The Weeknd - After Hours ALBUM REVIEW

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After Hours is a fruitful reinvention of The Weeknd.

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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?
Jaxon Stephens 10 days ago
I find Melons critiques about the “Mixing” quite concerning, who cares if he is Mixed, all races are equal😠😠😠
Kumo 10 days ago
“Not being able to kiss Abel” is not a fair excuse to take off 3 points melon :/
Ben B 9 days ago
I can’t believe he didn’t mention the “Phillip K Dick” line
Gabriel Esquivias Núñez 10 days ago
This is one of the most hyped and exciting 7s Anthony has ever given. It made my day a little better :) Specially in these almost unbearable times <3 Unsubscribed.
Cooper Harter 10 days ago
“sounds like the weekDAY” is the pinnacle of comedy
Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate 10 days ago
Sorry Anthony but at 2:27 you touched your face and didn’t wash your hands. We can’t really be having this.
AngeloSept 9 days ago
Saying "he sounds more like the Weekday" for 8 minutes and laughing hysterically at your own joke is not a music review Anthony smh
kevin ross 10 days ago
Finally he gave a The Weeknd album a higher score than 5
Bob Shoe 10 days ago
He gave it a 7... WE'LL TAKE IT!
Maze 10 days ago
Finally he likes a Weeknd project lol, after 10 years
CezaMVO 10 days ago
"Selena didn't deserve the Weeknd, I would give him both of my kidneys"- melon
DerpyWeavilePlays 9 days ago
When the comments said "weekday" I thought they were kidding holy shit
Bryle Rivera 10 days ago
"He doesn't sound like TheWeekend he sounds like TheWeekday." tf is that antknee. that's a nice excerpt from the review!!!
Benjamin Henjamin 10 days ago
This album is lit. If only it wasn’t such a depressing time
Nikesh lilani 9 days ago
Giving after hours a 7 can't save you from the crime you committed by giving house of balloons a 3
Aldo :3 10 days ago
Missed the opportunity to say “Weekthony Fivetano the internet’s busiest music nerd”
Rashid Emcee 10 days ago
I love that this album sounds like effort was put into it. How many artists can keep ur attention for 1hr with no features?
Jamie Edwards 10 days ago
The album flows together so well, the sounds and the melodies are so ear pleasing. Enjoyable listen Favorites Too Late Scared To Live Faith In Your Eyes Repeat After Me Interlude After Hours is a 8/10 for me
7___k 10 days ago
I said to myself “7/10” guarentee when I saw the blue flannel and I was right
Danzel Rebelo 10 days ago
The weird vocal sample bits on scared to live are From Elton johns your song, “I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind”
tyler4tado 10 days ago
i saw a vision of the future. fantano will say this about gambino's album: *he's acting mysterious as a way to hide how not-unique he actually is* / *the songs feel like ingenuine genre exercises* / *he copies frank, kanye, and prince* / *incoherent* / *least fave track will be why go to the party*
Gavin Squires 10 days ago
Anthony: likes a weeknd album Everybody:wait,thats illegal
Julio Balelo 10 days ago
TheNeedleDrop Album Reviews 2020 So Far: 10/10: 0 9/10: 0 8/10: 10 7/10: 9 6/10: 5 5/10: 10 4/10: 4 3/10: 0 2/10: 0 1/10: 0 0/10: 1 (Green Day) NOT GOOD: 2 (Justin Bieber, Lil Baby)
Amalga 10 days ago
4:23 Fantano really out here disrespecting Your Song by Elton John smh
Soccer Mustafa 10 days ago
I wish Abel in the end of the album was really heartless and him just laughing as he used the person he love and wrote these songs just manipulate and mess her mind, that would have been a wtf moment and a great twist to the album in my opinion, and such a weeknd thing to do, using a women, this is what I thought when looking at the album cover, but I hope Abel is happy and if he wants Bella then I they could fix their relationship.
choppa go ratata 10 days ago
Anthony, calling your secret child a “Starboy” over and over again is kinda weird, and I don’t think you should rate it a 7 just because your kid is....
