Crypt - YouTube Cypher Vol. 3 (ft. Dax, Merkules, NoLifeShaq, Futuristic, Crank Lucas, & More)

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King Blitz:
Ashtin Larold:
Crank Lucas:
Carly X:
Feral The Earthworm:
Samad Savage:

Produced by Joey Nato:

Thank you so much to everybody who hopped on this cypher. I appreciate the love and support more than you guys know and hopefully you find some new artists that you love.

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Crypt - YouTube Cypher Vol 3 (ft. Dax, Merkules, NoLifeShaq, Futuristic, Crank Lucas, & More)
Crypt 27 days ago
THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LOVE. FOLLOW EVERYONE THAT YOU ROCKED WITH. Available on all streaming services here:
Frostdee 26 days ago
Dax: I’m not a youtube rapper Also Dax: Hops on youtube cypher
xamirul 27 days ago
0:09 - DAX (ITS DAX!) 1:25 - King Blitz 2:15 - Ashtinlarold 3:05 - Ekoh 3:54 - Crank Lucas 4:44 - Scriptwork 5:33 - Carly X 6:21 - Feraltheerthworm 7:11 - Samadsavage 7:58 - 100kufis 8:48 - Onlyfuturistic 9:38 - Youngmerkules 10:27 - CRYPT (KING) 11:48 - NoLifeShaq
Joy B 26 days ago
Who's here for SHAQ ???? Hold it down coach 😂👑
Charles Jefferson 26 days ago
Some verses I haven't seen getting enough respect: King Blitz Script Work (lowkey could be the best one IMO) Carly X Futuristic And Nato spazzed with this beat. Give him his credit too 💯
MCg07 _ 26 days ago
Anyone else realize Dax said “I use it to sharpen shords”
Numbergerrila 57 26 days ago
Crypt got his mountain dew sponsorship leetttsss get itttt
Peter Hernandez 26 days ago
Who came to see Shaq do his thing?
Lucas Roberts 26 days ago
Bro I'm glad I listened to this feral was actually pretty dope his bars were pretty deep. Subscribing for sure. This whole thing was dope bro I hope they make like 10 of these to help rappers with low sub numbers and let them be heard for real
Jim Evans 26 days ago
Loved Carly X never heard of her. Everyone did great.
Forest Gumption 26 days ago
Feral the earthworm was the most memorable. IMO Dope cypher tho enjoyed watching this. I would love to be a part of the next one.
GavTheSav 27 days ago
pertreyu 27 days ago
I'm honestly wholeheartedly glad you and Dax squashed the beef because I was tired of not liking him even though he always made me bob my head.. lol
OMGitsTTV 27 days ago
dude i can't get over how good Samad is. he seriously needs to blow up
Ant Jonez 218 26 days ago
Shout out to feral the earthworm for being him. Even tho it aint my style of rap i really like and respect you for spittin real like having anxiety while writing to this beat and then publicly thanking Crypt for the opportunity. Thats some real shit that people over look and i really respect that. You got a new subscriber 😁
Rest in peace Xxxtentacion 26 days ago
"I'm the rudest and truest Lucas you've ever seen" I think Joyner Lucas is the truest lucas...
Mr Free 26 days ago
Who wanted to see what no life shaq was gonna say 🤣 Edid: he really snapped “Das tuff”
GaleFn 26 days ago
feraltheearthworm was low-key spitting facts and being real (dont underestimate this dude)
F34RxViiperzZ 27 days ago
Everyone on this was fire but honestly merkules killed it differently🔥
Enraged Justin 26 days ago
Lol “back from the grave” dax responding to Luke yawn aha I like it
Window XP 26 days ago
Part 2 - like Part 3 - comment
MZ 101 26 days ago
no one: not a soul: the beat : DUN DUN DUN DUN
Love Trolling 26 days ago
I think everyone went off in this, I loved this
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Ayyyy I love the Futuristic feature I’ve been listening to his music for time
Tinky 26 days ago
I loved Feral's uniqueness. I loved this cypher but I felt like the rap style was too similar between all the different artists. We need more diversity in rap.
Eric Alfred 27 days ago
DAMN SAM KILLED THIS!!🔥🔥🔥 And so did everybody else! Also, can we applaud the rapper for overcoming his anxiety🙌🏽. Lit Cypher
TheRantingLemonYT 27 days ago
We need to get dashiexp on this man
VG Blue 27 days ago
That moan in 1:15 had me dying🤣🤣. I really liked dax flow at the beginning and end parts. The super fast parts in the middle was a little shaky for me.
