Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement early Wednesday on a massive $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill aimed at alleviating the economic impact of the outbreak. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 3/25/2020.
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Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC
John Ezra Scheirman 15 days ago
The biggest chunk is P O R K for the corporations!
DON ALBERS 15 days ago
what about people on fix income prices are going up like crazy and money that you have for the month will not go as far,
Roman Jones 15 days ago
Sounds hopeful but I haven't been able to get through NY State Dept of Labor for 5 days now, not online, not by phone. Their system is overwhelmed.
CIO Whitepapers 15 days ago
All American citizens need to register themselves as corporations.
Jim Sykes 15 days ago
Mass produce health equipment on a war time footing
Robert Long 15 days ago
Schumer: I'd like to honor health care workers by giving 25 million to the Kennedy Center.
wog dalkin 15 days ago
Same ol' song, and anti-christ .
Matthew Molina 15 days ago
Thank you Sen. Schumer, I got my troubling question answered! "Does having had the coronavirus give you immunity?" "We don't know yet,"
Paper Mario 15 days ago
I’m happy to hear him say two things: 1. Furlough vs firing, and 2. That contracts will be made open to public in 14 days. If only the media would keep track of the contracts and inform us.
irateyourvideo2 15 days ago
if anyone's confused about how the stimulus package works, picture a massive pile of money being eaten by snakes that will eventually eat each other when the money is gone.
Brian Williams 15 days ago
Small businesses getting loans and big businesses getting bail outs. Our corrupt system in a nutshell
DeLon Cleaves 15 days ago
Oregu7 15 days ago
Most will go to those who don't need it, big corporations. We all know it.
Michael Schneider 15 days ago
The actual people who produce real products are the REAL FOUNDATION of THIS COUNTRY ! Not the talking heads in Congress , City Hall , or State legislators !
Michael Berta 15 days ago
Why doesn't FEMA have warehouses full of emergency supplies for whatever emergency may arise? Makes no sense.
bigmassive69 15 days ago
Sen. Shumer giving "shout outs".👍🏾
Too Kool Entertainment 15 days ago
They giving so much money for corporate business so the money can go back to into the government pockets.
G Mail 15 days ago
How’s it gonna feel when these guys are responsible for millions of endeared and thousands and thousands of deaths. America will be number one again in something and it will be for infections and deaths and economic depression. Great job America. You know how to pick them.
theripoffchicago 15 days ago
He looks so slimy like a snake !
Beverly Dwyer 15 days ago
I can’t find anything on what the stimulus package is for senior citizens..on SS and disabled
sgbobsg 15 days ago
What about seniors? They get nothing? A lot are at the most risk and lowest income levels right now.
TJ Z 15 days ago
Those are some good improvements, thank you. I know that wasnt easy
Debra Johnson 15 days ago
It seems as though the HOSPITAL should’ve gotten 500 billion
Bart Simpson 15 days ago
are we gonna get $1200 dollars? wtf is going on?
Kelly 15 days ago
No Schumer didn't say, "let me give a shout out to...". I love it!!!
Sonofspam64 15 days ago
"Most workers" will get the 1200 bucks. I wonder who's getting left out.
Antisocial loser 15 days ago
Love when the corporations get more than the hospitals
Edward Wallace 15 days ago
3:41, DJ L-L-Low low low low lol
ny921😇 15 days ago
Janatorial, food service that work in the hospital we need a raise!!! We are the front LINE!!!
Maggie Garden 15 days ago
Nothing for the seniors that had programs to eat... now gone along with aids and many other programs
Makaveli 15 days ago
Jeweled Bird 15 days ago
So what about gig workers and independent contractors?
Lynn 15 days ago
Thank you hospital workers!
Latrell Mitchell 15 days ago
Even through all this chaos. Remember this. Never give up on your dreams! - Stay safe out there.
dezmond roman 15 days ago
What about the construction workers. I know that the nurses are on the front lines but construction workers need to be praised also
micavids 15 days ago
"most adults"??? please be clear about gig workers, independent workers, independent contractors and independent sub-contractors...
NOT 8 BIT 15 days ago
You're a Tirante.
Stephen Brown 15 days ago
now get blowhard fool to get out of the way .
Tayle 15 days ago
So if I'm still employed and working will I get money still or no?
Helen Heard 15 days ago
We have to police each other see something say something, humbly of course.
M P 15 days ago
When?! The month is almost over and bills are coming due!
Mike Stevens 15 days ago
I guess the poor disabled arent "most" adults they dont matter big shocker.
pantsy cat 15 days ago
"Low interest". Well..we know you have low interest in what really matters. 😂
Aiden Chizinya 15 days ago
11:34 not the best choice of words to describe a crisis in NYC...
