This is legit the first time I have ever thought of owning a Corvette. They're doing something right.
Jon Powell 3 month ago
Jakob's beard game is 🔥❕ One may go so far as to describe the shape as 'squircle'. 😉
hjyou 3 month ago
Vette all the way. Vette makes longterm maintenance a realm of possibility for which all other exotics will take your arms and legs.
Aswin Thomas 3 month ago
exhaust sound is miles away from the c7' fact c7 sound was my favourite
Shubham Jalwal 3 month ago
If I had a dollar for everytime they said "Mid-engine" 💵 Great vid as always ♥
moneyblade5 3 month ago
Yea all LS/LT motors have that "sewing machine" sound. C6 Z06 is still my favorite corvette. The back end on the C7 wasn't great and the C8 is worse. I haven't driven a C8 but, I've seen them and sat in one. It just doesn't do anything for me. Glad people like the C8 so much hopefully it'll drive down the prices of other cars I'd like to own.
Josh Gorman 3 month ago
can I say I love your reviews and I mean this in the most loving way.. no one gives a shit about rewinding satellite radio stations and tune mix. Sincerely, a discerning viewer
Tad P 3 month ago
"It's not McLaren fast" - well, the raw numbers disagree.
norcalrallyx 3 month ago
"Hey, I just got an email from a friend who got the Z24 Cavalier. Says he Loves it! It's got a hot engine and even hotter looks. Kinda like the sports cars of Cavaliers." Think you can't afford a sports car? Think again!
Glenns Car Collection 3 month ago
You’re convincing me to buy a C8.
Cars Of Pennsylvania 3 month ago
my favorite part of the c8 corvette is that C7s are depreciating more 😂 can't wait to buy one
Przemyslaw Sliwinski 3 month ago
3:42 - the naturally inspir[it]ing scenery!
Joyride 3 month ago
Can't wait to start seeing these things rolling around.
Noah Y 3 month ago
One of the nicest interiors I've seen in a while
drizzetsrevenge 3 month ago
The best, most comprehensive review so far. Well done guys!
Ahmed El Hafyan 3 month ago
Literally refused to watch a C8 review until y'all got your hands on it and released a video. It was really difficult. Love your content :D <3
M C 3 month ago
Hating on the Cavalier of the greatest small cars ever! headshake
Jason Torchy 3 month ago
I don’t care for gm cars and I want one of these. Probably the best value in the next 2 - 3 years when buying used.
Anthos Lykos 3 month ago
"It looks like it was designed by two people" Nope, it was just designed by the guy who created the Pontiac Aztek.
Aria D 3 month ago
1:50 "It doesn't rev as high as I wanted to from a mid engined car" Doesn't really matter where the engine is placed. If it's American, the engine is almost always a crossplane V8
My_Supercar_Life 3 month ago
Really happy to see a car like this. Really hoping it brings the prices on used 458/Huracans down.
Matt Bancroft 3 month ago
2:18 holding both paddles disconnects the clutch
Andrew Schuld 3 month ago
Great video guys! I've had a 2019 Silverado with the rear view camera mirror for over a year now. Once you get used to it you'll never want to use a regular rear view mirror again. It takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to it!
David Michaelson 3 month ago
2020: WOW C8 CORVETTE! 2021: Hey, nice Vette. This thing's gonna be everywhere soon.
Gas Guzzler Reviews 3 month ago
That car is amazing! Great review guys!
Bison trucker DJ 3 month ago
Beautiful car. Best looking Corvette I’ve ever seen. Would love to own one.
Erik Tomlinson 3 month ago
1:20 bleah, I could never get used to that yellow leather. And that's coming from someone who had a S60R with blue leather.
Stealk 3 month ago
This looks amazing as an accessible dream car! I wonder how it compares to lower end Caymans?
jrag1000 3 month ago
Yeah! Corvette! my favorite Chevy. Mustang Owner! I see USA not Ford Vs Chevy.
Nater Tot 3 month ago
I need to be making more videos if I'm going to be driving one of these soon! LOL. Great video, as usual, boys! - Mr. Tot
M C 3 month ago
Love the C8 🔥 💥 ❤️
Evan DeLucia 3 month ago
I’m saving up for this when I can drive in 3 years!
Midtown z06 3 month ago
Makes me really happy I have a gorgeous c7z this one just isn’t getting me going— especially the rear end. I wish chevy had continued both lineages front and mid. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Charles Ma 3 month ago
2:34 all the Porsche GT (PDK) models (GT3/RS GT2RS) have this function
Austin Oakley 3 month ago
They should of just brought back the LS7 and thrown some circle rear taillights and I’d be completely sold!!!!
Georgi Radkov 3 month ago
Rayyan 3 month ago
fisrt time ive been in love with the corvett
harsimrat singh 3 month ago
Can you do a review on the 2019 Corvette Zr1
GoodpixelProductions 3 month ago
finally The Straight Pipes doing the Corvette C8 thank you thank you thank you!
Eddie Dominguez 3 month ago
I need the doors to Lyft up like that on my C8
Jedi One 3 month ago
2:29 the GT3 has that features too
Hayden Schott 3 month ago
0:41 the engine matches the same pitch of the song for a second
Julien Korastinsky 3 month ago
Ayyyeeee!!! Hope y'all enjoyed vegas, testing driving the c8 in my backyard! I knew those roads looked familiar, love all your guys videos!!
