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Obviously none of these are meant to replace a doctor, but I love being able to have a sense of what is normal for my body. Links below!

Apple Watch:
Phone Soap:
Blood Pressure Monitor:
Thermo Thermometer:
Crystal Infrared Heating Pad:
Small Infrared Heating Pad:
Aroma Diffuser:

Snapchat: iJustine


Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Elizabeth Easton 3 month ago
Who's saw her edit this on her story raise your hands or breathe
SeanyTechMagic 3 month ago
5:29 Who else remembers when iJustine dropped her iPhone 7 Plus in the toilet, and had to put her phone in that thing?
Zach Lacostales 3 month ago
While im home being bored but when everytime i watch ijustine's vlogs i forget about being bored. I've been watching ijustine for 5 years now dated on march 23 2015 i started watching ijustine vlogs like unboxing, cooking/baking, and etc. Its very intertaining specially now cuz i've never been out for like 2 weeks now hahaha and still watching ijustine's vlog! #bigfan
Toshi Morales 3 month ago
5 minutes and 4,000 views, You’re on a roll!
Nick Rakos 3 month ago
My favorite part is when Justine "freaks out".
Francis Ace Maglalang 3 month ago
Justine it’s 2:23 AM here. There goes my sleep
linas.m 3 month ago
Oh my gosh Justine you have a fever! Or better hope that the fancy Nokia thermometer is a piece of c*ap
Lukep1543 3 month ago
They canceled vid con ouf
venom5809 3 month ago
This entire video was basically Justine realizing that she needs to go see the doctor ASAP. LOL (I hope you are okay in all seriousness though).
WassellThatAbout 3 month ago
It’s pronounced With-ings not Wi-things
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
Wash your hands and stay safe everyone
A. R. Salman 3 month ago
Others : An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Justine : My Apple channel keeps my fan base aware of cool gadgets related to health for better awareness & productivity.
Casey O'Brien 3 month ago
How dose she find all of this stuff
Joe The O 3 month ago
Justine, eucalyptus essential oil is extremely bad for dogs. I also love essential oils (young living), and my dog has been having to take meds for extreme coughing. Trust me
Inferno 3 month ago
Stay safe!! Everyone out there in the hospitals, be safe!
1 subs before 2021 Challenge 3 month ago
“Who else is a fan of iJustine💎” (I hope you are doing well!)
gloomygirls 3 month ago
hey justine i love ya u are the only youtuber that keep me entertain thorougth the quarantine period
Mikkel H 3 month ago
You should review the "Oura Ring" designed for sleep and heart rate tracking. and its just a ring! We dont all use iphones - and thus the apple watch isn't a thing ... :)
ExpertGaming100 3 month ago
Justine uses technology 24/7 during quarantine.
K.C. World 3 month ago
I laughed so hard when she made that face "maybe im stressed, maybe because of the pandemic" 😂😂😂😍
Unbox Master 3 month ago
The Uploads keep coming! Justine you absolute legend.
jd mattinson 3 month ago
4:15 Maybe you're stressed because it's been too long since you last had a Starbucks
morgan mikulay 3 month ago
Justine the average person doesn't have all the bells and whistles so congratulations to you
Bobby Sledge 3 month ago
In December, there are going to be a lot of babies born...should we call them 'Corona Babies'? LOL
Sţέρħαηε Sεłίкσz 3 month ago
4:13 *iJustine:* No, I don’t overreact...
koen99 3 month ago
Yes, we'd like to learn more about infrared and other health/aging stuff! "We", at least as in "I"...
Kate McLauchlin 3 month ago
We love apple can u do another collaboration with ro after the coronavirus is over.
RJ 3 month ago
please do a video talking about other infrared products.
Alexandru Bortoș 3 month ago
Also a little addition since we're all Nintendo fans here: Ring Fit Adventure is a really great way to do some pretty intensive work out at home.
Ste Froggatt 3 month ago
The blood pressure, scales & phonesoap are cool!
