Switching Lives With My Videographer for a Day!!

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So I decided to try switching lives with my videographer, Taylor, for a day! This may be one of my favorite videos cause switching jobs was so much fun!! Do you want more videos with Taylor? Don't forget to BUY MY MERCH: https://shopalishamarie.com/
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AlishaMarie 3 month ago
"whats more hot than flames????? ....... red peppers" HAHAHA ahh we had way too much fun filming this video! i hope you guys love it! What videos should TK and I film together next time?? also who else should I switch lives with?! xo -alisha marie
Candy Dyar 3 month ago
okay TK is a huge mood she’s so full of energy and IM HERE FOR IT
Vane Ramos 3 month ago
esmerald22 3 month ago
TK killed me when she told the stylist "sorry my feet probably smell" LMAOO
elma ershad 3 month ago
I swear TK and Alisha's friendship is the cutest
Internet Queen 3 month ago
TK as Alisha: "quiet on set quiet on set! chloe!" *throws up several peace signs IM NOT OK RN THIS IS THE FUNNIEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE
DaisyMyStyle 3 month ago
“What do you mean you couldn’t, I painted my nails!!” 😭😭😂😂
tea venice 3 month ago
*omg when alisha/tk added the “unicorn frappe” from one of alisha’s old videos* throwbackkkk 😫
Jkchloe 3 month ago
16:42 "alisha": when you eat a cucumber with a piece of chicken it taste like doritos!!! "tk": does it really??...shut the fork up!! me: *laughs out loud for 10 in*
Taryn simon 3 month ago
I love this new, authentic side of alisha we’re getting to see!! Also I was not expecting this video to be so good, but the effort put into it really shows!!! I literally didn’t want it to end🔥
Dishti Choudhary 3 month ago
No one- Literally not even a single soul- No one in this universe- T.K- WHAT THE FORK!!!!! 😂😂❤️❤️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Eden Grubb 3 month ago
Alisha: we should like leave notes while we are editing stuff TK: I forking love that idea! Edit 1: Oh my gosh Alisha liked my comment!!! I’m about to pass out!!!
Elene Rogava 3 month ago
Alisha: puts up a video with TK. Me: smiling, laughing for 22 minutes straight. Love you both 😍🤩
Vanessa Nicole 3 month ago
Their friendship is iconic and it has been a great way to show us how genuine friends can be whenever they are together all the time and they have the same talent to share with each other!!
SoLikeRi 3 month ago
The part about the " woah" had me dead😂
KC 3 month ago
Chelsea Alexis 3 month ago
Please put more “notes” while editing with TK lol
Joshua Evans 3 month ago
I feel like this kind of turned into a version of the Roast Yourself challenges... 😂
Navreen K 3 month ago
Alisha: “You look GOOD!” TK: “OK send it to Tommy.” 😂 love y’all ✰
touchof cass 3 month ago
bro I didn’t even realize this video was 21 min long I was so into it😅
Grace Zook 3 month ago
Was anyone else literally just staring at TK’s teeth the whole time they’re so beautiful and white 🤣
Sarcasm Potato 3 month ago
Pretty sure TK is part of their family and she’s also um ICONIC
نور 3 month ago
“What the Fork” -TK 😂😂😂 shes the cutest
Mia Chapple 3 month ago
Evie S 3 month ago
“I need to sit, I guess I’m getting old” I died laughing
Nicole Cammans 3 month ago
20 minutes of me feeling like the third wheel in this friendship, LOL
Elaan R 3 month ago
I feel like we can all tell how much effort they both put in the videos and this is why they are my two favortite people plus ashley lol
Kylie's Corner 3 month ago
Both of y’all editing made me laugh so hard
Emma Ekberg 3 month ago
TK is sitting there editing and eating tomatoes, I'm literally dying!!!
