Day 1 in quarantine vs Day 50

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This was awesome!!.... now it's not

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samantha dow 29 days ago
I’m down to washing my hair once a week. I’ve forgotten what a bra is.
Claire B 29 days ago
My kids never wanted to go on walks. Now walking around our neighborhood is like walking around Disney to them.
SidewaysofieO 29 days ago
I think we are just living the life of a pet. They never go outside, and have nothing to do
Eliana H 29 days ago
I love how he wouldn’t go as far as *really* destroying the puzzle 😂😂 gotta stay entertained
Chocolate Bubbles 29 days ago
1:03 *I now understand why dogs freak out for walks*
Christina Charalambous 29 days ago
“It’s not as you think as bad as it is “ PATD WAS THAT JUST ME
Lakshmi G 29 days ago
I actually enjoy bad weather now cos the sun can't taunt me whilst I'm shut away in my house *laughs and cries*
124Nightwing 29 days ago
The walk thing is so relatable, it’s the only time I get fresh air.
JackyHarper Studio 29 days ago
He acted like a dog when he was asked to go on a walk
Engineering Bookisha 29 days ago
The walk thing is me. I get dressed with jewelry and makeup just to walk to the grocery store 😂
Lakshmi G 29 days ago
I didn’t think I could let go of myself any further but everyday I surprise myself 🙂
Valina Jean-Louis 29 days ago
"Is that Kennedy or Ken the barbie" I can't breathe hahaha
awesomecat300 29 days ago
Him pushing those puzzle pieces off physically pained me
Andresfurious 1123 29 days ago
As a person that’s barely left the house since 18 December 2019 I can tell you things get worse specially if don’t have somebody to talk with maybe you play piano like me and is a gamer as well these only things that are keeping from becoming insane
Min Yoonji 29 days ago
"God you're crying, so am I" What a perfect ending 😂👏
A N 29 days ago
Wake up people, The person we should blame is Batman, he fooled all of your tiny brains
Teagen B. 29 days ago
Everyone's saying how dogs act like that when you say "walk".... I think mine are broken.
Abi R 29 days ago
I started organizing really early on but that descended into madness within a few days and I don’t have any energy left. I feel like Stanley in Stairmaggedon lol
Christine Roinou 29 days ago
Ok how'd he open that beer bottle that was so cool
Ashley B Adventures 29 days ago
100% thought I would reorganize my whole house, take up 10 new hobbies and learn to cook some amazing meals. Did not happen.
Maggie Obersat 29 days ago
I was literally like ok- I'll put on makeup and dress like I'm going to school- I'll feel better about this- I did that for two weeks. Now I haven't worn makeup in 4 weeks and I've only worn my jeans twice since then...leggings and nike shorts...great....😂😂😂
MJCobz 29 days ago
Me getting out of quarantine in 2096: 👴
Laney G. 29 days ago
“Do you wanna go on a walk? No. What am I an eighty year old man?” I say this to my mom all the time when she wants to go on a walk. Lol I’m dying 😂🙃
Tallied 29 days ago
If you did not laugh during this video, your lying.
DonnyPlus 29 days ago
"I heard this thing could possibly last till May huhuh" Me: 😭😭😭
208 Mondays 29 days ago
I actually like to see the rain bc that’s when I go out to run any errands needed. The way I see it, if washing our hands helps keep us safe then rainy days must be safer outside. Right?
Cassandra Bankson 29 days ago
*Sending this to my families zoom chat to passively aggressively explain why ‘my roommates Wi-Fi use is always making the Internet connection so slow’. Yeah I got to go watch another 50 hours of YouTube* no for reals appreciate the giggles.
Samy -G 29 days ago
“Why do you brush your theet so loud?” 😂
Stuff Stuffer 29 days ago
"Lemme get 8 bean burritos" I feel very attacked...
Stephanie Alvarez 29 days ago
I’m the one that wears the same clothes everyday like their stuck to me 🤣⚰️😭
Noked Johnson 29 days ago
The crazy part is Trey is actually bored because he's pretty close to finishing that puzzle 😅😅😅
Jasmeen Dhaliwal 29 days ago
This is accurate😭😭 You're lying if you weren't a lil excited in the beginning of lockdown vs now😭😭😭😂
mia burkholder 29 days ago
do you think my grandkids will be able to go to a concert? BUT WHY IS THAT SUCH A STAGE OF QUARANTINE
Inysse Tyler 29 days ago
Trey is the *CLEANEST* comedian ever He would be funny no matter what😂
Robert Alvarez 29 days ago
This is why I plan on staying inside for another two months after all the lockdowns/shutdowns are lifted. People like Mr. Quarantine for 50 days are going to be the first one out the door, so I can wait. Yes, I can.
