MHW: Iceborne - Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang

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Get ready for the most brutal brawls of your hunting careers... Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang will blast and punch their ways into #Iceborne this March for PS4 and Xbox One, and April for PC.

Indignationcraft32 3 month ago
Rajang about to pick up Astera and say “you forgot this”
VPG 3 month ago
Monster Hunter World: The Very Angry Update
Edward Elric 3 month ago
Before watching the trailer: "Yay! Raging Brachy and Furious Rajang is back!" After hearing the vocal Brachydios theme: "I'm scared now!"
OptimusPrime160 3 month ago
Me: tempered rajang is soo annoying Furious Rajang: allow me to introduce myself
Shaded Gamer 3 month ago
this update in a nutshell: “im not trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with ME!”
Alex G 3 month ago
Kart palicos: "... We're gonna need a bigger kart."
OpteX GD 3 month ago
Dude they even went out of there way to give Raging Brachy his own well deserved remaster of a remastered Theme I’m about to start crying......
Ahmenthi 3 month ago
Looking forward to the NCH cartoons these monstrosities will lead to.
Rob Majito 3 month ago
MH: Releases ANGERY BOIS update Doom Eternal: Releases in about a month * *REVS UP CHAINSAWS WITH MALICIOUS INTENT* *
Adam Ulrik Onsberg Christiansen 3 month ago
When you notice the trailer hunter is wearing silver rathalos just to survive long enough to show Them off...
XMURILOX42 3 month ago
Hunter: *Defeats Rajang and turn back to get back to Seliana * Rajang: *Get up slowly turning into Super Saiyan 2* this wasn't even my final form Hunter: Ight imma get out
hum um 3 month ago
0:45 if you look carefully, you can see rajang cooking his dinner with his breath
irvanCrocs 3 month ago
Now we just need a quest or event where they put Seething Bazel+Savage Deviljho+Furious Rajang+Raging Brachy in same time and call it "Anger Management", perfect way to introduce a hell..
XD gameplay 3 month ago
Rajang: Its time Hunter: what for? Rajang: The hot Rajang Di... Brachy: make it double!
Zacharie Pendragon 3 month ago
furious Rajang now in MH World Iceborne Me : "Freedom Unite Grank rajang Flashback"
AleXizzed 3 month ago
Raging Brachydios: "So anyways I just started blasting!"
R-Rex Anims 3 month ago
0:22 inb4 someone makes a mod where brachy screams “MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA” when he does this attack
Christian Cinnabars 3 month ago
Raging Brachydios? More like, “we hope you main a ranged weapon.”
Ahmad Sattout 3 month ago
An even more annoying Brachydios? Everyone gonna love that. Also, I really hope they're thinking about another expansion, cause this is the best MH game I've ever played, let alone the best hunting game.
Sullieduser611 3 month ago
Me: this gonna be fun Brachydios/Rajang: we about to clap them cheeks
Shadows215 3 month ago
When Raging Brachy comes out i hope to see a mod for Dio/JoJo muda punching sound effects im so excited
a original username 3 month ago
I haven’t played the previous games but... DEAR LORD HAVE YOU BEEN DEALING WITH THIS THE WHOLE TIME.
Safi’jivva Boi 3 month ago
One time I met a really confident dude saying how raging has 0% chance of coming and he’s gonna laugh at me when raging doesn’t come. Well *who’s laughing now?*
M1st3r Sunsh1n3 3 month ago
Capcom: will you fight them for a scooby snack? Me: nuh uh Capcom: then how about new layered armors? Me: I'll make them wish they never made it to the New World
Arekkz Gaming 3 month ago
ChaCha 3 month ago
Quest name: Hell Hath No Fury Hunt a Savage Deviljho, Seething Bazelgeuse, Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang.
Dray Owl 3 month ago
Me: Mom can I buy that toy? Mom: No you have enough toys Me: 0:24
Apalagi08 3 month ago
0:48 blame weiss gaming, all i see is Ricardo Rajang on the right.
SelfMade TJH 3 month ago
Hunter: Proceeds to hunt Raging Brachydios Raging Brachydios: So you have chosen...DISINTEGRATION
behe the gaming axolotl 3 month ago
Me: did you literally just block off my escape route Raging Brachy: yes *the screams and sounds of explosions ensue*
Paul Ybanez 3 month ago
0:22 I think the hunter got erased from history
ZConTech 3 month ago
0:21 When Raging BrachyDIOs try to flatten a crusader under a road roller.
Dinoman972 3 month ago
0:37 That transition though.
Fabio Rosario 3 month ago
Furious rajang: joined the server All monster: oh no... Ruiner nergi: HOOOOO YOU APPROACHING ME
DWC15 3 month ago
Savage Deviljho: "Finally! some worthy opponents, our battle will be legendary!"
