Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I give a makeover to Tik Tok LEGEND Rosa, also known as AdamRayOkay! We fixed Rosa's contour and messed up lashes while talking all about Adam's rise to fame, quitting his job, what Rosa means to him, and so much more. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
caleb 2206 9 days ago
This should be a series... doing tiktok stars makeup
Stavros Bs 9 days ago
James should call his haters step-sisters
BAI FAMILY 9 days ago
“Anyways my name is Adam- I’m 20 years old” I THOUGHT HE WAS 15.
Råïn_.Ćløüd 9 days ago
Rosa : Dude come here James : Dont be shy put some more I just love both of them in their unique ways
ocean eyes 9 days ago
James is an evil genius. He is way too smart, like HE KNOWS ALL THESE TIKTOK STARS BRING VIEWS
Male Genital Educational Videos - over18 only! 9 days ago
James is a really good interviewer, and he does it at the same time as doing top level makeup, and filming a YouTube video, and being so funny as well. How is he do talented at multitasking? Also who was a supporter of James all the way through last year?
Chantelle G 9 days ago
remember when everyone was saying james charles was a ra*ist bc he did a rosa impression w a slight accent... that did not age well bc they both living their best life 🤩
2 Subs by 2022 9 days ago
James Charles during Covid 19: Lets do all these tiktok stars makeup
evoid 9 days ago
“Don’t lie who’s school is shut down cause of corona💈” (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🏃🏻
Bogart Bogart 9 days ago
no one: literally no one: me: i don't care what they are talking about, just to see what the make up is...
Virginia Furr 9 days ago
plot twist: james is patient zero and hes trying to spread it to everyone so thats why hes doing all these collabs
Elisabeth Scott 9 days ago
People with the coronavirus: *social distancing* James with Adam/Rosa: "Dude come here, lets collab."
AMber Doherty 9 days ago
Adam: I want a blue black smoky eye kinda vibe James: *does blue and white smoky eye
bella Spero 9 days ago
*Hi Sister* *Rosaaa Here* *You gotta a Dollar* *Weird laughs* *Hotel Haha You thought*
Stephanie James 9 days ago
james needs a talk show. best interviewer ever. ellen is shook — SISTER SHOOK
Ich Wie 9 days ago
James setting just the right side of Adams face Her left side: “b*tch do you have setting spray???”
Mayi For Mayor 9 days ago
The Government: stay 5 feet away from people and avoid Physical contact James Charles: Hold my sisters
Brooke your Local idiot 9 days ago
James: *does makeup perfectly* Me: * tries to re-create on my face* My mom: HOW DID YOU GET TWO BLACK EYES!?!
duckphobia 9 days ago
allllllright I dont wanna be offensive but like.... I didnt know she was a boy lmaoo SENding LOVE ROSA U QUEEN
Jay T 9 days ago
“20 years old” Whole time I thought he was 14💀
Alex Garrison 9 days ago
This video really like made me like James like a lot more like he just said seems so sweet like I’ve always liked him, but idk what it is about this video but he seems so like sincere and just like really just kind and now I like really want to meet him lol
maddieggj 9 days ago
"isolate yourself" literally doesn't practice social isolation
PalangiManツ 9 days ago
Lol James said “now that you have nothing on” Everybody: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MiniatureSpud Vlogs 9 days ago
I think that when he was talking about people that inspired him he avoided jefree star
Yazmiiin R 9 days ago
“I was inspired by male YouTube artists like you ...... manny” he looked like was trying to avoid saying Jeffrey 😂
Ana Araya 9 days ago
Gotta appreciate James’ interview skills...he is so good at getting his guests to feel comfortable and open up
Gyles Family 9 days ago
I love James as an interviewer. He knows all the right questions to ask
x_edith_xx 9 days ago
“You would never leave the house and see someone with that much contour” have you seen the uk???
