Joyner Lucas - Broke and Stupid (ADHD)

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AyySee Music 9 month ago
Man, now imagine the impact someone way richer than Joyner could make on peoples’s lives in a single day if they tried to...
Sam John 9 month ago
First man to ACTUALLY bring the hood out .... notice it’s not just black men to make him look tough ?
Cute Pop 9 month ago
the kid in the wheelchair goes to my church, and his mother was talking about this music video at church. ❤️❤️❤️
S Parslow 9 month ago
Worcester is my home town I was out watching him make this ... He is something special man
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos 3 month ago
*Broke and Stupid in January?*
Lemuel Dela Rosa 9 month ago
Eminem, Logic, NF, and Joyner Lucas all on top 10 trending. What. A. Time. To. Be. Alive. Edit: People hating on this cuz they think I'm saying that these are 4 of the greatest rappers of all time (well you can make a case for slim), lol no. I know my shit. What I meant by what I said was that the fact that these were on the top 10 trending at the same time, suggests that lyrical rap is slowly getting more and more exposure, which is great bc i'd take that all day over mumble rap. Didn't say that these rappers are the best, so stop hating you shitheads
Shelton Camp 9 month ago
I'm 44, still like some new school hip hop , mostly old school tho, this kid has talent, keep up your good work....Be Blessed....
Cosm!c Christian 9 month ago
bruh where can I cop one of those ADHD shirts. Shout out to the daydreaming kids who "cant focus".
Young Repp 9 month ago
I respect Joyner Lucas for recognizing that having ADHD didn’t mean you can’t do something but achieve things more greater
Mad88Cefiro 8 month ago
Joyner paints a picture, it’s not always pretty but it’s REAL something most rappers are missing in their music nowadays
Kpeshi sunday 9 month ago
Just finished NF when i grow up and now we on Joyner Lucas broke and stupid, what a day
INVADE 9 month ago
bullys in joyners school: you have adhd? must be slow joyner: *siracha*
njabsnet ictcentre 6 month ago
When i hear Joyner Lucas spit like this, i know for sure hiphop aint dead......
your dumb 6 month ago
"If I died today I'm happy for the life I lived" 😢😢👌
Tray P 9 month ago
Im 22 so i def wasnt around back then but for some reason this reminds me of the keep ya head up video from 2pac.
Jacquise Sheppard 9 month ago
Joyner and NF dropped at the same time today. Today is a great day!!😂
Not The Mama 8 month ago
Joyner Lucas we appreciate you as a real man and as an artist. Thank you for remembering the less fortunate people like me 🤝 and so many other people out there. You give me hope, God bless you bro🙏. The song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍
The Daily Rage 8 month ago
Am I the only person that thinks this is the best song on ADHD?
Chesterrr_na 9 month ago
Joyner trying to heal the world thru music 🎶❤🔧 #Respect
Tyrell Harris 8 month ago
OVERVIEW LYRICS First, we're affected by what we know When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes That's the first thing I tell 'em Get the information while you're here Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school So get the information, being broke is bad But being stupid is what's really bad And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid Uh, this the shit I dreamed about when I was only four Sugar, water, mac and cheese, we were broke and poor (yeah) Court evictions, landlords never show remorse Now I'm in the building, when they greet me, they gon' hold the door (yeah) I never needed your acceptance, this is my destiny I made devil's work and turned it into God's blessings Can't knock me off the block, this is not Tetris Life lessons, I learned tables turn, that's my assessment They told me to be patient, but I need to flex (woo) I'm so famous, I could finally hit JAY-Z direct (yeah) I might hit up Drake, and tell him to send me the jet I might drink Cîroc with Puff, if he send me a