Linkin Park Reacts To A Linkin Park Show From 2001

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Join LINKIN PARK in celebrating the 20th anniversary of HYBRID THEORY as they react to never before seen LIVE concert footage from 2001. #WithMe |

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Rachmania Wahyu 9 days ago
Joe : " hey mike, one thing..." Mike : "????" Joe : " i don't know why" All : 😊😊😊😊 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emma Ford 9 days ago
“I think dogs hate this song” “that’s a lot of beeps man” “It’s like a heartrate going really high” “The bass is pushing me away” “I now hate that song”
Løng Live the Løcal Dreamer 9 days ago
“We invented cringey before cringey was a word”NO MIKE WHAT THE HECK TAKE IT BACK YOU INVENTED LEGENDS
Sidhant Sharma 9 days ago
After watching this reaction , i can clearly see how badly Mike is missing Chester.
Nikola Tesla 9 days ago
Guess we cannot go back in time, but these memories would simply not fade away
liquidghost 9 days ago
To answer Mike's question about where that "bounce" came from. It came from Korn. When Head, one of the guitarist of Korn, couldn't reach the guitar chord on his 7 String because the neck was thicker, he started bending over to reach the chord. That was one of my favorite things from the Nu Metal era live shows, and definitely not stupid. Once Metalcore began to take over and Nu Metal died out, I would revert back to the One Step Closer video just to see the "bounce."
Neha Sinha 9 days ago
“Chester looks like Eminem’s fan from the Stan video”😂😂
MiR3K 9 days ago
2:08 "Chester looks like Eminem's fan from that Stan video" **all LP and Eminem fans laugh with joy**
That Chicago Kid 9 days ago
34:07 Joe: "Hey Mike" Mike: *Nods up* "What's up" Joe: "One thing...." Mike: 🤔 Joe: "I don't know why." Mike: 😑
Illya Kuznetsov 9 days ago
Я парень простой. Вижу Линков - ставлю лайк!! LP forever!
nora de santiago 9 days ago
For years I kept telling my kids someday we’ll go to a Linkin Park concert. Finally the time came bought the tickets and sadly Chester passed we kept the tickets. But life keeps going please guys you still have so much to give and I really hope I can be lucky to go to a Concert.
Jay Clah 9 days ago
The Street Soldiers Tour setlist: 01. With You 02. Runaway 03. Papercut 04. By Myself 05. Points Of Authority 06. High Voltage 07. Crawling 08. Pushing Me Away 09. And One 10. In The End 11. A Place For My Head 12. Forgotten 13. One Step Closer
LIXão 9 days ago
Setlist 1-with you 0:20 2-runaway 4:50 3-papercut 8:29 4-by myself 11:35 5-points of authority 14:40 6-high voltage 18:36 7-crawling 22:41 8-pushing me away 26:07 9-and one 30:02 10-in the end 32:41 11-a place for my head 36:12 12-forgotten 39:29 13-one step closer 46:05
Emma Ford 9 days ago
“We should license this to cooking shows” “I’M ABOUT TO BAKE!!” Mike: “one step closer to the EGG!” These guys are comedy gold
Emma Ford 9 days ago
Mike: “we set the stage for ‘cringey’ to exist” Dave: “do not include me in that ‘we’”
Free Butterfly 9 days ago
Обидно, смотрела всю трансляцию от и до не зная английского языка:((( Может кто-то переведет, хотя вряд-ли:(
BasyaDMT ][ GameChannel 9 days ago
С тех пор как услышал One Step Closer, Linkin Park в моем плейлисте всегда. Честер - лучший и в моем сердце будет жить вечно!
TehSinapsis 9 days ago
Phoenix about Forgotten: is this song in Hybrid Theory?
hlias tsiko 9 days ago
I miss Chester people like him can teaching us a lot thinks We still missing you Chester Bennington 😔
Sozin 9 days ago
Кто русский, можете сказать, будут ещё стримы?))
kittenbyun 9 days ago
Aww I've noticed that in the bridge of Forgotten when Chester was trying to sing his part, he couldn't hit the right note and he was laughing and smiling till the end of the song. He's so adorable! That has to be the cutest moment in history of music. Edit: For anyone wondering it's at 43:52
MrFaith73 9 days ago
A lot of songs that you guys wrote and performed really hits home with me with the issues a child deal with. For years I suffered with depression and being bullied growing up. Crawling in my skin is especially personal to me. It's almost like the song was written about my life
Full Counter 9 days ago
Even though i haven't met chester or seen him live , he is the closest person to me. I really miss you chester...
