Did I Draw the CUTEST Character of ALL TIME??... (Character Design!)

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Emma Gochenour 3 month ago
When jazza finally draws the size of his forehead accurately
Especially SpecialTM 3 month ago
There’s only one appropriate response to seeing Jazz’s avatar: Obnoxious, but consistent
Caiti ❤ 3 month ago
“Pennywise is an appealing villain, but he’s not someone you would ever; ever, ever find cute” Weird Pennywise fetishists on Tumblr: _Am I a joke to you?_
perpetually uncomfortable 3 month ago
"People are just too ready to be creeped out by Pennywise." Some people on Tumblr would like to disagree.
Tempest Tossed 3 month ago
Cute Jazza... Sketch: Adorable Colored in: Who is this potato baby?
Caleb Lange 3 month ago
Jazza: includes a lot of cute things in his notes. Baby groot: am I a joke to you?
??? max ??? 3 month ago
Jazza: *shows picture of a spider, then proceeds to show a video of one* Me: *heavy breathing*
Paulismyhero777 3 month ago
Quasimodo is the cutest, this design could be the cover of a children's book. He has the most personality and expression. The t rex and baby Jazza were sweet but pretty neutral in expression, it would be different if baby Jazza was proudly showing off a crayon drawing on the wall or focused on a new art project
Zxyllian Sueiriev Baqueriza 3 month ago
Unpopular opinion: the blobfish looked better when it had small eyes
Lulu Marshmallow 3 month ago
Unpopular opinion: I already thought blobfishes were adorable
Opeze 3 month ago
The baby pennywise was way more terrifying.
Aurelio Rojas 3 month ago
And opting for a large goofy nose with the massive underbite Draws with an overbite
a bean with intentions 3 month ago
“cute” pennywise is way creepier but i honestly find pennywise adorable...
Caiti ❤ 3 month ago
I can’t believe Kirby didn’t make the cute list :(
Emm’s Crazy Life 3 month ago
Baby PennyWise or as I like to call him “BabyWise”
Chiminie BTS 3 month ago
Should’ve put the “I’m an adult” shirt on the cute Jazza character😂
The PreHeaters 3 month ago
My definition of cute is probably wayyyy different than Jazza’s lol. I would’ve probably only stuck with cute creatures or animals, I wouldn’t have even tried making people look cute 😂
Charlie May Films 3 month ago
“What’s the cutest character” Aziraphale 👀
King Demonophobia 3 month ago
For the Pennywise part, actually He's the slimmest clown I've ever seen and seeing him chubby made me kinda mad lmao but i loved it anyways 👌🏻
Daniella Schaening 3 month ago
"cute" jazza looks like he has hydrocephaly... Also I realize my opinion of cute might differ greatly from his...
Hybridous Geneticous 3 month ago
*Fun Fact:* Aparantly ‘Baby Yoda’ took 2 million dollars to make ...
Miley Clark 3 month ago
Ok so I couldn’t help but imagine his character but like a lot more baby like with big eyes and doing the same intro thing but like waddling and carrying a blanket like that seems like it would be like absolutely adorable
Amy Sullivan 3 month ago
Idea: make a series where you take existing characters and make cute/baby versions of them
100K subscribers without videos 3 month ago
There is nothing cuter than the person reading this
Will Richardson 3 month ago
ME: tries Australian accent MY SIBLING: Are you stoned ME: . . . No
Fernanda Pomares 3 month ago
I'm offended Toothless didn't make it, also, I missed the character design sessions on your channel. I find them very enjoyable :)
Michael Myers Female 3 month ago
**sees chibi jason vorhees** Me: **passes tf out** Also me: **screams with excitement**
Kayla 3 month ago
fun fact: the blob fish looks like a normal fish underwater
Random Gacha Girl 3 month ago
"I don't want it to look like a baby tho" just remember, baby today is an old man, 50 years old, it most likely wouldn't matter
lil_ira Perez 3 month ago
Emma Schuettler 3 month ago
Unpopular opinion: the elephant he sketched out was actually frickin' adorable
BBXGHOST 3 month ago
Jazz's cute character of him self has the forehead proportions correct
Ian Williams 3 month ago
The pennywise one wasn’t cute in my opinion it looks like it wants to lure me in and *crack* *AHHH*
Mat Sosa 3 month ago
Tiny jazza is visually the cutest but like you said, the key to “cuteness” is the story behind it and honestly, I can see little mr. blobfish developing a pretty sad story that, in my mind, makes him the cutest lol imagine a story where little mr. blobfish is always called ugly and disgusting but all he wants is to be loved💔☹️
eveblanc 3 month ago
jazza is just not good at making things cute, and that's a fact he is made for epic drawings, everything he drew was just a baby version but I'm glad he is proud of himself
VladTepes 3 month ago
The “cute” Pennywise was scarier than the original...