check (Word) Lot of squares in my family, I could see the stress Bunch of crabs in the bucket tryna eat my flesh I ain't nothing like you niggas, I don't even rest I don't sleep until I see success, I wish you the best (Joyner) I ain't on no hating shit, I just want to get rich (word) I don't do relationships, I don't want to commit Lot of bitches did me dirty, ain't talked to me since And now I'm insecure, closed off, but that's hard to admit (word) I'm just thinking about the days you were making me jealous Can't rain on my parade, when I'm made of umbrellas (woo) Fuck it, they don't phase me, I don't stay in my feelings Thought money would change me, but it changed all my niggas (facts) I just bought a Lamborghini and painted the ceiling I ain't bragging, I'm just happy I made me a million ADHD, I was slow, now they label me brilliant I'm proud of niggas like HOV, he made him a billion (yeah) I hope I'll never go broke, tryna break through the ceilings Fifty thousand on the low, I might make an appearance (yeah) This that shit that made them kids run away from they parents Nigga, I'm breaking your spirit (woo) I told myself: "If I go out, then I'ma light my wrist" (boom) If I die today, I'm happy for the life I live (blah, blah) And my son is only three, he be like: "Mama rich" Told him: "Go outside to play, just be inside by six" (ay) I done made my niggas proud, you ain't gotta love me (good) Give a fuck about your opinion, only God could judge me (blah, blah) I don't even write on paper, I just write on Tully (woo) I'ma hire an assistant to make her write it for me (ayy) This is me against the world, that's the mood I'm in (goddamn) Hop up out the fucking pussy like I'm new again (woo) I remember they was calling me a hooligan In special education, I just might go back to school again (woah) Only hit it once, then I make her leave (woo, woo) We ain't cuddling, I need some space to breathe (woo, woo) If she fuck me good, I let her stay 'til three (woo, woo) No, I'm not your man, but we can make believe Okay, you got a ass, that don't mean a thing to me Stop acting like a brat, bitch, I ain't Jermaine Dupri (woo) These pussy niggas talkin' 'bout what they gon' say to me And they gon' beat me up, I told 'em that's some shit I'd pay to see (stupid) And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid Nothing much worse than that, unless you're sick Like sick, broke and stupid That's about as far as you can fall, unless you're ugly, right? But surely that would be the ultimate, right? The ultimate negative life: ugly, sick, broke and stupid I turned my life into a movie, bitch, I think I'm Rocky (yeah) I can't even wear my jewelry now, they think I'm cocky (ay, ay) I know that I got myself if I ain't got nobody (buh, buh) Just bought a pistol, I just hope that it ain't got no bodies (brat) You gon' have to pay the price, if you get wishy washy (woo) This a Talladega Night, I think I'm Ricky Bobby (bah, bah) My advice: quit the music, get a different hobby All you lil' niggas sound the same, just a different copy (woah) And I bow my head and pray for this (woo, woo) Yeah, I spill my guts and made a mess (woo, woo) Shit, I ran on Mars and made a wish Yeah, I stand on cars like Jaden Smith (yeah) And I ball so hard, I sprain my wrist (bah) If I shoot it, then I ain't gon' miss Loyal nigga, so I ain't gon' switch (woo) Blew my money at the strippy, it don't make no sense Broke and stupid, shit will never be the same again And what's really, really bad is being broke and stupid (stupid, stupid
LumpKing 9 month ago
Joyner and NF on the same day?? *AWW YEAH*
T James 4 month ago
Joyner is the closest thing to a modern Tupac that I’ve seen. Not only a brilliant artist but a celebrity who cares for more than just himself. I’m a Joyner fan!
Stephen McNamara 9 month ago
Spent my college years in this neighborhood - did a lot with Sacred Heart Parish - so many fabulous people in South Worcester
Tevin Tarso 9 month ago
Who is here waiting to that Timbaland joint?