MrFaith73 9 days ago
Chester was such an incredible artist. He touched the lives of so many. He is truly going to be missed
Twix Channel 9 days ago
То чувство, когда Linkin Park сняли реакцию на самих себя:D
Viny Oliveira Machado 9 days ago
"And One" is their most underrated song ever!
Aakash Paul 9 days ago
We had Bohemian Rapsody on Queen Now we need The Hybrid Theory on Linkin park
stefan lyon 9 days ago
“Their like children, you have favourites, and lesser favourites” So now we need to know each band members list of favourite to least favourite LP song 😂
Audiophile Books 9 days ago
19 лет.... Музыка Linkin Park качает до сих пор! Жаль что так и не удалось попасть на их концерт... R.I.P. Честер...
Joanna U 9 days ago
🖤🖤🖤 Невероятный Chester 🗺️💯👍 грустно, что тебя нет сейчас с нами, НО....ты все равно для нас "живой", в песнях, в клипах, на записях концерта...ты жив в нашей памяти и сердце 🧡с тобой многие и я, прошли с твоими, вашими песнями по жизни....🙏 Люблю тебя, люблю Linkin park, вы были и остаётесь, одними из крутыми...Chester , где бы ты ни был сейчас, будь счастлив и свободен от всего...........♥️.🔥🖤🖤🖤
Мой блог южная корея Южная корея 9 days ago
Линкин парк навсегда в нашем сердце ведь с их песнями так много приятных воспоминаний связано надеюсь у вас тоже помню как еще в шарагу ходил слушая на касетном плеере
kanto93able 9 days ago
Chester was literally f*cking perfect and more (with Crawling miles above the rest)!!! Usually he would go wayyy overboard (😅) with his voice in the early years, but HERE: maaaan 🔥🔥🔥 PS: Joe with them jokes 😂
GAMING_ NATIOn 9 days ago
Andy Lastname 9 days ago
That mike was my idol....i sarted dressing up and listening to everything he created....wanting to be like him....i still love him...and whole of the linkin park.....they were my introduction to rock music.
Gabriel Piscopo 9 days ago
Concerts back then were so much better back then, when literally everyone is moshing. No one moshes these days. I was watching an IRON MAIDEN concert that took place in 2019 and no one was moshing. Sure, they were jumping but still, moshing is just...
Дмитрий Спрыгин 9 days ago
Эх, такая грусть от того, что Честера больше нет с нами, о тех годах, что ушли безвозвратно и вернуть их уже, к сожалению, нельзя. Хорошо, что ребята запиливают иногда видосы и поддерживают отношения друг с другом.
chris skywar 9 days ago
so far, my only regret in life has been not watching linkin park's concert in my country a few years back... i chose to spend my money on my workstation, and thought that i could just watch their concert after i find a job 2 years later... and damn, i was devastated on chester's passing... i cant believe it at all when my friend told me the news. i thought it would be some sort of hoax, or prank. damn... T_T
Angel16081992 9 days ago
few day's ogo chester gonna have his birthday ;( and only 4month's and he's choose to be with his friend in heaven [*]RIP[*] chester ...
Emma Ford 9 days ago
I love how they didn’t say anything about the girl that was crowd surfing
PARSA power 9 days ago
Mike thinks his hair was disgusting 😂 but i love it
asoldier namedlisa 9 days ago
The chat is closed but I won't leave this live! There will have a last one there... Who will it be?
Justin DBS 9 days ago
13:42 you can see mike's face missing him from these concerts..
Peter Pan Parker 9 days ago
​Do live In Texas next that will be cool my brother was at that show.
Emma Ford 9 days ago
“Do you know the name of this song?” “No, is it carousel?” “It’s called 99 problems” 😂
Vladimir Andreev 9 days ago
"look at those angry kids" yes we were, Mike - all grown up now though. thanks for all the music, boys!
