Gas Powered Fishing Pole

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I'm never going to go outside again


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engelwood - crystal dolphin
Call911ForRob Call911forRob 10 month ago
He’s like a really smart kid who just learned how to cuss.
Thefish Tacos 5 month ago
I can’t tell if the fishing guy is a friend of Michael or an actual random person
Not xWooosh 5 month ago
Michael : Uh we're engineers *Mia Quietly* : *Im an engineer...*
IceeNewb 4 month ago
Tony Stark: with trash and random parts in a cave to build a suit that flies and kills people Michael Reeves: With trash and random parts in Hawaii builds a gas powered fishing rod
brittany acevedo 5 month ago
Honestly he’s got a future. He’s gonna be the craftiest homeless man.
Gamingbanjo 12 month ago
Local fishing man is my new favourite character
Dr. Bed Goblin 5 month ago
“Shut up shut up shut up Nightmare nightmare nightmare nightmare”. Micheal reeves
Clairy 5 month ago
Sometimes I feel like he it's just a little gremlin, after a lot of cocaine
dan 5 month ago
Alternate title: Making a deathtrap fishing rod then bullying a fisherman into using it
XT WOLF246 5 month ago
The local fisherman is probably the best person I’ve ever seen
ExZackt 12 month ago
I wish we could see more of the Hawaii guy. Absolute legend
FrankFckngWest 5 month ago
I'm glad Michael found a babysitter for himself
Twan 5 month ago
Imagine being a fish and getting reeled in by a motor-powered fishingrod
Anthony Phillips 6 month ago
Michael: when did you catch those The local: *checks date The local: may 13 I'm deaddd😂😂😂😂
Dakota Sparks 6 month ago
Local fisherman is absolutely worth his own storyline
Wii Jack Black 7 month ago
“Be free!” *spikes dead fish into lake*
King Jackal 6 month ago
"Do you know what you're doing?" "Kind of?" Such a perfect line to summarize the Michael Reeves channel
Little 3 month ago
Michael: you only have a bachelor's degree? Maya: what do you have? Michael: Hepatitis Best line
Tyraniccus 5 month ago
1:37 A man who just got roasted so hard his brain defaulted to hepatitis.
matt 6 month ago
"take the safety pin out otherwise it will explode" Isn't that the opposite of a safety pin? haha
FredyEX 12 month ago
That local guy is definitely quality, bring him back for moana 2
Toaster 5 month ago
“Be free” Hulk smashes fish in the water
AnnaJ19 4 month ago
Micheal literally looks like a 6 year old with that life jacket on
Veaguefam4 Your Mom 5 month ago
Make a T.V. That gets louder every time somone talks during the movie
Space Doggo 5 month ago
My father would probably sell his soul to Satan just to have this.
Erkrankung 5 month ago
Everybody: We need to save our planet Micheal: Today i invented a gas powered fishing pole
Shredder 4 month ago
Michael: All your guys’ ideas are terrible Also Michael:
ArcherDude11 4 month ago
You only have a bachelor’s degree? And what do you have? ... *H E P A T I T I S !*
Kcam Dixon 5 month ago
Didn’t realise I stumbled across the “BE FREE” meme until I really listened to that voice
Yonac 12 month ago
The Moana guy should be on your next video Or he should create his own channel I want to hear him 24/7
bredstikcs 3 month ago
Me: Hello, I would like to purchase your finest tape. Cashier: Yeah, that’ll be Duck Tape
Benizok 5 month ago
“Up north like in Antarctica,” yup Antarctica is definitely up north
Le Birb 4 month ago
9:53 well if the fish wasn’t already dead, it is now.
parkourHG 6 month ago
Michael reeves may be the only person to benefit from the coppa and FTC laws
Franklin Lewis 12 month ago
*Drops fish* “Gamora...” I can’t with this channel. It’s fabulous.
Brent V 7 month ago
"How much did Disney pay you to be in Moana?" "How much did DreamWorks pay you to be in Trolls?"
Milk Toast 7 month ago
"You think it comes from up north?" *points up* "Like Antarctica kind" Michael is hysterical
ShemRules 5 month ago
Michael: We're engineers. *cough*
Swuapi 5 month ago
Michael making the thing run: Drink the bottle and go full throttle.
Job de Leeuw 12 month ago
That Moana guy is an absolute legend. Maya is cool too!
The terraria Gameplayer 4 month ago
Micheal: BE FREE * yeets fish* everyone laughs
Komoli Rihyoh 6 month ago
Damb, michael's so reverse-smart and ripped when he takes off his shirt he becomes a *HIMBO*
Azzazelynn 5 month ago
9:45 I can't believe that this is where that meme is from! I really thought that this was a home video of a random 14 year old boy murdering a live fish by spiking it into the water. 🤣🤣🤣 The reality is somehow 10x better!
Kquench 6 month ago
“Shoot the fish” is a very American phrase
Chris 12 month ago
That Hawaiian guy should be in more videos, I love him already.
dZheyms Khans 6 month ago
Michael is the real life depiction of a protagonist in a Dead Rising game.