Agnieszka Błaszkowiak 3 month ago
I thought you're going to combine the cute versions of the characters you drew and create a brand new one, that would've been fun!
SkitAWulf242 3 month ago
Unpopular opinion: Blobfish are adorable irl bc they look like little old men
Daniel Awesome 3 month ago
This is a joke, nothing is cuter than DOOM Baby ...Mate, I feel bad for even making a joke like that at this channel
Kincső Varga 3 month ago
Jazza missed the opportunity to wear his merch saying “obnoxious but consistent”
Jazza: simplicity is key. Also Jazza: *proceeds to shade every character perfectly*
Fox Animations With Gacha 3 month ago
Jazza: *Has tik tok* Me: NO! DON'T GO TO THE DARK SIDE!!!!
Chimkin 2 3 month ago
I’m I the only one who thought that the blob fish looked like a nose
Duckii :D 3 month ago
I want to see how many dislikes to can get but I am completely honest I .DOnT. LikE BaBy YOda He is creepy....
kenzie raine 3 month ago
June Johnson 3 month ago
Jazza tried to make Pennywise cute, and ended up making him 1000% more terrifying
BersekerSpirit 3 month ago
You sounded like a Mr. Meeseek from Rick and Morty "Oh, look at me"
Zamaron58 3 month ago
Pennywise looks so innocent. Just to think hes going to grow up eating children's arms. D:
Lazy Gacha 3 month ago
I love how you mentioned blobfish, and that was literally my ex’s nickname when I dumped him for cheating. It’s funny and ridiculous
Himiko Hyuga 3 month ago
His “cute” penny wise is giving me nightmares....I might be more scared now 😂 (no hate!!❤️)
Syarifa Fatimah 3 month ago
Who is the cutest character? Me: *inhale *exhale BAYMAAAAAX
ellexsi 3 month ago
Id like to see him attempt cake art. Like how “Cake Boss” does it 😂
MAYAnara Sauce 3 month ago
I was wondering why 'color' was marked wrong then I realized he's Australian
Neda Tarrach 3 month ago
who things penny wise is the cutest. I will never look at him the same way again
Anon Ymous 3 month ago
11:18 I can’t stop thinking about how Frollo wanted to throw that adorable baby Quasi down a well
Upset Eggplant 3 month ago
In all fairness, I feel like the small mouth thing depends heavily on the person. Stitch and Toothless are considered two of the cutest cartoon characters of the 21st century (if not of all time), and they're both like 50% mouth
artur braun 3 month ago
When it's the contrast that makes the cute version cute, you should aim for the maximum contrast like baby hitler or something.
Galaxtea_boba 303 3 month ago
Uhm- That clip of Pennywise tho- That did not look horrifying it made me laugh Cause just the zoom on it like- dancing- I can't
Evan Shoulders 3 month ago
Literally no one: White girls: “ I only look good with my tik tok filters
Wolf Girl555 3 month ago
Is it strange that the real life blob fish is ADORABLE in my eyes? Also I have never thought that any human animation is cute.
CHEF 3 month ago
Jazza: makes baby Quasimodo Disney: shut up and take my money
nessquiknails 3 month ago
The character you created of your avatar reminds me of the Aussie kids show George Shrinks 😁
Mickaël GOURET 3 month ago
Ho yes that’s what we have done for exemple with dogs, we sélect them to look like baby Wolf and not normal adult animals ....
Capo ForSure 3 month ago
When i was in 3rd grade i drew the cutest pennywise but not as cute as ours
Lyra Empris 3 month ago
Anyone realize this: Twitter guy: You Jazza at start: No Jazza at end: wanna know what the cutest thing is.? ... Me.
MU - 08PA - Dolphin Sr PS (1553) 3 month ago
"pure terror and digust" me: oh, oh voldemort jazza: "im talking about non other then penny wise" me: oh.... yah, him....
Jaydia Simmons 3 month ago
Now, combine all of the final cute characters into an animated Short.
John Tomko 3 month ago
the reason why people like baby yoda is because he talks like this: Jazza be having nolege in making cute the how charictors
Callid_star LPS 3 month ago
is it just me or does the 'cute' jazza look like a toddler dreaming of going to the moon
Kawaii desu 3 month ago
my mind when reading the title: is there gonna be a Loita boy?
call me qt 3 month ago
Does anyone else miss the Character Design Sessions?
Br. Robert Macke SJ 3 month ago
Nice! The Jazza drawing would have been even cuter if he were wearing the "I'm and Adult" t-shirt.
