Battle of the Best Selling Cars - 2020 Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

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2020 Honda Civic vs 2020 Toyota Corolla Review by The Straight Pipes. Which one of these would you pick, the Honda Civic Touring or the Toyota Corolla XSE? Would you take them over the Hyundai Elantra, KIA Forte, VW Golf, Nissan Sentra, Mazda 3?

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TheStraightPipes 3 month ago
The Legendary Civic vs Corolla, which one of these is your pick? And yes, we know the Corolla has a real 1st gear and the rest is CVT
AJ Lee 3 month ago
So basically the 4 year old Civic is aging well against the all new Corolla.
Tekno77 3 month ago
I just prefer how the Honda looks. Canada is filled with Honda Civics
Gianni Claud 3 month ago
I’m a toyota fan, but the corolla looks like trash next to the civic.
LSJ 3 month ago
Thank you for reviewing cars that we can actually afford 😂
ps3aciv 3 month ago
"And we're going from point A to point B!" *killed me*
infernohit 3 month ago
I can't wait for the Camry vs Accord video.
IJBCI 3 month ago
I’m just happy both can come with a manual transmission. Keep the stick alive !
Golden Retriever 3 month ago
I'd take the Honda just because it doesn't have an iPad sticking out of the dash.
Aref Ali 3 month ago
"...not as good as Hyundai or Kia". words I never thought I'd hear when comparing Toyota and Honda.
Shawn Skiba 3 month ago
Raptor driver: "Why did that potato in that civic wave at me?"
Darphir 3 month ago
Lyft vs Uber
Raven 4life 3 month ago
Can we get a hatchback versus of these two vehicles?
Joshua Greene 3 month ago
Am I the only one that spent 10 minuets looking at the each frame in slow-mo when the cars hit that dip in the road @ 8:59
tipoomaster 3 month ago
The Corolla does have a real first gear, in any of the 2.0 liter trims.
MR.Uzumaki 3 month ago
I choose corolla. It may lack power but never has major problem. #toyotauserfrom2013
devin bates 3 month ago
you can change the setting to get the Civic to lock when you walk away.
Blank - a doodle do 3 month ago
"Latest random obsession" Lolololololololol
AugmentedGravity 3 month ago
The age old rivalry.
Hugo Ferreira 3 month ago
Honda Civic it’s better. The looks i prefere the front of the civic and the rear of the toyota. Great video guys👍
Zer0 3 month ago
Remember when the Accord was the size of a current gen Civic, and the Civic was still a small car? I miss those days :/
Jonathan Evans 3 month ago
“I would love to talk about the center console section because in the Corolla it’s full of gloss black and I find it disgusting.” LMAO
kubanskiloewe 3 month ago
impressive what Toyota is getting out their engines without a turbo !!
hugenhlfan30 3 month ago
the "we're going from point a to point b" intro lmao I love it
Tofuu YAYA 3 month ago
0:12 thats how grandmas open their door, micrometers away from the car beside them.
Holy 3 month ago
I believe the Civic has a feature called "walk away" where it'll auto lock when you walk away
Miguel Hurtado 3 month ago
Cannot believe that 4 years later you guys still don’t know that the civic as proximity lock as well. Is not enabled by default but it’s there.
J N B 3 month ago
Payton Chalstrom 3 month ago
Actually you don’t have to press a button to lock civic there is a setting in infotainment to make it so it auto locks when you close door after like 5 seconds
Skippy Scheizengruber 3 month ago
I've test-driven both, the Honda definitely handles better. The Toyota still handles well, but not quite as flickable. That's enough for me to choose the Honda, but it's a close call.
mengx94 3 month ago
I'll take the corolla because it doesnt have a turbo. One less maintenance item for point a to b driving 🤷‍♂️
BROTHA891 3 month ago
Honda needs to update the Civic soon. This look has been milked so long. Those taillights are atrocious to look at.
martineli312 3 month ago
I’ll pick the one that cost less🤑
Nuora Ghorbani 3 month ago
Yuri: “Is that a raptor?” Jakob: “😁👍🏼”
Scotti Casner 3 month ago
I’d take the Corolla. And that coming from a big Honda fan.
ktkof04 3 month ago
How are they selling these cars like $6,000+ cheaper in Canada once you convert for currency than they are in the US? They have to either be selling these for a loss in Canada or they're screwing US buyers.
Dr. Q 3 month ago
14:30 Yuri do you have super human speed.
David Lam 3 month ago
I've been waiting for the 2020 Corolla video for so long!
