YouTuber @Susan Yara's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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Ever scroll through the Go To Bed With Me comment section and wonder "who is this Susan everyone keeps talking about?" Meet Susan Yara, aka @Mixed Makeup, an avid skincare enthusiast known for reacting to our #GoToBedWithMe videos. In her own episode, Susan breaks down her nighttime routine and gives her favorite tips and secrets to glowing skin.

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Youtuber @Susan Yara's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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Susan Yara 5 month ago
THANK YOU to the Harper’s Bazaar team! They did such a great job editing me down because I had a lot to say. Haha! FYI, the laser treatment I’ve been getting will be in a video on Mixed Makeup soon. And last, I just found out that cleansing water isn’t available to purchase. I’m working on them to get it to the USA! Thank you everyone! I appreciate your love and support! ❤️
James Welsh 5 month ago
SCREAMING!!!! Not a single face wipe in sight
Joshua Fuhrman 5 month ago
She should have trolled us and pulled out a pack of Neutrogena makeup wipes and then a jar of coconut oil
Garima Sharma 5 month ago
Love how Susan Yara loyalists are dropping skincare jokes that others will not understand. Love you all!
Willy Lim 5 month ago
69 people who dislike this video work at makeup wipe company.
Dani Blythe 5 month ago
How funny it would be if she used makeup wipes to start this routine...
Liah Yoo 5 month ago
Gunther The Penguin 5 month ago
This is a whole ass UNO reverse card momment right here people.
B. K 5 month ago
I think this is the FIRST time a person featured in hte Go To Bed With Me series actually took off ALL of their makeup. I remember Kourtney Kardashian literally kept her eye look (complete with false lashes) on LOLOLOL
Amanda De Melo 5 month ago
1:25 "I don't wanna freak everybody out..." Me: "If you pull out makeup wipes I stg....."
Anabel Dorothea 5 month ago
That is some inception kind of stuff... Can't wait for Susan to react to this
Ari Williams 5 month ago
Gao Shin 5 month ago
It’s so refreshing to see someone who knows what they’re doing, unlike a rich celebrity who just uses face wipes and slathers $2000 worth of skincare in the wrong order on their face and call it a night.
Churin In 5 month ago
"The key for a nice skincare game is patience." And I truly thank Susan for saying this. Many friends of mine that start to have freckles or sun spot asking me how to treat it. But they end up asking, "Is there any product that give the result if I dont use it regularly". I mean, I'm in my fourth years in skincare game and still don't find any product that perfectly suits me!!
Maliha Intikhab 5 month ago
GET OUT YOU FIVES. A TEN HAS ARRIVED!! This is truly the ultimate power move by Harper's Bazaar.
Olivia Cura 5 month ago
Waiting for Bella Thorne’s reaction & thoughts.
Eva Lin J 5 month ago
‘You have to bring skincare down to your nipples, THAT’S BASICALLY YOUR FACE REALLY’ So funny but so true, love you Susan!! 😂
Hayley Wood 5 month ago
As an esthetician for 14 years, I respect @susanyara so much! This is by far the most accurate education on this series so far. LOVE!
Kaylee Reppel 5 month ago
I did a double take when I saw this in my recommendations lmao
Jenna Rosenstein 5 month ago
But what would Susan Yara say about this? 👀🙂
Mel Sanders 5 month ago
How can Harper's BAZAAR follow this up with anyone else?! The Queen has spoken!
f k 5 month ago
I love how Susan is throwing in skincare tips and education in this video. She saw an opportunity and took it, lol
Jacqueline 5 month ago
I’m so glad HB decided to feature Susan. Their series is great but you really need to give credit where credit is due and admit her reaction videos with the comprehensive breakdown of each routine + advice has elevated it to a broader audience. I didn’t know about their series until I found Susan!
inthesilentplanet 5 month ago
Susan: Today I don't wanna freak everybody out cause it's something different... Me: Makeup wipes !
Janita 5 month ago
Utkarsh Roy 5 month ago
The only time when I didn't wash my face before going to bed, you had to drop a Susan Yara video. I bet I'll be dreaming skincare nightmares tonight! I had a really really really really long day, i swear!
Joslyn Davis 5 month ago
Abeer Darweesh 5 month ago
Suggestion: instead of reacting to your routine, react or answer the questions in comment section in separate video .. my question is how long you've been using the retinol?
Leona Aihe 5 month ago
Mashaba 5 month ago
A legend teaching everyone on harpers how it’s done
Jhonalyn Apostol 5 month ago
It’s pretty meta how Susan is showing us her skincare routine. Ready for her to preach to us muggles!
