Gov. Andrew Cuomo Explains How Containment Area Will Work | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY, announced Tuesday that officials are implementing a one mile radius containment area in New Rochelle, NY in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Gov. Cuomo joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 03/11/2020.
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Explains How Containment Area Will Work | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Michelle Misir 29 days ago
The WHO moments ago just declared the virus a pandemic officially
Xenosophia 29 days ago
It's not "now or never" for the US, we passed that point a couple of weeks ago!
Stacey Charon 29 days ago
We need mobile testing across the state. ASAP
Marky E 29 days ago
And this is why NOT allowing a corrupt, sociopathic Flim-Flam merchant to have the most important job in the Country matters - #Dolt45 and his Cronies are going to end up killing actual people from sheer, spiteful incompetence.
Vera Wallace 29 days ago
Don't want the President tweeting at me lol ,that's all he does
Kathleen Hammett 29 days ago
Well done governor, testing is key to getting on top of this proven by other countries. Trump reluctance to test just to keep the numbers low is absolutely disgusting, he's a foul soulless human being..
Kiwi Newz 29 days ago
You need to set up a hotline. Again example @minhealthnz Governor’s are the Paul Revere’s of this crisis.
Rebecca Benway 29 days ago
They're gonna need a bigger ⛵
judie suh 29 days ago
Gov. Cuomo and the governor of Ill. is doing a good job! What a calm voice among trump's chaos..ㅠㅠ I ger the feeling Trump ordered to send the tests in drip drips just so he won't see the virus patients numbers soaring up!!
The Bastard Gift 29 days ago
This is the first containment, not the last, lets not define it as dramatic but rather practical.
The New Natives 29 days ago
8% death rate in Italy. By that ratio, That means (to give an image) if you lived in a town of 3000 infected, there would be 240 died , chances are that would be pretty real
狂気の栗 29 days ago
The governor feels 100 times smarter than the orange agent
Deens M 29 days ago
Why is this Administration that has ran this deficit up, gets plenty of money from Congress, can’t respond more effectively to an emergency? Where is the money gone and going?
vampyr69 29 days ago
This sounds like a test for reactions to implementing martial law
L V 29 days ago
God bless you Gov. your doing all the right Emergency Preparedness for your state.
April Calhoun 29 days ago
If this Virus is an indicator of things to come and we have outbreaks every 3 to 4 years is health care for profit financially viable long term? Many of our hospitals are planned with profit in mind....
frances -duty 29 days ago
They have authorized 8.3 billion to take care of this so " wheres the beef". Will that money ever see the light of day regarding the coronavirus.
Mae Gary 29 days ago
Renata Cantore- Gross 29 days ago
Dearest Governor Cuomo, thank you for being a role model for other leaders as to how to handle an outbreak. Thank you for your guidance.
Spiritual Anarchist 29 days ago
China's South Korea's and then Italy's struggle & solutions was live on T.V for all to see, ..Let's be honest ,the U.S wasted it's precious time, talking, talking & more talking,.
Rebecca Benway 29 days ago
In a city, where people are literally living on top of each other, this was bound to happen. He's doing the right thing, but he needs to make the containment area bigger.
Ganiscol 29 days ago
Small government run with incompetence - The trumpublican way
joeb ham 29 days ago
Tax cuts for the rich, while the working people will pay that back at the in of the year..
The Bastard Gift 29 days ago
This action is not dramatic given the numbers, the repercussion if nothing is done, and the nature of a virus; containment is a reasonable reflex.
plein aire 29 days ago
Forget the POTUS ..!! he's useless and ineffective...States need to step up and get going!!
Sheri Melhim 29 days ago
Thank god he’s doing what he feels is right to bad we don’t have more govs like him
Frantzy Merisier 29 days ago
Everything is doomed to fail when you have ignorants and crooks running things.
Zazo Dream Mindfulness 29 days ago
I'm glad hes taking the initiative to make things safer maybe other governors can take note of this!
ice wolf 29 days ago
Who is coughing? I hear coughing through last half of this, eh.
Margaret Nicol 29 days ago
Voting for Bernie would have meant the tests and vaccines are free so reach everyone instead of only those who can afford it. Vote Bernie!
barry Amato 29 days ago
Rob Petri and Laura lived in New Rochelle.