Mônica Ramos 9 days ago
Quanta sdds do Chester um grande talento que nos deixou tão precocemente descanse em paz nós brasileiros fãs de Linkin Park iremos sempre respeitar seu legado🇧🇷 🕊🌷💞💞
Nadejda Shimko 9 days ago
Спасибо! Много чего хочется написать, много мыслей. Но основная.... Как будто это было вчера. Вчера я услышала вас по радио, вчера отплясывала под вас.... Рада вас увидеть в здравии!
Tael 9 days ago
Dude, it hurts so bad not being able to go back to these times, 100% no joke
Luiz C. 9 days ago
Melhor banda do mundo. Linkin Park forever 🇧🇷❤️
CaptAdam 9 days ago
20 years already? Damn it feels like just yesterday that I was playing Hybrid theory and Reanimation almost non-stop as a kid. I'm surprised I never burned out the disks I played them so much.
EzMaki 9 days ago
Where is Brad and Rob :(
kovacshuni 9 days ago
He’s standing in the front, is the most outstanding layer of sound, the coolest looking, moving member but Noone, noone mentions Chester one time. Poor guys have a serious trauma about this.
Giulia Soledad 9 days ago
I have a feeling ... As if the emotional maturity of the songs grew with my emotional maturity and that is priceless for me. You are and will be my favorite band for ever!!! Thank you so much for everything, lots of love from Brazil <3
Já era fã em 2001 ouvia no discman 🌏🌍🌎🚥🚦🇧🇷🏁
Egor Yos 9 days ago
Это было мощно LP навсегда!!!
Pa5an1 9 days ago
The guys not knowing And One while everyone commented it made my day :D "Is this Carousel?" XD
Benazir Khaitova 9 days ago
I really miss them Linkin Park forever
nalin abhey 9 days ago
“Chester looks like the fan from Eminem’s Stan video. “ -Mr Hahn 2020-
Brian Shae 9 days ago
My heart hurts still that Chester is gone. I can only imagine how they feel. One ❤️ love. Linkin Park Lives through us all!
Martina Petreković 9 days ago
One step closer to the EGG, and I'm about to BAKE.
Andrew Hollingshead 9 days ago
If Chester was watching this, he’d be roasting himself the whole time. 😂
Пожилой Отвал 9 days ago
One step closer to the egg And I'm about to bake
Егор Цыба 9 days ago
List of songs they played in that live: 1. Part Of Me 2. Now I See 3. Runaway 4. Super Xero 5. Papercut 6. Points Of Authority 7. High Voltage 8. Crawling 9. Pushing Me Away 10. And One 11. Untitled 12. Esaul 13. Rhinestone 14. One Step Closer
Taisa Rodrigues 9 days ago
Eles esquecendo o nome das músicas, e eu aqui: poxa cara, mas essa música é tal! Aposto que todo fã estava pensando o mesmo kkkk
Hiteh Thakur 9 days ago
Love how Chester's face turned red while singing crawling now that is hard work
Greg 9 days ago
He sang: " let it go", but he couldn't cope with his grief. You should pay more attention to this and show that there are beautiful things in the world to live for - there is a family and a lot of friends who love you and want to see you happy. Take care of each other!
Yusuf maryam 9 days ago
Im from Indonesia.. Who Miss Chester Bennington..👍
Emma Ford 9 days ago
“See, you can’t see the crowd right now but they’re all crying” well those people are crying for sure now that Chester is gone. 💔
Emma Minchin 9 days ago
"Imagine if you were one of the bands that had kind of witty names for all of your songs that had nothing to do with the songs" you mean Fall Out Boy?
Maggie Gebhart 9 days ago
This had to have been really hard for Mike, you can just see through his expressions how much he misses Chester 😥
dolev halachmi 9 days ago
I would have loved to be there. And for Linkin Park to collaborate with Green Day. RIP Chester
Lady Beast Covers 9 days ago
I've never seen before that perfect synchronization and complicity between 2 singers on the stage. An amazing chemistry! Mike and Chester were an outstanding team of voices. We will never see something so anymore.
Urosh Uchiha Novakovic 9 days ago
Took me a while to realize that I had a huge smile on my face the entire video.