Dapper Black 3 month ago
Rusted kushala: Ill have my moment.. one day..
Joshua Daniel 3 month ago
Me: After getting carted 6 times by Normal Rajang Capcom: hey wanna hunt the Furious Rajang?!! Me: Ahhh shiett here we go again
John Ivan Dizon 3 month ago
Imagine iceborne rajang had little to no rest time especially when angry, then capcom releases an even angrier rajang. Oh boy.
꧁ UrWaifu ꧂ 3 month ago
Don’t look forward to fighting them.
rich20010 3 month ago
Well looks like the monsters have taking the title of MH... Murder Hunters!
RZ 3 month ago
0:25 i bet there will be someone made "ORA ORA" mod for this
Kaiju Conspiracy 3 month ago
0:52 Wait... I know that sound. Listen carefully. Do you hear it? The cry of a Velociprey.
Siturba 3 month ago
Me: Hurray, i love those two monsters, Raging Dios was unfair af Also me: Oh f-ck, Capcom revamped again their moveset...
MegaNerdyJock 3 month ago
People who say, “these are just re-skins,” and “Capcom is lazy” are too superficial to understand the differences in the gameplay.
Pan Kunkun 3 month ago
So I will copy coment I saw somewhere else: "Now looking back at these monsters, an event quest called "Only the angriest" with Raging and Furious (possibly Seething and Savage too) would be perfect for an Asura's Wrath crossover" I beg you capcom, just do it
x36Granitplate 3 month ago
The Rajang already yeet me 3 without even hitting him. New Rajang: *"THIS... IS... TO GO... EVEN FURTHER B E Y O N D!!*
Chiafade now 3 month ago
New arena quest - Hells Fury Hunt a Tempered Savage Deviljho, Furious Rajang, Tempered Seething Bazelgeuse, and Raging Brachydios! (Do this quest hunter and receive a decoration of your choosing or 10 guaranteed King armor spheres!)
Stanford Hilden 3 month ago
Riley Holloway 3 month ago
I’ve watched this 5 times over now
Darth Ash 3 month ago
capcom: FURIOS RAJANG IS COMING BACK me: YAAAAAY!!! wait did you just say- these were his last words.
Rizky Pratama 3 month ago
Me looking at the video title: hmm raging brachydios, interesting Me after looking at how massive those explosions can be: aight imma head out
StarvingGecko 3 month ago
"Rajang wasn't as strong as he was hyped to be." Furious: "Hold my tail."
Alexandrian Tria 3 month ago
i hope we get a quest with furious, raging, savage, and seething and let it be called "anger management "
F0RIEGN WARRI0R 3 month ago
The music they show in this trailer better be used for their actual fight or I'ma cry
1HP 3 month ago
My God. They look amazing in HD and they have a ton of new moves! This is why I love this franchise. I don't care how many reps Capcom has, Monster Hunter for Smash!
Krochlikmiov 3 month ago
"Hey you know how Rajangs already enough of a pain in the ass to fight?" "..... go on..." "What if we made him even MORE impossible to hit and annoying" "Genius."
Dj BerniBoy berni 3 month ago
Now: Yeah Raging Brachydios und Furious Rajag Later March: Oh noooo..... Oh my Goooodddd.... Howww
Wenke Song 3 month ago
Furious Rajang bangs its chest, "fight me! human!" a few moments later Furious Rajang limps away, "YOU MONSTERS!".
Alexander Engholm 3 month ago
My fear of fighting Rajang has finally been sated and now I’m back to 0. What did Rajang ate now? A Kirin in a Namiell salad with a Tobi for dessert?
Gabriel Balbinotto 3 month ago
My friend: wow I want to fight against them Me: My time has come
Fatal Lis 3 month ago
Rajang: This is to go beyond. Aasrrrrrgggg. Furious Rajang appear. General: You hunters thought previous hunt are tough!
miker706 3 month ago
Everyone in the crowd : furious rajang? Nooooooo------ yes! Everyone turns around to see who said yes Savage Deviljho: YES! FINALLY a worthy opponent! Come my old friend I'll be waiting for you ... our battles will be legendary across the new world!!!! Furious George vs The Spicy Pickle! Coming to the new world!
Frnz Frdnnd 3 month ago
Brachydios can makes us explode from the other side of the map now. I'm having a Blastlight resist LVL 3 with extra Divine Blessing, please.
Some broke Asian 3 month ago
0:23 I don’t even think my palico can survive that lol
Bishop King 3 month ago
0:43 “and this is what its like to go further beyond!”
Hans Alanson 3 month ago
Having a hunch that these two will have a unique and over the top turf war animation against each other. Maybe even one-uping Jho vs Bazel
Siturba 3 month ago
Me: Raging Dios theme is awesome :D Me again: It means i'll need a lotsa life powdarz...