Rayo Mln 10 days ago
Taking away 4 points just cause he’s Canadian was way too extreme 🤦‍♂️
Genesis Osuna 10 days ago
He finally did it, he broke the curse of the 5. I can die happy now
Goodthony Hygienetano here, the Internet's BUSIEST ethnic cleansing nerd here. What made you think this was a good slogan for you, Anthony??? Liked and subbed for more racist content. Keep up the good work
Xander Castil 10 days ago
Great review Anthony but did you have to remix Heartless with: “Never need a melon im what a melon need.”
begottenghost 10 days ago
"Anthony Fantano, The Weekend, Fff." - melon
L 10 days ago
IMO Too Late is one of the best songs on the album
Kenny Gee 10 days ago
I'm glad not to be the only one left feeling underwhelmed by some of the songs in the first half of the album. Everything from Heartless onward felt very competent while some songs in the first half felt a lot like filler since tracks like "Too Late" and "Snowchild" kind of lacked the rich sounding production and fun 80s asthetic the other tracks have, especially since both of them featured fairly generic trap hi-hats. For those reasons I fully agree with the seven (although for me a strong one) since the album has great production on most songs, it is one of his most thematically consistent albums but is bumped down due to the inconsistency in quality caused by the weaker songs in the first half. Overall great review, stay safe and wash your hands :)
Willie Habimana 10 days ago
the intro track is great, you’re tripping.
MM MM 10 days ago
7:07 "pretty abrupt end" *YA HE BLED OUT!*
Wh*te male 9 days ago
2020 scores: 0/10: 1 - [ Green Day - Father of All ] 1/10: 0 2/10: 0 3/10: 0 4/10: 5 5/10: 11 6/10: 6 7/10: 10 8/10: 10 9/10: 0 10/10: 0 [NOT GOOD/10] - [ Justin Bieber - Changes ] - [ Lil Baby - My Turn] Classics: 5 - [ Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope ] - [ Talk Talk - Laughing Stock ] - [ Converge - Jane Doe ] - [ My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade ] - [ Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury ] Custom scores: 0 Second take: 1 - [ Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ] - 6/10 "Controversial": 1 - [ Tame Impala - The Slow Rush ] =================>6/10 - [ Grimes - Miss Anthropocen ] ===================>4/10 - [ Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake ] ====================>4/10 Cal cameos:1 - Green Day - Father of All This is the 49th review of 2020 Comment copied and pasted by“Andrew K” please don't hate on him :]
Tom Mick 10 days ago
Kissland - 5/10 Beauty Behind the Madness - 5/10 Starboy - 5/10 My Dear Melancholy, - 5/10 After Hours - 7/10 Looks like we’ll have our 10/10 by 2035.
grapes9h5 10 days ago
I can’t complain about 7/10, mostly all the notes fantano give make sense, BUT... this is a 10/10, the best Weeknd record yet, and maybe the best album I’ve listened to in ages.
ProAcid 10 days ago
I liked the songs; Too Late, Repeat After Me (Interlude), and Until I Bleed Out the most
Juan Pineda 9 days ago
We get it, Anthony, everyday feels like a Weeknd during this quarantine.
spyjosiah 10 days ago
im surprised escape from la isnt on his favorites
Keno Anderson 9 days ago
"sOUnDs LiKe ThE wEeKdAy" I don't come here for your comedy Melon..
Ramneesh S 10 days ago
"Repeat After Me" is an amazing track wym "dRoP iN qUaLiTy"
Alissa Carter 10 days ago
"He sounds like... not The Weeknd. He sounds like the weekday." 3:23 *ICONIC*
Ryan Robinson 9 days ago
Overall, great review Anthony. However it caught me a bit off-guard when you started describing how attractive the girl from Uncut Gems was and then proceeded to give her a rating of a 'strong 9'. Very unprofessional.
Epic TNT Failure 9 days ago
"I would give this 9 but I deducted 2 points because of the color of his skin" controversial yet brave as always melon
Juicy Records 9 days ago
4:24 that's Elton John, who's on the credits for that sample.
Snowking587 10 days ago
I ain’t looking for anything “infectious” atm tone, at least for a couple a weeks
ISAAC 10 days ago
YES HE GAVE IT A 7! I can live with that honestly, I'm glad he acknowledges Trilogy and it's importance on "alternative R&B". Even though he didn't enjoy HoB and Thursday he did give Echoes of Silence an 8 which is my favorite mixtape. I love the sound in the album, Escape from LA and After Hours are very different, yet 2 of my favorite songs.
Vipul Konnur 10 days ago
this isn't the after hours review, melon.