Jim Evans 26 days ago
Would Love to hear Atlus on the next one even if just singing a hook. Damn that man is talented.
Explicit Gaming 26 days ago
I was expecting Shaq to just say "Dats tuff" but he actually came out with some heat 🔥🔥
Pizza Pizza 26 days ago
Only person I really want on Youtube Cypher Vol 4, even though he isn't really a "Youtube Rapper" is KAAN, that dude is insane plus Crypt has done some KAAN covers.
KD Aion 27 days ago
i loved this, everyone took it far.. but Merk just went that extra mile
Its Asyrafff 26 days ago
Everyone was so fire like its hard to say who the most appealing in this cypher, but i know tht EKOH killed it just, all of em killed it thts why ekoh is not standing out although all his verse are genius
Brian 26 days ago
I think the most impressive is having Merkules on this track.
random gaming 27 days ago
wow dax is wearing a shirt and he didnt rip it up this dude keep suprising me 😅
Nicholas Alley 26 days ago
"next to Ja Rule in the toilet" goated ending
brandon mitchell 27 days ago
Bro my guy actually got merkulees he's off tap
Jon Paiz 27 days ago
Shaq went off yo😂 Futuristic different from everybody in my eyes🥶
Joey Orr 26 days ago
The 2 biggest shockers where Crank Lucas and Shaq. I was sleeping on you coach! I didn't know you had bars like that.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Majestic 27 days ago
Feel like I don’t see anyone talking about Echos verse. Was 🔥 (so was everyone’s but again don’t see no one talking about echo)
Ace X-D 27 days ago
Hopefully other artists give Dax another shot cuz I really think he deserves it, I mean come on he snapped even if his fast verse wasn't the best but he never really rapped fast until the Godzilla remix, 100Kufis was my favorite.
Rob Del Official 27 days ago
That was beautiful. What I love the most is being exposed to all of this talent I didn't know about! So much new music I have to listen to now. Thank you so much Crypt for giving us these amazing cyphers.
Talon Price 26 days ago
Always thought shaq should do some of his own music. He is on point when it comes to breaking down other artists bars. Good job to no life shaq that was awesome to hear from him. Everyone else was on point. 13 mins of pure gold. Thx crypt!
Larry Jimenez Jr 27 days ago
Yo they all did the damn thang nolifeshaq had to bring up ha rule lol
Clint Krazer Anims 27 days ago
Luke Gawne starting the last cypher: Even if I gotta be a lyrical bully to Dax!!! Dax: Back from the dead!!
will holsey 26 days ago
Shaq got bars. They're 90's early 2000's but they're bars.i love that era of rap
random gaming 27 days ago
the mountain dew throne is a MASTERPIECE
Azzi Valentine 26 days ago
Came her for shaq and crypt Stayed for the rest of the cypher
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Crypt insane as always, never fails to impress me
woahitsfrantz 26 days ago
Wasnt expecting 'Finish Dat man' to be on here lmao, that was fiyahh!! lmao
Kevin Embrey 27 days ago
"I go crazy bar for bar Alcohloic on a payday" 🔥🔥
Chase Trawick 27 days ago
Dax - "I'm not a yt rapper" Little bit of time later Well this is an interesting development mister dax
Ghost99143 26 days ago
Dude I've been listening to ekoh for a while I love it this is fire everyone did great
RZN _ FrZdy 26 days ago
Stacie Jones 26 days ago
OhKee12 26 days ago
Ready for Cypher #4 — who sneaking diss on Crypt?
Janie Madsen 26 days ago
I’m sorry but Onlyfuturistic looks like an off-brand Drake.
YungRappa 27 days ago
I knowwwwww that 100kufis didn’t still a line from ski mask the slump gods baby wipe.... please tell me that was a homage thing
Ethan 26 days ago
I nearly had a heart attack when I heard Ekoh's and Merkules' verses on this track. The best verses hands down.
LilAce 26 days ago
Fun Facts!: Samad Savage goes 9.2 syllables per second in his part Merkules goes 11.7 syllables in his And finally, the fastest, Dax, goes 13.6 syllables per second!