DEATH OF MICAH 4 month ago
he got the cops dancing that’s what i’m talking about bruh we so against the cops why can’t we all be in the same dance like it is in this video 🙏🏽
Jaiden Bal72 9 month ago
Loving the jaden Smith references tho
Allman 8 month ago
Only 3.6 million views? The industry is backward man :(
Lil Incredible 9 month ago
"I don't sleep till I see success" 🔥‼️
DEATH OF MICAH 4 month ago
Every Line means something listen more than once 🖤
SinaSr_Z 9 month ago
What is happening first NF then Joyner wow I can't take this my house is burning
smithyjack4 9 month ago
"Stop acting like a brat I ain't no Jermaine dupri" that was a silencer shot, but very few witnesses
Flex Shark 9 month ago
Joyner is the GOAT of this generation ♥️ much love dood
MojosAsh 9 month ago
Dam bro putting the city on the map! Boston. Worcester. Love it man
ice b 9 month ago
I made devil's work and turned it into God's blessings
Aidan Onderdonk-Snow 9 month ago
Joyner is bringing back real hip hop
Alex Varner 9 month ago
Only rapper who can make a 4 minute song feel like a 2 minute song🔥🔥🔥
Baskirov Sergej 9 month ago
Joyner is like the new school 2pac.
Ali WayTV 8 month ago
Me against the world that’s the mood I’m in 🔥💯
Kalil Schroeder 9 month ago
Who else thinks J Cole would've killed it on this beat with Joyner
Neon Nova MG 9 month ago
Holy crap, Joyner and NF within minuites of each other 👌
drew blevins 9 month ago
I may not align with his beliefs most of the time but this dude is legit! He should be way bigger than he is!!
Worldtimmy 5 month ago
how is this beat so underrated it sad keep it up men you deserve the best
Marc Ingles 9 month ago
team breezy will always have your back joyner, great song
Clem Breeze 9 month ago
Sample: Jay Z - Dear Summer💯
DaBlazinKid 9 month ago
Joyner and NF dropping bangers at the same damn time? Guess I didn't need no Blue Will Smith for this wish to come true
Cute Pop 9 month ago
I could’ve went to this, I live in Worcester . 😭
ChillenWithMike 2 month ago
The guy in the black at 1:20😭😭😭who’s mans
Chase Carrington 9 month ago
He summed up my childhood in the first two bars. Joyner is a real one.
H. Taylor1983 6 month ago
Love how Joyner tells a story every song and isn't flashy just humble.
Zeroo Music 9 month ago
This is the official "Joyner Lucas is dope AF " button 🔥
Nillmatic 23 8 month ago
Greatest of his generation.....~PERIOD🎤
TerenceTriple81 7 month ago
He's like the clone of Dave East who's inspired by the G.O.A.T. Method Man!! 💯
Aman Khan 9 month ago
Protect Joyner at all cost.
travisti 9 month ago
Finally Joyner reorganized his YouTube channel videos, making it easier to find new music. 😊
Calocity 9 month ago
So who else came right after watching NF's new music video 😂
Hassan Haq 9 month ago
"I don't even write on paper, I write on Tully" 🔥🔥
Gilliaun T 9 month ago
Kinda LOVE this video showing the softer side of Joyner! instead of his usual partying hyphy self! Good to see our talented Black rappers doing positive things showcasing greatness for all to see! Shit is a movement!
Michael Worms 9 month ago
Bro you dope man!!! Its been a long time since we've seen someone with skills saying the right things to open eyez and minds...Thank You
Ace Webu 9 month ago
2:00 oof straight up fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 💯
TheeSmokeWildd xx 9 month ago
So NF and Joyner think it’s okay to drop fire on the same day tho 🔥🔥
Curtis Paul 9 month ago
It’s amazing when you’re able to see somebody’s success from the beginning till now. I remember when you was out here trying to grind to make a name for yourself. I knew that in time people would see you for what you really are man. First time I heard that ross song I was like wait a minute I’ve heard about that on TV. Your songs tell a lot of stories and it’s amazing man. When I found out you made it on BET that’s when the rest of the world started listening. Much more success for you brother.
Panther Chef 9 month ago
It feels good to have ADHD now cuz i share something in common with legends such as Joyner (favourite rapper) and Ryan Higa (favourite youtuber)
hihowareyou 58 9 month ago
I feel like the beat shouldn't be so up beat at the start.
