Lil Skies - Going Off [Official Video]

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Lil Skies - Going Off [Official Video]

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Waynesboro, PA does not come to mind when you think of contributions to hip-hop, but Kimetrius “Lil Skies” Foose hopes to be that boundless rose to spring forth from the concrete.
astroboiXX 10 month ago
people skies needs to collab with: travis scott juice wrld trippie redd playboi carti da baby ski mask the slump god ynw melly
drrjgoode 5 month ago
It’s so sad juice and skies can’t collaborate anymore it would have been lit
MkmavL^ 10 month ago
Lil Skies or Lil Pump ? Like for Skies Comment for Pump (me for skies)
?? 6 month ago
How has no one else mentioned that this man said: "We been making hits since like 1992. I wasn't alive but I still was making moves." 😂
Kyle Young 9 month ago
I swear he’s never made a bad song...
Liana King 10 month ago
A lil skies and Juice WRLD collab needs to happen, make this blue if u want this...... btw yall noticed juice new song gone?
PowerMG123 7 month ago
This man does hits after hits and still is underrated 🦋🦋
FFlores_1800 10 month ago
Joshyy*-* 9 month ago
I’ll be here in: 2019: ☑️ 2020: 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025: Like so I can remember
Lil Arab 8 month ago
Producer: How many effects do you want? Skies: yes
that’s dope 10 month ago
i can’t wait to teach my alien from area 51 all the lyrics of lil skies songs
rose 9 month ago
Skies is the definition of don't judge a book by It's cover
mathew bridgman 9 month ago
Whos better? Like: lil skies Comment: juice wrld
lalon lalaf 7 month ago
October 2019? Someone here?
wajahat H 9 month ago
If a boogie and lil skies did a song together it would be LEGENDARY
werpyx 10 month ago
Gnar and Landon : Can I be on the feat Skies: no just walk on the clip Gnar and Landon : ok
Sirius Bass 7 month ago
"I ain't sell my soul I stayed the same I came to truth" 💪
Jacoby SanchezMendez 6 month ago
Who listening to this on thanksgiving 2019
N3 Nahmic2 3 month ago
The part “I Been making money I don’t what they assume” is basically my GTA character
Dark Majestic Wolf 9 month ago
Everybody asks *“When is Lil Skies?”* but never *“Where is Lil Skies?”* 😖
izkray 10 month ago
Nobody: Lil Skies: I feel like dropping a song today Everybody: 🔥🔥🔥
Blessed Timtam 9 month ago
Skies looks like he is having so much fun in the music video and it makes me happy
Zero Skills 2 month ago
"My broskie keep a glock 30 just to unload the clip"
JC CR 5 month ago
0:06 0:07 when the white kid gets the n pass
JOSE VILLAR 9 month ago
"it's a lot of Kings in this room" 🔥🦋
xXObamaXx 10 month ago
Wishing u a rich and successful life after liking this!! Stay Blessed
Cype 7 month ago
why does every damn comment start with "whos better? like for..." i mean fr chill be normal for once
Yo Wuu 4 month ago
Yo Skies just drop "have my way" EVERYONE WANTS THAT
izzothaking 6 month ago
Is love a lil Wayne and lil skies song together.
Matthew Coats 8 month ago
Anyone else listen to this when thwre thinking bout there crush
Calvin 549 9 month ago
yo question: do u still brush ur teeth when u get jewels on em?
Best Food Reviewer 9 month ago
go watch nowadays then watch this he changed alot
VortexGaming 10 month ago
The title needs to be changed to: Lil Skies -- Went Off [Official Video]. This 🔥
the Richter Family 5 month ago
Everyone sub he respected x and sang his for him
Bogdan 10 month ago
That's kinda different compared to other Skies's songs, but it's fire
8ight Beats 6 month ago
lil skies: a reverb: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sinick 6 month ago
This still has summer vibes😤😥
oliver DAHI 6 month ago
Ok ok ok ok ok im gunna be Until I die that is in 2194
Quinten Preece 4 month ago
This a banger, show Lil skies some more love.
$natch 10 month ago
Nobody: Lil Skies: I feel like dropping a song today Everybody: 🔥🔥🔥 PS:can you rate my music
Arash Andrei Amiri 8 month ago
2:04 when you and your friend tryna say something at the same time
FLO_Playz eskt 7 month ago
0:46 " with the drip" or "to drip" ? Please!!!
Bayl3x_HIMSELF 3 month ago
He need to come out with more tracks bro his music be lit
Arnoldas Klimas 9 month ago
bro im so high and im partying so hard on this song this is insane kkeep up man :D love you :**
JustGersie 10 month ago
sometimes i wish skies would just cut back the autotune a bit, his natural voice is pretty dope
thtlightskin _ 10 month ago
Been here when he wasn't poppen
Grizzly3778 5 month ago
Who else wants *going off two* ?
unraretown 9 month ago
"She dont got no chimmy choo" 😂
Razorrr 4 month ago
"No cap i was born to drip" XD
Arcticez TV 10 month ago
Who wants to see a Juice WRLD x Lil Skies collab?
