Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]

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Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]

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iKoniK 1 year ago
"I'm a lonely stoner, but for her I made a change."
FIZZY ERIK 1 year ago
Is it me or is skies getting bigger? 💪🏽
Tommy Bahama 1 year ago
Is it just me or there are no bad songs from lil skies🐐🌹
Alexis Rene 1 year ago
You can tell he’s A true artist & not just a clout demon 😭
// IWRA 1 year ago
Who is better? Lil skies - 👍🏻 Lil pump -Comment
in real life 1 year ago
I knew verse 1 was gonna include "aye aye" before he spits bars
Urbs 1 year ago
This is a whole different vibe to all the other tracks. Btw if u have any time check my beats, much love to you!
YoursTrooly 1 year ago
Skies is the best rapper of 2019 1000000000% keep up the hard work skies
Republic Gamers PT 1 year ago
Producer : How many special effects do you want ? Lil Skies : Yes
Shady 1 year ago
this is for how many years lil skies should make music🔥 👇🏽
Ekahi YT 1 year ago
My Mans Swimmin In The Fresh AF1 Hurtin My Soul But 🔥😂
Andrew Tyler! 1 year ago
“Our oven’s broke, I dunno how ima cook this chicken” “Just play this song it’s got enough heat”
Prestyge 1 year ago
0:26 That is the most fire transition I have ever seen
Kyle Broflovski 1 year ago
my opinion, he should drop the 'lil' and just be called skies. Hes a great artist but people judge him as some generic soundcloud rapper based off the 'lil'
Dorpion 1 year ago
this is how many times u listen to lil skies in one day 👇🏽
Issities 1 year ago
James Charles didn’t kiss you Like to keep it going
Nothing but FunStuff 12 month ago
_Skies_ is one of the top 10 artists in my playlist . . _Hes honestly talented_ 🤘💣
ayyMidnight 1 year ago
DAMN that was a masterpiece. I haven't seen a music video this good since the old MTV days
Legerated 1 year ago
Lil Skies - Breathe and XXXTentacion -woah Kinda sound the same.
PureK 1 year ago
People don't get how underated this guy is. One day he is gonna be one of the legends no one will forget.
Michelle Shirah 12 month ago
My new fav song and my old fav song was stop the madness, skies u the man
MONEEB An Artist 11 month ago
Lil Skies is a genius, Period. I wish to make a song with him one day. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Mrs Hanner 9 month ago
I love this. The vibe, the visuals, the sound. Awesome song 🔥
Josh LâSupreme 1 year ago
WHO ELSE MANAGED TO APPEAR HERE BEFORE 1M 😍😍😍 We made it in life guys... 💪🏼😍 . . . . . . 🇺🇬
Dorpion 1 year ago
Who Else listens to the music and reads the comments? Don't lie
Jimmy_192 6 month ago
Lil skies sounds better when you can relate
Aidan Peffer 11 month ago
I’m a lonely stoner but for her I made a change 🔥🔥💯🔥💯
Elizabeth McKown 6 month ago
damn i never thought i would really like someone i listen to him daily he's my medication 🥰💗
Jeff Gitonga 1 year ago
"Am a lonely stoner but for her I'll make a change"..lil skies 💥💥👑🍁
Manuel Balcazar 1 year ago
Lil Skies is dope he's one the most realest artists out there grinding he's gonna blow BIG
jack smitth 1 year ago
Lil Skies never disappoint me and hopefully y'all to lmk.
Sothearith Rim 12 month ago
producer: how random you want this MV to be? skies: yes
OFEK HAIM 12 month ago
I can’t sleep without this song 🔥
ItsRekeHavoc 1 1 year ago
Lil skies is the real deal peeps🤘🏼✌🏼
The Reposting channel 1 year ago
Dropping $ on my denim she say she love me and she wish she never met him
Bhadd JJ 1 year ago
Oooh I can’t sleep Your love helps me breathe I can’t sleep Your love helps me breathe When I was young where you nice to me? Don’t give a f what ppl think Ayy Ayy Plug just hit my phone he said the pack is on the way Said I would stop smoking then I’d take one to the face Imma Lonley stoner but for her I made a change I don’t want somebody who gon put me through the pain When the rain stops pouring everything comes out girl your way to gorgeous to be stuck in the house I would give you everything f what he talking bout You know your not my number two girl No your my boo girl Oooh I can’t sleep Your love helps me breathe When I was young where you nice to me? Don’t give a f what ppl think Drop S’s on my denim she say she love me and she wish she never met him,know this life is crazy but I hate when you play victim Own up to your mistakes and all of your bad decisions I know you get mad and try to blame it on me You can’t play the phony I will never turn fake That’s extra salty Now you acting sideways Cuz you lonely Now it’s on another page Another story yeah Oooh I can’t sleep Your love helps me breathe When I was young where you nice to me? Don’t Give a f what ppl think (Music)
tru gatti 6 month ago
ik this is late to say but who left a like as soon as u clicked on the vid
Rey Ø 1 year ago
Skies ur the goat, much love 🖤bro keep it up 🖤🦋
Psychuu 1 year ago
Hit or miss
A1 Luz 1 year ago
Lmao it’s 3 in the morning and I’m trying to sleep😂💀💀💀
CureForMadness 1 year ago
SUCH SIMPLE RHYMES...... is there a Cheatsheet For this?? jk
William Trawick 1 year ago
There’s a deeper meaning to this video. I just can’t think of it
Courtney Rogers 11 month ago
I have never fallen for an artist so damn fast! You've got a fan for life here. Just found you yesterday and I'm obsessed! Your music is great!
