How To Carve a billiard ball into a SKULL

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Bobby Duke Arts 10 month ago
You could also follow me on Twitter @bobbydukeart but only if you want more puns, dad jokes and the answers to life the universe and everything. Or not, whatever it's cool. Yaaaay!
Milton Eduardo Sanson 10 month ago
you should make a resin ball around it and make the whole set so you can play with balls that have tiny skulls inside because it would be like awesome
Jillian Klaas 10 month ago
I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of this channel, even though I watch it so often. I typed in 'wewd' and *it was the first result.*
Masked Ranger 10 month ago
Art teacher: What's your favorite medium? Me, an intellectual: Wewd.
Misty Gomez 9 month ago
**the god of all dad jokes has entered the chat**
Madeline Larson 10 month ago
What’s your name? D’artagnan. We’ll call him Winston for short.
Binit Poddar 10 month ago
Next Video: *How To Carve A Billiard Ball From A Human Skull*
Garucca lover 9 month ago
Bobby just pulled out a -'Papyrus-making -bad -skeleton-puns' act at 1:56..... Sans would be proud....
fajour hodges 8 month ago
As a wise man once said “WE ARE BACK WITH MY BALLS”
Skyler house 9 month ago
Duke arts: "ok, I'm back with my balls..."
Esutikku 10 month ago
2:47 *Me leaving area 51*
A Glimpse Inside 10 month ago
You are the master of turning “this” into “that”
Ethan Perales 7 month ago
Bobby's paint carved raven skull: Exists Bobby: "I've never carved a skull before" Paint carved raven skull: "Am I a joke to you?"
Olive Lovell 9 month ago
You make this look so unbelievably easy, but I know if I ever tried this, I'd sand off my fingers
the Archer 9 month ago
i like the "Don't hug me I'm scared" reference at the end
Kennedy Smalley 8 month ago
The “Don’t Hug me I’m Scared” reference got me at the end😂
Th4tPr0Gam3r 10 month ago
Imagine walking into a store and you don’t know who he is and u see him recording and like dancing 😂
Insufficient Accuracy 10 month ago
Bobby Duke: I’m now on Tiktok! Edgy 12 year olds: *_its free real estate_*
Gacha Virus 9 month ago
Something that was funny honestly was when he finished drawing on the ball he finished and sans popped up ink why but it was funny
the boybrutus 9 month ago
No one: damn, i wish there was a video tutorial on how to carve a skull from a billiard ball Youtube: say no more
HoityToityBadger 9 month ago
That Dont Hug Me, Im Scared reference at the end tho
Stephanie Phelan 10 month ago
You should carve the whole set of billiards balls - that way you can rack the set and have an army of tiny skulls looking at you
Боку Ленна проблемы 3 month ago
“Ok we are back with my balls” xD
Foxet Fox 10 month ago
Bobby thx for thinking of the undertale community btw LOVE our art also I wanna try a speedpaint is my art good enough? Edit: THX FOR DA LIKE IT MY FIRST LIKE EVER!
X-37 SFS - The SFS Space Plane 3 month ago
This makes me so happy that he's wearing a United Launch Alliance shirt. ☺💗🌠🚀🌌🚀🌠💗☺
kaoru aishi 9 month ago
1:55 *bonetrousle plays in the background* 3:50 YES, I SAW THAT COMING
The sable Preacher 10 month ago
Bobby: I’ve never carved a skull before Paint crow skull:am I a joke to you?
Athena Pohl 9 month ago
the mold of his hand was signed with 2091, we're in the future boys
Gurjot Singh 7 month ago
“I’m back with my balls” I srsly can’t be the only one Fine, just me
The Guy YT 5 month ago
Bobby: We are back with my balls *Quote of the Year*
OscR 7 month ago
“Ok I’m back with my balls.” -Bobby 2019
Good Boi Catto 10 month ago
When you realized you and Bobby have been going to the same antique mall for a year and you just moved ShockedPikachu.jpeg Edit: omg tysm for all the likes
White Raven Creation 9 month ago
You probably arent going to see this, but if u do, im curious if u can carve a bone. I can imagine that its an interesting canvas to work on. Im gonna try carving into an elk vertebrae once i get the tools. I really enjoy your videos. You are an amazing artist!