TheChosenOne 15 days ago
really ? adding interest so we dont have to go bankrupt ? lmao
Cindy Pierce 15 days ago
He has aged so much over this
rastapatch Mail 15 days ago
So, all the MOST capitalist folks will get most socialism?
B!gG 15 days ago
If me and Schumer were in an elevator, one of us would walk out alive
EMV 15 days ago
bigmassive69 15 days ago
🤨 So, if/when does this go into effect??
BOOGEYMAN 15 days ago
Corporations are always taken cared of, works the same here in Canada!
Julia McLaughlin 15 days ago
Thank you, Joe and Micka.
Miguel Ramirez 15 days ago
Cory Brunson 15 days ago
Getting laid off or furloughed seems like a pretty good deal.
bigmassive69 15 days ago
🤔 "workers first" & "most adults"... Hmmm.
Thomas Neal 15 days ago
He givin shout outs 😂😂😂
Quentin Baggett 15 days ago
that happened to that red cross ship
Michael Waedow 15 days ago
Number 2: Workers first. LOL
Dojocho 15 days ago
that $1200 when is the second payment? they are talking about keeping people indoors for months.....
Tri Nguyen 15 days ago
Cheers Morning Joe
Niqua Jenkins 15 days ago
Rich will always get richer! Smh this some bull
Travis Smith 15 days ago
The prez still takes marching orders from the Kremlin...
Nguyen Van Dung GV LY Bim Son 15 days ago
Nhớ quay nhìu vlog nha ><
Morte Et Dabo 15 days ago
Linda Clayton 15 days ago
Justin Sorensen 15 days ago
He looks absolutely exhausted
Patricia Schoen 15 days ago
Yeah we might see something to help us by christmas
Alanna I 15 days ago
These are all loans ? We need to pay them back for everything? 😔
Zach Yaple 15 days ago
Money first, lives second
TheWinterShadow 15 days ago
Anthony Spidell 15 days ago
What if all the PPE is stamped: “Made In China”?
Peter Viceroy 15 days ago
Democrats gave themselves races? Will see y’all in November!
Chandler Anthony 15 days ago
Corporations still getting the
jack00scarecrow 15 days ago
big love to the big apple
Fanboys KillGames 15 days ago
How do you know when a joo is lying?...
Hani Alturk 15 days ago
Where do small business owners can apply for the loan?
Kevin Knuckles 15 days ago
Hahaha!!! Next stimulus package... Full on socioeconomic take over. Slick work banksters
&* 15 days ago
Never voting Democrat again in my life
aliens inthecabinet 15 days ago
Idk why I read every complanitory comment in the same voice
Doris George 15 days ago
Nd please let him speak. That not right when you took the word from his mouth
jmnstr73 15 days ago
Im still waiting for my free Obama phone
James 15 days ago
It's funny how when things are a little tough for the rich, how fast the establishment wants and loves that sweat socialism. Normal circumstances things are tough for the average Joe, here’s your boot straps now shut the “F” up.
Jo Mo 15 days ago
Leverage is required to get the best deal for both sides
ThisguyQuake 15 days ago
Did he say he wanted to give a shout out???
Cladrastis 15 days ago
Did Schumer say *_SHOUT OUT?_*
At Unanimous 15 days ago
Where do I apply for the check??? I need to know please help
Chris M. 15 days ago
gig workers?
Chris M. 15 days ago
gig workers?
Deb Ammann 15 days ago
Right, we are going to know right away if someone is abusing it.
Yelena Kocheleva 15 days ago
Government need work for citizens
Andrew Bakerstreet 15 days ago
Chuck bud you’re lookin rough
Deborah Boldt 15 days ago
Thank you so much for getting the job done right
Chris Williams 15 days ago
I want to know what they are hiding
Jason Oquinn 15 days ago
Kidde laid me off.....
Water Ski Lake Austin 15 days ago
Thank you for you diligence! Sen Schumer!
I AM 15 days ago
This is by far the most bipartisan media coverage I've ever seen, it's about time MSNBC. Finally! Media Coverage that's about the people, and not about politics! Good job MSNBC. Eventhough we all know it won't last!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
jay rider 15 days ago
Federal funding for Free truck driving school?
Earth Perfect place To live 15 days ago
Is it aid or stimulus package? Make up your mind msnbc!
Got 2 Stay U 15 days ago
Umm so they poisoned the world and we all are running around scared.. 🤔 After this is over we will be programmed right lol...
E Lowe 15 days ago
Pelosi blocked it again.