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Jenna Shank 1 month ago
Please do a Valentine's Day look with this palette!
Birdy1895 1 month ago
Did anyone else think of Rachel's Italian boyfriend when she said Paolo
Jade Green 1 month ago
Please could you do “10 looks one palette” where you just do eye make up and 10 different looks with your palette. Obviously you could film it over the space like 2 weeks but I’d LOVE to see that from you. This palette looks amazing and I’d love to know what looks I could achieve with it, congratulations queen x
Melinda Flores 1 month ago
I’m a single mom of two and never wear makeup but THIS palette is AAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZIIINNNNGGGGGG and I need it
ally 1 month ago
Me at the beginning: hmm i can live without Me at the end: NEEEEEED
Sierra Vanderpoel 1 month ago
I love that there are so many mattes and less shimmers. So pretty
Kaylee Bentley 1 month ago
You know the color slaps when Jaclyn goes “OOOUUUU”
Nidia * 1 month ago
Her shade perfectionist in lipsticks tho... dont care still my fave lipsticks ever mine were good. Please I need me a Sofia Lipstick I'm almost out!🙏🙏🙏🙏
Megan Castillo 1 month ago
the fact that she has anxiety from swatching eyeshadows just shows how y’all destroyed this women. smh this is an amazing palette! I can’t wait to purchase!!!
Dollyy_Jayy 1 month ago
At 20:00 my cat was looking around to see what that was, and i kept replaying it 🤣 love you jackkkk 💕
Korrie Launier 1 month ago
I can’t tell you how many times I scream “oh biittchhh” during this video!
Brooklin Bernek 1 month ago
Jaclyn , I really respect how far you’ve come. I have bought every collab ever since the sigma brush set , and I will always support you babe! Ready love how you show us single moms so much love 💕
Sara Ehrlich 1 month ago
If my bad hair days and bad makeup days looked like Jaclyn’s, I would be set for life!! She still looks so good😩 also take my money!!
Becca Annmarie 1 month ago
I haven’t been doing my makeup for so long and totally got inspired again!
Pamela Hallisey 1 month ago
Ok, I love this video, she's so cute! She did not just say 'I'm just trying to do the Lord's work' I literally lol'd!!!
Nella Bella 1 month ago
I love how you addressed why you did a collaboration with morphe yesssss queen🖤
Velicia Williams 1 month ago
I have to say. Jaclyn does an amazing job of presenting color stories for her palettes. The colors are beautiful for Spring/Summer 2020. It’s beautiful 🌸😊. Just look at 4 quads together, and you have an original look.
Nisha Khaira 1 month ago
“Sexy older sister” I NEED
Brianney Reyes 1 month ago
Just want to take a moment and say thank you, you are my inspiration & i have over come depression thanks to those who have inspired me and you are a huge inspiration to me. I’ve been watching your videos since 2012 & i just want to thank you & tell you that you are beyond beautiful, funny, and such a wonderful person. Thank you for being my inspiration and giving us all your gratitude & love ❤️ we love you so much!
Michelle Nielson 1 month ago
I would absolutely love a brush review! You created it, so you should be proud to show us! I would love a tutorial on you using all your brushes with the makeup pallete ❤️💖
Karina Adame 1 month ago
The Jaclyn Hill palette was the first palette in my collection and I cannot wait to get this! 😩😍
Amelia Brown 1 month ago
One of my favorite things about you is how gifted you are at not only dreaming up these makeup products, but also how well you describe them! I love how you explain color, undertones, etc. You make it so exciting! 🤗
Rubie Luna 1 month ago
She seems so frantic and anxious and isn’t leaving ANYTHING up for interpretation. I hate it here, y’all did this, i hate y’all. Stop being mean and picking her apart when she’s just trying to make it better.
AJ S 1 month ago
Y’all really destroyed this woman, she’s literally freaking out about Swatch in eyeshadows, that’s how toxic you Internet people are
Skye Kaylee 1 month ago
this palette is so freaking GORGEOUS!! i definitely need to get my hands on it. it would be stunning for a valentine’s day look! and can i just say, that red shade and those purples - to die for!!😍 amazing work jaclyn!! 💖
Lauren Knight 1 month ago
Jaclyn, you always take all of my money with these gorgeous palettes lol! I can't wait to grab this!!!
April Anido 1 month ago
Jaclyn Hill: *reveals palette shades Me: Meh. Nothing exciting Jaclyn Hill: *starts swatching Me: ok, that looks pretty Jacyln Hill: *swatches that red Me: ok Jaclyn. Take my money. Again.😭
Tiffany Smith 1 month ago
I cant even focus on the swatches because that bruise on your arm is scaring me. What the heck happened?!?!
