Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

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Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mark and Ethan attempt to touch their faces as little as possible.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.

Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.

Memento Mori.

Unus Annus.
xXIndependanceDayXx 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan: *raising money and awareness, along with doing their part to stop COVID-19* YouTube: Did these little idiots just say Coronavirus? HAH! DEMONITIZATION TIME BIIIIIIIITCH!
Chibi Chan 9 days ago
Mark at the begining of Unus Annus: "Don't touch me." Mark now: "Don't touch your face."
Leo Sydlik 9 days ago
Ethan: “how do I know I can trust you” Mark: “it’s me Markiplier” Everyone: It’s a trap!!!! Run Ethan!!!! It’s Darkiplier!!!!
Abby O 9 days ago
I suggest Feeding America, with all of the schools, closed some kids aren't getting their normal share of food so they will get food to those kids.
Jenna Conlin 9 days ago
St. Judes children's research hospital is trying to help with the corona virus
Caitlin Allred 9 days ago
Ethan: I’ll have horrible anxiety for the rest of my life. Dad, why can’t I give you a hug? Older Ethan: GERMS 🦠
Norielle Ponollera 9 days ago
Other youtubers: *the virus which cannot be named* Mark: *CoRoNaViRuS* Ethan: *COVID-19*
Samar Greyson 9 days ago
Ethan: "How do I know I can trust you?" Mark: "I'm Markiplier!" Me: *chokes on M&Ms laughing* "Like you've never lied before!"
Elias Stark 9 days ago
Ethan: "I'm so painfully aware, now, of germs. Which is *good,* but I'll probably just have horrible anxiety for the rest of my life." Mark: "This is gonna fundamentally change people's mindset about taking care of their hygeine, about handwashing and stuff like that." Me: ~a lowkey germaphobe that highkey already washes my hands too often bc I can *feel* germs - to the point of having skin issues on my hands~ "Ah yes, welcome to my hell."
Rachel Kenyon 9 days ago
Guys, I wish I could. Unfortunately I’m an “essential service” in the MidWest and I’ll have to go out; as millions of healthcare/behavioral health workers will. Stay home, for us if not you and yours. 💛 Much love and stay safe.
Tijan Sigin 9 days ago
CDC: "Don't touch your face" Me while rubbing my eye: "Huh?"
Sky 9 days ago
IMPORTANT NOTE: The incubation time is actually from about 7 days to about a month. There's a lot of proof against the "it's only 2 weeks" thing and it's been very damaging that the truth hasn't been spread as far.
Morning Coffee 9 days ago
"Don't touch your face at all" Zits: "allow us to introduce ourselves"
Bud Witherow 9 days ago
I like how they are talking to us like we are people who actually leave the house if we don't have to anyway
GhastDude589 9 days ago
12:40 Ethan "I am just very close to touching my face." This would've been the perfect time for Mark to say "ARE YOU CLOSE?! YOU CLOSE?!"
Kade Wello 9 days ago
Mark: I’ll give you $200 dollars to touch your face *Mr Beast didn’t like that*
Laura-Ann VW 9 days ago
I have this weird mind 'trick' where I tell myself I'm wearing sterile gloves (like in an OR) and I can't touch my face... Why do I do that or use that trick? Well I'm getting close to the end of my third year (for us it's 4 years studying) of studying to become a nurse... After easter Me and a couple of fellow student nurses are gonna take over half a ward, but not any ward, it's pediatrics. So yeah, excited but nervous. (My dream is to be an OR nurse)
Fandom Freak 9 days ago
Here's the problem- When I'm concentrated, my face and head get itchy- I'm an artist, this is impossible for me- However, awareness is something I can, in fact, do.
Anna Vasquez 9 days ago
“Don’t touch your face” Me with my hand on my face: uh
kat illac 9 days ago
Mark: We can’t touch our faces in every single video we make in the future while under quarantine. **1 day later** Life: *no more Coronavirus*. Mark: Yay! No wait! Philanthropy!
Cherry Clark 9 days ago
Ethan:what is the capital of Texas? Mark: isn’t Austin? Ethan: I think it is Houston *Angry Texan noises*
cadmium-ores 9 days ago
"Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus." Isn't that the sentiment...