Shak Nasim 9 days ago
Good review, but was it really necessary to say “ He’s dressing like a cholo and sounding more like el fin de semena than The Weeknd”
elle doranz 10 days ago
he doesn't sound like the weeknd, he sounds like weekday "Anthony Fantano, 2020"
Logan Derb 9 days ago
Does anyone think this is his best album and easily the album of the year so far? I’m absolutely in love with the production
Jorge Perez 10 days ago
I actually guessed the score right for once
Sam Goldfinger 9 days ago
Until I bleed out is supposed to be a slow and distant song he's dying its an abrupt end because he died its a storytelling song watch the videos its a story you can even hear it
Joseph Falco 10 days ago
the fact that this has the same review as a lil pump album makes me want to drown myself
TTY TOM // TSYLENT 10 days ago
3:23 He sounds not like The Weeknd, he sounds like The Weekday Let’s be honest melon, you had that saved in the drafts
Daniel Wall 9 days ago
One of my favorite comment sections to go to melons because of ya’ll.
Kermit F 10 days ago
The comments section will be so bizarre for the uninitiated.
Connie B 10 days ago
loooove this album! i want some "Philip K Dick" now 😂
TheFnames 10 days ago
Oh he’s gonna love the Donald Glover album
Jacob Birdsong 10 days ago
Melon, even if the album really does deserve a zero, you can't just spend the entire review explaining your racial worldview. It's 2020, c'mon.
Astrothunder_ 9 days ago
I’m waiting for people to refer to drake as “Aubrey” like people refer to TheWeeknd like Abel
No No 9 days ago
The “she came to the studio” was hilarious “She like my futuristic sound” *corny digital wash effect” lmao
Chris21963 9 days ago
just wanna go on record & say I hate anthony’s reviews of The Weeknd.
Sean Walsh 10 days ago
Tony that vocal moment you're talking about at 4:20 is an Elton John interpolation, the "I hope you dont mind" line from Your Song
Schmiddiize 9 days ago
Alone again is easily one of the sonically most pleasing songs ever, how is it a bad intro? He basically comes down in a spaceship and takes you for the ride that this album is.
Chasen The Hype 9 days ago
It’s been a while since I’ve TRULY enjoyed one of his albums in their entirety since Trilogy on first listen. Every song seems to live for a reason, and the emotional roller coaster is in full effect - which has always been a hallmark of Abel’s best writing/music. While the other last few albums had singles that were fantastic - this one just feels like one great piece.
KP Stadler 10 days ago
Is it just me or does ""Blinding Lights"" sound like it could've been on The Killers - Battle Born album ??
The Charlie Ramirez 10 days ago
"He doesn't sound like the Weekend, he sounds like the Weekday." Is your wife pregnant, Melon? Your dad jokes are on point.
Reviews of Anthony Fantanos Reviews 10 days ago
I see good points there Melon, will have to slightly disagree tho. Yes, there are tracks that kill the momentum and I think that's the only thing that album suffers from (probably due to the fact that there's so many producers with different styles in one album), but as chaotic as it is, it actually compliments the vibe of the album as a whole. I liked the intro song, and I kinda don't mind that Abel's vocals got lost in the mix, cause boy, those synths... I'll agree with you on the second song of the album and interlude. As far as I'm concerned they can go. Snowchild is another song I'm having a hard time liking, mainly because it starts strong, with a purpose, but as the second verse rolls in, it's gone, but his performance was okay, so it'll probably grow on me. Other than that album is straight fire, with instrumentals heavily focused on bringing the 80s vibes with use of synths, and just the perfect amount of trap added here and there, not to mention, Abel's vocal performance was probably his best one so far (especially liked the way he switches his vocals to totally a different thing on few tracks). I mean, this album blew me away, even tho I had high expectations to begin with. So yeah, mostly agree with you but probably feel the album lil bit more than you melon Review Rating: That "Sounds Like Weekday" Shit You Said Is L/10 P.S. LISTEN TO DON TOLIVER'S HEAVEN OR HELL - Sincerely A Guy That Actually Talks About Albums On Anthony's Videos
Jalen Williams 9 days ago
As far as the auto tune “drowning out” his vocals on the opening track, I don’t understand why The Weeknd is criticized for doing it while other artists like tame Impala, who does it very often is praised for it. I think all artists should be held to the same standard. As long as it’s done well who cares. And The Weeknd did it well in my opinion
in inn 10 days ago
overused braindead memes incoming
Marcus 10 days ago
Anthony, when are we getting a review on Don’s new album you can’t just skip him because he’s black.
Hassan Siddiqui 10 days ago
*likes 8 tracks and hates one* " I'm feeling a strong 7 on this thing "
Nathanial Hatfield 10 days ago
" I hope you know I" is what you heard on Scared To Live, it is a cover of Elton Johns line.