Sean Mower 6 month ago
Remember when Lil Wayne killed this on dear summer after he took Jay-Zs beat
killadan0724 9 month ago
ADHD I was slow Now they label me brilliant Felt that one
Jalen Whitehead 8 month ago
"Only god could touch me" I respect him
Danny 9 month ago
Thought I went back in time using the Game 300 bars and running beat, anyone else???
Tejean Pittman 9 month ago
Shout to Joyner Lucas my inspiration I also struggle with ADHD and other disabilities love the message
Al Nunez Popoca 8 month ago
This spoke to my soul ya'll 💛
Max Thomas 9 month ago
Banger after banger, looking forward to the release of ADHD
Zack Hill 9 month ago
ADHD and depression, makes for the blessing. Keep grinding joyner, had faith since 508
Kyle Coley 2 month ago
Love this but I swear it was on along came Joyner
GM S 8 month ago
Just Hip-Hop 7 month ago
Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 Bout time this dude got noticed
Ghost 9 month ago
90% of comments.. Joyner and NF
AG Video’s 5 month ago
Dude Joyner ur such a kind and good person. god bless you.
joelsolomon42 8 month ago
Joynnerrrrr when the Em collabs comin
Ronnie Blea 8 month ago
Joyner on that Memphis Bleek/ Jay Z beat 🔥🔥
Semaj Ballard 4 month ago
Whoever disliked this song is crazy and thats fact
s a 9 month ago
Bring your culture, Respect the old school, Represent your city, this is HIP-HOP
Zaka Rachi 7 month ago
Joyner lucas on his way to being in my top 5 and my whole top 5 basicly came out in the 90s 1. Tupac 2.nas 3.Scarface 4.slick rick 5. Eminem Eminem sorry man but u might gotta go number 6 lol
Victoria Hamilton 2 month ago
"Me Against The World" ~
Alonzo Mora 9 month ago
Joyner Lucas keep up with music like this and I promise you you’re name will be up there with The Greats ...You are a real Legend in the making !
Wwapojr 450rugershooter 4 month ago
everything this man speaks is exactly what i would say to the world myself. idc what yall think about me im me gonna be me and always will.
Flori SH 9 month ago
how many of ya think that Joyner Lucas is the realest rapper in the game?🙏🏼👊🏼🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ 👇🏼
Ro B 8 month ago
I absolutely love how Joyner carved his own uniqueness and created a masterpiece to put him on a path to be one of the greats. It's no wonder....his #1 influence was Eminem. Goats create goats
Canvas East 9 month ago
Been off for a minute but this track brought me back.
YourPlug 9 month ago
The beat didn’t even have to drop for this to be 🔥
Thomas Dorsey 9 month ago
Jay-Z used this beat on "Dear summer" thats why he mentioned him if anyone was wondering both are dope 🔥
Trevor Eliason 9 month ago
Yo NF, Joyner. Just cause you broke the internet and dropped 2 🔥 songs today doesn’t mean you don’t have to colab on the same track
Foldedcam 8 month ago
ADHD THEY CALL ME SLOW BUT NOW THEY LABEL ME BRILLIANT i still am slow but i dont do work that i already know or work that im never going to use
Iss Kidd Kidd 6 month ago
I wonder what they was thinking when they saw Joyner in a lambo driving in front of them
Elmer Ingram 9 month ago
If u like Joyner! U'll Love Dave East! 2 of the Best!
kareem 9 month ago
this videoclip put a smile on my face
Lauk Abdullah 9 month ago
This is the right way too flex your money by helping other people
Reid Seeley 9 month ago
This about to be one of the most legendary albums of all time 😱🔥
that boy N8TM 9 month ago
At 3:11did anyone feel like hella emotional all of as sudden weird
Alejandro Gonzalez 6 month ago
I’m one of the only people in my school that listens to Joyner, I need to spread the word because this man is amazing
M Norris 9 month ago
Kanye first album vibes, love it.
Paradox Silent 9 month ago
Joyner doesn't deserve the amount of hate he gets, he's legitimately pure genius