ONE HANDED 100KG DUMBBELL PRESS?! ft Powerlifter Sam Parker

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Big Love
Team Beast
Virasman 3 month ago
I like how you put 'Not Clickbait' in the thumbnail as if we don't believe you
Unknown 3 month ago
Left arm could do it but right couldnt? I'm onto you mate.
Yeti97 3 month ago
Eddie Hall is how I'd imagine a full english breakfast would look like in a form of a human
Arturo Fortanel 3 month ago
Eddie standing next to a 4' 1" guy trying to deny his 5' 3" height.
Roy Mclarnon 3 month ago
We all know 2 kilo of Nutella classifies as a SPLASH for Eddie
nirvanafan500 3 month ago
Absolute legend. Eddie pissing around and showing his insane strength
Luke Sparrow 3 month ago
“I’ve got quite long arms I have so that’s why I’m *quite* good at deadlifting.” Says the man who holds the world record in the deadlift 😂
Kaan Ayfer 3 month ago
There’s no jolt with Eddie, he just presses everything so clean and strict. Pure strength. The other guy was throwing everything into it!
Padraig McClenaghan 3 month ago
Not even the extra electrolytes can hydrate Eddie
Blue 3 month ago
I was thinking about that Eddie tries to set the record of the heaviest person to do a certain ammount of pull-ups who is with me ?
leedsunitedfan 1234 3 month ago
Would be good to see Eddie training with Dwayne Johnson when he's back in the states
Ian Chumba Fitness 3 month ago
Damn Eddie I bench 100kgs and you just press it..
Topic Produce 3 month ago
Dude out here beating records people think could never happen
Lilith Cat 3 month ago
It's sooo satisfying to watch, Eddie should be in "try not to be satisfied" compilations with his incredible strength moments :)
Ollie YNWA 3 month ago
I have a feeling Eddie was losing his patience with this ginger dwarf
DerParadonym 3 month ago
I want to see Eddie just trying to get his elbows together in front of his chest.
TheAlmightyOragutan 3 month ago
“Morning gender neutral people” 😂😂😂😂
Paul Belyshev 3 month ago
If he was hydrated, he could've one handed 150KG dumbells.
Hassan Abdo 3 month ago
You got me back to lifting Eddie. Thank you.
EpicEagle787 3 month ago
*Eddie be casually lifting 100KG dumbbells when about 99% of us will never attempt anything bear that* 😂
Noobkiller1705 3 month ago
When someone PRESSES your deadlift-warmup ONE-HANDED
Kill 412 3 month ago
Quote from the man who can deadlift 500kg: "I'm kind of Inbetween in all my lifts"
Curlean-X 3 month ago
You and Ronnie Coleman should do a reality show together.
Dave PBG 3 month ago
Im doing 34kg for 10 reps. Started on 16kg a year or so ago so im happy.
imgevorg 3 month ago
As you can see we have a hydrated Eddie at 60% that is actually lifting the earth
y1521t21b5 3 month ago
To think what the Beast could have gone on to achieve in his career if he had paid better attention to hydration... ;-)
Lukas T. 3 month ago
5:02 damn I am german if i‘d do this I Would probably get arrested 😂😂
PTP1500 MB 3 month ago
It has become almost mandatory for me to watch eddie 216 kg axle press or the 500 kg deadlift over and over before and through out my workout.
Christopher Young 3 month ago
I've only seen this raw power once before
eddie's fav back muscle - ROMBOIDS
M B 3 month ago
Would love to see Eddie compete in at least one powerlifting competition 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Clearly the 1000 kilo total wouldn’t even be a challenge 💪🏻
Acey 3 month ago
The day Eddie becomes hydrated is also known as “The Rapture”
Roma Invicta 3 month ago
1:02 Eddie keeping himself hydrated warms my heart.
David Varnes 3 month ago
16:20 EliteFTS in the house!
Eugene Levin 3 month ago
Rare footage of 5’9 Eddie Hall standing next to Gimli: 3:35
wickywills 3 month ago
Have to say, Eddie really is a natural in front of the camera.
king bib 3 month ago
Eddie such a gentleman when it comes to his international chest day
George Woolley 3 month ago
Eddie looked like a bear scratching its back on a tree when he was using his “wank sock” on his back
Mewsive 3 month ago
finally something to watch
Johandre Jacobs 3 month ago
Came from Brian Shaws channel saving the best for last 😏
Captain Red 3 month ago
Eddie has one of those faces that looks gentle and kind natured, and at the same time is ready to rip your head off at any moment 😂
serkan ardic 3 month ago
16:58 "super ingredients: 50% Lactose free milk, 20% camel milk, 20% goat milk and 15% Nano horse tit milk (?)". A total of 105% but like everything Eddie does it's beyond usual 🤙🏾😂
Jay Archard 3 month ago
"The worlds noisiest drinker" - I wonder if he drinks pints that way. Down a pint the Eddie Hall way.
Zalán Besztercei Becski 3 month ago
Ronnie Coleman be like: LIGHTWEIGHT BEBE
Ben D 3 month ago
A hydrated Eddie Hall lifting 100KG is what we love to see.
Jule DeVil 3 month ago
Forget the milk, that's speedforce-juice you're drinking, 50% less hydration 200% faster reps⚡
barmyb 3 month ago
One of my life goals is to get a hug from an hydrated Eddie Hall
GoodVibes :] 3 month ago
12:00 gotta love the spit of pure testosterone
jobby jabba 3 month ago
Fairly growing yer channel big chap, well done 💪🏻
Liam Wonson 3 month ago
7:25 why does he keep saying BEEP
DevilinPink 3 month ago
7:30 imagine someone being locked in there and Eddie just trashtalking to hide the fact, that he is keeping the door closed with his shoulders and some poor average bodybilder having no chance to move that door
Hady 3 month ago
I think I beat the record Of the strongest man there was: Louis Cyr I lift 99 Kg With one hand.