1 Sub Before 2021? 9 days ago
Can I just say, WHY DOES JAMES GET SO MUCH HATE- like hes actually really sweet. He doesn't deserve the hate he gets. *period*
Joselyn Martinez 9 days ago
Not even liying when he tried to bite the lip liner I laughed so hard then I cried cause I have not laughed like that in months no joke thank you ❤️
James should do the color generator challenge: split your face in half, pick 5 colors to do Ur eye with and 2 colors for Ur blush,and one color for highlighter and contour. and then for the other side you do a makeup look with the same colors just in a different style/idea.hoped you liked this! been a fan for so long.
capturedfeelings 9 days ago
not trying to compare adam and charli but this interview was wayyy more entertaining than the one w/ charli d’amelio
esli rozatto 9 days ago
He Lowkey looks like paquita la del barrio with the makeup.
taejoonki ۵ 9 days ago
She is so wholesome, I am genuinely in love with Rosa. She just has a humorous and fun personality with can all relate to. Just keep doing what you’re doing because you’re absolutely killing it! 💞✨
Monica Sandoval 9 days ago
when she tried to bite the "white pencil" I was daed on the floor!!!!
BTS_ARMY 101 9 days ago
CEO of “DuDe CoME HeRe”😂
Jordan Palace 9 days ago
Can’t be the only one that didn’t know he was 20. Thought he was like 15
kishori B. 9 days ago
am i the only one that loves rosa's laugh "HAHK" lmao i am living for it
Thatonedude 9 days ago
James has changed I have noticed that in 2020 he is surrounding his self with more positive people😊
Cookie Gamer 9 days ago
Am I the only person who wants to see James with curly hair.
ambra gatto bergamasco 9 days ago
I feel like “Rosa” is the new MIRANDA SINGS
1 sub before 2026? 9 days ago
James Charles is a genius he has gotten a lot of views doing callobartions with Tik Tok stars and he has gotten #1 trending back to back..
Angela Holland 9 days ago
James at the end of the video: "isolate yourselves... stay home" Also James: *has a guest that's traveled from Texas in his house and films a video lmao*
Frimy Estrada 9 days ago
Adam snapping at James while he outlined his lip is *EVERYTHING*
Taylor 9 days ago
I literally reference Rosa in my everyday life all the the time, even got my boyfriend to start the references!!
talkwithjabe630 9 days ago
“Hours, hours, AND HOURS of laugh” like damn girl, she feeling some kind of way lol
Destiny Thomas 9 days ago
Adam is gorge i love him and you can see in his eyes how star struck he was to meet James and i love it!!!!
Cherry 9 days ago
Coronavirus: *exists* James: wow let’s collab with every human possible rn
Kim T. 9 days ago
i still can't wrap my head around the fact that rosa is a guy
Mariska Vyskocilova 9 days ago
Adam literally has the best skin like smh
1 sub before 2026? 9 days ago
James Charles: *brings Tik Tok stars to do their makeup* Coronavirus: am I a joke to u?
Rummycaek 9 days ago
Adam's eyes are the most beautiful shade of brown. Kudos for using blue to really bring them out.
Aisha 9 days ago
HE SEEMS SO SHY I JUST WANNA KISSS HISS CHEEKS😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ but great video
Keli SAUKURU 9 days ago
when he said i hate my job i thought of my mum that's what she said she used to work at call center
650. Jenni 9 days ago
Dudeeee let me find out she’s getting a makeoverrrrr ahhh wtffffff❤️❤️❤️
Jadyn Manuel 9 days ago
TikToker right of passage : have James Charles do your makeup
byun ji baek 9 days ago
“Don’t be rude nesio” I’m wheezing 🤣
Iris Nunez M 9 days ago
10:38 me when someone does my makeup EVERYTIMEEE 😆
Draw Clearly 9 days ago
James interviewing people and giving them makeovers is some of the best content on YouTube right now
Gwen Duncan 9 days ago
When he bit at James when he was lining his lips why did I sense that coming. I literally knew it was gonna happen. I think I’m psychic. Y’all🙏🏻😳🤭
Sammy Morgan 9 days ago
No one: James: *I'm gonna collab with every tik toker*
MaliyaxGaming 9 days ago
I was waiting for her to say “what are you gonna do” LMAO like this comment if you did the same thing
Your Development 9 days ago
World:* social distance * Rosa: "Dude!, Come here."
estrxlla 9 days ago
“Can you even breath?” I legit thought he meant it another other way😔
Tom_the _Cat 9 days ago
is it just me tht thought rosa was actually a girl becasue this vid got me shook
Eva 9 days ago
I thought only Hispanics that went to school in the hood understood Rosa’s comedy. I feel like others can’t quite get it ? Lol
Ainhoa Pinto M. 9 days ago
james doesn't actually look like a bad person to me
The Infinity 9 days ago
How many of us are stuck at their homes because of quarantine? Smash like👍🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
Sandy Wilson 9 days ago
I love your makeup James and would love to meet you some day hopefully.