Jesse Thompson 3 month ago
“A whole bunch”...*actually 1ft*
NickM95 3 month ago
Great review! Finally a review of cars most people can afford instead of some $100k+ SUV or sports car. Personally though, I’d take a Mazda3 over either the Corolla or Civic 🙂
NolanEnt 3 month ago
The 2019 or 2020 civic sport is really nice driving car. 6 speed manual and re designed stiffer suspension makes it fun to drive daily
Pikaboo Vlogs 3 month ago
The straightpipes: just doing a normal review for people who don't care about handling and speed. 2:31: tailgates eachother
DM 2MW 3 month ago
Good to see cars that matter being reviewed again. For space and fun I'd go with the Honda.
Vysyrah 3 month ago
Everyone clicked off the video and bought a civic when you mentioned good stereo system 😆 that's what 99% of people looking for a point A to B car care about.
Yung Hoisin 3 month ago
9:55 Bro i thought someone was outside actually reving their engines
Exalaxy X 3 month ago
*Personal Opinion!:* Somehow I just like the Civic's look more, it's just somewhat more old school compared to the super-thin lights and giant grills on the Corolla. Civic's tail light is a bit too agressive for me, but I like the side-look for the Civic much more than the Corolla. Also, I initially liked the Corolla's interior design more, but that piano black really ruins it for me, and the —althrough fake— wood in the Civic looks more refreshing to me. I'm not a big fan of the Corolla's seat design, those stripes looks a little too flashy to me, and if I were to buy a Civic, I'll put a slightly bigger spoiler, but not too big that it becomes a Type R. I'm also an enthusiast, so it's just natural for me to choose the handling and power of the Civic, which is a little bit better than the Corolla. Now, I think the Corolla still has some striking design, it really looks good, but it's just not my cup of tea. And honestly, I like the civic's look more because of the side-look of it. They both are amazing cars, they have been the legendary duo of north-american grocery getter car, and they're good enough for most people, and if you aren't much of a car enthusiast, you might like the Corolla more, and the software in the Corolla IMO, if slightly better than the Civic's infotainment software. They're both just as good as each other, but I think they're basically at the same level, it's your preference that really matters now. For me, I'll go with the Civic, but for many people out there, the Corolla is just as good if not better to suit their preference.
DisNoGud 3 month ago
Revving the corolla scared the shut outta me, I thought it was from my house lol.
Sujiewan Suj 3 month ago
the editing is so good in these videos 😳😳
Nana Ohemeng 3 month ago
I'd say this is the most important review! It should be a yearly feature 💪🏾🙏🏾
Jahsim 3 month ago
"And we're going from Point A to Point B" That's how you know you're watching a review of compact cars. LOL
Basher 3 month ago
4:30 my 2009 Corolla has knobs from the trunk to drop the seats 🤔
kalel Wilson 3 month ago
I actually prefer the looks of the Civic over the Corolla....
tha idealist 3 month ago
"Is that a Raptor" haha
Enrique 3 month ago
I'm really into boxy cars so, the Corolla will do for me. Really sad that in my country I can't get the stick shift one with a nice trim.
aivarh 3 month ago
Meh! From these two, I would take the Mazda 3 any day
Ariz _1703 3 month ago
I really like the design of the Corolla ❤️ and the interior is nice too
osmin medina 3 month ago
Well I’m so happy with my Corolla le premium
Sky Walker 3 month ago
"Marketing needs to tone it down a notch", lol. Perfect
Vendura 3 month ago
A/T with 4cyl Engines *shudders*
Calvin Van 3 month ago
Haven’t seen one of your videos in a while… Love your content, fellas 👌🏽
Lukas Murmann 3 month ago
VW golf or Mazda 3 for me, in this segment
Cjay Huff 3 month ago
Perfect to watch as I’m going to Motortrend car show
njitram2000 3 month ago
4:06 Was Yuri just now the first western car reviewer to pronounce Hyundai correctly? I remember him calling it hye-uhn-die in past videos...
Jay Patel 3 month ago
How is the civic so much cheaper in Canada (when you do the conversion to USD) over in America we have to pay 27k USD
Jonathan Losito 3 month ago
Besides the new Mazda 3 sedan, there’s No way I’m liking both of these. I like the hatchback version of Corolla, and I like the Coupe version of the Civic. 0MG 😱‼️ Thanx for the likes people👍‼️
jrmt6 3 month ago
Mk8 Golf for me when it finally comes to the US :D
Baryonyx 96 3 month ago
Miles Dyson 3 month ago
I've owned both cars. Both were manual, both were painfully slow, and incredibly boring. My first Corolla was 17 years old when I junked it, the brake lines were shot & wasn't worth fixing, though I wish I had. That car never failed me once in the 17 Chicago winters it endured. My Civic after that was GARBAGE. The car quite literally fell apart, endless recalls and replacements, the oil pan and hybrid batteries weren't cheap. Granted it was a first generation Hybrid Civic Honda knew was packed with flaws, it should have never been called a Honda Civic. I'll never buy another Honda product. I look forward to owning my 2015 Corolla for many, many, reliable years. Toyota forever.