ElleWo 3 month ago
Dude! Keep an eye on your temp! That’s pretty scary because of everything that’s going on! Stay well! Love ur vids! Xx
Ryder Schuch 3 month ago
Justine, your my FAVORITE YOUTUBER
Tatiana Rodriguez 3 month ago
Does anyone question her phone it looks weird to me?
E Ridout 3 month ago
Love you Justine!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Steven simpson 3 month ago
I’m a nurse. Your bp was normal lol. I love that thermometer 🌡
Mr doofytecH 3 month ago
Me thinking : 98 is very high temperature, Dud thats a fever Just realized its in farenheit not in celcius
The Anderson Family tv vlog! 3 month ago
Hey Justine that’s a very good watch idea I love it .....stay bless 🇯🇲😊
Rohan Kadve 3 month ago
Thanks Justine for uploading videos in this quarantine . Stay Safe♥️
Tatiana Rodriguez 3 month ago
Where do I get those stuff! I need them for the Coronavirus
Spicy Ramen Noodles 3 month ago
2 minutes and already over 200 views Justine you have true fans and I am proudly one of them
iKnney 3 month ago
clean the thermometer after every use if using on face or you on arm if needed
Bijoy Chandra Roy 3 month ago
Guys don't go out to buy that now
Grandmaster Chi 3 month ago
8:04 I am very interested in that
Thet Wuon Cyd 3 month ago
Justine Will you be my Quaran-tine? You get it? Valentine's day Quarantine Quaran-tine? unfunny? Ok
Ian Vlogs 3 month ago
love u justinneeee have a great day and stay safe
Amber Prater 3 month ago
I got a phone soap a couple years ago when you got yours for Christmas. I love it. My whole family uses it now :)
Celestial 3 month ago
8:14 Was this video just an excuse to bring out the gun show? 😂 Your arm muscles are rippling here!
SeanyTechMagic 3 month ago
Great video! Keep up the great work! Stay healthy!
Andrin Anliker 3 month ago
Yaaahhhh.. 70 degrees celcius is not the same as 70 degrees farenheit... 😂🤣 Thats like rrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy hot...
Latreche Islam 3 month ago
Tired of home or just me?🤔🤔
Carlitox b 3 month ago
apple: new iPhone 12 with LIDAR crazy sensor Nokia: hold my scale
Matt 3 month ago
Who is quarantined?
Sergey Z 3 month ago
So much content from Justine these days. I'm kinda confused because I'm happy and terrified at the same time.
Kishan kotak 3 month ago
Happy belated birthday ijustine .....stay safe everyone love from india♥️
WickedVids 3 month ago
Philip Lucky 3 month ago
getting the wee might be a problem and buying it now will cost in ex amount but in 2 weeks will cost 70% less
kirdot2011 3 month ago
That moment when you realise the most expensive iPhone costs MUCH LESS than Huawei Mate Xs !!!
Yorufan7 3 month ago
Okay I needed this
Ebrahim Fawad 3 month ago
Stay safe in quarantine BTW, greetings from Canada 🇨🇦
MineCraft Girl 3 month ago
Posted one minute ago!! Dang I’m early
PETER DEE 3 month ago
My phone was in my phone soap thing when she was talking about iy wow.
Jerome Duduley 3 month ago
I have an unusually high pain tolerance to begin with, and for most of the time I will use specific meditative techniques to block any pain. The infra-red technology looks very interesting. Have you considered combining it with acupuncture? Use your breathing to lower that heart rate of yours, and increase your daily vitamin c intake for the raised temperature, just in case 🤓 I really like the look and idea of the phone sanitiser. In the Mythbusters Hygiene ep. phones rated high for being unhygienic.
Those Who Bully People Are Cowards 3 month ago
Hola Miss Justine and everyone ♥️
Frogan Reactions 3 month ago
Amazing video Justine! I love the great content and super helpful. I hope that one day I can become like you on YouTube. Stay safe everyone!