Random 9 days ago
Fun fact! You can't talk with you tongue on the roof of your mouth But see the fun fact is that 98% of the people that just read that just tried it 🤣
brianne 9 days ago
Quantity instead of Quality Sis just doesn’t wanna be max dressler 😂😂
Yabdiel Ubiles 9 days ago
Y’all were trying to cancel him a couple weeks ago for impersonating Rosa🙄🙄 Obviously they’re good friends... there’s always more to the story than what meets the eye🤷🏽‍♂️
andrea aurora 9 days ago
“I’m dead you saw that” 💀I loved that too much
Alexa Bug 9 days ago
I live so close by Adam, I'm not even lying. I still haven't seen him in real life though.
Aniya Gonzalez 9 days ago
wow. James never lets us down with the eye looks he creates... just damn🤩
El Lenny 9 days ago
I love Adam but he looks like Stewie griffin at the end 😂😂
hi im laura 9 days ago
Social distancing: Coronavirus: dude, come here.
Chelsea Lopez 9 days ago
Adam: My Nose is gone ! James: CaN yOu EvEn BrEaTH ? Adam: * Viciously Breaths In*
Angel Luna 9 days ago
If Rosa did that thing where she fools him into biting his fingers I would’ve been in my coffin 💀
Princesa_Jenny 9 days ago
i love how James makes everyone feel so comfortable 🥰
IntRbEn 9 days ago
James is a legit YouTube Veteran at this point. He has truly grown a lot.
Mia Stylianou 9 days ago
It’s like I’ve been waiting for this for my whole life.. I never knew I needed this till now
Jocelyn Castillo 9 days ago
What does Adam have in his forehead, thought he left some bronzer on there 😂
Izuku Midoriya 9 days ago
So we’re not gonna talk about how he just like gave out his number
Husky_girlie 123 9 days ago
James Charles should call his haters stepsisters 😂😂❤️
Andrea Nykole 9 days ago
This is the collab I didn’t think I needed in my life 😭😂🥰
Mariska R 9 days ago
Me literally watching this 2 mins after it got uploaded and then realizing 5 hours later
Skinny Legend 9 days ago
Kenicia Johnson 9 days ago
James, after years of watching your collaborations with other people, I genuinely love your energy and confidence around them and how easy it is for you to interview them! If you continue I would really like to see you on tv doing the same! Your own talk show 😲❤️😍 much love!
•V• 9 days ago
1 question... who is rosa?? 🤣🤣 never even heard of him lol
m m 9 days ago
11:01 never realised how much James blinks wow
N0vA 9 days ago
The foundation on her skin looks so good and perfect 😭😭😭
Harry Bailey 9 days ago
Pusheen Cat 9 days ago
James and Rosa are hilarious, there both amazing, I love how the world respect them it’s just amazing how people can be so nice, everyone is amazing and pls like this comment it’s fine if not❤️❤️💖🥺
Michelle Wang 9 days ago
Some random person: How many brothers do you have? James:1 brother Also James Charles: and 17.4 million sisters...
Teal Panda 9 days ago
When you’re saying you platforms I can’t understand because your mouth goes faster than my mind good thing you put them at the top
B3Productions 9 days ago
I really appreciate how James handles drama. Instead of letting it get to him he co-labs. N turns it into a positive
Taylor Hall 9 days ago
Is it just me or does James hair look extra good in this 🥺
Nikola Komuda 9 days ago
Omg!!! I REALLY WANTED ME TO BE IN HIS PLACE. I LOVE YOU AND WHAT YOU CREATE. I've watched you for a long time and I'm SAD BECAUSE I'll probably never meet you because I live in Poland😫😭😭😭
Kaylyn Ross 9 days ago
#1 on trending and couldn’t be more surprised. Y’all BOTH deserve this hype. Such a GREAT idea for a video. So excited to watch.