MOTOROLA RAZR 2020 - Unboxing and First Impressions

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MOTOROLA RAZR 2020 - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Flossy Carter 5 month ago
#Squad Roll Call
ryanomaniac 5 month ago
"A midrange phone with flagship flex." Dude, only you come up with these classics.
Tayek Miah 4 month ago
I folded my wallet when I heard the price.
Mark Garcia 5 month ago
When he said “ight f*** you too” and slammed it shut I felt that. Damn haven’t felt it in like 15 years I wonder how she’s doing 😂😂😂
The African Child 5 month ago
$1,633 for just a smart phone? That phone should be able to call Jesus
ItsMeHarry 4 month ago
"These earphones are nice, they have a braided cable" *Immediately attacked by shoes*
JayDeePLUS BEATZ 5 month ago
He say talk amongst ourselves like we all sitting together in a circle telling camp stories 😂😂
Reeana Velez 5 month ago
Disregard everything he is saying! Whiteshoes is in the back purring & that’s all I wanna hear 😂
Michael R Patrick 5 month ago
As expensive as it is, that's the coolest phone I've ever seen in a while
Vince P 5 month ago
Not just Motorola but every phone maker companies need to slow down with those ridiculous prices man
Oriz Khalas 5 month ago
"this phone only available in 1 color..Wesley Snipes black" lmaooo this review channel is the best 😂😂
?? 5 month ago
Dude I’m on the verge of tears man. That cat looks exactly like my kitten did before he died. Spend time with the cat, before they go and leave forever.
Carlos1353 4 month ago
When you said $1600, I was just like, “Haha nope 😐”
Jedidiah Steele 4 month ago
My man's takes care of his cat like a boss, look, it's just purring for no reason 🤣, straight chillin yo
Ei8th Wond3r 5 month ago
I only came here for the cat, because that phone is too high.
Jonathan Torres 5 month ago
1:47 in a million years i never thought i would hear Floss have a voice crack
Vaco67 5 month ago
Damn I love Shoes more than the phone lol. She playing with the cords instantly!
Jon C 4 month ago
White Shoes: "Braided cables? Nah, I'd bite thru that shi*."
Carnyzzle 4 month ago
I'll just wait until December to buy this, I already know that it'll have a massive price drop since it isn't a Samsung lol.
ntotrr 5 month ago
The "carryability" of this is outstanding, much better than any other smartphone which take up twice as much space or more in the pocket.
TheTuneAce 5 month ago
Me: "1500 is TGH!" Floss: "It gets worse..."
Natalie Rea 5 month ago
(says the price) "ight Motorola i need ya to calm down" lmfao
Michael Jordan 4 month ago
Am I the only one laughing my ass off because of the way his cat always interrupted?😂
Nathan Palmer 5 month ago
"Wesley Snipes black" giving me jokes
Andrew 5 month ago
Whoa, he actually brought the original RAZR out. That's when you know you OG haha 👌
Xenziiツ 5 month ago
I love how flossy has over 1 million subs and still reads the comments.
Trust in YAHSHUA 5 month ago
over priced junk, the packaging in nicer than the actual phone
Josh H 5 month ago
When can we get a review on "White Shoes" pros and cons, cost, worth it, etc etc
donrainesoh 5 month ago
“Wesley snipes black” damn, why you gotta do him like That? 🤣
michael austin 5 month ago
Yeah f*ck you too SLAM SHUT. I’m crying laughing. Fact -that was a great ‘feature’ that I liked about the original Razor.
Josh 5 month ago
the phone: $100 the nostalgia: $1,400 taxes: $100 total: $1,600
⛩Endrance Sama⛩ 4 month ago
“Westley snipes black” subbed lol
Don Don't 4 month ago
When you contact Verizon, tell them how inconvevient it was not getting it activated right away. Boom!!! Instant $20 credit!
MrBiggs8511 4 month ago
I want this phone just to have that throwback feeling
automaniac 4 month ago
Flossy's voice sounds really awesome. Imo, Flossy should get into voice acting.
