RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 Queens RuVeal 🌟Werkroom Entrances

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It's All Stars season! Watch the #AllStars5 Queens sashay into the werkroom.

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Julius Ferrer 28 days ago
Imagine Shea when she lost her season and a friend came over to see her and brought roses as a gesture of sympathy....
José Miguel Londoño Bresciani 28 days ago
Shea had the lost opportunity to come in saying “I’m blaaaaaaaackkkk....... chyna”
amyisaway 28 days ago
i think i speak for everyone when i say: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Armando Bash 28 days ago
I was rooting so hard for Shea causa she did perfectly but YESSS those rose petals just killed her. Hope she comes prepared for roses or butterflies lol.
艾林 28 days ago
Love how all stars has set the "returning with bigger lips amd injections all over" trend. And I'm talking specifically about Blair's lips. Like it looks like Farrah Moan's all stars 4 lips but subtle.
Iris Elaine 28 days ago
this isnt hate but the BEST thing derrick berry has done is that haters roast omg
Augusto Valentini 28 days ago
When Shea walked in I thought we already had a winner But then the rest of the cast walked in and let's just say this is gonna be a tough season... We might see blood this time because these queens are not playing games Ps: pleaaaaaseeeee get rid of all star elimination rules! Please! They always ruin great competitions with unnecessary drama.
Em Em 28 days ago
Who remembers Miz Cracker say “I don’t remember her” about Alexis Mateo in Vangies entrance!!! 😂
Asya Nicole 28 days ago
it’s way to many queens i want to win dammit 😂😂😂 how tf am i gonna root for anyone?!
Jerry the Magical Llama 28 days ago
"I put myself in a Britney Box, and I'm trying my best to get out of that" Derrick walks in quoting Britney...choices. Edit: Holy crap thanks for the likes queens
I’m here to see if anyone had fillers and yes that’s the case
Plastique Straw 28 days ago
There are so many strong competitors this season I'm SHOOK
Ashley Louis 28 days ago
Blair joining the lip fillers list, throwing shade and all grown up. I'm here for it.
Nora Serventic 28 days ago
"So y'all thought I'd never get here, sorry I was stuck in TRAFIQUE" 💅🏻
Crimson Reads 28 days ago
This is so rough. So many points of drag race herstory is here. I wonder how this dynamic will work.
Mallory Lopez 28 days ago
They should of showed Mariah’s lipstick message “Condragulations Raja” Iconic
karmabum21 28 days ago
I don't care who wins (Shea Coulee), this is a great cast
Da Best 28 days ago
To the cast: Amazing To the Ruveal: I love her lack of energy, go girl give us nothing!
Sracek666 28 days ago
7:05 now you all can see it was Ongina, not Alaska. HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
mimi -*! 28 days ago
I’m literally so gagged, I really like all the queens and I’m especially happy that juju is there!!! I’m really glad they brought back ongina, india and mariah.
Gayson Queerpqnts 28 days ago
Y’all don’t even understand. Like a tear deadass just came down my face after I saw Shea. I LOVE her
Treebeard 28 days ago
JujuBEEEEEE.... Can I get the crown and some FRIED CHICKEN???
07celebrity 28 days ago
*Ongina walked in and I instantly forgot the other girls existed...*
Lucaes 28 days ago
am i the only one who was gagged at Onginas entrance line? I mean "Oh, you thought I'd never get here, sorry was stuck in traffique." THAT is sickening
seoullontwice 28 days ago
Is it just me or does Blair seem a little more feisty? I feel like we already know who the sassy queen of the season will be
rina sawayama simp 28 days ago
shea didn’t have to eat the other girlies up like that
HecCalz98 28 days ago
*Sees Derrek* *Yara Sofia voice*: “they needed someone to go home first”
TheNxtGenration 28 days ago
Jujubee's reaction to "Come on grandma barbie" 😂😂😂
Manuel Seda 28 days ago
“Boricua in the house to take the crown” YASSSS
Argentino ASMR 28 days ago
Derrick isn't the brightest person ever, is she... anyway. I'm totally rooting for Alexis, Jujubee, and Shea!! But I thought this season was going to air on Showtime? lol, a mess. Can't wait!