JakeOhT 7 month ago
"Previously frozen" Hawain guy: "Yay that's another name for China." lmao
Florida Man 6 month ago
1987:We will have flying cars in the future 2019: H E P A
davian rusdiansyah 5 month ago
Do you know what youre doing? "K i n d o f" Hes my new fav charachter
Hadieey. 12 month ago
"here's my friend maya" dont lie michael we all know you paid the girl to be there
Caribou Luu 6 month ago
It’s funny when Michael is on the island his pidgin accent comes out more lmao
TheMightyJohn 5 month ago
The way micheal throws this dead, frozen fish, into this deep pond and how he throws it like a dodgeball at a child
Rafael martinez 6 month ago
Your friend is hot now make a robot version of her so you can finally get a gf.
Micktrinus 6 month ago
"I watched an Alec Steele video once..." That phrase seems like the metal working version of "Hey y'all, watch this!"
Abhas Singh 12 month ago
"You only have a bachelor's degree" "And what do you have" "Hepatitis"
Hansen Edits 5 month ago
This guy is literally the Rick of our universe
Hardrocker73 6 month ago
I died when he said “BE FREE LITTLE ONE” then proceeds to yet the frozen fish into the water
Pablo DUMBTHICC 6 month ago
"Be free little one!" *leaves hook in mouth*
Theo Esser 5 month ago
Sure, it’s gas powered, but really, it’s *trash powered*
Adrian Symons 12 month ago
Did michael get a haircut? Hes gonna be the cutest 5th grader at picture day
Diego Gonzales 3 month ago
Michael: “Be free!” -SMACK!-
Branden Bogacz 7 month ago
"I don't really have the balance..." I would love to see Michael just try and make a fucking invention that tases him everytime he falls down doing something like ice skating, come Christmas time. 😂
Watery Guffman 4 month ago
Hes smart with code and stuff, but he's an actual idiot for spending that much on a sweatshirt
u4owhiskey 1 4 month ago
The way you threw that fish off the dock made me choke laughing
Molly Ellis 12 month ago
Michael: *on a literal island* Ok yeah we’re going to fish in this “pond”
Matthew SepticEye 4 month ago
Imagine throwing a dead frozen fish back into the ocean
Eliel Sanchez 6 month ago
Being your friend sounds like a roller coaster 😂😂
Llethander 4 month ago
Michael: You only have a bachelor's degree? Mia: And what do you have? Me: A Youtube channel.
YoRulezz TV 4 month ago
Nothing suspicious, just somebody with a motorized fishing rod!
B3TALXRD 12 month ago
Shout out to the local for being a legend
I have your Soul 4 month ago
U know that cliche where there’s a smart person and there stuck in a forest and they need to make a machine but they don’t have any materials Michael literally is that character
King 3 month ago
“One Heineken” you can hear his attempt at pidgin and its the best thing ive heard all day
1973 Porsche RSR 2.7 RWB 3 month ago
GM: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN Tesla: Hmm... not environmentally friendly
LamastasioD 5 month ago
Michel: BE FREE! Throws fish like a baseball into the water
MollyXMellody 12 month ago
"How much did Disney pay you to be in Moana?" "Uh, I get that alot..." Yep, sounds like Hawaii.
Sugartits 3 month ago
Person with an engineering degree vs a smarter goblin
Punisher 2.0 5 month ago
Michael’s mom/Honey where’s the microwave. Michael’s dad/✌️
Feng Yuan 5 month ago
The best part of the video is when he YEETs the fish back into the river
Ty Ouderkirk 6 month ago
"And what do you have?" Masochism.
megabuilder15 12 month ago
Micheal's new best friend Hawaiian local is my new favourite person
A Pufferfish • 69 years ago [edited] 5 month ago
Girlfriend: "Babe can you open this jar for me?" Boyfriend: "Why can't you do it yourself" Girlfriend: 1:04
MEGAm Gaming 5 month ago
“But have we considered gas power?” Shutup harry potter.
toxic inc p o t c 5 month ago
9:46 so that’s we’re the meme came from
Bitty bacon boi 3 month ago
The local sounds like donkey kong when he said “hey these are some pretty cool bananas”
TheAMaazing 12 month ago
The Hawaiian friend actually makes my life We must protect him at all costs
gone.earthmovin11 4 month ago
Michael: you only have a bachelors degree, Her: and what do you have, Michael: Her: Michael: hepatitis
Dennis Duran 5 month ago
7:38 he was like “oh this is good” but he wasn’t 21 and he doesn’t drink lol
chuckNthegod 3 month ago
9:53 "BE FREE!" that throw into the water made me laugh hard somehow
John Connor 5 month ago
Dam that guy is really smart, I need to get myself a hepatitis degree
Little Fan 12 month ago
“When did you catch it” “...uhhhhhhh.... May 13th” 😂🤣🤣
Royal panda 5 month ago
If y’all wanna see more of the local guy his youtube is “steadyhunger” ✌️
Hesham krwia 3 month ago
fishing using fishing pole , this is not fishing xD this is lazy man xD
Zantilo 4 month ago
8:16 I'm dying 😂😂😂
LegoFrog 7 month ago
João Lucas 12 month ago
"When did you catch those?" *Looks at expiry date* "Uh... May 13th."
ٰ 5 month ago
*_Ah yes, Fishing Chainsaw_*
EienAii 7 month ago
“Do you know what you’re doing?” “Kind of” Same.
CLASSICK 6 month ago
Michael you’re swole you don’t need that fishing rod
SҡʏFʏṅツ [ANBU] 3 month ago
Fish: oh thanks god he is letting me go..... wait BE FREE
Collin Blank 12 month ago
Okay, hold on. You made a fishing rod that actually caught multiple fish?! I did not subscribe to your channel to see products that work. I expect an apology.