Cole Pearce 6 month ago
"I'm back home with my balls" -Bobby 2019
Carpenter_Lion26 9 month ago
I watched this video at least two weeks after I discovered your profile on TickTock
Secret Gaming 3 month ago
Me: watches this Him: so were back with my balls Me: i wasnt expecting that...
Pippa Squeaks 10 month ago
“Okay we are back with my balls,” -Bobby 2019
rider ganu 3 month ago
This guy is like me in my fantasy imagination world
KitkatGames _ 5 month ago
"Ok we are back with my balls" alrighty then XD
Scott Blair 9 month ago
When he said “ a very, very ruff shape” I thought “but my finished product wouldn’t even look that good” 😄
Walpher YT 4 month ago
2:37 - The word "balls" were Censored so that Implys that he was actually playing with said "balls"
sheep_ Kavurma 9 month ago
But seriously... Pls be careful don't break this Or i'll cry Edit:thx for all of the likes
David Pursel, Snake Hunter 9 month ago
Do Ironman. P.S. You really should think about removing the cut pubes from those carving bits before a close-up...
nomad18074 5 month ago
4:34 exact left arm Gloves: "Am I a joke to you?"
Logan O'Connell26 3 month ago
"Alright so we're back with my balls" -Bobby Duke 2019
Matthew I. 3 month ago
*starts laying out puns* Me:... this man is lucky he's so damn fine
Dillon Felts 10 month ago
Nobody: Bobby: Y'all ever wanna mess with future archaeologists?
X-37 SFS - The SFS Space Plane 3 month ago
KEI ルグ央 4 month ago
2:45 "It's hot in the garage" *moments later* does stop motion outside at direct sunlight
Jaryn Bliss 9 month ago
Hey Bobby, i love this and the other billard ball vid, well love all your art...i was thinking, what about making a dragon head from a bowling ball?? Is it possible, or even a dragon head from wood too...itd be awesome.
Ruby Spring 9 month ago
the hell... i said his voice sounds like a winston and he said it!!!!
adam mac 10 month ago
Oh good, I was _JUST_ wondering how to carve a billiard ball into a skull. Thanks, Bobby! 😏 *CONGRATS on the sponsorship!!*
yoboiterell 6 month ago
9:13 He started talking like the skull at the start Yes I know he voices the skull
Mariah Bessert 9 month ago
1:04 when Teeth by 5 Seconds Of Summer starts playing
kitteneyejo 3 month ago
i caught the sans undertale reference in the first 10 seconds and im-
The_dudete 123 4 month ago
I like how you put “how to” in the videos like someone is gonna actually try and replicate this
Mad die Gabb itas 10 month ago
You should make an Iron Man helmet out of one of them, just a thought
Rinkaikou 6 month ago
"Ok so i'm back with my balls" -Bobby Duke Arts
Toxic Potato 7 month ago
The part when he said “I’m back with my balls xD” 1:34
Jax Lynch 7 month ago
1:19 I have that deer at my house lol mines called buck too lol 😂😂😂😂 ..... But mine sings I wonder if that one does 🤔🤔🤔
Teccyboi 9 month ago
When you get older put that on a cane or sum
Adrianna Lallman 10 month ago
Imagine setting billiards balls shaped into skulls in clear resin to make them round with the skull inside.. wow
D R 4 month ago
0:01 "hey guy" *(me in my head) : I have a Gift for you ( 0:00)
Nothing Left 7 month ago
"Okay, we are back with my balls. What I want to do is carve one of these-" 😱
Justin Damsker 9 month ago
Dude that dedication and talent though— RESPECT
Roxy_YT 9 month ago
Bobby:*ok I'm back with my BALL'S ME: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sam Typhlosion 10 month ago
Bobby, we never thought you'll betray humanity by downloading TIK TOK...