Ingunn Anna Svavarsdóttir 9 days ago
This is the day I realized that they have a 7 year age gap... Everything makes so much sence now
Kimbit Yes I am 9 days ago
Unus Annus: we want to donate to a charity and everytime we touch our faces we donate to the charity Also Unus Annus: I don’t wanna touch my face
Makenna Patton 9 days ago
“It’s something we should take seriously” - Mark as he has his headphones on his nose😂😂
Quackers 9 days ago
Ethan: isn’t the capital of Texas Houston Me: *has been living in Texas majority of life* Also me: yeah that seems about right
Matthew Dolan 9 days ago
Any charity’s that help the homeless, they are the ones who are the most vulnerable to this virus they have nowhere to go, and that’s what I worry about the most, not having anywhere to go no one there for you and sometimes not knowing when you might get your next meal. Please donate to the homeless they need food and places to self isolate them self’s please!
T M 9 days ago
I feel like if they distracted each other by playing a video game or something they would've ended up touching their face. They were both thinking about it too much lol
Burrito Animations 9 days ago
Angry small town people in Texas: how dar- Me also from a small town: shut up you know they’re right
Soggy _Waffle 9 days ago
Speaking of Corona Virus, Did you hear about the “Corona Virus Challenge?” It’s something on TikTok. People are *licking* doorknobs *and* Toilet Seats. It’s so dumb -_- ( I don’t have the app. I saw a post about it on Reddit )
Mike H. 9 days ago
Ethan: “c’mon, it’s for charity!” Mark: “Well stop it!” Ethan: “stop doing charity? That’s not cool man.” Me: “THIS GUY HATES CHARITY!!!”
unqualified youtuber 9 days ago
mark: "dont touch your face" me: *bites finger nail while arm is touching my forehead* "got that covered"
Impresto Chango 9 days ago
The Oscar Mike foundation. It’s a foundation helps out our disabled veterans and 100% of the donations go towards the veterans. If you donate $500 to the foundation, a veteran will get the $500. The foundation is really cool too, so I recommend getting their shirts. 100% American made and it is SUPER comfortable.
Jayden SweetPotato 9 days ago
“And staying away from people asking as you can” HAHHA IM ALREADY GOOD AT THAT IM LONELY AS HELL.....I’m lonely *sniff*
TJ Knight 9 days ago
Me playing videogames, hands on the controller: *laughs in hermit*
Michel Heehoo 9 days ago
Ethan: please stay at home to avoid getting/spreading the virus Me: i’m in isolation for 2 weeks now....and i’m going crazy
Racing Stripe A/V 9 days ago
Mark: "What's the capital of Colorado?" Me: "...C?"
Tuba God 9 days ago
The hospitals because they are running out of supplies
Crazy Gaming 9 days ago
When you see someone, don't shake their hand. Do the Wakanda salute.
Shadowy Lincoln :Name soon to change 9 days ago
“Donation to the cause of your choice” Me: Why not give to the scientist who are trying to make vaccines?
Faith Cody 9 days ago
Mark: this is what it means to go further beyond Me: (being a anime nerd: PLUS ULTRAAAA
Stephen G 9 days ago
Charity Idea: The International Red Cross
The Random editor 9 days ago
Mark: “What’s the capital of Colorado?” Me: i will be offended if you get this wrong. Ethan: Denver? Me: yep! Mark: i don't know me: --__-- * dissapointed *
Jonathan 9 days ago
The actual median incubation period is about *5* *days.* The maximum is 14 days, but that only happens 1% of the time. But because of the variability, it’s best to self-quarantine for 14 days after risk of exposure Edit: It is 1000% better to adjust your hair with your hands than by fiercely blowing up at it
XAshleyX 9 days ago
Okay, you guys ARE working from home. But how do proffesional swimmers, hitmen, pilots, and bankers work from home? What about *hoMeleSs PeopLe? hoW do tHey WorK frOm hOme??*
Ren Lopez 9 days ago
When Mark’s headphones went over his eyes, I started laughing so hard
Cia Quine 9 days ago
Ethan: Stay at home if possible ScoMo: how bout no?
Nicole Starr 9 days ago
This is becoming so serious that handshakes and hugs aren’t going to be commonplace. That’s gonna be so weird. A while ass cultural adjustment
Valkota 9 days ago
"don't touch your face" *as I have my hand on my face* "but..."