Nikk Knight 3 month ago
I Love 💓 You Justine 👱🏻‍♀️🤗 You are so Beautiful would you like to be my Girlfriend 🥰
Levi Sell 3 month ago
If you have extra tech like a MacBook pro or surface pro, I can take one off your hands. Oh, and also what a great video to make right now. ( not trying to sound sarcastic) (:
Fly High 3 month ago
4:15 you just scared shit out of Corona virus there🤣😁
TheVoidRose 3 month ago
We slowly watch as Justine transitions through having COVID.
iem _yash 3 month ago
Happy to see that she is working hard for us 🤘🏻 keep it up
Shrijicol 3 month ago
Hey Justine!
ijono 3 month ago
thanks for reviewing these things! they’ll be really helpful in the future. great vid!
Barry Michel 3 month ago
You should be ashamed of yourself. Ir treatment has been debunked more than flat earth
martin salah 3 month ago
Justine : uses a automatic blood pressure cuff without calibration. Me : stick to manual
Godlia 3 month ago
If you want a infrared heating device or other infrared things i recommend - The Sun.
William Kwan 3 month ago
I went to the doctor (cardiologist) already and apparently my heart rate of around 50bpm is normal for me? A 17 yr old male
TheChef 3 month ago
Damn Justine you got a license to carry? Dem guns tho!💪
Sam Kerssen-Griep 3 month ago
I actually have time to watch this today lol! yayyyyy
Aokinnz 3 month ago
Ok my interest has peaked with this infrared thing.
LT & LT 3 month ago
No-Kia had me dead, but we pronounce things differently so I'm not hating just sounded weird at first lol
Jordan Pesti 3 month ago
First person to watch it
MSMMr1982 3 month ago
Hi Justine ilove Apple watch that is nice everyone need a blood pressure kit everyone need a aromer diffuser right Justine your the best hard working woman in the world and keep up the good work ☺your awesome Justine sugar and spice everything nice😇😇😇stay safe Justine😎😎😎
Luca Dondero 3 month ago
That’s great. I use few iHealth products by last years and the same thermometer like you. I don’t check the parameters on every single applications , but directly on the Health application by Apple , that is free and is ready inside the iPhone (many products are compatible to send data automactly inside the Apple app). I use also wireless pulse oximeter by iHealth : it’s very important. About aromatherapy I have vocolinc flowerbud that work with HomeKit and Siri. Its great. To purify the air there is a product by Daikin that have a technology ,made in Japan , called streamer: it help to destroy the virus in the air (not only a filter like many other products).
Raul M 3 month ago
That blood pressure is normal.. I’ve seen crazy ones up on the 200’s at work..
secretly_a_liger 3 month ago
Yes. I would love to see more information on infrared technology in relationship to heath
Sadie mai Keane 3 month ago
I love you 😍
Lou Hendricks 3 month ago
The link to the blood pressure monitor is actually just a heating pad on Amazon
Brenda Barrow 3 month ago
Hey Justine I luv u so much # ealry squad
DanLife 1 3 month ago
I’m a big fan I Justina
Emily Sousa 3 month ago
love uuuuu!! <33 💓
David Paris 3 month ago
Thank you Justine for this video, this might be very helpful to many people 🤍🤍🤍 Stay safe
Bryan MRT 3 month ago
your videos makes me happy during this sad time ! love u justine
Edward Sanchez Productions 3 month ago
I hope you stay safe and looking so beautiful 😍
BenderTube 3 month ago
Interesting stuff. I definitely utilize a smart scale and oral smart thermometer along with my Apple Watch to have a bunch of my info together just in case. Seeing this I should add a blood pressure monitor to that
sugajen 3 month ago
PHONE SOAP! I have one of these from years ago because of you! I'm glad it has came to use in a time like this :)
Quagmire 3 month ago
Must be nice.. All I have in my first aid kit is a bandage, peroxide, and string cheese
iCodyonline 3 month ago
Phonesoap is on a 3 month back order. We all gonna be dead by then.
Valerie Rainbows 3 month ago
Nice! and you might have just been a little stressed, with everything going on and stuff! happy you are OK. 🙂
Jazmin Aldana 3 month ago
Guuurl, I got shocked at first that your temperature is so HIGH then realizing that y'all use Fahrenheit there lmaoooo
Plowrainy 3 month ago
I love you so much iJustine! Thank you for making videos!
rexnicious 3 month ago
I totally should’ve invested in Phone Soap when you posted that video a couple years ago.