Art Aizen 29 days ago
i just love that people in my country actually have this 1 to 50 days behavior, just faster, they go from 1 to 50 in just 4 days.
The Broke Code 29 days ago
Almost every skit was accurate for us. We are honestly just tired of quarantine. We also just posted a video on our quarantine experience. Go check it out!!
Rushika Prasad 29 days ago
*It’s amazing how we spend forever trying to convince people to go outside, when really all we had to do was take it away from them, and watch people flock willingly...*
Niamh Rooney 29 days ago
"10:45...woo...earliest this week" 🤣🤣 how did he record that footage of ME!?
Tanea Herbert 29 days ago
Honestly, we need a college kid version cause there's still tons to do (not that I'm motivated).
It's Megan 29 days ago
Day 50 Me: Molly I swear to God if you leave the door open one more time I'm gonna KILL YOU! Yes I'm serious!
Thoughts Of Me 29 days ago
Rain can’t stop me I’m going on my walks!!!!
Bailey Crofford 29 days ago
“God if you’re crying so am I”😂
Mello Marsh 29 days ago
Kennedy is just here being Trey entertaining us during this Quarantine....
Cher Horowitz 29 days ago
"10:45! Earliest this week." Ha. My earliest was 2:00."
Andrew Sawadski 29 days ago
When trey said “walk” my dog went crazy!!😂🤣
angel face 29 days ago
Honestly it’s kinda sad cause we feel like we’re going insane just being locked in our house for a few months but then people in mad houses are not only already insane but they don’t have anything to do, they’re wearing stray jackets, always locked up no matter what, and are treated poorly. And those are just the basics
Alisha Coku 29 days ago
“Do you think our grandkids will be able to go concerts?” that’s really sad to think about...
Million Ex Girlfriends 29 days ago
I haven't cut my own hair yet, but I'm close to it
ChrisJ 29 days ago
“My roommate’s on the wifi, its not gonna work.. bye.” 😂
Jacinta 29 days ago
"Do you think our grandkids will be able to go to a concert?" 😂
Liliya Leto 29 days ago
It would have been funnier if he was clean shaved at the first day.
Kimberly Guzman 29 days ago
“God your crying well so am I” I don’t want to to be here either... that’s my mood 😂✌🏻
Asriel Dreemurr 29 days ago
You know how before quarantine,we used to hold out on our dogs to take them on walks and they had to suffer on being stuck inside...they used the Uno reverse card on humanity 😣
Amelia Kidman 29 days ago
I, honestly am loving quorenten. Best thing ever.
Madeline Ziller 29 days ago
My mom told me that I’m the most introverted person she’s never met, and yesterday I said “I miss people” WTF HAPPENED TO ME GUYS WHAT DO I DO
Nicole 29 days ago
“You think our grandkids will be able to go to a concert?” 🤣🤣
Erika Booker 29 days ago
He is the only one who can make me laugh at this whole situation 😅 he is sooo funny and idk what I’d do without his videos to get me through being stuck in this many house
Margot Keady 29 days ago
Hey, um, Trey? When’s your basketball game tomorrow?
FateAndFurie 29 days ago
Lmao literally me having to wear "work" clothes my first 2 weeks teaching from home, now it's t-shirts and shorts every day 😭
blwhere 29 days ago
I told someone about the mask thing and now I feel like a fool. lmao.
STILL 28 days ago
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one own's them. Let the Narrative of emotion go. Non-Duality.
Rushika Prasad 29 days ago
Children day 1: No school yayyyyyy! Children day 50: What’s that? We need to make a grocery store run? OF COURSE IM COMING! They have a two person limit? Fine I’ll hide in your purse! Just take me, take me pleeeaaase!
Dit Dot 29 days ago
"WHY DO YOU BRUSH UR TEETH SO LOUD" eek I felt that one
Queen Shannie Love 29 days ago
I’ve been planning to do the whole “keep, sell, toss” since last year, I was super excited to get it done during quarantine since I had no excuses to not do it. ASK ME IF I EVEN STARTED IT YET! FML SHAME ON ME!
Victor T. 28 days ago
Normal weekend: ugh why do we have to go out I just wanna stay home and chill Now: can we please just drive somewhere this weekend? Please???