Jameson Cruz 4 month ago
This is one of my favorite Chanel's ( hehe ) 😬 I also love white shoes.
Toma Andrei 4 month ago
the fact is that "the flex" will be gone in 2-3 months and you'll end up with an overpriced mid-range phone
Audrey Scott 4 month ago
Omg u made me laugh very loud when you said that the phone came in one color only Wesley Snipes black! You funny! 😂 lol
Marinko Marinko 4 month ago
"You gotta pay to play. So let's play!" 🙌
Warfare Octopus 5 month ago
TGH isn't enough. You need WTGH "way too gdam high"
Gydeme 5 month ago
shoes just saw those headphones and was excited Motorola included a snack with the phone
Geffá Oliveira 5 month ago
Got a like for the cat already :D Hey, is this the retail packaging? Looks good
Conanto 4 month ago
cant wait for your galaxy s20 ultra review man, thr most detailed unboxer out here. Others split their videos in 5, but you man... you give us all the damn info in one <3
SJ 4 month ago
I come to this channel for the cat
Santi Milly 4 month ago
I wanna this one... I guess someone give me this for present yaaaayyy
The Drifter 4 month ago
Only available in one color “Wesley Snipes Black” ahhhh helllll nahhhhhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Liudahl 4 month ago
When I think of a flex phone to me the note feels like a flex phone but I'm a Samsung bro. #samsunglife
Yabbadabbado 4 month ago
The amount of times he closed that phone made me close down this whole video! I wanted to see how it worked as well fs but no that shit gave me some trigger
dimeji babalola 5 month ago
0:43 "now this phone is available in one color Wesley Snipes black" I hollered 😂😂
xolilmiss chief 4 month ago
Floss I can't get through all these other Moto G Stylus reviews, can we get one from the king?
Angelfan4life 4 month ago
Lmao! 😂😂 This fool said wesley snipes black! Oh damn
Eddie Correa Jr. 4 month ago
When your grandpa finally upgrades his old flip phone
Dreyah_Beauty💋 5 month ago
That damn cat is so cute playing with cords and stuff!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
JSK 5 month ago
2:59 “aight fk you too!” Ahhhh memories 😂😂💀 shoutout to my old side chick 👀💀😂
Lizzie 4 month ago
Whiteshoes powering up that Moto engine , purrr purrr purrr <3 haha. On another note, i miss my V3 and V3i, but i won't get this one, just waiting for s20 series to come out.
Marí Private info 4 month ago
Never seen your vids before, I loved your review. Also cool ending😁 Sign me up. Special shoutout to Shoes😽
Second Take 5 month ago
I miss that "F You Flip!" 😂 man takes me back to 2005! 🤣
Artby2wenty 4 month ago
Sees thumbnail, clicks video, "oh damn this might be...." (hears price) GTFOH.
Pjay 5 month ago
stuff like this pisses me off. motorola literally selling a midrange phone for 1.6k dollars
Edward Chavez 4 month ago
“No headphone jack, that’s just whack #bars” Lol yooo
Pedro Delgado Hernández 5 month ago
The crease is nonexistent because of the hinge design. That’s what I like about it the most. The display bends outwards if that makes sense. Some you tubers go into more detail as to how it works.
Chris Pisano 5 month ago
Spit my beer out at, "alright, fúck you too"😂
Rick Ash 5 month ago
$1,500 for this is little too much. But really loved the design. Would definitely purchase after the price fluctuates.
Vesperia 5 month ago
For this price Motorola would have needed to come from the future and provide a snap dragon 950 processor 16GB of ram and an unbreakable gorilla fold 9 glass
TxT392 5 month ago
8:00-8:03 yo I started to LMAO because I remember them days when I used to just slam the razr phone shut to hang up. Floss I needed that laugh.
xolilmiss chief 4 month ago
I'm not buying one of these until it comes in hot pink like my other one 😂
hello world 4 month ago
"This is a nice presentation" it's a $1600 presentation
Lorey B 4 month ago
Love the pretty kitty cat, hes quite interested in everything going on there, its so cute. Thanks for the great video.