Pauly VeleZ 1 month ago
You had me at “Rachel Green” 🥰😍
Raven’S Way 1 month ago
opalbeauty 1 month ago
This palette is beyond gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it in stores!! 😊
Kata FT 1 month ago
Don’t apologise for everything, you haven’t killed anyone. It’s lowkey worrying.
Shirley Wangari 1 month ago
That "HEART ON" shade 😍😍😍
Madi Rose 1 month ago
I’m so proud of you jaclyn💕- btw the pallete is freaking gorgeous!!!!
Kinghannah B 1 month ago
I knew it that’s why shes back after 2 months. She’s selling something. Btw i love the palette.
Kari Boudreaux 1 month ago
Omg that blood red matte CRAZY!! LOVE HER!!
Erika Robles Gutierrez 1 month ago
I’m so in love with the colors of your new pallete, too bad I get paid next week so hopefully I get the chance to get your new pallete❤️❤️😭
Journey Damper 1 month ago
I can’t imagine dealing with half the stuff this women is going through. The pallet is beautiful Jaclyn, definitely will be supporting💋💕
Joannie The Jedi 1 month ago
Loveeeeee the pallete! I can’t wait to get it. I hope that you’re also kinder to yourself. Constantly hearing you say I’m a mess, I can’t fit my clothes, My hair looks crazy is such a drag 😩 you’re cute, please.
Deesey Byushwee 1 month ago
I went to the bank on Saturday and I complimented the Teller... her nails were too fly so I had to. :)
Mkayx allysaa 1 month ago
Oh my god I’m in love with this pallet 😍
Abby Elyse Anderson 1 month ago
I haven’t been doing my makeup recently and this has really inspired me to get my creative juices flowing again❤️
Abby Elyse Anderson 1 month ago
I haven’t been doing my makeup recently and this has really inspired me to get my creative juices flowing again❤️
Nichole Inelda 1 month ago
The entire pallet is gorgeous!!! Also I’m so happy to see you again on here!! You’re the one of the ONLY you tubers I will always want to listen to and follow! Love you and I’m soooo happy for you🖤🖤
Heather Ortega 1 month ago
Finally a pallet launch that I’m excited about 💛
missy Schlanger 1 month ago
Ahhhhh I’m So freaking excited 🙌🏻😭😂
Mona Angel 1 month ago
i can't explain in words how excited and proud i am of this palette <3
Becky David 1 month ago
I can’t wait to try this palette, and her highlighter collection 😭 I can’t keep up with all these makeup brands coming out with amazing products, I’m so behind on buying new products 😭
LifeWithVal 1 month ago
Your first OG palette is STILL my everyday go to . I AM getting this one forsure 👏🏼
Kyla Pierce 1 month ago
The day after my birthday! I can’t wait!
Sian Brown 1 month ago
Love the look of this palette. Wish you’d gone through the brushes though, I’m intrigued. X
Sherri Brown Coaching 1 month ago
Sooooo stinking pumped!! The original was my FAVORITE so I’m so excited about this one too😍
Crystal Miller 1 month ago
So excited! The first palette is STILL my go to and I can’t wait for this one
Rebecca Morris 1 month ago
This is the Jaclyn I missed! Been your ROD since those Champagne Pop days. Will be buying! <3
Angela Robles 1 month ago
It hurts my heart how traumatized she is with launches 😩 but I love how she never gives up ✊🏽💛
Marion Ribeiro 1 month ago
I know this will be sold out the first time but I'll be here for the restock 😂 Good job girl !!❤
Chasity Thomas 1 month ago
The Lisa Frank vibes, tho!!! 😍😍😍 Haven't bought a palette in over a year, and I am READY to use this in summertime 💜💜💜
Maui KonaKoba 1 month ago
Looks like another home run from Jacklyn! Looks beautiful! I’ll take one of those 100 you tested if your looking for a home for them💕💕
Jenn 1 month ago
This chick right here freaking love her can't wait to get this and add it to my jacpack collect ❤️🔥
Abby Elyse Anderson 1 month ago
I am so obsessed with this palette🤤 can’t wait to get my hands on it. So proud Jack!!!
Ariel Cordero 1 month ago
I really want this palette like I really really really need it.
Megan Smith 1 month ago
I can't wait to try this! I think you did a phenomenal job! ❤❤ How about a Valentine's date night tutorial with this pallete?