Edward Neuman 29 days ago
Ronald Reagan: "If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem
Elaine Daprano 29 days ago
He's right, states on their own. Our governor ordered tests over a week ago for state clinics.
Dam DEVA 29 days ago
Gov. Cuomo👍You Rock!!!, As a leader!!!, Thank you!!!!
swe ann 29 days ago
FINALLY a leader who steps up and takes the right actions!
gamanin8 29 days ago
Remember 20 years ago when we looked at the future of the computer age when everybody was staying home and communicating for every reason, by computer? Hasn't happened. But even meetings like the House of Representatives, etc. could be done using face-time,etc. This should be set up if not already done. I have friends to constantly go to conferences all over the world, delivering papers, chatting with colleagues, expending carbon footprints, and I always wondered why they couldn't have conference calls etc. where the same things could have been accomplished. (They like to go on trips, I get do I)
Dixie Sedgwick 29 days ago
This sounds like a test for reactions to implementing martial law
Grm Cia 29 days ago
and in the mean time, fox barny and friends complaining about guy control when this virus is much more important..Sick, spinning.
SkyeRangerNick 29 days ago
We are getting more tweets from the president than Covid-19 tests... :(
gloria gregory 29 days ago
THANK YOU, NY Gov Cuomo, for being a truth-teller. THANK YOU for working so hard to keep New Yorkers safe. THANK YOU for consulting with other countries and other governors to determine and DO what is best for Americans. Thank you.
Denise Arthur 29 days ago
Who is coughing?
Teresa Stelmat 29 days ago
Way to go Governor! You should run for President! My thoughts exactly, No Fed help!!
Noel Hoffmann 29 days ago
Start taking plasma from the recovered like China did!
Lucy 1950 29 days ago
I feel like I'm living in a movie or TV show. Netflix put on a couple of shows about pandemics, one called "Outbreak" and one called "Containment". So realistic.
Dre House 29 days ago
Thank you Governor Cuomo for showing a great leader ship for the city of New York in the county of Westchester
Blue Sky 29 days ago
... Problem >>> Reaction >>> Solution !!!
canyonroots 29 days ago
Imagine one of our fellow citizens decides to go to a rally knowing they're infected. My imagination is too vivid
Elaine Daprano 29 days ago
Smart governor!
celticman 29 days ago
First National guard deployment in this epidemic. Gee, thanks TRUMP! 🖕
BooRock OMamba 29 days ago
Donald Trump's gross incompetence and mishandling of the Coronavirus outbreak will be remembered by ALL on November the 3rd.
Daniel Ger*** 29 days ago
Curious 29 days ago
Special P 29 days ago
Trumps only saving grace was the economy. Whelp... there goes that
Tay Tollefsen 29 days ago
Older brother of..... "Fredo" Cuomo.
mountain woman 29 days ago
What a great governor. He sees this virus and acts. Trump talks talks talks and places blame.
29 days ago
awesome content keep it up bro
lisa gibson 29 days ago
We need more tests. Trump refuses to test, as he Is worried about the numbers not the American ppl.
Calvin R. Johnson Jr. 29 days ago
Sure would be nice if the corporations didnt own this country. Cause it was all about money. Only allowing one company at first make this test kit the WHO had already made
Carol Empie 29 days ago
Pretty difficult to have NEALTH PROFESSIONALS work from home...I’m an RN at a prison.
Teresa Stelmat 29 days ago
Illinois is still having St. Paddy's parade!!!
thuy nguyen 29 days ago
So why are planes still allowed to fly into the US. Still money over health!!!
MARIANO ROBLES 29 days ago
The three people in hats and suits walking in the middle of the street at night, that's creepy. The men in black you think?
Trainer RED 29 days ago
I honestly at this moment feel kinda jelous of my cousin and her husband. They live in the woods and don't rely on city living very much. They work from home, but farm their own crops and actually hunt for meat. They're not afraid of this virus at all. They just told me over the phone to not comr and visit them until this all blows over.
plein aire 29 days ago
norm tellier 29 days ago
maybe that incompetent president is playing golf. l.o.l.
Christians SUCK 29 days ago
At least GOV. Cuomo is getting ahead of this in his state and not trusting it to god or trump!
Patricia Saluti 29 days ago
Trumps IQ zero 29 days ago
Corona call it was perfect.