Heather Didier 9 days ago
Them :don’t touch your face Me:starts messing with my hair
Bug Livestreams 9 days ago
This pandemic has made me realize that my normal everyday lifestyle is something called quarantine.
Elias Stark 9 days ago
Ethan: "When was the last time something like this happened?" Mark: "1919." SARS/MERS/2009: "Am I a joke to you?"
SansyBoy 14 9 days ago
Ethan: When was the last time something like this happened. Mark: 1990 Ebola: Am I a joke to you
ridge Marcero 9 days ago
Either Feeding America or the World Health Organization. Both worthy causes, both help a lot with COVID
organic grass 9 days ago
With schools across America cancelled kids that relied on school for food aren't getting the food they need. A charity called feeding America is trying to help give food to kids that need it. I would suggest donating to them.
austin is autistic 9 days ago
ethan: don’t touch your face because that’s how germs spread easily since you’re touching a lot of stuff with your hands me: *proceeds to scratch nose while he’s speaking*
El Gato Diablo 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan: dont touch your face Me: *throws my hands to my face instantly* Oops
Me , 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan: spreading awareness telling us not do this and that Me a gamer:oh I’ve been doin this for years
Leon Trotsky 9 days ago
The All Within My Hands foundation is a good charity. It was created by Metallica to help with hunger through food drives. Right now the foundation is helping with people who cannot get food like it always does but it's asking for more to help with the people who are heavily affected by the lockdowns. It is also donating to the coronavirus research
FailedGamer247 9 days ago
Considering Donating “Save the Children” Stay Safe Markplier and Ethan
ThePhantom323 9 days ago
I would recommend Direct Relief. My favorite band is doing a fundraiser shirt sale right now for them. 100% of the shirts sold plus 20k from the band are being donated. The band it Shinedown btw
jhope tears 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan: *DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE* me: **plays with nose ring**
IcanSmellYour Dreams. 9 days ago
CDC: don’t touch face. Me with Tourette’s: ItS cOrOnA TiMe
RaZRisOn 9 days ago
Ahh yes. Finally someone trying to raise awareness for the corona virus cause no one knows about it
Terrorsaur5 9 days ago
Mark: Dont touch your face. Me: *takes hand off face* 😬 Face: *Itches* Hand: COME ON MAN!!! Me: 😫 Coronavirus:😈
Pedro Stormrage 9 days ago
12:50 Mark: "It's me, rona" Me "Rona who?.....Oh, right. Co*rona*. You got me."
YukeShina 9 days ago
"No drinking or anything that touch the face. " Me while eating my sandwich and drinking: Oh well xD
Jacob Treuer 9 days ago
"It has to be a charity related to stopping COVID-19" Me: I have no input!
Ice Magician 9 days ago
Hmmm. I feel like having a headphone rule, losing your headphones, then proving the rule doesn’t matter to you is kind of cheating. That’s $100, Mark.
Hailey P 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan literally make me laugh even when I’m in the deepest corners of my depression😭😭😭❤️ I cant see my therapist so I just watch them 🥰
Kenzie Goss 9 days ago
8:23 yes Ethan, people chew their fingers as they eat. I often go for the fisting my throat method. Gotta get all the flavors off your arms 😂
Clarissa Martinez 9 days ago
John Coffee "Jack" Hays Me:😱 JACK IS THE CAPTIN OF TEXAS AND OF COFFEE!!☕ that's why he has soo much energy🤔
Probably Josh 9 days ago
me, after showering and washing my hands and cleaning my phone: [touching my face] wAIT
Vinyl Scratch 9 days ago
Me*Has been told not to touch my face many times* Also me: *internal screaming* [Note: Yeah I can't stop touching my face like I have to inch my face alot and fixing my hair, but I deinfected my room more than once I've washed my hands more than once and Im trying not to bother my family as much because we all need some space away from the world, My uncle's wife is devastated and is literally crying everyday saying the world is going to end and she's worried her husband will die and she won't be able to take care of her new born who is coming very soon maybe like next week if not this week. So please this isn't joke please just we need everyone to take care of themselves and wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if necessary please stay safe y'all- Quill]
Deathly 9 days ago
FoldingAtHome is a great org responsible for supplying researchers with the proper equipment to simulate folding proteins to find cures and treatments. They also let you run simulations from home if you have a high spec graphics card. Thank you!