PBRstreetgang 5 month ago
Don’t care about Motorola. Here for my boy Floss....back again with another video!
Oppressed Gamer 5 month ago
My G got so excited he started voice cracking lmao.
Alliance 22 5 month ago
Good video, always love your reviews!! It's so sweet watching this on my ASUS ROG phone 2... This thing is so small and cute. But... I think my phone is "2 times the size and 3 times the speed". I'll pass until it is sub 1k. Good idea Motorola, good execution, keep refining it!
michael bertucci 5 month ago
It’s at Walmart in store! I laughed the other day.
mdej87 4 month ago
Keep up the good work Floss, whenever I'm in doubt about getting a device, I watch your videos and you definitely help me decide! I was wondering if you could review the T-rex watch by Amazfit? It seems like it's a direct competitor to the galaxy watch.
El Mago de 0z 5 month ago
"This one's a little bit more narrow, but it's definitely not small." I've used that line more times than I dare to admit. 🤣
Ray 4 month ago
That guy in the end does a pretty good Tony Soprano.
James Young 4 month ago
where has this channel been all my life lol!! SUBSCRIBED!!! for the mid-range phone, with a flagship flex phaha
CooL nJ 5 month ago
3:21 White shoes became serious when knife came out. Hey Floss, don't you dare use that on me!
solidkazuma 5 month ago
0:45 Wesley Snipes : "Jing-a-ling, Jing-a-ling"
Steven Banas 5 month ago
Floss: "1,633 bucks" White Shoes: "ight, i'm a head out"
Elliot Carver 5 month ago
One colour should have been "Flossy Carter" more watched than Snipes..... 🤣
AzzedineAliaFan 4 month ago
the old Motorola razor took the best selfies, they always came out to my liking!
Ryan MACK 5 month ago
Yo shoes was trying to Merc those headphones...the phone is a no go for me way tgh
Luisi Archi Valdi 5 month ago
I will stand expectating to dawn of prices. I buy it when it cost less 400$.
The Neophyte Journal 5 month ago
"Wesley Snipes black" yo leave my favourite vampire alone floss 😂
Keyser Soze 5 month ago
This mobile is cat approved.....that's all I need to know. 😆
Gurneet Singh 5 month ago
Floss : opens using one hand. Me : anticipating hinge snap
Milito Hernandez 4 month ago
U can keep that one, Mr Carter. It's a definite pass 4 me.
Joey Sanistam 4 month ago
Man, always love the the ending being gangsta as hell hahaha.
Motor City Dre 5 month ago
Had this phone sold for under $800, it would've sold like hotcakes ! ! ! 🥞 💰💸
Lirankn 4 month ago
Lmao this guy is great how come it’s the first time I’m watching one of his videos
atharva bhalerao 4 month ago
hey kitty 😍😍 loved the cat......
Dominick Saraceno 4 month ago
Flossy, please review V-Moda crossfade wireless. Love to hear what you’d have to say. Just a thought. Thankxs and love your vids
Stay Positive 5 month ago
@2:58 “aight phuq yoo too!” Nostalgia kickin in 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀 I LOVE this man! Subscribed
Gavin Bowd 5 month ago
I've been looking forward to Floss' real review of this... Soon
Nikita Earles 5 month ago
Love the cat💯✊🏾
Kc Johnson 5 month ago
Anybody remember the Samsung Juke? 😂😂😂😂😂 Still the worst phone I've ever owned. Basically an mp3 player that could make calls 🤣🤣
David Shearin 4 month ago
F u too... clack! Yeah I like the phone...😂😂😂😂
Siti Nur Syuhada 4 month ago
I like the sound effect everytime you cut the stickers😂
Gustav Gnöttgen 5 month ago
I still have my trusty v-razr and seeing this here brings a smile to my face.
raduarmadamusic 4 month ago
8:00 I can't stop 🤣