My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!

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We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!

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MJ Boatright 9 days ago
Ur average consumer: there’s nothing like a care package from apple Me: Most unrelatable thing I’ve ever heard
dra3b 9 days ago
That's exactly what "an average consumer" would casually buy :-D
Vigo Krumins 9 days ago
Ur Average Consumer: MacBook Air is meant for light surfing… Me: Using 2016 MacBook 12” for programming. 😐😐
Muhammad Mohsin 9 days ago
Apple: "your next computer is not a computer". Also Apple: Sends a macbook air with the Ipad.
Leon Kennedy 9 days ago
That thing just looks expensive
D. Rogers 9 days ago
6:12 “What else did Apple send us?” *looks at MacBook* “mAGiC TRaCk PaD”
xxnike629xx 9 days ago
I'm waiting for the day when Apple fully ditches Lightning and moves to USB-C for everything.
Hussain Aqeel 《Tech Savvy》 9 days ago
2:03 Jud: Calls paperwork "Good Stuff" Flossy: *Wait that's Illegal*
Jayden Callahan 9 days ago
Ur average consumer: *drops something* Me: someone’s been watching to much tech tips
Baby Girl 9 days ago
This called me broke in about 10 different languages 😂
Messi Comps 9 days ago
Ah yes, "your average consumer"
dhruvish08 9 days ago
Imagine getting sponsored by Apple
Amirdex -TDG 9 days ago
Started watching this immediately after mkbHD new vid.
T Chowdhury 9 days ago
UrAvgConsumer : Apple sent me stuffs for review... Apple: nahh you bought it...
Oliver Sjöström 9 days ago
Ur Avg Consumer: Apple Magical keyboard for 300$ Me: ''Laughs in broke''
Wanga Manda 9 days ago
everyone dropping these videos at the same time
john attard 9 days ago
I would love to see a tech reviewer live like a normal person for one or two years...... have a limited budget for tech and have to stick with their decision.
Sahad Chowdhury 9 days ago
Wait Apple hooked him up with some stuff in there
musicISlyf1 9 days ago
Looks like he's in Newark, NJ. I could recognize the Prudential center and the Prudential building.
Astro 9 days ago
UrAverageConsumer: let’s crack it open Also him: *Opens it with a knife* 🔪
jean gabriel 9 days ago
I clicked coz I thought it was magic keyboard on thumbnail :(
Morgan Chinapiel 9 days ago
😂🤣🤣 You want this? :Yes Nope😂🤣
Finn 9 days ago
I'M EARLY! wait that means there no funny comments to read..
Akiko Snelling 9 days ago
Apple in 2020: Buy our laptop iPad thingy for 1500 dollars Apple in 2030: Buy our iPad/phone/laptop thing with a built-in coffee maker for 2500 dollars
WES LEY 9 days ago
I want one but my wallet says no.🤦🏻‍♀️
The A.A Masters 9 days ago
Everyone still watching the video and commenting the same time so URAVGCONSUMER would notice 'em!!😁
iamdnice1 9 days ago
Alexa Rodrigo 9 days ago
Everyone: wHo Is WaTcHiNg ThIs On QuArAnTiNe
Keone Fatiaki 9 days ago
I really look forward to seeing uravgconsumer review tech that I won’t ever get 😭🤣, naw but on da real I watch uravgconsumer before I buy anything tech 🤣 appreciate u homie 🙏🏽
Hashirisvlogging . 9 days ago
I’d love this, would help me with my studies and editing!!
Nebhron 9 days ago
Why didn't marques and other tech youtubers get all those accesories ??
Oriana 9 days ago
Tell me one of your dreams: Me: buy the ipad pro I have been saving money for 1 year now ( I dont even have 550$😭😭😭 i feel so poor....) This thing look so nice 😍
Krisnaporn Chanyim 9 days ago
Holy, first view.
Zeus 9 days ago
Watching this from iPad 2019 10.2 inch :(
Feke 9 days ago
11:40 Yeah, you really need an i7 for photo editing....