Kardanavr 9 days ago
"Imagine you've been banned from using forks. I mean you still have spoons, so it's not a problem. But once you're banned from using fork you will find yourself in desperate need of using any fork" (c) О чём говорят мужчины
Amore Reyes 9 days ago
thought i would be offended when they started to talk about texas, ngl. turns out, i laughed for 5 minutes straight ;-;
Sharkke Bunni 9 days ago
Best song right now, "head, shoulders, knees and toes... EYES and EARS and MOUTH and NOSE... head, shoulders, knees and toes" lol
Alexa Gollnick 9 days ago
I tried to do it along with them but without even thinking I rubbed my nose and felt so much disappointment in myself Edit #1: Did it again Edit #2: Only twice! Haha! I lost, but I had fun at least
Piper Friday 9 days ago
when Mark said "its something to take seriously *looks at camera, camera goes closer to face*" Me: 0-0 *takes hand off face quickly* "i am taking it seriously Mark!"
Joaqo Gonzalez 9 days ago
Mark and ethan: dont touch your face Their whole body: ithcy time boi
Vibmaster 298 9 days ago
Charity: st Jude Children’s research hospital
Mark: Dont touch your face... Me: *itches nose*
Ari Mitchell 9 days ago
Me: Not touching my face? Easy. My eyelashes: Lemme just tickle your eyeball.
Michayla Leavens 9 days ago
Does anyone else compete with them when they do challenges?? Like "dont blink", "dont breathe", "dont touch your face". Maybe I'm weird and the only one but I'm panicking bc my nose is running and there are 7 minutes left AHHHHHHHHH Update: they changed to 30 minutes... MY NOSE IS STILL RUNNING, SEND HELPPPP Update 2: I forgot what I was doing and I had an itch so I scratched my forehead... theres a minute left😂😭😭
Kylee Cookie 9 days ago
Them: don’t touch your face Me: eats chips and licks fingers 🤫
mrsbasia122 9 days ago
Ethan: becoming a teenager. Mark: becomes cyclops.
Sam and just Sam 9 days ago
Charity recommendation, Suicide Prevention. I’m a strong believer in their work and I try my best to spread the word.
Mr Reapy 9 days ago
Damn everyone keeps saying to stay at home but I got a job where I literally cannot stay at home. I really really really really really wish I could stay home, though. 😂 For so many reasons lol.
MajicalTryHrd 9 days ago
Can we count how many times you touched your face in this vid
Jacob Abegglen 9 days ago
This seems a lot like one of those infamous “Mark Promises”. 🤨
꧁ Ginger ꧂ 9 days ago
At least Mark can’t physically abuse Ethan now—
Folium Viride 9 days ago
Mark: 2 + 2 Ethan: 4 Mark: 8 + 4 Ethan: 16 Me: *Bursting out of laughter*
Catherine Turner 9 days ago
Mark and Ethan: stay indoors Me a retail worker: LMAO thats a good one
Eric Lamb 9 days ago
Them not touching their faces, meanwhile I'm at home touching my face like crazy cause I keep my hands clean
Kaitlyn Doucet 9 days ago
Well... technically... when Mark’s edited finger touched Ethan’s right before the countdown... I think that might count at touching his face! From both of you. So... $200 right there to start off!
Mr. Loaf 9 days ago
Charity: The Humanity Forward Fund announced a 1 million dollar corona virus relief fund that’s going to give people around the country sums of money to help pay their bills. Humanity Forward is also helping to support the corona virus relief bill in congress which would give every adult 1000 dollars and every child 500
Bill Corey 9 days ago
Ethan's explanation of why staying home is so important was legit brilliant. Well done, sir. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Bro JD 9 days ago
I have hair that's almost like Ethans and the entire time it was creeping down my face and tickling it but I DID IT. I'll also make it a challenge for myself that every Unnus Annus video I watch during the quarantine, I won't touch my face. Not sure what I'll do if I do though
Jose Higuera 9 days ago
Mark, when he struggled with his headphones, reminded me of Geordi La Forge played by Lavar Burton in Star Trek Next Generation.