Drawing GOKU in 9 Different Styles

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Today I will be attempting to draw Dragon Ball Z's Son Goku as a Super Saiyan in 9 different styles. This styles include:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Disney, Studio Ghibli and My Hero Academia... among others ;)

Sit back and enjoy my misery as I draw Son Goku in... 9 different styles!

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Totally Not Mark 6 month ago
The video took so much time to make but was tonnes of fun after all was said and done. Want me to review Dragon Ball Heroes? *Cries inside*
Huzaifa Yousaf 6 month ago
Each drawing starts... Mark: *”This was an absolute nightmare for me.”* Drawing finishes Mark: “I’m actually pretty satisfied with the outcome.”
Derek Ball 5 month ago
Disney: Hair - Ursula. Face - Alladin. Body - Tarzan.
Alec Santos 6 month ago
"I fear no man" *Stares at Saitama Goku* "But that thing, it scares me."
Subscribe for a free Thanks. 5 month ago
"And it wont be definitely my last time drawing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" That's it, im subscribing...
Lorenzo Lodi 5 month ago
-Nobody: -Mark on every single drawing: "this one was probably the hardest of them all"
That One Dude 6 month ago
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how many painful hours he went through just to make this for us? Mad respect
Ziel 5 month ago
9:43 "I Son Goku,Have a Ball that can summon a dragon"
Auksiniai Ereliai 5 month ago
Stand user: joku jokaroto Stand name: God wave Stand ability: offense (shooting a blue powerfull ki blast ). Deffense (ultra instinct). Powerboost (Golden Form )
Shyne Forever 5 month ago
Mark about go draw goku in stick figure art style: “THiS iS By fAr ThE HarDEst ChaLLEnge I HaD To dO
Gamer Time 5 month ago
Joseph Winchester 6 month ago
You should draw The Ginyu Force in JoJo's art style.
The Happy Rat 5 month ago
Mark: want me to review Dragon Ball heroes? This man is willing to risk his sanity once again for us
Guthak10Movie 5 month ago
You: jojo has weird poses and cloths jojo: araki was using ancient sculptures for poses and actual top brands weird cloths XD
Bubba 5 month ago
I really liked the first hairstyle that you have first on the MHA that had more of a Deku look to it. 5:07
Master 6 month ago
If he makes a Son Jojo, I'm gonna be so proud OOOOOOOH MY GOOOOOOD HE DID IT
Sirfetch'd 6 month ago
just realized that if Goku was a Yu-Gi-Oh character his hair wouldn't even be top 50 weirdest hairstyles
watchinglearner 6 month ago
Totally Not Mark: "...Akira Toriyama, who I am failing to mimic right now." Me: "This looks a lot more Toriyama than you seem to think it does."
ObiWeebKenobi 4 month ago
I feel like you should have gone with a different color of eyes than red
DarthAlphaTheGreat 5 month ago
You drew the OG JoJo style, not the post Part 4 JoJo “same-face” style. Which is very...different from the jacked Part 1-3. :P
Mookie Lagaras 4 month ago
Mark every drawing: “This is definitely the most difficult thing I’ve ever drawn.”
Kazakora 5 month ago
Who else heard him say endeavor while he was drawing in MHA style at 5:27
Blastin Groove 5 month ago
9:24 looks like it would look like an " Attack on Titan " drawing instead of disney
Ultimate Kars 5 month ago
5:27 *”Finding a face with this that worked was a difficult endeavour”* HAHAHAHAHA I see what ya did there
Ryan Bonaventure 4 month ago
Let’s have a positive attitude On 2020 Coronavirus: *hello*
Alu Anderson 6 month ago
>JoJo to be continued meme plays >Youtube plays a ad not bad Youtube, not bad
Michelle Cleary 4 month ago
Mark: “ik I took so long on this” *ur a cheater*
Bubba 5 month ago
imagine jo-jo Goku being your sleep paralyzes demon
bzeffer 6 month ago
I said to myself at the start of the video, "If JoJo isn't in this video, Imma be really mad."
The Happy Rat 5 month ago
5:27 “was a difficult endeavour” Pun intended?