Omaejuice 9 days ago
Ahmex 9 days ago
I prefer to see your videos than my Quimic class :)
Luca Person 9 days ago
11:08 Ladies, you know the procedures
Niels Deckmyn 9 days ago
We need a JerryRigEverything bend test!
pop_ mu22 9 days ago
Thumbnail: shows the new keyboard folio Real video: its just a regualr keyboard case Me: they had us in the first half Not gonna lie
Jenniffer Calva 9 days ago
can i just say how much i love the editing and little labels on the things you mention!!!
Derek Rhodes 9 days ago
1:54 that is what she said
Rylan Haymore 9 days ago
Apple 10 years ago: wanna bigger version of an iPod? Here's an iPad! Apple now: need a new computer? Get an iPad
OwenTheBait 9 days ago
wow, the iPad has more storage then my laptop I have 112 gigs of storage and its a 2015 MacBook but still
al stew 9 days ago
Hey ur average consumer:: so I been watching all of your vids and first I love it all ..u and your team are great keep up the good work but I must say ..i do not own a laptop or a pc so I watch all of your vids from my samsung s10+ so when you give tech items away the pop up be so small for my eyes and I cant read it can we do something about the font because I really want to win one time son also watch with me and he may see it go by fast I and i didnt so he tell me that my eyes are getting old lol help me bro
Richard Delavin 9 days ago
Expensive! I'll just just a laptop with that price unless youll just send that to me... ;)
Manuel Lopez 9 days ago
Glad i can watch this during quarintine
Detective X 9 days ago
I‘d love to see that new cursor on the next MacOS version 😍
Oscar Serrato 9 days ago
"I love me a 12.9 inch... iPad" - UrAvgConsumer
Vijay Bhaskara 9 days ago
I am early this time! Was waiting for you to unbox this! Just love this year’s iPad Pro😍. Hoping to see your video of Magic keyboard when it is out (hopefully in May).
Dopz 9 days ago
whoever decided to take out the music when jed takes off the plastic.... you deserve a raise
Atharva Jadhav 9 days ago
I am a student watching this on a cracked screen phone ? But i always assure this time will surely pass. ALWAYS GRIND!!
Edwin C 9 days ago
8:28 flexing all those airpods
Derek Sinner 9 days ago
I love that iPad setup! It is sweet! Can’t wait to see how the magic keyboard is when that comes out!
Mrs. Riley Teaches 9 days ago
I love how excited Apple users are when they unbox and review their products. He 's like a kid on Christmas.
Daniel Noel 9 days ago
He's literally wearing the same Adidas that MKBHD is wearing in his video (color is change)
Aayusman Tripathy 9 days ago
normal dude : "Buys an ipad and unboxes it normally" *looks at UrAvgConsumer's video thumbnail* normal dude : uh oh *chuckles* im in danger
Rene Eta 9 days ago
I'm definitely going for the iPad Pro and I'm also looking forward for the new keyboard which suspends the tablets....kinda slick 🤤
James 9 days ago
Yeh boi, stay safe jud thanks for the nice always excite me..😂😅
Miche Chilet 9 days ago
imagine just being sent things from apple like :((( I want
Diego Santos 9 days ago
O would like to live in usa. In Brasil it is so expensive. I need an ipad to study.
Tyrone Hurley Jr 9 days ago
Looking forward to that iPad review Jud. Still deciding on if I'm going to get the 11" or 12.9", but I know I'm going for 512GB
Pretty Boy Flizzy 9 days ago
Remember back in the day I was watching all ur beats video
Thomas Harvey 9 days ago
Me: clicking on the video for a floating keyboard 4:40 Me: .....
yuemei lin 9 days ago
I love watching thing I can’t afford
Roderick Monroe 9 days ago
I'd love a care package from Apple!
D E 9 days ago
I have the last gen ( 2019 ) Macbook Air and the trackpad on the new Air looks to be the same size as my.