DNC Blog 29 days ago
How convenient?
JFH-Online-Teaching 29 days ago
Wasn't it a Republican who failed the country in the case of Hurricane Katrina? Don't we have another Republican in office now?
Junior Harry 29 days ago
Hello Mika.👋🐇🐔.
killerpitdbo 29 days ago
Mobile testing nationwide should have been months ago
Patricia Saluti 29 days ago
Melanie Carroll 29 days ago
Joe and Mika... please stay on this crisis and keep us updated as the numbers climb.
Demetri Corcovelos 29 days ago
Hey does anyone remember the movie based off the graphic novel V-By.Allen Moore HOPEFULLY WE CAN BE THE QUICK DEATH BEGINNING
Patricia Saluti 29 days ago
H e good Governor
Lordflyer of dragons Ruston 29 days ago
I’ve been sick for three freaking months with 3 colds and I’m concerned about myself and what do I do don’t go to the hospital because you’ll get People sick there does my city even have test kits I mean what do people do if they feel sick like this I’ve never seen the government works so hard to hide what’s going on so if I’m I going to die because our government has no control on the situation I don’t know what to do
Englighten Me 29 days ago
from Dale Webb: " i Have a cousin that does 5G testing for QualCom- Said Bees/flies fell to the ground when they turned it on" There are bug and rat "ultrasonic" i.e. radio frequency traps that k*ll. The warning on ultrasonic rat traps say to keep cats and small dogs out of the area.
Diane 2003 29 days ago
1,021 cases is a JOKE! Washington State has reported over 1,100 in their state alone - the government is lying once again. I can't believe people are continuing to gather in large groups - it will just continue to spread the virus.
Real American 29 days ago
If it is true that the Gates helped develop this virus, they should be in prison.
tellallwtc7 29 days ago
Why does Bill Gates gets a "THANK YOU " Letter from China ???
Gungnir 29 days ago
so its martial law without declaring it whats next? suspension of habeas corpus without reporting it 🤔 oh yeah, MSM ✅
Columbus Brooks 29 days ago
Turning the curve? No vaccine. How that curve
Dan Boden 29 days ago
This containment area will make my doomsday scenario seem realistic.
Blindefender 29 days ago
lol, 1 square mile. China shut down an entire city and the virus still got out.
Patricia Saluti 29 days ago
Teresa Dixon 29 days ago
Mockingbird stuff.
copy print 29 days ago
30 people get shot every weekend in New York ? so what !
sherrie sprayberry 29 days ago
Need to disinfect surface and test.How do the working poor make it?
Joy Therese Awakuni-Gonzalez 29 days ago
I sincerely hope other governors are doing what Cuomo is doing rather then wait for Trump to do...ANYTHING. We need leadership right now and Cuomo is getting things done,
Lisa Raznick 29 days ago
tellallwtc7 29 days ago
Gates said that creating sh*t like a “cold” even if its deadly is fun to him. I remember seeing something like that a while back when the ebola broke out.
Stable Jeanious 29 days ago
“I plan to use my HEALING POWERS at my next RALLY to heal those that are infected!!” Trump tweeted this morning from his golf course in Florida. “This event will only be televised on FOX NEWS, I am NOT allowing the FAKE NEWS into the live healings. MAHA 2020 Make America Healthy Again!!”
josh grant 29 days ago
Blue Sky 29 days ago
[[[ Globalist ]]] looking for $$$$$$$$ They overlayed the areas with 5G at 60ghz just days before the out break Combined that wth a test-tube genetically spliced virus and WALLA Problem >>> Reaction >>> Solution !!!
Curious George 29 days ago
So why did Bill Gates step down from Mcrsft? To fulfill agenda 21?
Sweet Tea 29 days ago
Is it a coincidence that CDC Nancy Messonier is Rod Rosenstein's sister?
mallikadasi 29 days ago
EXCUSE ME GOVERNOR, BUT we did not know about this virus in November OR December. China didn't officially know until beginning of january....(it started Dec 8th)
VASILIY Romanishyn 29 days ago
I think that all countries should unite and after all this clears up, we should send China the bill for their mess. They always have the viruses coming from them
Sweet Tea 29 days ago
Test tube virus + 60ghz + to smokers compromised folks = DEATH