Dexo Plex 6 month ago
I remember when this channel was about mixed feelings towards DBS
Ian Bugayong 5 month ago
The disney goku's face was from Tarzan, based on the eyes.
Filip Vadas 6 month ago
"It definetly won't be my last time drawing Jojo" You have no idea what you've unleashed 😏😏😏
Ma_P 5 month ago
5:27 " Difficult *E n d e a v o r* "
Timour Journel 5 month ago
Draws in the BNHA style : "This was a difficult ENDEAVOUR."
TheFr0stByte 6 month ago
Sees Jojo Goku Me: "Well I'll be darned it's Jin Kazama from Tekken."
Supporter of True Gender Equality 6 month ago
"it was a difficult endeavor" I saw what you did there
Nova_Playz RB 5 month ago
0:05 It's January! which Means New Year's Resolutions Fresh starts and an Optimistic outlook on the year ahead I think u missed WW3 there buddy
1000 subs with no Videos 5 month ago
Mark: Was a difficult endeavor Endeavor: Am i a joke to you?
Psychotic Gradient. 5 month ago
Mark: yeah, I'm not really proud of this, I'm trying and failing to be Akira toryiama Also mark: draws like Akira toryiama
Muaj Tshim 5 month ago
5:43 lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that enlightened my day
Anime Fan 5 month ago
5:44 nobody gonna ask how he survived saitama's serious punch? Oo kawaii kotto (how cute)
Jonathan Joestar 6 month ago
me:"sees jojo in the thumbnail" me:yes,yes,Yes,YEs,YES!
The Angel Born In Hell 5 month ago
9:36 The only one moment i came to see
Diego Macedo 6 month ago
Hair: Beauty and the Beast Face: Aladdin Body: Tarzan
Grey World 6 month ago
There should be ones that are drawn like bleach and naruto’s style.
Super-saiyan-Blue 5 month ago
For MHA "finding the right face was a difficult endeavor" i see what you did there
Nicholas Leclerc 5 month ago
11:47 The hair looks like a wig superposed between his head and our POV, IMO; no offense 11:53 Of COURSE he looks like Bakugo
RNG ØSØ 5 month ago
Everybody: why are they black???? Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) finally
Gideon Madu 6 month ago
TotallyNotMark: " Why's his hair white?" Me: it's not white, it's the pure essence of gold All jokes aside, the reason why Goku's Super Saiyan hair was left blank in the manga was because of time constraints in making a weekly manga series, meaning Toriyama and other manga artists didn't have any time left over to color.
Zen_Chan Akio Black 5 month ago
Frieza: "Long Live the King..."
NightShade 8 5 month ago
The Yu-Gi-Oh one looks almost like Senku from Dr.Stone lol
AnimeGaming_101 5 month ago
9:35 That body seems to be based of the Jungle Book Disney adaptation, just jumped right at me.
Pyro _Dood 6 month ago
"Difficult Endeavor" Pun Intended?
K Kekumii 5 month ago
When doing JoJo do Part 4. It's the Easiest. The easiest. The Marik, I mean Yugioh Style is my favorite by far
Jordan Stanley 5 month ago
HAHAHAH "a difficult endeavor" Get it?
Taiketsu対決 5 month ago
for disney you should've used kingdom hearts as a refrence
PhoenixWarriorX x35 5 month ago
This vid gave me so much inspiration and encouragement! Thank you, I'm gonna try Samurai jack style
GuitarZero183 6 month ago
Me Watching, waiting for the Jojo's style: Oooh samurai jack's awesome but he's not gonna do Jojo's is he? *Roundabout Midi* HERE WE GO! Awesome work as always!
mushroomdude123 5 month ago
5:54 Whoa, what is this from?! I’ve never seen this piece before. Also, you understand Toriama’s style really well. I said this before, but you should’ve been the one to make the DBZ Kakarot box art.