Julian Sideman 4 month ago
The dhmis reference at the end actually gave me the chills when it made me remember that show
NeighbourhoodEmo 7 month ago
Winston: *sounds like Papyrus* Me: *coins it as a coincidence* 3:50 Me: *Chokes*
Skeeter Ton 5 month ago
1:33 When you get home after the reverse vasectomy.
fizzy lizzy 9 month ago
"I GoT My BaLls"
TheJoshiBoi13 9 month ago
Love the videos. Would be cool to see a unique spin on a traditional chess set!
Mattanje Huberland 5 month ago
0:57 did you know that the ocean sound thing is actually the soud of your blod running true your vains... (Sorry for bad English in from Holland😂😅) Ps: i love your work its amazing!!
Sharky Snapz 9 month ago
I love going to the Montgomery street antique mall!! I swear, I hope I can bump into you one day- It’s crazy how we live in the same metroplex!! 👀 Also, your art is so inspirational, and I always get a kick out of your humor (:
Jerry Harpenau 9 month ago
1:34 When my dad comes home after going to his ex's
RavenPlaze 10 month ago
"What I need to you do is go into the description and download tiktok-" Not today satan, not today.
Multifandom Ass usual ! 4 month ago
Bobby's daughter : damn how would this thing look if it were to be sculpted different Bobby : say no more daughter !
Andrew Caron 10 month ago
Absolutely amazing as always I would love that of on top of my wall stick love skulls 👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Brie Makene-Dodd 9 month ago
That marking on your bench is a koru and I’m so curious as to how it got there (it’s a maori design(
Joseph Garcia 10 month ago
This is dope bro! I love it--I deinfitely laughed a time or two ;)
b brown 10 month ago
The fact that you added all the bony markings (foramina, processes, sutures, and fissures, etc) makes this skull even more amazing!
Anne Currie 10 month ago
Thank you for sharing your "infectious" creativity! Makes me smile
Ava Cash 9 month ago
Gotta love that DHMIS reference at the end 😂
Absxrd 7 month ago
8:08 how i geel when im at the dentist
Undertale Fan 6 month ago
Every time there's a undertale or sans reference take a shot
Kendall C 10 month ago
Maybe the other billiard balls can be different animal skulls
robloxplaysvids 3 month ago
imagine pulling up to a bar and saying " have my own ball" and pulling that skull out XD
Dazzy LovesU 9 month ago
All these ut references make me wanna cry myself BONE DRY from tears of joy 😂
Strawberry 10 month ago
10:46 gotta love the DHMIS reference👌💀💚
T-Bone_2 7 3 month ago
Plot twist: he painted the "reference" black
Pavel Ščučka 10 month ago
Tik Tok? Bobby... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?! (Amazing skull btw)
Benjamin olofsson 7 month ago
Ok we are back with my balls’ made ME cry of laughter
Sachin Kondke 7 month ago
just imagined an 8 Skull Set on the table...great art man
ADistraction_ _ 9 month ago
This reminds me of that skull meme.
Lil Arts 5 month ago
*Sans scared me to OOF out of me* Me:0-0 *my heart start beating faster then a cheetah*
Tavo Ahumada 10 month ago
Nobody: Bobby duke: thank you for being patient it takes me a long time to do these projects Also Bobby duke: 2:50
curtis thatcher 7 month ago
Dude that’s awesome. Great detail, amazing craftsmanship. I wish my hand were that steady!
Soge 3 month ago
This guys definitely on crack, I love it
Melissa Collins 9 month ago
3:49 I knew there was going to be SOMETHING about sans the skeleton
Shooga Shooga 3 month ago
I just realized he posted this on my birthday 😂