Jeff Hardy on his return: "I will be different" | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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Jeff Hardy joins Renee Young on this week's edition of WWE Backstage to discuss his return to WWE, Matt Hardy, and much more.

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Jeff Hardy on his return: "I will be different" | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

WWE ON FOX 2 month ago
What are your thoughts on Jeff Hardy's return to WWE?
Melih Özer 2 month ago
He should definetely bring back his old song “NO MORE WORDS”
michael hoback 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy Returning: Randy Orton: Im about to end this whole mans career.
Outlaw Gamer 2 month ago
2:00 Bring back 2009, Jeff as World Champion and No More Words Theme
uno a caso 2 month ago
Jeff :"I will be different" Willow: *yes*
Nightmare Foxy 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy: I returned. Orton: *has a knife waiting for Jeff*
Xz 2 month ago
Imagine if CM Punk was on this episode Didn’t I retire you in 2009? ....
Mr Awesome 2 month ago
*Better Come Back With “No More Words”*
Dillon Stidham 2 month ago
I'd like to see John Morrison vs Jeff Hardy again since they're both back again.
K.D.O. OF KALICO ENT. 2 month ago
Jeff in WWE Matt in AEW I ❤️ Wraslin
Nishchal Joshi 2 month ago
"There's something left for me to do in the WWE. I'm not sure what that that is but I wanna make that happen". Main even MANIA!
Cameron Baker 2 month ago
I think he is going to be heel, ever since he said "I'll be different".
Kyrie Conti 2 month ago
He needs to change his theme song
Amariona Bryson 2 month ago
Plz let him return with “No More Words”
ShaunX_ Regis 2 month ago
Had a feeling Jeff was gonna say Roman reigns
Box 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy: “I will be the 2020 version of Jeff Hardy.” Brother Nero: “Yes.”
Kevin Lopez 2 month ago
This man wearing his tna merch on wwe television. Legend.
Jamie Mcguire 2 month ago
This should be a live morning show with a live audience to be honest
Subin Manandhar 2 month ago
0:52 Jeff: I've got tons of ideas Vince: hahaha you're losing to No Way Jose on your return match
Matt D 2 month ago
Apex predator 2 month ago
What's about Matt Hardy How is he now in hospital
Mini Ninja2.0 2 month ago
Is it just me who wants his willow character from impact wrestling 😂
Jay Storms 2 month ago
Rene and those pants Man she's so hot!!!
Kate Ground 2 month ago
After growing up with the attitude era and watching Jeff it's crazy to thing he is a father now
Myles Blackwell 2 month ago
Straight up looked like his old TNA tunnel entrance 😂♥️
anand parameswaran 2 month ago
Good because after WM 36 I want to see Jeff make his return and challenge Roman for the UV title 👏🏼🔥 miss jeff
alextrvppin Ҳ G59 2 month ago
i want to see punk and jeff face to face one more time on fox.. like a interview or something...
Sheorick 2 month ago
Baveshen Pillay 2 month ago
0:46 When he said that... My anticipation went off the charts!!!! The adrenaline is literally Bursting!
I love ur Channel btw 2 month ago
*Jeff Returns* Randy: I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Lina GG 2 month ago
Does this man age? He looks so good
madash2k8 2 month ago
Great to see Jeff back on TV! Hope the return is soon, hardy, hardy, hardy, hardy 🤘😎
pixels N Dimensions 2 month ago
"Even if we are in different (pause)...worlds..." He was about to say different companies...but then changed it...jeff in wwe and matt in aew...wrestling indeed is back to his glory days...long live wwe and aew...long live wrestling...amen to that...
TheUndisputed Rocks 2 month ago
Jeff : "I Will Be Different" Vince : "You are Really Great as a Jobber" 👌😂💔
Jahmier Quayson 2 month ago
It’s crazy how Jeff Hardy been with us neff really the goat
Hugh Arse 2 month ago
Keep him as Jeff Hardy, no more words and straight into the main event ❤️ The company needs a megastar like him
Fish 2 month ago
I feel he’s gonna return as a heel the Smackdown after mania
Ech00F 2 month ago
When he says different it's either willow or his old theme song to be of hardy!
loveforthe90s 2 month ago
Jeff is so natural on camera
SpaceGhost P 2 month ago
1:53 I feel like I haven’t seen the Big Gold belt in so long lol
Austin Campbell 2 month ago
“I’ll be ready when I’m sober”
Boabl1690 2 month ago
I’ll be different .. *no more words theme starts*
ThatBigKram 2 month ago
Jeff needs to bring back that 00-03 look/ glow in the dark entrance
Mike 2 month ago
If he comes out to "No More Words" I'll lose my mind
Jake Lineman 2 month ago
Less drinking and driving more stiff swantons
casper 2 month ago
Willow would be perfect to join the fire fly fun house.
Makaveli Soldier 2 month ago
I HOPE he gives us the EPIC solo run WE ALL want and deserve!
Lando 2 month ago
Bring back" no more words" theme like so they see
{DEMON} {D A V E} 2 month ago
After he said "I will be different" Did anyone else feel that Willow vibe?
Rae Menace 2 month ago
That was the first dance I learned as a young girl. Never know the name until now.