Eric Lucillio 9 days ago
Hybrid Theory is still my favourite album of all time.
renatadark 9 days ago
Passando pra dizer que Salvador, Bahia, Brasil tá presente!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Douglas Ferreira 9 days ago
Cadê os br ? Deixa o Like aí ❤
warmachine 9 days ago
"and i am about to bake,cooking shows can use that"- <3
Антон Волков 9 days ago
Прям как будто опять в школу вернулся... Всем удачи!)
Bryan Areson 9 days ago
This gives me the chills The sound of your voice. Painted on my memories
Kofe 9 days ago
Guys you don't even know how much this means for us, THANK YOU!
MrFaith73 9 days ago
The song numb especially reminds me of the relationship between me and my mother. In her eyes I just never measured up. When I became an adult I realize that she grew up just like me with someone being disappointed with her
Rebecca Howie 9 days ago
Omg I needed this!!!!! Bless you all and bless your fans, especially during this crazy ass time!!!! Sending you guys and everyone so much love!!! Geez, I’m going into my fan girl giddiness, lol!!! My 38th bday is coming up March 29, this totally made my month!!!! Love and much gratitude always!!! Chester is in my heart with my Justin, they’re kicking ass on the other side for us!!!!! Papercut saw me through a lot of dark times!!!! Including a terrible abusive relationship!!! I had a 91 Acura Legend with 2 12’s in the trunk, booming a tape deck with one of those CD converter things and would ride to work jamming out, lol!!!!
DjDarkD 9 days ago
It looked like Fred Durst was filming them.
Twicevelvet Forever 9 days ago
After this video , my tears don't even matter. I just miss them so much.
AlexiaRay 9 days ago
The crowd sang to IN THE END before it hit mainstream.
Robin Laurita 9 days ago
Dude, forget not having a phone, you had no clean clothes, or hairdresser's... you guys are hysterical!!!!!!
Rose Walega 9 days ago
Miss the best frontman ever such a rock in loving, kind soul Chester we will never forget you brings tears still to my eyes to this day
Mateus Ragonezi 9 days ago
Muito engraçado ver o Chester, aos 43:52, inconformado em não conseguir cantar no tom. Ele tenta mandar o backing vocal na primeira e, quando percebe estar cantando uma nota fora, olha para trás indignado como quem: "vocês estão vendo essa poha!?". Na segunda vez, ele olha de novo para trás indignado e ligeiramente puto. Na terceira vez, ele começa e já para. Põe a mão na cintura e casca o bico. Na última vez, finalmente, ele erra de novo e continua cascando o bico. Estava aqui tentando imaginar o que passava na cabeça dele nesse momento. O cara destrói o show inteiro, cantando todas as outras linhas vocais impossíveis absurdamente bem, pra chegar em um backing vocal facílimo na penúltima música e errar! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Ai ai, eu amo esse cara. Faz muita falta. Ídolo eterno.
Siddhant Acharya 9 days ago
I always wanted to experience your guys Live concert But still I would love to meet these guys LP forever
Luciana Santana Santana 9 days ago
Maravilhos há vinte anos atrás Maravilhosos hoje Maravilhosos para sempre e mais um dia 🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️
p 9 days ago
After 3 years On the 20th anniversary of hybrid theory And we only get to watch them react to one of their first concerts (Without brad and rob) GOD!!!!
Lenovo Mobi 9 days ago
So glad To see y'all putting on videos once again :"""") Please make some LP songs please!!! Waiting for it badly!! Make Chester proud..!! Let his legacy go on!! Please :"") ❤️🌸
KeiyaneKA3M 9 days ago
Omg, Chester isn't in great shape or what... He makes me feel like a lost kid on this live. ♥
Jacky Hoang 9 days ago
Oops, they recorded before, and there's no Rob and Brad. 😢
Stephen Beddard 9 days ago
Yo these B Sides need to come back! They don't get as much recognition as they deserve
Alexis Ritchel 9 days ago
Who else loves the song “By Myself”? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Jéssica PS 9 days ago
LP: It's very dark! Me: yeah guys, it's very dark, but the band rocks so
евгений мелешко 9 days ago
Всем привет!!!! Лучшим фанатам LP
Yumna Nurroidah 9 days ago
So glad to see u guys 😭😭 we miss u on the stage with Chester 😭😭
Sam G 9 days ago
Linkin park insults a man after he dies. "Chester looks like Eminem's fan from that stan video."