Teringventje 3 month ago
He has longer arms because he is taller, genius.
Sammy 3 month ago
The gym he's on always has eminem playing on it. As a massive stan this is something i've noticed while "staning" Eddie
Mark Davis 3 month ago
Back again the man doesn’t sleep
dead pool 3 month ago
So early Eddie is hydrated!!🥤💧💧💧
Imre Csikany 3 month ago
To quote the famous poet: "Bad to the Bone!!!"
Christopher Hughes 3 month ago
Eddie wont be inviting him back he was full of him self but did nothing he said he was going do
HeCoversMe 3 month ago
Well Eddie, looks like you were the true power lifter here. So freaking strong, I’m sure you could own a powerlifting WR. I think you humbled a power lifter.
None of Them 3 month ago
Masterchief: Look, I'm a genetically enhanced human and... Eddie: GRRR (100 kilos/arm) Masterchief: Oops, I had a date with Cortana, bye!
Vulcanfist 3 month ago
Have to catch up with Thor. Think he just did 100kg incline. Picked them up his self did 6 easy reps!
Kevin Waters 3 month ago
I want an Eddie hall t-shirt with that expression after he's took a drink with the word: ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Eddie get them knocked up lad 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
jallen881 3 month ago
13:30 “Go on then bro 🙄” lolz!
alwarah nah 3 month ago
Fiz 3 month ago
14:00 Much more than 5 Eddie. Much, much more.
its Tahier 3 month ago
Hello mr hall i am a teenager and would like to ask that should i be lifting and building muscle at my age? im 14.
Leslie Alldridge 3 month ago
16:44 when manspreading is taken to a whole new level
Spy-C- Boi 3 month ago
Eddie, you should totally do the NFL bench press combine test thingy! You might set a world record 💪
Pedrator75 3 month ago
Lo tienes peludito o rasuradito ??? PD: Salu2 !!!
MotoCzar 3 month ago
Where can I get some of that "Nana Hall's Tit Milk"...? Asking for a friend.
Kelly x 3 month ago
how much for you to send me a The Beast t-shirt then ? 🙂🙂🙂🙂 I NEEEEED ONE 😭😭💗 love watching your videos!!🤞🏼
UN DISPUTED 3 month ago
Was going to suggest you beat the shoulder press record then google told me you already have it lol 👍
Mr Man 3 month ago
I saw Brad castleberry do this, you've got nothing on him Eddie!
Paweł 3 month ago
12:50 you're welcome People 😁
uesdto signin 3 month ago
3:16 How did he blink that fast ?
BATMAN 3 month ago
bloody hell, you can easily lift up with one arm.
Pooch4209 3 month ago
Love the workouts but shouldn’t that bench be a little bit more on an incline?
S J 3 month ago
That's easy
Stephen Currie 3 month ago
One day I’ll meet Eddie hall genuinely one of my idols also big up the content would love to see you do even more Collabs
Mr.Death 3 month ago
He's literally DB pressing my elder brother's weight. You're a true beast mate! 🤙
Yorkshire_Dude 32 3 month ago
Watching Eddie's bench form is absolutely the most satisfying thing for the eyes ever
Suhash Suresh 3 month ago
Eddie hall is my inspiration 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
RufUS15 CSGO 3 month ago
16:11 try to do that with an underhand grip. Garantee you ur triceps fire up twice what they do on the normal grip
Dale Boxsell 3 month ago
No Eddie you got it right the first time it’s ladies and gentlemen.
Cheese Burger 70 3 month ago
Nothing wreck your pride more than watching some big ass bloke bench pressing your deadlift max 💀
Argy 3 month ago
12:02 So that’s what I call a Blastoise special attack
Darrell Cairns 3 month ago
A bit off solid training...i think eddie could give some of the world's top powerlifters a run for their money!!!! 💪
iPhilGood 3 month ago
Sam Parker could've totally starred in "The Hobbit" as one of the dwarfs.
MK LIGHT EM UP 3 month ago
Every time Eddies video starts, you can tell he’s dehydrated
Jayden Dickson 3 month ago
One of Eddie’s arms are as strong as all the muscles in my entire working at the same time.
Micch20 3 month ago
Why do you keep linking to Boohooman when they arent selling "The Beast" merch :(
Spice For Spice 3 month ago
I didn't even realize 100kg dumbbells existed lmao.
Jacob Martin 3 month ago
eddie killing it with the everyother day uploads
Lord Bert 3 month ago
12:00 that sound your bike makes when the damb kick start wont work
Ant Clothier 3 month ago
I’m happy I can finally bench 30kg dumbbells, let alone 100kg in each hand!! This guys called the beast for a reason.
Bean Sandwhich 3 month ago
i’ll give £20 to whoever most accurately spells the noise Sam makes when he benches
M 3 month ago
The secret ingredients is Monkey Jizz. It's an ancient weight lifter's secret.
x 7615749 x 3 month ago
Doesn’t doing all those sets and going to a max on each just make u really tired for the 100kg?
Sean Evan 3 month ago
0:52 are you assuming I’m a person? I’ll have you know I’m a gelatinous robot fox monkey.
Pedro Maranhês Vaz 3 month ago
Love the "not clickbait" thumbnail, sick and tired of Hafthor doing it, as if he needs it