Hope Nichole 3 month ago
The main similarity in most cute stuff is that they all have a little ugly to them. Just a little like babies
TheWolfLover Zero :3 3 month ago
I kept on pressing the screen to the left time and “ Good day- “ “ Good Day - ““ Good Day - ““ Good Day - ““ Good Day - “
East Coast Jax 3 month ago
Hulk could be a cool one to do in maybe a part two? Everyone knows hulk and a cute baby version would be adorable!
Jay Rinaldi 3 month ago
fun fact that no one wants to know: The blobfish usually doesn't look like that. It's because of tissue damage caused by rapid decompression (from fishing).
GabrielDelgado Vlogs 3 month ago
You should of added to the list “big nose” HAHAHAHAA
Scott Bailey 3 month ago
5:38 This one wins. It looks strangely familiar though and I can't figure it out.
An ni 3 month ago
Not gonna lie, I totally wanted to see more of the vampire-you batty character you scetched out at the start 😅🖤
Hunter Johnson 3 month ago
I have to say the blobfish is cuter than your "cute" Avatar. sorry PS sorry. please try origami then I'll take everything I said back
necessitousfox 3 month ago
They are all adorable but you forgot one key feature: fluffiness! At least one of them shoulve been
Aidan Shaulis 3 month ago
Just imagine god watching like god YouTube or whatever and he’s like mmmm I wanna make slime and then he made a pink slime that was really soggy and he accidentally put it in the animal box and he was like meh I’m not gonna take it out and then he saw the blob fish and was like meh it’s weird but it looks cool sorta.
Watchful Wheel 3 month ago
Does Anyone else think that even though he’s trying to make a penny weigh as cute all of his attempts are still terrifying
Tigey_ Animates 3 month ago
The cat face (or this: :3 turned 90 degrees) makes things cute, but you we're refusing to use it.
Ansley Woods 3 month ago
I'm ANGRY. I'm sitting here listening to the science behind cuteness and totally umprompted I "aww" out loud at the freaking t-rex.
brett garlinghouse 3 month ago
Jazza you already drew the cutest character....... Sexy Benjamin
Akita Shepherd 3 month ago
I don’t think it’s all about the looks of the cute characters that make them cute. For me, it’s the characteristics of what makes the character appealing. What makes them be cute appealing characters that we know and love so well? AND YOU FORGOT ABOUT GROOT!!!
Migs de la Cruz 3 month ago
where are: baby groot, baby dory, baymax, olaf, jack-jack also, i choose quasimodo
Asp3ct 3 month ago
I was just thinking about how i wished you would do another character design the other day, the first i ever saw was your wendigo design and it still inspires me but i wish that you could do the classic twitch polls and everything
Emmi Goes Rawr 3 month ago
"Pretty gosh darn diddly cute" is what i want to be in life
That Guy 3 month ago
There are three elements i believed you missed: 1) When things like hair, clothes and other such accessories are larger in proportion with the character it give a cuteness factor, it's not just the eyes, it's anything that give the illusion that they are small in comparison to the rest of the world. 2) There needs to be a bit of contrast with innocence, like a cute little viking baby girl with big hair, trying to lift a big axe. 3) The characters need to tell a story of some sort, it can be subtle and overflow into the characters personality. like a tiny hint that they have the great potential of becoming a worrier, or charismatic person, or adventurous. I believe if you consider theses things, there character will come out less generic.
Clara D. 3 month ago
This should be a "Try not to say awww" challenge😍😂
Nicholas DaRocha 3 month ago
What’s odd is he addresses how big eyes relative to the head size is key but in nearly all drawings instead went for tiny beady eyes
Banana u 3 month ago
He shoudve just drawn baby arlo The dinosaur from. The Good Dinosaur Pennywise still horrifying imagine just seeing a creepy baby clown
SillySid4Ever 3 month ago
Okay no you had me up until Pennywise... OG P-Wise was funny looking but "cute" chibi Pennyboy is hella creepy sorry not sorry
Alexander Anderson 3 month ago
I’ve always thought cuteness is related to personality. Like Wally is cute because of his actions and how much he cares.
Eli Alone 3 month ago
Am I the only one who thinks small, beady eyes are cuter than large, shiny eyes? At least in character design 😅
Hamish Andrews 3 month ago
You should make an opposite to this and create the ugliest character possible
Jameel Mohammed Syed 3 month ago
Truth off my chest: I think am the only one who thinks that baby Yoda is creepy af
andromeda 3 month ago
blob fish is my absolute favourite, Quazi is cute as heck too, and the "cute" Jazza just creeps me out! that forehead is huuuge!