Anthony Robertson 9 days ago
Oh and just to let you know, you got an Apple Care package 😂
Sterkriger 9 days ago
Technically the iPad IS a “computer”
Tech ReviewsTV 9 days ago
Eventually I want to be able to get things sent to me by apple 🥺 and other big companies like Samsung, OnePlus, etc
You Laugh You Lose 9 days ago
Woaaah! Best unboxing of the year and I haven’t even seen what inside yet😂
Force 9 days ago
Judner good stuff as usual. I hope you're keeping an eye out for 'Trials of Mana', the Seiken Densetsu 3 remake!!
Selver Sahbazovic 9 days ago
So, no giveaway, I really thought there would be one :D
TheSchwiz 9 days ago
Thumbnail for this video showed a box for the magic keyboard.. I thought WOW this dude got it before ANYONE.. and yet I was disappointed.. FAKE NEWS!
Oscar J. 9 days ago
Could you pls giveaway that Magic Trackpad I could really use it with my old 2012 MacBook Pro 😬.
Aditya Chauhan 9 days ago
I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday!
Lil Peep 9 days ago
Imagine taking a picture with a 12.9 inch iPad haha 😂
Raman Vaid 9 days ago
You got a package from Apple at this time , Cool !!
Zain Jessani 9 days ago
Bro I needed this. I’m trying to get the IPad for my junior year of high school.
ITIPS Tricks 9 days ago
I’m interested in seeing the full review of the Apple MacBook air even if I can’t buy it😪
Rían M 9 days ago
Only watched for the keyboard, thumbnail got me...switched off when I realised 😫
AnnoyingS09 9 days ago
Hey are u gonna do a giveaway? I clould really use a laptop during school quarantine season.
tj 9 days ago
Hi Jud!!! I’m a student and am looking to make the purchase of an iPad; however, the price tag is hefty and I’m on an (extremely tight) Budget. I was initially thinking of purchasing the regular iPad and first-gen pencil, but now that I’m looking at it I think that the Pro is a better investment. I’ve just found out that YouTubers get these products but for me (someone who does not get products and who is already deep into student loans) cost is an important factor. That being said, I want to make the smart move and don't know if I should suck up and pay the expensive price. I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks!!
Hijab Business 9 days ago
Glad i can watch this during quarintine
Manuel Rosales 9 days ago
When I first heard the LidDAR sensor I thought it was lie dector
Crooks Tech 9 days ago
Man I can't wait to get my hands on that ipad. I hope its gonna be great for editing videos because I need to upgrade. Keep up the great content ...
kmsm668 9 days ago
I was expecting an "LTT store dot com" after that Drop
Lucas Zurita 9 days ago
take a shot everytime he says "interesting"
Eri Games & Slots 9 days ago
Why do you use the word “massive” for almost every video? 😂
Blaze 9 days ago
The 12.9” model is to big imo, I like the 11” form factor much more.
Neel Shetty 9 days ago
Early Gang! Makes my day seeing a UAC Vid
Lightning Beast 9 days ago
This is awesome I WISH I HAD ON OF THOSE 😭
Bruce Rivers 9 days ago
I’m done with MacBook Pros. I’ve been wanting an iPad for a couple of years now. I’ma definitely get one whenever my Mac dies on me.
Seánod _ 9 days ago
I can just imagine jerry rig everything destroying this thing
Eméric Romain Alex D'Haese 9 days ago
DOOOOOPEEEEEEEE can't wait to get mine. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Omega Gamer 9 days ago
Trains + tech. Its like a dream come true for me. instant sub from me 😅
Emma P 9 days ago
Who else was watching this video on an iPad mini feeling guilty when they were talking about it not being to big
Saleita Smith 9 days ago
I love ❤️ the way you edit your video on YouTube I love 💗 watch your video
emmanuel krell 9 days ago
I want the review on the iPad and the New keyboard when comes out
Yazdan Tim 9 days ago
I didn’t even claim my Apple TV + and now I can’t because I tried contacting Apple yesterday and they were like 90 days are up we can’t help you ...I asked them if I can get a redemption code and they said it doesn’t exist 😂 wow