Cristian Piccione 3 month ago
When Alisha interjected in the editing when Tk said “idk what she says” i died 😂😂😂😂
Kyowzer Beck 3 month ago
16:26 tk: "when u eat the chicken and a cuccumber... its tastes like a...dorito!" alisha: "SHUT THE FORK UP" ICONIC AHAH
Sydney Kong 2 month ago
"tk don't get too excited" "you're embarrassing me" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHAHA DEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Katie Miller 3 month ago
UR MAIN CHANNEL IS SOOOO MUCH MORE REAL AND I LOVE THAT!!!!! and the video notes made me happy and idk why lmao💞💞💞💞💞💞love you two!!!!!!!
위츠커Wietske 3 month ago
As a micro-influencer this studying online-marketing this gave me such a good insight into what an influencer / assistant does in a day. Please do more video's about the business side of things because I think I could learn a lot from you!
keonna xoxo 3 month ago
“what’s more hot than flames? red peppers” 😂😂
Konoha Miyagi 3 month ago
“Her favorite word is juicy” Lol did not see that coming
Bridgetky 3 month ago
I died when they started talking to each other while editing
Courtney Higgins 3 month ago
Alisha: lets make a video where we switch lives! *Video ends up being just TK roasting Losh for 20 minutes*
Julia Dominguez 3 month ago
i love how they just have a full on conversation while they’re editing🤣🤣
Manuel Seda 3 month ago
Zemirrah Cage 3 month ago
I see why this video took you a while to edit... its slaps! I like the extra little things you added in
Catalina Salinas 3 month ago
I FREAKING LOVED THIS!!! First, because you guys are hilarious, and second, because It shows how much work goes behind the "Alisha Marie" brand, like filming, editing, fittings, IG posts etc. I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️
Savannah Harlow 3 month ago
why is this actually one of the best videos I’ve ever seen!! The edits were so fun and different! I love you two!❤️
Tacey Blankenship 3 month ago
Tk: “ what the fork” Lol my new favorite phrase!!! 😂😂😂
Jodi Moore 3 month ago
Can we just take a minute to appreciate the amount of effort that went into the editing of this video?!?!?!🙌🙌🙌
K Hempel 3 month ago
14:32 Tk eating tomatoes!! 🍅
Akia W 3 month ago
“What is she doing downstairs” “I’m editing my own video” 😂😂😂😂. Girl you getting fired and haven’t even worked an hour.
Constance Harwood 3 month ago
that ending was everything also can I just say the fact that she keeps you young is hilarious
Bella Smith 3 month ago
I feel like this is just 21 minutes of Tk and Ashley exposing Alisha!🤣
alexis 3014 3 month ago
“what the fork” 🤣🤣🤣
K&S Adventures 3 month ago
when you were showing your outfit in the beginning at the mirror and blocked your face with the camera you legit looked like TK FOR REAL!!
Sydney Kong 2 month ago
"i only have a few air force ones. these are my few" HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH DEADDDDDDDD
Daily Aly 3 month ago
OMG I KNEW I LOVED TK but this made me love tk even more! please leave more “notes” i laughed so hard 😂
Leah Ashe Fan 2 month ago
“WhAt tHe FoRK” Tk 2020
Michal 3 month ago
I genuinely love this duo sm. I really hope to see tk infront of the camera more <3
Paige Haely 3 month ago
I was laughing so hard at the editing notes cam. I kept going back to laugh
Sydney Kong 2 month ago
Merrily Mari 3 month ago
I actually love the concept of this. I feel like we never actually know who’s behind the camera ever.
Mary Oary 3 month ago
Omg leaving notes in the video for each other is soooo funny I diedd
Jenny Ho 3 month ago
I’ve never laughed so hard to a Alisha Marie video in my entire life 😂😂😂😂😂
Laxmi Basnet 3 month ago
Wow!!! now I see why you took almost 3 weeks to edit this... Love it.