Holly Bridson 5 month ago
Susan Yara being on HB is officially the best thing to happen in 2020. ✨
Oliv. J 5 month ago
0:01 Susan : "He-" Me : This is the best one
Hailey Wang 5 month ago
Lol “this is something different that I’ve been doing” Me: makeup wipes??????????????????????
Madison Falco 5 month ago
I love how you apologized for your necklace like “sorry guys” You know we’re all here❤️
camilo aux 5 month ago
Omg this is just way too iconic , I can’t be believe it , she’s showing everyone how’s skincare should be done like!!!
Colleen Harding 5 month ago
I love that this doesn't seem like an advertisement like ever other "go to bed with me"
Matt 5 month ago
Intern: "Who are we shooting for our next Go To Bed With Me?" Boss: "Susan Yara from Mixed Makeup" * Using Sandra Oh's voice from The Princess to Diaries * Intern: " The Queen is Harper's Bazaar!" Boss: " ..." Intern: " NO MAKEUP WIPES ALLOWED OR IN SIGHT!" Boss: " ... " Intern: " Do we have a red carpet?| Boss: " I'll have a Grande Iced Americano, two sugars..."
Aarushi Bisht 5 month ago
Imagine if she’d started with coconut oil.
Noey 5 month ago
It’s nice seeing someone who doesn’t use makeup wipes!
Micaela Dagnino 5 month ago
when she started saying that she didnt wanted to freak anybody out i thought: "OMG IS SHE USING A MAKEUP WIPE?!?!?!?" thankfully no :)
Sasha James 5 month ago
this routine makes my heart smile as an Esthetician. So much good information Suzan ❤️. Take away is effective over elaborate‼️‼️
Denae Reed 5 month ago
Susan Yara is literally THEE best. Love everything about her
Hyram 5 month ago
I am SO PROUD of you Susan, this makes me so happy to see 😍😭 Can’t wait to see your success and growth in 2020!
Fumihiro Yamasaki 5 month ago
I wanna hear all of the edited parts - Looking forward to her reacting and commenting this all over! <3
fungirl0123456 5 month ago
The way I SCREAMED when I got the notification. Yess Susan.
KpopTrash Medz 5 month ago
celebrities: Buys expensive products... Me: still uses neutrogena
soulchild05 5 month ago
Susan Yara on HB's Go To Bed With Me??! S K I N C E P T I O N
helen eugene 5 month ago
I’d love to know what her skincare routine was like when she was still breastfeeding. I’m guessing the products were much different... If anyone has any insight on that, I’m all ears! 💟
Lilla Hrmn 5 month ago
OMG!!!!!!! The “double cleansing “ Goddess and my very very favorite and most trusted Susan did it!!!!! Congratulations , I’m so happy for you!!!!😍😍😍💕💕💕💖💖💖
Mommy Panda 5 month ago
Susan should have her own talk show. She can be like the “ Ellen Degeneres” of skincare and makeup.
Luisa Pirjol 5 month ago
i am screaming!!! i saw susan's face and then that it was posted by haper's bazaar. my heart bursted with joy
Matt Charnock 5 month ago
Theinsomniac826 5 month ago
This feels unreal. I couldn't click fast enough.
azlepianist 5 month ago
Love it! I'm shocked she didn't use an oil or a balm as her first cleanse though. :) I started double cleansing because of her. Great job Susan!
Veronica Camara 5 month ago
WE LOVE YOU SUSAN! Years of dermatologists have not changed my skin the way you have with FREE info. And our Facebook family is amazing. <3
Cambria Belleci 5 month ago
Question for the dermatologists reading the comments: is microcurrent therapy safe to use on the neck? Even for women with thyroid issues?
Sana Shukur 5 month ago
‪susan yara reacts to susan yaras nighttime skincare routine ‬
Kayleena 5 month ago
As a fellow skincare enthusiast since 16 I’m so excited to see someone else who who has nearly the same exact skincare routine! 👏🏼 ✨ Take her tips guys 💖😉
Jayne Lim 5 month ago
Finally, nothing by Barbara Sturm...this and Michelle Phan's routines are the only knowledgeable ones. Yay Susan!
Alexxus Johanna 5 month ago
*waits for James Welsh and Hyram to review it* ITS A MUST
Laura Alvarez 5 month ago
Finally!!!! Susan is like my skincare god <3
GG 5 month ago
She got me into skincare. She’s always informative. Love this so much! I’m so happy for her.
Glow Makeup Studio 5 month ago
When you say you all going to freak out I thought : coconut oil 😂🤣
Thameena Hamza 5 month ago
Oh Susan, how the tables have done the turning😂
grace s 5 month ago
i swear i SCREAMED when i saw this... queen showing everyone how it's done
Marzia De Levo 5 month ago
I love how Susan kept her nighttime skincare routine simple and to the point! An absolute queen ❤️
gramos 5 month ago
Finally somebody who knows what she‘s doing.