Kaboole 5 month ago
Oh man the second I saw JoJo's I was screaming oml it's so amazing
Kay Z 6 month ago
I would honestly buy these, this man is so talented 🔥🔥🔥
Gucci Mayoub8 6 month ago
I literally suggested yugioh i can't believe he did it
xGlacialWolf_ 4 month ago
2:13 somebody send to me this video
Litam 5 month ago
1:20 Jacksepticeye's hard accent
Lonely Bonely 4 month ago
Lmao, I cant imagine this dude going for Boichi's style
Assassin Deku 5 month ago
5:39 reminds me of some Super Saiyan Deku from some fanart and fanfics....
Herman Bertel 6 month ago
Toei: *drops new concept art for the hair of a new character* Mark: DRAWING IN 8739 DIFFERENT STYLES!!!
Spinxo 5 month ago
it’s too funny to me how some of the gokus are cross eyed
Jaikthesnake 5 month ago
I'm also an artist who tried drawing JoJo for the first time and holy shit it is really fun
Radical JJ 6 month ago
6:58 He almost looks like Garou.
Kaly Roxx 5 month ago
That Tidus laugh reference killed me so hard xDD
Papa Kim 6 month ago
"Oh, I just can't wait to be king" -Vegeta
Thee INER 4 month ago
8:08 *Soo nobody gonna talk about this voice crack?*
J. Andrés Moreno Mtz. 4 month ago
JoJo's style is dope! Definitely my favorite, 2nd One Punch Man but I like most of them, really appreciate the time you took drawing this journey my man
Amaral Claudio 6 month ago
One punch, and jojo`s style are my favorite :D Youre an amazing artist !
Umer Ibrahim 6 month ago
and I had a feeling you were gonna review *GT* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
suprshin 6 month ago
Imagine trying to animate these crazy detailed images.
Oxywn 6 month ago
The eyes are too small for JoJo, still though it looks amazing.
JoJo_Sama 6 month ago
The music at the end tho... Niiiiiiiiiiiiiicccceeee!! - Joseph "JoJo" Joestar
Thebes342 6 month ago
Your art focused videos are easily my favorite style of videos from you, especially as someone aspiring to become a halfway decent artist. Watching you draw and hearing the process that went into each drawing is great and I'd love to see more videos like this in the future.
Blaze God Hype 6 month ago
Huzaifa Yousaf 6 month ago
*After finishing 1 drawing* Mark: “Ah shit, here we go again.”
Ryan Bonaventure 4 month ago
Did you know the end of dragon ball in Japan 🇯🇵 was the buu saga
High-Res Clone Trooper 5 month ago
You made me bust a but when you started drawing Goku in the JoJo style.
Sonic Fan1579 6 month ago
8:25 i love this part....also good video
LITTLE DEATH 5 month ago
It dosent really look likw you're drawing them in the styles, I just looks like ur mixing difrent reffrences together to get somthing similar Regardless tho nice video 💪🔥👌
DekuGames 5 month ago
The JoJo one was like REALLY good! along with all the others! great work!
Naruto Kakarot 5 month ago
Frieza: so you are approaching me Goku: I cant ki blast you in the face without getting any closer
BLAZE S1 DOOM Meme lord 6 month ago
Jojo’s easily surprised me but got me exited ain’t gonna lie
Jeremías Vazquez 5 month ago
The disni body is from the one character that spends most of the movie naked Tarzan for sure
Sirfetch'd 6 month ago
ngl when he played One Punch Man I thought he was gonna draw in One's style
iyohkie 5 month ago
2:09 he has crooked eyes lol
The Ultimate Shitposter 6 month ago
10:51 *awaken my masters intensifies*
CatKirby4925 5 month ago
Sgouba 5 month ago
5:43 i was sooo wating for the one punch man intro but sundely ......
YA Boi Alex 6 month ago
You just signed a deal with the devil "This wont be the last time I am drawing jojo"
Jord S RS 6 month ago
TFW Mark's pulling down his truly amazing artistic talent, and I can't even write my name in a uniform manner X.X
Axsoul CAMPBELL 6 month ago
Also Yu gi oh when you said ya couldn’t find many shirtless characters ya shoulda just watched some hentai
Jarrett Gelsinger 6 month ago
I’m Suprised to see JoJo considering I know he didn’t really enjoy watching it.