Alex Hill 6 month ago
This song smackin I turned my speaker all the way up cause i was having a really good day and this song matched my day completely
daimond Losiabaar 2 8 month ago
to hard to listen
LIL JU4N 6 month ago
We need Lil Skies and Juice WRLD like if you agree
Driz 7 month ago
GR8PAIN 10 month ago
"How many Hits you gonna make" Lil skies: *Yes*
Kaili Alston 8 month ago
"You was loyal then you turned fake" I get this quote better than I get myself💪🏽💖💯‼️
Eatmybrother 8 month ago
Lil skies da best
Adrián 022 9 month ago
Happy birthday, King 👑🦋
Garrett Fischer 6 month ago
Where the hell do you get ur shoes bro
Dorpion 10 month ago
Fire but I’m still waiting for the unreleased my way song
Кирилл КПСС 5 month ago
Rip wrld,so bad
CBbreezy TV 9 month ago
You’ll taking about a lil skies juice wrld collab but I’m looking for that Lil Skies ft. Lil Tecca 🔥
King Marki’ss 10 month ago
Who caught Landon in the back
Nathaniel Pannebaker 9 month ago
This lane I'm a big fan of u we love u lil skies keep up the good work 🔥 season
KanoThAtGuy Tv 10 month ago
Been here since red roses! Who else been rocking wit skies for a long time now? 🔥
Big Smoke's Records 8 month ago
i love this song man... it's incredible
Lil Gun 8 month ago
0:34 my 1 year old brother when he wants to drive the car
fernando Reyes 9 month ago
Kulxy 5 month ago
Who's here on Christmas 🎅 📦
Wobble Baby Wobble 10 month ago
*Which celebrity is better* *Lil Skies - like* *Blueface - comment*
M4ddox 9 month ago
My boy lowkey look like Batman at 1:46
lilmoney x 8 month ago
Honestly if u leaved a disklike on this song i hate u!THIS SONG IS FIRE AND SO IS ANY OF HIS FUTURE SONGS
Veg Out Tik Toks 2 month ago
this song got my fire alarm GOING OFF
Grundtila 10 month ago
Going off and going bad they sound the same 🤔 did he copy
Noah 10 month ago
A title I’ve never seen before?! Super excited for this 😈 let’s get that money this week everyone 👌💰
Cristos Ruiz 9 month ago
This is my favorite song. I love you lil skies. You are my favorite artist and I look up to you. It would be honored and my dream to meet you and possibly make a song with you.
DZC 3nd1sn3r3 7 month ago
This is what skies sees when hes high
Young Pipe 9 month ago
“We been making hits since like 1992” but dude wasn’t alive then😂😂 lmao I feel that
Lil Gun 10 month ago
Besides me who is putting this on loop?
hell on earth 10 month ago
It's banger again, my man skies, what u doing damn! show love to skies!
dark mfxx 5 month ago
He is soo underrated.. Like if u agree
AliG 7 month ago
Lil skies is a legend.
Brodonkers , 9 month ago
This is like hype braid lil Skies
Janek Bächer 10 month ago
One of the best skies songs
ĐÃŘĶŅĮĞHŤ_ 21 10 month ago
Lil skies the best rapper He be droppin the best songs All his songs fire
Zack Reynoso 10 month ago
Who’s the girl on :46
Sarah Eubanks 5 month ago
Who wants to see a Juice WRLD x Lil Skies collab? Note: Lil Skies do not use *AUTHENT!C* *VIEWS* *D0T* *C0M* Agree = Like Disagree = Comment
Ghostterorest killer 9 month ago
Great work Lil skies:THIS IS WHAT I DO me:keep it up LIL SKIES:I GOT NOTHING TO LOSE
Riley Barrett 9 month ago
“No cap I was born to drip” went hard
Mobi 10 month ago
Who’s here before the fortnite kids take this song for their montage 😂😂
ACM Fábio 7 month ago
0:16 love the dance😂
Sebastian Garcia 7 month ago
Fire 🔥 Ur the best rapper🤩🤩
Samuel Tevez 9 month ago
This is the best. I'm a big fan. If lil skies read this love you bro
human 9 month ago
im in love wit his flow
Dyvi 10 month ago
This is the number of people who like lil skies ⬇️
trulyWavy 3 month ago
why does every song of his get sleped on this shit is so fire, i swear
Brandon Maxwell 9 month ago
Damn he ain’t sell his soul I see you different now
Jacey Lueders 6 month ago
Why is Lil Gnar in the video?😂
Trickz Kakashi 8 month ago
Yo Yazz The Greatest and Lil Skies nah joking my two fav rappers <3
DerreGBeatz 10 month ago
Skies escaped from area 51. He always killin all the beats🔥🚀👽