Dawsonator28 10 days ago
Sooo fantano is oficially heartless
Wh*te male 9 days ago
2020 scores: 0/10: 1 - [ Green Day - Father of All ] 1/10: 0 2/10: 0 3/10: 0 4/10: 5 5/10: 11 6/10: 6 7/10: 10 8/10: 10 9/10: 0 10/10: 0 [NOT GOOD/10] - [ Justin Bieber - Changes ] - [ Lil Baby - My Turn] Classics: 5 - [ Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope ] - [ Talk Talk - Laughing Stock ] - [ Converge - Jane Doe ] - [ My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade ] - [ Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury ] Custom scores: 0 Second take: 1 - [ Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ] - 6/10 "Controversial": 1 - [ Tame Impala - The Slow Rush ] =================>6/10 - [ Grimes - Miss Anthropocen ] ===================>4/10 - [ Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake ] ====================>4/10 Cal cameos:1 - Green Day - Father of All This is the 49th review of 2020 Comment copied and pasted by“Andrew K” please don't hate on him :]
Chris Najdek 9 days ago
“Sounds like the weekday” Also sounds like a weakreview...
Noname 23 9 days ago
I think this album was highly inspired by Scorsese’s “After Hours”. The album, just as the film, portrays a series of misadventures that take place in a New York night. Here though, Abel talks about his misfortunes with Bella after they moved to New York together. What was supposed to be the joy of togetherness quickly turned into a living nightmare, where everything bad that could possibly happen to him - happens. Perhaps, all of it, thank to his own bad decisions. That in my opinion explains the slow build up, nightmarish aspect, and different tones in this album. Just as Paul Hackett in the movie, Abel is trying to make his way home through this whole LP. He’s trying to win the love of his life back.
CDonShow 10 days ago
Wish the comments on this had more to do with the actual album or review😐😐
nolo 9 days ago
The intro had a good start but a bad transition. The album started off with like 4 major key songs. I thought it was a dark album. Threw me. Middle and back half were great.
Peetu Peruna 9 days ago
Ok melon, explaining why The Weeknd should go back to the cotton field for 8 minutes doesn't count as an album review 😤...
The Dualist 10 days ago
“Its not the weeknd, its the weekday” good one melon
BOOBOO KittyFuck 9 days ago
“I hope you know that” is what the weekend said at 4:28
Hector Zeroni 10 days ago
Anthony we’re supposed to present on the periodic table tomorrow morning and you’re three slides short.
b 10 days ago
How is this man gonna be so excited for this album, calling him Abel from the start and STILL only giving a 7/10, smh
hellboyy 10 days ago
"he dont sound like the weeknd he sounds like the week day!" line i felt deserved a more adult swimy-esque (cue cal perhaps even even lol) realization of corn cus it was corny as hell, dadthony joketano lol
Bryan 10 days ago
I can’t believe Anthony Fantano is dead 💀😭
Ben 10 days ago
No jokes this time, just disappointment.
chewy chewjr 10 days ago
3:23 must of been waiting to use that one
Imbi 10 days ago
Im just happy that melon likes the “scared to live” track too
Brandon Wright 10 days ago
Coming from someone who isn't much of a pop/R&B fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this record. Strong 8 for me. Never though The Weeknd would be in early contention for my AOTY. Also, please review Brave Faces Everyone by Spanish Love Songs.
Public Beats 10 days ago
I’m not gonna lie, you’re way too critical of his passes albums.
ZillionDragon84 10 days ago
Melon, you can’t just say “He’s Canadian” then give it a 3, not cool dude
NathanLazyBear 10 days ago
I've actively looked up the 1 hour mix of blinding lights because of how much of a great song it is to drive to. It's a blast to crank it and just go! Thanks Fantano for your review :D Decent 7 let's go hardest working music nerd in the business.
Paul Jenkins 10 days ago
“Light to decent 7.” Anybody wish Melon would give a concrete decimal score rather than essentially saying its somewhere between 7 and 7.7?
Rory Lennon 9 days ago
Too late, I’ve already formed my own opinion, Melon.
Paul Jennette 10 days ago
I would've given it an 8 personally but this was a really well-rounded review! Good job Melon :) :) <3
Joshua Symons 10 days ago
My Review: He shouldve made more songs with metro boomin,Gessafelstein ... probably like 2 or 3 more bangers left the dark soft r&b at the end of the album. To tell you honestly this album to me was more of a “echoes of silence” type meets techno.