SS vs SRT 2 month ago
Bring out Willow of the wisp
JUHIS 108 2 month ago
0:07 I'M Love jeff pls back jeff hardy💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😍❤️
Bailey Winch 2 month ago
I’d love to see him fight Drew for The title if he wins at wrestle mania, or ricochet
Sinister Jarl 2 month ago
"I will be different" so he will become willow i guess.. 🤔
Mad Lol 2 month ago
He’ll leave soon to go be with matt once his contracts up
Knighter Reigns 2 month ago
Let me guess, he’s going on smackdown
dbfidelisforever 2 month ago
Jeff is one of the greatest of all time. Had every title much like Jericho and Kurt. I can't wait until he gets into the Hall of Fame.
pricila 2 month ago
im glad to see jeff healthy. take it slow jeff take your time !!
Mr Duck 316 2 month ago
I’ve been waiting for Jeff Hardy to come back
IDL- FRESH 2 month ago
i want to see willow jeff or broken jeff we haven’t seen that version yet we only seen broken matt but we need willow hardy or broken hardy
Bryan McCarry 2 month ago
0:11 Nope Rene if they bring back “No More Words” then it’ll be one of the best entrances of all time
Anees Sarwar 2 month ago
I just hope he stays in control of his drinking, other than that it’s always nice to see Jeff, one of the most naturally charismatic superstars ever.
OmgKay 2 month ago
Dude I cried watching this yes I cried dude is in amazing shape and he’s so energetic like it’s amazing man it’s crazy
Aaron Polston 2 month ago
2 weeks cleared and nothing. That's Jeff Hardy they have there, he needs to be used in a top spot
Omar Murillo 2 month ago
7:18 look at the tweet in the corner. The name is the best part LMAO
Jeremy Wolfe 2 month ago
I want to here the theme. "Obsolete" I want brother nero.
Baveshen Pillay 2 month ago
I cannot wait to see my main man Jeff back!!! It's gonna be so Great!!
Speedy 122 2 month ago
One of the best wrestlers in history I hope he return with his old theme song ❤️
Anthony Avalos 2 month ago
Hmm I couldn't help but notice he said "next few years" I wonder how much time wwe added to his contract and or if he signed an extension
SUAVE CARLEONE 2 month ago
I didn’t think I would ever see Jeff hardy in wwe again 💯
Andre Novels 2 month ago
"I have so many ideas" Wrong company bro
Mattias Liebert 2 month ago
Wesker JHG 2 month ago
I wouldve liked to see CM Punk There , since thèse 2 had a good rivalry in 2009
Andeo Novelli 2 month ago
Welcome back Jeff hardy
Justt Dannnyy 2 month ago
I’ve heard Jeff on many occasions mention he wants a match with Roman reigns they both gonna be on smack down boom it Vince
Glennville Sanido 2 month ago
That entrance has some TNA vibes with it.
Striker 2 month ago
I mean Randy RKOing everyone jump on him from 30ft again lol
Seth Parker 2 month ago
Jeff hardy vs edge one last time
James Roets Jr. 2 month ago
Welcome back Jeff Hardy 👍
True Facts 2 month ago
Jeff vs Roman would make me interested in WWE after Mania.
Fred 2 month ago
I would say he should return to “No More Words” but WWE probably“forgot” what it is🤦🏽‍♂️
Divine Chareka 2 month ago
Renee Young is so beautiful, Jon Moxley/Ambrose is a lucky dude
Brandon Thunder 2 month ago
Jeff has to become champion again...
Alzaani Chowdhury 2 month ago
I’m smelling a heel turn
Tony Moncivaiz 2 month ago
Jeff!!!!!! You've been one of my favorites for years I caught your arm sleeve in Laredo,TX!!!!!!!! You rule bro!!!!!
Dawanna Kisto 2 month ago
I really hope he returns as Willow. I loved him as Willow in TNA.
Perry Houdini 2 month ago
They would never ever ever ever ever be a next jeff hardy. He is the most extreme wrestler in the business
Dave Anthony 2 month ago
I’m praying for Jeff Hardy. He is one of my all time favorite guys.
Stick Run Production 2 month ago
Matt Hary:- "Brother Nero I knew you'd come"
Kelley Turner 2 month ago
Seeing all these "Willow" comments has made me think everyone has seen that video of Jeff teasing Willow, I would be excited as well to see Willow again
Satheesh 2 month ago
Btw, Matt Hardy is finally going to AEW
Miles Campbell 2 month ago
Love Renee's thunder-thighs 🥰
Crystal Spears 2 month ago
So glad to see him back!! Guess I'll have to start watching wrestling again lol. Can't wait to see what he does!!
Ryder Omega 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy I will be different-2020. He's been saying the same thing since TNA when he was HIGH AF in the main event vs Sting 🤷‍♂️. And that was when I was in middle skool.
Pumpkin Pie 2 month ago
Me and my siblings have grown up watching Jeff on WWE, we love you here in Kenya
Kris Sanders 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy always reminded me of Patrick swayze. Even sounds like him
Heff Hardy:I will be different😊 Randy Orton: Yh ok,am about to end this man whole career😏😈 WWE Fans:RKO,RKO,RKO
David Madison 2 month ago
If you’re waiting on the right “creative moment” in WWE it will never come.
Try Panigoro 2 month ago
he’s too old, he will break his bones on impact
Andy Max 2 month ago
Please Jeff! Been waiting so long for you to return, don't get injured again any time soon.