Camila Sotil 5 month ago
I wonder who is gonna react to her’s now😂😂
Victor Triump 5 month ago
3:03 It's pretty much just like using MAKE UP WIPES. Still, she is rubbing or "patting" something against her skin no matter how gentle it may be. Their is still friction involved between that cloth against her skin. An oil cleanser would have been better.
Ordningsmakten 5 month ago
This is probably the first person in this series that actually removes the make-up!!
xeniandyourlittledog 5 month ago
Well played Harper’s 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
dramaly 5 month ago
I would love to know Susan’s thoughts on farmacy green clean. I’ve heard it contains an ingredient that is in our plastics and that it might not be good for our environment too.
Taytay Queen 5 month ago
Omg hahahahaha you need to do a reaction video to this just for the laughs 😂😂😂😂
Austin Q 5 month ago
will Susan's reaction video to this be like an internal-thought walkthrough during her routine? "sometimes using a face wipe crosses my mind, and then I slap myself"
Kaoshoua Yang-Pha 5 month ago
I liked this before watching lol
Ramla 5 month ago
Ahhhh!! I can’t believe Susan is on here. Love this for her 💘
Tori • 5 month ago
Susan really knows a lot about skincare, I love her ! Now I NEED Labeautyologist to show the other girls how it’s done !
jtxp 5 month ago
Hahaha I was thinking how’s gona react to Susan’s skincare routine now , but then you mentioned it yourself ! Love your vids . So helpful and informative . I’ve learnt so much about skin care ingredients since so please continue sharing with us your great knowledge and product recommendations:)
seseval 5 month ago
YES, the skin care queen!!
Dania Solís 5 month ago
She's so cute! I would've had been HILARIOUS if she starts the first 20secs of the video using makeup wipes and talking about the importance of them in your nighttime skincare routine! Oh geez! Just thinking about it makes me laugh! I love this woman! <3
Silverambera 5 month ago
This is like when Graham was featured on Millennial Money.
K Edison 5 month ago
I want to see Suann Yara doing a reaction video on this “go to bed with me” video 🤣
State of Kait 5 month ago
Yesssss WE LOVE SUSAN!!!! She's so gorg without makeup, wow.
Mad About Skin 5 month ago
This was everything..I adore Susan and she inspired me to set up my own skincare channel..would love you to check it out and let me know what you think x
Meg Weiss 5 month ago
Omg Susan with THE CHALLENGE AT THE END my girl, you did that
Emoretta Robinson 5 month ago
Yes!!! Thank you to Harper's Bazaar for having Susan Yara featured on your channel! She's interesting, knowledgeable, very likable, great, informative, thoughtful and I have so much respect for her. Susan if you're reading this I'm both proud of and happy for you! 🙂♥️
Fancy Brownsugar. 5 month ago
You're everything to me, love you to the moon and back. I also love Mixmakeup, etc. Anything by you I love, I have learned a lot from you. Thank's!❤
Nina Harrington 5 month ago
Finally! A perfect skincare routine! James Welsh reacted to this video and I'm so proud of Susan! 💞
NewsFromNY 5 month ago
You go girl!!! Watched this while doing my pm routine!!
samantha radosevich 5 month ago
I literally screamed when I saw this. Thank you for having her on go to bed with me. Love Susan
Thomas Murphy 5 month ago
A Queen who shows us how to actually double cleanse! No eye makeup needed for this filming! 🙌🙌 ❤️ Susan and ❤️ this 🌈🌈
kathleen hoiriis 5 month ago
I screamed when I got this notification!! Love you Susan, you have helped heal my skin and make it awesome so much! I literally got compliments on my skin from strangers once I followed you! 😍🥰
Siri Girl 5 month ago
Watching Susan Yara while double cleansing my face 😱
Diana Somera 5 month ago
I’ve seen her reaction videos before and I think she’s a very good authority on skin care. But I always keep on clicking the forward button because she talks too much unnecessary stuff that I just want her to get to the point. Well, this video is no different from her other videos. She’s good but I always wish she gets straight to the point.
Meghana Anjali 5 month ago
Oh, how the turntables
Christian Ojeda 5 month ago
I almost screamed when this popped up
Julia Lasch 5 month ago
I literally squeaked when I saw this video!!! love our queen <3
Pentagon of leader 5 month ago
She went from dragging ppls skincare routine in HB to be featured iN HB ICONIC
liam martin 5 month ago
Please fell me she’s going to film a reaction video to her own skincare routine