Ka El Sah 29 days ago
"God if you're crying, so am I grhh-hee-goahh!" 🤣
Alex Haji 29 days ago
his face when he said "walk" 1:10 hahaha. Like a little kids reaction to getting a new present
Candice 29 days ago
"is this your sixth day wearing this exact outfit?" "yeah, it's stuck to me at this point, so" loool
ZIGged 28 days ago
Day 1: Happy playing Video Games. Day 20 for 1 hour: Im bored, lets take a walk. Day 50: Happy playing Video Games.
Avery Smith 29 days ago
He got the Mask one spot on. Health Officials: Don't buy masks they won't stop you from getting the virus or from spreading it to another and the nurses and doctors need them. Health Officials *later*: Are u dum?? Of course you need a mask, you will be charged with a misdemeanor if you don't have one in public.
Jennifer Leavy 29 days ago
Your videos have been helping my mom and I so much during this whole situation. We both struggle with anxiety, and it’s harder too because I’ve been living in Italy (so I’ve been in this situation for a lot longer, sadly) and she’s back home in America, where it’s getting worse every day it seems. We’ve been sharing your videos and they make us laugh and smile but also feel closer together in this crazy difficult scary time. Thank you again for all the laughs, please keep them up (and stay safe! 🙏🏻❤️)
Jasmine Nicole Cogdell 29 days ago
I’ve gone from DoorDash to doing a juice cleanse back to DoorDash and I’m thinking about going back to juice again 🤣🙈 *I’m waiting for a DoorDash order as I write this* 😂
Aneesha Das 29 days ago
This is so me. The word "quarantine" is going to be etched in my memory forever.
Dylan Mingo 29 days ago
Trey: “I’ll take 8 bean burritos”. Me: Oh boy that house is going to smell terrible.
Nate Torres 29 days ago
He has the same fridge as me. That is the one thing i focused on for the entire video.
ANXI8TY 29 days ago
"It's not as think as you bad it is." Me: "I'm as think as you drunk I am"
Serenity SH 28 days ago
100% thought I would reorganize my whole house, take up 10 new hobbies and learn to cook some amazing meals
Aekas Madan 29 days ago
0:27 is literally my mom in the first week she made 8-10 loaves
Vision Music Works 29 days ago
Wow, he had the same look my dog has when we say “go for a walk”! 😂😂
Clodagh Y 29 days ago
Imagine being on lockdown for 3 months Yeah I’m not surviving
Ricky Martinez 29 days ago
When he said “girlfriend” I had to do a double-take. If he only knew what a gay icon he is lmao
Kierra Richardson 29 days ago
I'm proud of myself when I wake up around 12:00 or 1pm 😅
Nadia 28 days ago
"You wanna try some tequila boys? It's uh, not as think as you bad it is." -Trey Kennedy 2020
Ivy S 28 days ago
So true, hilarious and a lil sad all in one. It was a roller coaster.
mack :D 29 days ago
“why do you brush your teeth so loud?!” Me: “I’m sorry BETH I CANT BRUSH?!”
indi_ge_nous1216 29 days ago
“Walks are all I have!” Too real.
stacie 29 days ago
“WaLks ArE All i HAvE!!” Me too too😔
Tiffany Segarra 28 days ago
I'm so done disinfecting groceries it takes longer than the actual shopping lol
Jonathan 29 days ago
2:39 I just laughed out loud, by myself, in public. Nice.
Julia Hope Smith 29 days ago
Guys let’s start a Netflix recommendation thread? 🥺 I’ll go first: The Flash
Josh Kessler 29 days ago
Too real, uncontrollably crying while laughing.
Fai Glams 28 days ago
Me to my husband “ Why do you brush your teeth so loud ? “ 😂
The_Pro_Of_It_All TO 29 days ago
Who else immediately became a fan on the first watch...? LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!
Nicole Lollipops 29 days ago
You could have warned me about the walk segment. My Joey got his hopes up and I was in no mood to get up from my bowl of cookie 🍪 crisp
Alex Torres 29 days ago
Me: During quarantine, I’m going to do Zumba. Come back to work fit. And organize my closet. Reality: 1 week later... no Zumba, got 5 lb, and closet still a disaster
Saki Bunnie 29 days ago
Then there’s me whose an essential worker so my life is exactly the same just now when i get out of work i cant go to walgreens for my stuff 😭
Scott's Tots 29 days ago
When he said *I’ll take 8 bean burritos* I really felt that.
Maura Rooney 29 days ago
"6th day in that exact outfit" 😂 I'm LIVING in my trackies😬
Bluejean 1991 29 days ago
When he said "Woo.. 10:45 earliest this week." That was me yesterday xD