Skip741 x 3 month ago
I love that Finally, all these reviews are popping up left and right! I Really want to see drag races with this against the competition, now That would be a hell of alot more interesting than donuts
Nick Cooper 3 month ago
This was at spring mountain!! I’ve been there for the Cts V track day you get when you buy a cts v. So fun
albaz!!! 3 month ago
Exhaust sound is a music ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jedi One 3 month ago
7:28.... I’ve heard that many times before 😁
N.Driver 3 month ago
Wow this car is amazing! Yuri's face during the launch says it all. Gonna try hard to make this my next car
Christopher O'Grady 3 month ago
Guess what else lets you rev on the move and do a rolling launch? A damn manual!
Zachary Kauderer 3 month ago
wow even better than I imagined! great vid too! the blue on blue is the way to spec it tho IMO
pezzonovante888 3 month ago
The interior is fantastic, especially with the glass roof!
UD2 3 month ago
isn't it insane the choice for the price point is literally C8 Vette vs BMW Z4?? sorry BMW.
Mad We 3 month ago
That intro was straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TheExluto [Archive] 3 month ago
Ive been looking forward to you guys reviewing this since it was announced lol, and you exceeded expectations with what I wanted to see 😂
ThisGuyColin 3 month ago
This is the review I've been waiting to see!
TrancezoOr 3 month ago
09:04 you can clearly see the transition from excitement to an absolute "MEH" on his face haha. This car needs 600HP and more torque imo. But for what they're charging, not bad.
Scott Chiste 3 month ago
That blue interior though.....
Chicken_4_Dayz 3 month ago
*frantically checks prices on used c7s
SuburbVids 3 month ago
10:00 min is what you came for
J Gib 3 month ago
It’s still got that stigma tho
Brandon Hall 3 month ago
I've been so excited about your take on this!!
StopShulking 3 month ago
Love the Jays rep (hat) when traveling in the States!
Steve Buscemi 3 month ago
Damn, gona wait 5 years and buy a c7 manual bc hopefully they depreciate
Jeffrey Brockman II 3 month ago
Yo Scissor doors 🤔😍
Ryan S 3 month ago
5:17 damn! You couldn’t pull that visor any harder??
Starky513 3 month ago
I literally haven't watched any of the C8 reviews until I saw you guys post one!! Awesome video like always Gentlemen.🇨🇦
Kshitij Kumar 3 month ago
This is now my new dream car!
A Boy 3 month ago
That blue interior looks so dam nice!!
Jstevensdk7 3 month ago
Out of all the YouTubers at this Vegas event, your the only ones I've seen do donuts, thus, this is my favorite review from that event! 😂
karimbulldogs 3 month ago
I fell off my lawn chair watching this
Anfas Thayyil 3 month ago
looks like a 90's super car from some angle...which is great<3
Michael 66 3 month ago
Yes! I waited for this review for so long😆
AriVovp 3 month ago
When you spend the next 40k on mods, it will be a beast
westonite210 3 month ago
Amazing job getting this video out so soon, you guys made a great vid faster than anyone else at this event!
Matt K. 3 month ago
You really tricked me with that green thumbnail :(
Camiloaef 3 month ago
I miss the exhaust in the middle 🥺
CalisRemedy 3 month ago
2:54 those leather seats are cheap
Automotive Troll 3 month ago
About time someone smoked the tires on this thing! Good work guys as always!
Matthew Keefe 3 month ago
You mentioned the LC 500. Would love to see a review of that from you guys
Colby Bartley 3 month ago
That's the Boomer spec paint job and wheels, and I know my grandpa is going to love it.
Jdasquad 1 3 month ago
Been waiting for this review for literal months
Phantom Arcanist 3 month ago
When the car is like the same price as a maxed out trd 4runner
ElectroFX 3 month ago
- Corvette, what is your parents' name? - My dad Lamborghini, my mom Ferrari - 😳😳
dantediss1 3 month ago
The C8 in Atlas Bronze is drop dead stunning. My god
Theo Philpot 3 month ago
13:50 SAAB stays alive
Micah Muzio 3 month ago
Awesome edit, guys! Totally worth the late nights and bleeding eyes. 🤘
Curtis Sullivan 3 month ago
Thank you for staying up late for this video yuri!
John Burden 3 month ago
When I saw it I thought it was a Ford GT ....
randeep brar 3 month ago
You guys are amazing. The way you review a car is smooth and consistent. Keep it up.👍👍👍🤘🤘🔥
BeersAndBacon Gaming 3 month ago
Clicked on this episode as soon as I saw it. Love watching you guys and couldn't wait to see you take a look at the new C8.
Sir Hutchinson 3 month ago
Thank you guys for acknowledging that this new Corvette is, in fact, a new Fiero. I was beyond excited to hear that as the member of a Fiero Club myself 😂 I miss mine.
erik vanname 3 month ago
Good work. I still want to know how the Z51 mag ride feels on the street v. the base suspension.
DudeAndroid 3 month ago
Damn this car is amazing.
Diaspora El 3 month ago
The design is derived heavily from C7, a like mid engine C7. I am fan of the C3 and C6 and personally would like to see how the modern mid engine versions would look.
Ray Sears 3 month ago
Yuri, I think just about anything would be more confidence inspiring than a viper
Kromer0 3 month ago
YES! Thanks for the review guys!