Matt Rossi 3 month ago
Thank you for doing this video. It's really important to plebs like me. (I mean, I own a WRX, but I'm getting old)
Bhagwan Singh 3 month ago
Fantastic cars. Love that they keep innovating and making new designs while retaining unmatched value and practicality.
The Guy from Karachi 3 month ago
I just love corolla ❤️
CCsWorld1 3 month ago
Great video guys! I would love to see a comparison between the Golf and the Elantra GT
xonestudio 3 month ago
Constantly comparing to Kia/Hyundai, good job Kia/Hyundai!
Bob808 3 month ago
10:53 Both of these cheap _Point A to Point B_ vehicles have a feature the Mercedes G-Class does not. That's just pathetic on Mercedes part. Don't even give me that rubbish about tradition, Mercedes needs to figure that sh1t out!!
Kevin McIlvain 3 month ago
Love this video because I know it’s going to be super helpful for hundreds of future cars buyers! Great reviews.
Thabelo F Ndou 3 month ago
😂😂😂😂 "we are going from point A to point B"
I’m Daniel, apparently 3 month ago
I got a 2016 civic a few months ago, haven’t had a single problem, loving it :)
Ian O'Neil 3 month ago
Can you do another Honda Vs. Toyota video with the Accord Sport and the Camry XSE?
XIANCONG XU 3 month ago
You guys done a great job on review, just recently subscribe and hope you guys reach 1 million
Marco 3 month ago
Yes!!! MORE review videos from the 'affordable' segments( vw, kia, ford, subaru,mazda) plz, not many people can purchase Mclaren, G wagon, landrover
Pikminiman 3 month ago
Between the Civic and the Corolla, I'd take the Civic. Between the Insight and the Corolla Hybrid, however, I'd take the Corolla Hybrid.
CBRider 3 month ago
I was able to turn off the blind spot camera in my 2019 civic si. It's annoying.
Xander H. 3 month ago
Finally Corolla and Civic together at last!
TheHybridlogic 3 month ago
I love this review style!! Subscribed.
Hung Tran 3 month ago
I always love the way Honda looks everyone in our families call Toyota looks an old man’s car look. I feel the driving of Honda are more precise while the Toyota always feel more floating feeling. Honda wins on sound quality on basic trim, even my original Honda Fit sound 100x better than my aunt’s Matrix Matrix sounded like our old old 1992 Integra GSR. Yuk
Dragos C 3 month ago
A waited for a good comparison on these 2 cars for so long... Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work! PS: You're my no 1 car channel, more than carwow for sure!
Gregory Bell 3 month ago
I love your channel. You guys have such good production quality.
RaStIn Tv 3 month ago
Hey can we also have Hyundai Electra vs Kia Forte (Cerato) please
Ayaan Azhar 3 month ago
They say corolla Back end is more aggressive Me: it looks like KIA
zachary paris 3 month ago
If I had to choose one of these two cars I would take the Prowler.
Oscar R 3 month ago
Great video guys!!! I appreciate the test and I can just go to drive both and decide. Lots of time saved. "Love the look on the Corolla though.
Antonin E. Rodrigue 3 month ago
I remember when cars were relying on engine power/efficiency, suspension system and ride quality instead of the infotainment and cameras everywhere. If you can't drive without your blindspot monitoring and parking sensor then you shouldn't be driving on the roads at all. But that's just my opinion...
coolman9i6 3 month ago
Civic all day I wish they had automatics though
Simple Jack 3 month ago
Watching civic vs Corolla. Yup I'm living the dream.
Work Place 3 month ago
Corolla 🔥👌🏼👌🏼
YuroTheChurro 3 month ago
Civics are my favorite car(preferably manual)😍
Shaggy rogers 3 month ago
1:21 glitch in the Toyota matrix
PHNES 3 month ago
Love my corolla. It does bother me how the sound system is set up though 😒.
Saqi Marth 3 month ago
ElCompaGio 3 month ago
I like the front end of the civic and the rear end of the corolla