E E 28 days ago
Tbh I feel like y’all are hating on Derrick but I feel like he has changed and he has gotten better just like everyone else
Elyza Uyvico 28 days ago
MJBxBrookLynn 28 days ago
This is the first All Stars cast where I'm rooting for everyone! Side Note: All of them out of drag are hella trade👀
CadaverJunky 28 days ago
So who do we think the twist "extra queen" introduced will be? Like Bebe and Latrilla, you know there's gonna be an extra one
Sophia Morgan 28 days ago
Imagine Shea when she lost her season and a friend came over to see her and brought roses as a gesture of sympathy....
mostxrad 28 days ago
First things first: I NEED THAT BRING BACK MY GIRLS track! Secondly: IM BLACCKK! So happy to see Shea back! I need Shea, Juju, Ongina and Alexis & Miz Cracker as top 5!
Kim Mingyu is Bae 28 days ago
The transition between Shea’s current entrance to her S9’s had me gagged at such perfection.
lachy hampton 28 days ago
I’m missing the queen’s reactions. Like if juju waked in I’d cry.
King Bear 28 days ago
7:07 I knew I've heard that "hiiiiieeee" from another queen before Alaska
lachy hampton 28 days ago
I literally can’t see anyone going home first 😬
capricorny 28 days ago
shea: literally just walks in or does anything me: screams
Bailey Duryea 28 days ago
So glad India is back cuz like have you seen his insta? He's daddy
Thought Not found 28 days ago
“I’m blaaaaaack” gave me a good belly laugh chuckle buckle ❤️
Lani Rae 28 days ago
I’m clutching my pearls. How am I supposed to pick a winner from this pool of iconique queens. My heart ain’t strong enough.🙈😫
Lilia Nana 28 days ago
This is going to be a effing good season, CAN'T WAIT.
Jed Rivera 28 days ago
Derrick: "I want to get out of the Britney box I put myself in". Also Derrick: Does a Britney entrance. Me: ?¿¿??¿??¿
therealjgibson 28 days ago
I am so excited for this season, a lot of OG’s this go round, it’s gonna be fun seeing Ongina and Jujubee on the same season...
Crown On My Head 28 days ago
I really REALLY LOVE Blair, she’s full grown BUT I hope she’s not pushing her personality, I hope she doesn’t fake that too much
Celeste Johnson 28 days ago
All stars 1 was such a fail coz all the queens are coming back 😂😂😂
leon 28 days ago
y'all were so excited to see Derrick saying "oops I did it again" as her all stars entrance line but now you're mad because she came looking like Britney I don't get it
Rachel Rose 28 days ago
Derrick really said "when I first came to Drag Race, I was focused on being the best Britney Spears impersonator in the world" as if she still isn't focused on that
Btk 2020 28 days ago
I definitely thought this was going to be Shea's season to win but then I saw Juju and Ongina. 😭
Tony kimbraley 28 days ago
Shea for the win😊 I'm so exited for her
Natalie Ierien 28 days ago
Why need the whole season once we saw Shea. She’s the winner already
Chiko Potch 28 days ago
Derrick Barry: "oooh- i did it again!" YES YOU DID GIRL! you embarrassed yourself. AGAIN.
Raymond Thai 28 days ago
I'm beyond excited for this cast this season! Not gonna lie I just have a feeling it's gonna be Shea's season though lol
Anonymous123 28 days ago
I’m going to say this All Stars 5 has the best entrance looks
IG Xx_casa_de_leones_xX 28 days ago
Derrick was picked because someone had to go home first.
Charlie T 28 days ago
Jennifer Madrigal 28 days ago
So many of my favorites I don’t even know who to root for. OK, I’m lying. Shea or Jujubee for the win please and thank you!
Joel Ruiz 28 days ago
5:34 Me: "Because they need someone to go home first".
Megan Blaire 28 days ago
It’s so brave of Ongina to come back after telling her HIV story. She’s so much more than that and I’m excited to see what she does this season!
michael saquimux 28 days ago
Would of wanted YARA instead of Alexis Mateo she’s my favorite between the two 😫
Gloria O 28 days ago
Miz Cracker was made for an All Stars, so happy to see her ❤️!!!
brandenlee887 28 days ago
We have 2 queens who did All Stars already, give other Queens a chance. I would've loved to see Dida Ritz or Jaidynn Diore Fierce or Nicole Paige Brooks.