Brayden Ivie 26 days ago
You should get Chris Webby He’s done stuff with Merk and Ekoh You’re missing a real one
Chad Damron 26 days ago
Honestly favorite one yet im a huge merc fan and no life shaq is an amazing human loved everyone... just wish dax would have left out the fast rap no offense to him i just feel like he is a beast at what he does but props for steping out of his box and trying
13snelson 26 days ago
I hope they keep this up and everyone stops watching XXL cause it's trash now
Slip 27 days ago
ive watched no life shaqs verse like 12 times already lmao
Jimmy Shredder 27 days ago
this was awesome. shaq had me goin wild I wasn't expecting that. what I gotta do to get on one of these I love this shit!!!
Asher Oakthorn 26 days ago
Shaq kinda sounds like snoop when he raps dats tuff, killed it
Caswell Thompson 26 days ago
"Flakey like a sycamore" us country folks caught that crypt!
will holsey 26 days ago
Feral the earthworm was the dopest and deepest cause it was honest.
QCProductions 26 days ago
I respect Crypt so much for these amazing cyphers! Way better than XXL cyphers in my opinion. 🔥
K&S Franks 26 days ago
The BARS, the switch, the flows, the different styles, the handoffs — this is the best collaboration of 2020!!!
Bilal Aziz 26 days ago
Bro YoungMerkules went fire in this he was the best by far🔥
KYNG CEO 26 days ago
9:19 Futuristic with one of the sickest double entendres I've ever heard🔥🔥🔥🔥👀👀👀
Ricky 26 days ago
May I recommend attempting to get twisted insane as the "big" artist on the next cypher and gain some more of us too loyal BRAIN fans
Feargal McColgan 27 days ago
I had no idea this song was coming out
AB hamdan 27 days ago
Did she say her name was “cardi b”?
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Earthworm with the syllables damn
Jacob Brodeur 27 days ago
Glad to see Ekoh going places. Heard F/W/M on Pandora and been hoping he blows up. Lot of good versed here though. Hard to make a top verse list but Ekoh, Samad, Kufis and Carly are at the top for me. For some reason this was also the best Crypt has sounded IMO, he’s top five as well.
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Futuristic ain’t like nobody else 😁🔥
SpaceTesticle 26 days ago
I remember the days of 2013 watching Ashton larold destroy that kid in a rap battle. Crazy to see he’s still doing stuff. Not only that, but he spits fire 🔥
blaze 27 days ago
6:44 he's talking
Lance Alexander 26 days ago
I was actually excited to see scriptwork..invoice that dude. he's from my era and he is a dope rapper
Ride The Gamer 26 days ago
I'm just wondering who else thought that was Token at 3:03
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Samadsavage went off wtf 😂🔥
TheAlmightyOragutan 26 days ago
Dax, Samadsavage, and then Merkules annihilated that beat.
Lilkorey_Reacts 27 days ago
My boi Samad Savage be going crazy
deathcrank 26 days ago
Ekoh looked like token at first bro I went he got token hold up LMAO
MinesBetter 26 days ago
Who's Crypt going in on so hard?!
lilmitrivert 26 days ago
dax was spittin so hard he didn’t even have time to throw in a janitor line😂🔥
Cinematic Summer 26 days ago
Zahma_jr 26 days ago
That girl got barsss🔥
Gaias Army 26 days ago
I wonder how many people got ekoh's tesla line 😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
K Best 26 days ago
Came here to listen to SHAQ but now I’m just disappointed
IgglPggl 26 days ago
Why is king blitz’s starting bit so satisfying to me, I could listen to “king blitz in it” on repeat forever
Silence Engaged 26 days ago
My 3 favorite verses were Ekoh, 100 Kufis and Crypt. THAT'S TUFF!!!!
Jolah 26 days ago
I’m from the area 100kufis is from and when he says that shopping cart line I want you to know there actually have been people here riding shopping carts on the highway
AssassiNate Black 26 days ago
IMO Ekoh killed his verse and everyone was just as great Great ass cypher
Thicc Hagrid 26 days ago
Nado; I made every other cypher beat, I'm gonna surprise these people this time Also nado; everyone can tell this my beat, can't they?
Josh Listen 26 days ago
#13 on trending!!! Time to get these YouTube rappers the recognition they deserve.
shrek luvs u 90 27 days ago
Love Trolling 26 days ago
Is there anyway I can get an instrumental of the beat?! It’s mad 🔥🔥🔥