The Fidget

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just this thing i do with my fingers

hey Show More and mobile folks. whats your fidget? this has been mine for a long time. i'm not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that i started playing piano when i was a young kid. i can type 120 wpm by the way. not bragging just telling the truth about my incredible typing skills because i thought of it while i was thinking of the piano and since i'm literally typing this sentence right now. okay well i hope you have a good thursday and weekend everyone. a good one
DeathnoteBB 6 month ago
It’s 2 dollars. I know because I’m a doctor.
Stable Voices 6 month ago
Legend has it, that another Phil can also do this with his toes. Let's pray we never have to use him.
Jonathan Murphy 6 month ago
“Shut up, you doctor!” Me whenever my doctor tells me I need to exercise more and eat healthy.
Meme Pizza 6 month ago
So I'm not the only one who would sit in church and imagine Satan rising from the floor and the priest battling him hand-to-hand for the fate of humanity.
Trent Ward 6 month ago
I love me some Phil Jamesson™ in the morning.
Gourgandise 6 month ago
0:25 I love that look, full of confidence in his ability to tap his fingers rapidly making sure that two adjacent fingers ever tap sequentially.
stansy mash 6 month ago
did you know the other pattern is just a mirrored version of the initial pattern starting on a different finger? learning that was, to put it lightly, a shock
Richard Luzum 6 month ago
And then everyone clapped, and Will Smith was there! #PHILGANGNICEBOYS
Casual Scrub 6 month ago
Anime plots be like
Jonathan Fry 6 month ago
I truly thought I was alone in doing this! Often when I’m watching a film I’ll do it along with each dialogue - one tap for each syllable. I have no idea why and it’s become impossible to stop.
Monster Mash The Fash 6 month ago
Bruh I thought I was the only one with this super power.
john kieran 6 month ago
"Hey, what's 20% of ten dollars?" - "I do NOT know!" ... MRW after finishing Calc III 🤣
bobfox 6 month ago
Yeah I think playing the piano and typing contribute to this fidget. I still subconsciously play scales and chords and I haven't touched a piano in like 10 years
Chicago Twilight 5 month ago
I like to do this while holding hands with another person randomly pushing back.
Habergas 6 month ago
he has über micro, time to meet Teh_Masterer
Zoop! 6 month ago
Great ending, very strong.
Krystine Kimes 5 month ago
I don’t get the ending how it is part of the joke?
Brendan Kelly 5 month ago
Hahaha great video Philliam. Just wanted to check in and let you know that your content is wonderful and I'm a devoted subscribee and loyal fan. I had a quick question: Do you distribute your ad revenue equally among each version of yourself that plays a part in each video? Thanks. (This is for a school project so you have to help)
Edwin 3 month ago
This is your finest work.
EnochNoks 6 month ago
So damn relatable. And it should be 2 dollars.
Nick Short 6 month ago
Phil you deal with the real problems this world has with profound videos like this. Thank you for your service.
Moien Heydari 6 month ago
I can do that too
Denisa C 6 month ago
What anime is this?
sukmycokyoutoobz 6 month ago
2 dollars Doctor
OnePhatKatt 6 month ago
So I’m not the only one who does this? Whew!
Brook Nichols 6 month ago
how many people also do this?
Mitch meyer 6 month ago
This is good
isovas 6 month ago
2 dollars
Shaun Kalkat 5 month ago
LMAO so good
CaesarsSalad 5 month ago
What is the "other" pattern? The only pattern length 5 that uses each finger once is 13524 and its reverse.
Technicality 6 month ago
Courvel 6 month ago
I've never related more to a video than this
Austin Banks 6 month ago