Paris M. 3 month ago
This might be my favorite video of yours. Comment of the video: Juicy
Tina Fan 3 month ago
Alisha: What’s more hot than flames🔥 TK: ... Alisha: red peppers🌶
Abigail Mykula 3 month ago
honestly alisha your such a breath of fresh air. i opened up YouTube to all these drama channels and intense tea spilling and then i scrolled down and saw you! and i was literally relieved. something new and exciting that i actually wanna watch. thank you so much
Nicole Biggs 3 month ago
So glad you left the editing convo in
Jaden Pratt 3 month ago
“Quiet on set! Quiet on set! ✌️”chloe!” ✌️ had me dying 😂😂
Chaida Bango Bango 3 month ago
TK: you want coffee??? it is on me. ALISHA: no it is actually on me
Eden Grubb 3 month ago
Alisha: comes down the stairs and walks to TK TK: What the fork
Lindsey DiBenedetto 3 month ago
"Juicy" just ordered my merch😍
Meghan Garner 3 month ago
Can we just talk about how AMAZING the editing on this video is??? It’s so like entertaining and also meaningful and funny, I seriously love it 😍
Meg Elizabeth 3 month ago
10:18 omg tk is legit so cute hahaha
Suranjj Kekulawala 2 month ago
Did u guys see how big her mouth got when she said really in 9:55
Mobile Games 3 month ago
Alisha always makes the best videos with her own twist and style!
Lucca Peel-Yates 3 month ago
Who else thought that TK was their roommate and lived there until now when Alisha said TK's coming over?!?!😂
emily que 3 month ago
I love how when they were filming they genuinely looked like they were having fun
Cherise Viljoen 3 month ago
"What the fork" Quote of the year 100%
Ashley Olozagaste 3 month ago
Stephanie C 3 month ago
I genuinely had a smile throughout this entire video!You can definitely tell how real their friendship is and all the effort put behind this entire video and everything else either of them do🥺
Maria Rodriguez 3 month ago
Omg!! Yesssss Queensssss 💕 I know you vented out online about how long it was taking you to edit, but let me tell you this video was amazing. I love seeing both your personalities and friendship. I love this, boss ladies🔥
Maša P 3 month ago
TK: Chloe✌✌✌ Me: dead😂
Massara Mohammed 3 month ago
You can just tell how much effort she put into the editing
Summer Lewitt 3 month ago
I’m officially in love with TK she’s a legend that’s for sure
Ri Ranjo 3 month ago
i can’t stop laughing the moment TK took over and Alisha kept having side comments HAHAHAHAHAHA “she loves peace signs!” hahahaha “i forking love that idea” HAHAHA
Dania Ziqqra 3 month ago
Erin Delaney 3 month ago
Can officially say that I clicked off of someone's leaving YouTube to watch this (it won't let me turn on notifications so I didn't know)
Ce Erd 3 month ago
I love how much work went into this video💕So a forking thumbs up👍🏻
Zahra 3 month ago
I literally laughed my head off watching this video 😂😂
kat mar 3 month ago
just wanted to say that this is such a good thumbnail! it drew me to this video so strongly!
Nur Maisarah 3 month ago
I can relate when she talk about the WOAH part 😂😭
Mina 3 month ago
this is literally one of your best videos!
Sophie Longworth 3 month ago
ohhh taylor is so hilarious
Sarahelle04 3 month ago
Fave part of this video: TK Eating Tomatoes from the box during editing
Kirsten Hyland 3 month ago
This video was hilarious 😂😭😭 I could not stop laughing. Thank you so much for being so consistently unique ♥️
Naomi R. 3 month ago
Tk doing the peace signs killled me everytime HAHAHAHAHAA
Elena Gonzales 3 month ago
That was literally my favorite video you’ve ever made Alisha! You guys are so cute and make my day 🥺❤️
Riley Zirrie 3 month ago
omg I was laughing so hard when they started hitting each other while shaking the salad lmao
Meg Reidler 3 month ago
Rainbow Potato 3 month ago
When it thought I was early 😅
Unicorn Maddie 3 month ago
I LOVED THE STYLE AND THIS WHOLE THING Especially the like notes for each other ❤❤
Snoopy JMF 3 month ago
I love how they're both so excited to do the other's job. this makes me so happy lmao