Zioaj 28 days ago
Like omfg the best cast EVER seeing one of them going home will break my heart... I'm crying right now btw
galaxy gamer 28 days ago
is it me that every season of all stars there is a miss congeniality and this season has no miss congeniality like in all stars one pandora box,nina flowers and yara sofia all stars two katya all stars three bendelacrem and all stars four valentina and monet x change
Bryni Adiel 28 days ago
I feel like the adult toy section on AliExpress, gag after gag after doll after gag!
isaac mattia 28 days ago
The cast everybody wanted finally the beginning season queens
Chatty P 28 days ago
The dramatic music at sashas rose petals had me HOWLING
M Russ 28 days ago
Marcus 28 days ago
I was not expecting the amount of representation from season 1, 2, and 3. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!
Mavee T 28 days ago
im waiting for those nasty reads!!!
Andrew Garduno 28 days ago
Top 3: Shea, Jujubee, Onjina Change my mind.
Mo Scott 28 days ago
5:01 “Come on grandma Barbie” HJGJFHGJFH IM SCREAMING💀😂😭
TorresV019 28 days ago
That “I did it again” sounded more like Michael Jackson than it did Britney lol 5:44
Hannah Janicki 28 days ago
Alexis Mateo makes me SO happy instantly. She made me smile as soon as she walked in.
Naim Hastings 28 days ago
When the top 2 walks in first... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Allison 28 days ago
I look at some of these queens and think: Can’t rely on that body no more
January Milk 28 days ago
Frankly shocked they didn't squeeze Dahlia as brock-ally in there
Nicole Celestine 28 days ago
Now THIS is an All Stars I WILL BE WATCHING!
motown 28 days ago
Hopefully there’s no sharing the crown this time around 🕶
Samantha Maloy 28 days ago
Nobody: Not even Mama Ru: Mariah: It'S a WoOdEn HaNgEr
princessali83 28 days ago
I literally screamed out loud when Derrick walked out 😭😭🥰🥰🥰
Absidy colastre 28 days ago
IQzminus2 28 days ago
I LOVE this cast! Seeing girls go home is going to be hard when I'm rooting for like 5 of them to win and I genuinely have liked and enjoyed all the other girls in their previous seasons
QR One 28 days ago
this is already my favourite cast, of any All-Stars Season.
ThickyMcChicky69 28 days ago
You do not understand how badly I want Shea to win! My heart broke watching the season 9 finale and I want Shea to win her just deserved crown!
Travis Bush 28 days ago
“Sickening No” i love Alexis and I’m shook by the number of og’s this season, can’t wait
Alma Aguilar 28 days ago
I remember watching a clip of Season 2 of RPDR when it aired in 2010 & I fell in love instantly with Jujubee. Had to binge watch Season 1 & I’ve been obsessed since than. Definitely rooting for Jujubee, Alexis Mateo & Ongina 💕
rannierunsfast 28 days ago
Yes Jujubee!!! And ya’ll hating on Derrick. She’s amazing in “Wait What” lol
Ramon Lima 28 days ago
All the yags of the world are gaggin' for this season.
Dyan Salb 28 days ago
I love the old queens especially Mariah, Ongina & Jujubee... Btw Alexis' outfit can be used as national costume of Puerto Rico in Miss Universe haha lol.. Derek & Mayhem are the weakest for me here... And wtf there are 3 girls from s10...
Max 28 days ago
HOW DID DERRICK MAKE THIS CAST LMAOOO okay so imagine Brooke Lynn Hytes in stead of Derrick that would have been perfect for real
Aaron Justiniano 28 days ago
I read on an article that they are "working on makeover challenges" throughout the season.....I hope this is not the "twist" cuz I'd love some variety
damien salazar 28 days ago
michael saquimux 28 days ago
Omg the queens are so good this season can Rupaul not send anyone home for the first 10 episodes? 😅😅
Moosedraw 28 days ago
Aaaaaye, Shea got them teef fixed. Amazing. She’s gonna smash this all stars.
Lad Dup 28 days ago
I'm such in love with Ongina, Jujubee ans Shea Coulée. They are by far my favorite queens of this season. Ofc I don't say the others are bad but still love them. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Nicholas Rivera 28 days ago
Ongina’s All Stas appearance was LONG overdue, glad to see her in a season finally!