Sarah Green 1 month ago
Can’t wait to get my hands on this!!! You look AMAZING
ItsJairo 1 month ago
I’m so excited to get this!!! I’ve gotten all your collabs! I admire you & your dedication. Stay in a positive mindset Jaclyn ♥️🪐🙏🏼 we love you
Amanda C 1 month ago
I wasn’t sure when I first saw the release on Instagram, but after this video I am OBSESSED🤩🤩 the first row!! OH, HELLO🤩😍
Carrie Mare 1 month ago
The first palette is amazing can’t wait to try the second one. Jaclyn your amazing 💗💗congratulations
brianna hawes 1 month ago
Me: it's a pretty palette but I don't think I need it... Also me watching this video: I NEED THIS LIKE YESTERDAY Who else is ready for her to do some tutorials with this palette??!!!😍😍😍💖
Hanna Ertsgaard 1 month ago
Yasssss this looks beautiful!!! I was just thinking how I need to cool it on eyeshadow and then you come out with this 😫
musicpassion6 1 month ago
Looks good if it’s anything like the first one or your highlighters I know it will be amazing(:
Diane C 1 month ago
At first glance it was a hard pass, after seeing the swatches I’m 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I’ll be knocking people down to get my hands on this palette!
Jimin's Holy Water 1 month ago
I'm so happy for you and I love this palette, can't wait to purchase 💜
Amanda 1 month ago
See, I knew you heard me. The bloopers give it that oomph.
Erika NoLastName 1 month ago
Congrats! Would love it if you did a 3 looks 1 palette! A neutral, a valentines & a bold!!!!! ❤️
Ashley Hubbard 1 month ago
You have done it again, so amazing! I can’t wait to pick this up when it launches. The campaign images are incredible! ♥️♥️
Ana Perez 1 month ago
U look still beautiful yessss I’m here for this pallet I have first one need me 2 one❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ana Ramirez 1 month ago
Recently many influencers have released eyeshadow pallets but never caught my attention since it’s the same colors in all of them..... but this one is amazing! Jaclyn you never let me down <3
Amber Chambers 1 month ago
I can’t wait to get my hands on this! 😍
natasha leigh mullins 1 month ago
I've went through 2 of the og pallete and I feel this one isn't going to be any different! Btw you look stunning as always!
Jenna Marie 1 month ago
As much as I don’t particularly need these colors in my collection, I NEED them and I NEED everything Jaclyn releases!!!!
Taylor Burich 1 month ago
You did an amazing job on this palette. It’s beautiful.
Angie Lopez 1 month ago
Omg your volume 2 palette is so beautiful I cant wait to have one in my hands I'm already thinking of all the looks that i want to do 😍😍❤
Nathalie Roy 1 month ago
martinezesther75 1 month ago
Jaclyn Hill, I have always been a fan. GOD continue to Bless your soul❤
No Friends Included 1 month ago
Jaclyn I just wanted to say your beautiful and that you have a beautiful passion for makeup and watching others so happy for their passion makes me feel so blessed that I can see true happiness through someone else ❤️
Dakota Lakes 1 month ago
OMG Jaclyn 😍😍😍 it’s gorgeous ❤️💕 I appreciate how beautiful and fun this palette is! I use the original almost everyday.
sousou algeroise 1 month ago
When your bad hair day is better than my good hair day :') love you ♥️
Anne Meuzelaar 1 month ago
Im in love. Cant wait to get my hands on this.
ashwika Jha 1 month ago
I love this pallet! It’s so pretty omg!! I’m totally buying this
Damary Enriquez 1 month ago
I’m one of those people going crazy finally a palette that has a nice color story !!!
Audrey Goller 1 month ago
You look GORGEOUS, Jaclyn! 🔥😍 I love the original palette so much so I just know this one will be bomb too! 💛
Zacmari Sanders 1 month ago
Is there music in the background? Sounds like a baby toy 😂
Lizzayy Peraza 1 month ago
I hope I can get my hands on this!!!! I know this palette will fly so fast just like the others! 😍
Jenna La Torella 1 month ago
This is absolutely beautiful! Wishing you all the best 💕
Giulia Cuomo 1 month ago
I already have your first palette and it’s honestly so beautiful and such a good quality. Would love to have your tome 2 😻good job! You’re such a creative and inspiring person! ❤️
Paige 1 month ago
I still have been saving up the money for the first one! 😭Being an adult and having other priorities sucks. I really want both of these
Brittany Gordon 1 month ago
absolutely beautiful and i cannot wait to get this palette <3 love you jaclyn!!!
Monica Rodriguez 1 month ago
Yessss! I cannot wait to get my hands on this pallet!
TheTrquezada 1 month ago
I love the pallete it's so beautiful I dont see myself using it alot .. am i still going to buy it.. yes.. of course I have to I love the first one
Its Sarah 1 month ago
Tutorial on this eye look please 😭❤️
AB FAB 1 month ago
This palette looks amazing Jaclyn! I have loved your JH palette totally one of my favs! Looking forward to it! 👍👍