I love dogs and cats 1 year ago
yo if this dont get on the trending page im actually writing a complaint to YouTube SKIES THE GOAT ❤️❤️
Reflexz 1 year ago
Yooo I could fry up some chicken with this heat 🔥
Chrystopher Garcia 11 month ago
Bruh jandora is lowkey underrated like his edits come out fire as Cole's bro
Santiago Ans 12 month ago
Super Song, i'm listening from Colombia🇨🇴 :)
EklipZe 11 month ago
Nicholas jandora: how epic do you want this music video to be? Lil skies: Yes
ICYANTHONY 33 10 month ago
Lil skies is a legend he can never make one bad. Song
Alton Rodgers 9 month ago
Bruh I usually just listen to the song it's dope but I finally decided to watch the video and wow this shit is deep
MEGA GUWNO 9 1 year ago
The best song from ,,Shelby" 👊💓
IZZY Gaming 1 year ago
*Producer:* How many water and fire effects do you want? *Skies:* Yes
Karl Zyril 1 year ago
0:00 I thought it waa Quavo's "Ooooh"
ItZ_ Ädy 5 month ago
My boyfriend told me to listen to this XD
Laila Obeid 11 month ago
This video is so underrated
Rui Ferreira 7 month ago
When there's a moskito making noise on your ear... OH I CAN'T SLEEPPPPP
Andres Robles 1 year ago
No one: Literally no one: Lil skies: aye did I tell you I smoke
Bambooriganl 24 12 month ago
Lil skies or lil pump I prefer lil skies the goat
Juliana Ayres 1 year ago
Brasil 🇧🇷❤️ ( amo imenso lil skies)
Noah Ramos 1 year ago
Lil skies always looking fresh🤙🤙
iDemolishScrubz Psn 1 year ago
Who's here b4 1 mil?🔥
zachisloco 1 year ago
Who else liked the video before it started
Kelseyy YuuDunno 1 year ago
I can’t help but to think of someone special to me and smile after seeing this video 🤭😃🤷‍♀️💯 this was awesome I loved it!! 😎
Fortnite is shit 1 year ago
lil skies: exists 'underrated console players': 🤪🤡
fstar gang 11 month ago
lil skies have some 🔥🔥🔥🔥 frfr I hate when people Doubt him tho
Lightz Clan 1 year ago
Congrats to 2M subs brotha!🔥 —🦋
Tae Bray 1 year ago
12 Veiws with 444 likes, wow skies your fans love you
I honestly Love the music
Quasha 1 year ago
you inspire me so much grateful for u
Ilze Vitolina 11 month ago
Producer: How much Smoke and Water do you want? Lil Skies: Yes
SGfolse 8 month ago
I can’t sleeeeeep
AceLowkeyoneZ 1 year ago
Make this blue if you like lil skies album 🥶🥶🥶❄️❄️❤️
Lucia Garcia 6 month ago
“Your love ❤️ helps me breathe”
Sandy Beach 10 month ago
XoXoX his music is amazing
Ronish 1 year ago
This music video needs more views to lit to not have more views
Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE 11 month ago
Producer: How much pyro? Lil skies: Yes.
MR ADW 1 year ago
Dayymm who here before this going to blowww uppp🔥🔥🔥
ElecTRIK Clan 12 month ago
anyone here in 2020 not me 😂😂😂😂
Tyler Mitchell 12 month ago
Finally a music video for this song🔥🔥🔥
ツFifaOlle 1 year ago
Best album of 2019 no doubt <3 love u skies big bro
Tre x Skies 10 month ago
Dam I remember listening to this song in class 😢🦋
Joseph Craanen Jr 1 year ago
LOVE HELPS ME BREATHE!!!! Your songs help ME Breathe lil skies...
Clear Chaos 1 year ago
1:30 that was a smooth ass transition
Smoky Smoke pants 1 year ago
I hate lil skies now because this song burnt my house down 🔥 🔥 🔥
Kurt Pittard 1 year ago
congrats on 2 mill boss, still pumping your 2016 music you cant help but drop bangers i swear
Velvet Santana 1 year ago
I love you ki ❤️❤️😭 please make a video to highs and lows it’s my fav song from you and I can relate to it so much
Uncle Mike 1 year ago
Songs hitting hard rn. This video is amazing as well. Love y’all 🤞🏽
Brock Maley 1 year ago
Kacper Nikody 1 year ago
"I'm a lonely stoner but for her I made a change" ❤❤❤
adrian Salas 1 year ago
Your songs are fire u make me hype evry time and u make happy 🇨🇱
120dopeboy 1 year ago
Wow this video it's a masterpiece 🚫🧢💯
Cedinator 1 year ago
*13 Years old girls with depression has joined the server*
80 Guns 7 month ago
I love his songs
Pedro Gonçalves 1 year ago
Another amazing song from Lil Skies. The video clip was so fire, I can't wait for more! 🦋
Wasim P 11 month ago
This is one of the few music videos I can constantly watch and appreciate. The beginning always gets to me. Love it
maxymilianr _test 1 year ago
I really can’t believe it, your already at 2 mil! And when I saw you at 2 mil i freaked out. I always loved your music even since your had 500k congrats bro. :)
Saif Rehman 1 year ago
you're one of the most underrated rappers you deserve more recognition, keep rocking
Bolto 244 1 year ago
Lil skies is my favorite rapper and the song is so good its on my playlist this is one of my favorite songs for sure
Dizzy Fuentes 1 year ago
Song 6days old already over a million views. Love Lil skies 😍 #shelby
F D 1 year ago
When you press the like button two times it will be grey