Mexatelbrine 3 month ago
0:22 this part right here reminded me of promare for some apparent reason...
Tempest 3 month ago
Me when fighting the tempered versions: Guess I'll die.
soulbishop96 3 month ago
Furious Rajang theme starts playing Me : why do I hear boss musi...
sankara antoine 3 month ago
Me: Is Raging Brachydios gonna do the ora ora thing Developer: Yes Yes Yes oh my god 0:24
mrkruzjr 3 month ago
Also just so you know, the Lore behind Furious is that his Tail got cut off, but it reversed the effect that it was supposed to have lol. The dragon ball reference is strong in this one
Nikka Morta 3 month ago
0:27 and 0:46 Those poor hunters 😂😂😂
Bananaman559 3 month ago
I'm getting dire miralis vibes from the vocal brachy theme
PAPA Drago 3 month ago
I just realized that raging brachy starts laughing after using his ultimate 🎶 It's ain't no place for a hero 🎶
blakeblade2012 3 month ago
WHO ASKED FOR THIS, WHO CHOSE THIS DEATH Brachi: These hands of mine are burning red Rajang : ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU !
The Boi 3 month ago
Also that incredible attack made by raging brachy looks like hell itself Edit: spelling
Porakiya Draekojin 3 month ago
As a new player that still really, really, REALLY NEEDS to by the Ice Bourne expansion.......Collor me both terrifies and excited. I'm gonna get carted SO so much :D
kurosaki dragneel 3 month ago
Me: ahhhh ahhhhhh Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang: Why are you runin, why are you runin
Oscar Ruiz 3 month ago
*draws sword* "Its a good day to die!"
Cory Rowe 3 month ago
Is it just me, or do I hear a hint of Kulve Taroth's theme in Brachy's little bit?
PouTayTou 3 month ago
I heard some vocals coming from Brachy’s theme
The Wandering Artist: Eli 3 month ago
Nargacuga's Kitty 3 month ago
This update is cool and all but can you just fix the returning monsters' (nargacuga,glavenus etc.) weapon designs?You can just use the old world weapon designs.
Mr. DLM 3 month ago
I knew raging was coming back , better be an elder level monster, though and have different turf wars. Man, I'm getting MH4U vibes back, wish we could also get Akantor and Ukanlos with World graphics.
OpteX GD 3 month ago
If I don’t see them do Justice to my brachy weapons, someone is in trouble, BIG TROUBLE!
Handsome 3 month ago
Wait, Rajang actually hits you with the lightning breath when he grabs you? And Brachy goes full jojo on you? *Grabs HBG and hides in the corner*
Rakudayyy 3 month ago
*Having nightmares of their tempered versions*
Anton Wereta 3 month ago
Sounds like im dying 90% of the time then lol Rajang doesn't need to be raging! 😅😭 Lol
Scotty Skull 3 month ago
That moment where you realise you've been chill hunting this whole time😬
Soul Tyger 3 month ago
Yup, definitely getting a vibe of a special arena quest from these two. Probably could be titled "Fists of Supreme Devastation". Back to the "Grinding lands" for me. Going to need those certain gems to maximize the potential of my gear more than ever...
Pooka Dragon 3 month ago
Commander: Hunters, as you may know, monster variants have been showing up in the new world, and we have discovered two new ones coming from the old world into the new world. One is a variant of Brachydios. Hunters: Okay, that’s not bad. Commander: and there is a variant of Rajang— *Commander looks up to to see most hunters gone from fear* Commander: ....oh boy
Franco Mattioda 3 month ago
Capcom be like "welcome to the pain train, here's your ticket" Prepare those blast res jewels boys.
Ryaquaza 1 3 month ago
Geez this music, I hope this isn’t just for the trailers
First Name Last Name 3 month ago
khayjeet 3 month ago
*Update 4: Furious Rajang riding on an Extreme Behemoth, transforming into RAJAMOTH, DESTROYER OF ASTERA when enraged.* *Can't wait.*
Roberto Moreno 3 month ago
"Dos Compadres" are back💀☠
Pascl 3 month ago
I'd have rather had rusted, not because I like kushala, but because it would have been a chance for an actually enjoyable kushala, and rajang is already one of the hardest monsters in the game and he doesn't really need a variant, but furious is neat too. rusted could have also made use of the seliana arena. maybe we'll see it later. stil though, furious is neat. atleast we'll now hopefully get rajang's rock throw
May Marzo 3 month ago
Monster hunter: rage and fury coming 2020
reploid001 3 month ago
all I can say is that they're angrier asura: angrier than me? evil ryu: angrier than me? Oni: I wanna know their location