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Big Love
Team Beast
Eddie 'The Beast' Hall 3 month ago
Had and awesome day with Nile last week, Hope you enjoy the video guys. Next up is the pole volt 👀💪🏻 Subscribe to Nile: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrNMW
ELee Wingfield 3 month ago
I'm astonished how almost no one is talking about how a guy that big just did all that. Seriously amazing mate
Seth O'Morrow 3 month ago
All jokes aside, Eddie's agility is pretty impressive.
Roy M 3 month ago
Why is the World’s Strongest Man wearing a pink leotard? Because he can.
isto meph 3 month ago
Eddie really looks like a marvel super hero. Not "only" strong, he is really athletic for his size..really incredible!
Mohammed Karim 3 month ago
17:02 the moment of truth
Tim Burke 3 month ago
Nile: gets Eddie's sweat on him Anti-doping official: Mr Wilson, you have tested positive for...everything. And you are pregnant.
Leon Soreno 3 month ago
Let’s consider Eddies sheer size: He is such a versatile and talented athlete! Love seeing him testing new fields of sports lately and never doing bad!
Kelvin Liew 3 month ago
Eddie is an athletic freak - he would have excelled at any sport he chose to get involved in...
Jessie Walker 3 month ago
For as humongous and powerful as he is he’s actually really athletic, moves well
Nocci 3 month ago
do you ever feel scared you'll accidentally break someones spine while hugging them?
Trevor Rogers 3 month ago
Eddie: *enters room* Spring Board: Why do I hear boss music ?
Random Mcranderson 3 month ago
Wilson was smiling now but when Eddie Hall beats him in the olympics next time he's really going to regret teaching him these backflips.
Razaziel 3 month ago
Why is n o one talking about how 'Marvel" and Batman Facepalm at 5:07
Charlie Mead 3 month ago
"If Marvel dont pick me as batman" he says. Dont think they plan to
Eden Hazardous 3 month ago
10:59 cheating
fox21231 3 month ago
If Eddie was hydrated I bet he could backflip over the moon
ateb3 3 month ago
he's like one of those mech robots in titanfall: huge but still pretty agile
Jeffrey Kane 3 month ago
it is the most shocking and least shocking thing that eddie can jump
The Omega Blade 3 month ago
"leotards are for girls" *Eddie thinks not*
Daley Kale 3 month ago
5:06 I heard the screams of nerds across the entire planet at that statement.
skodbolle 3 month ago
Am I the only one a little bit shocked at how agile Eddie actually is for his size :O
possibility28able 3 month ago
Eddie would have been terrifying in the NFL had he grown up playing
Spunky Sasuke 3 month ago
"If they dont pick me as batman in the next film-" "Theyve just finished the Avengers films" bruh
Konrad Torpeda 3 month ago
Eddie is such a lovely giant, cheers.
Fabian Elliott 3 month ago
really shows how strong he is when he can actually propell 400lbs into the air with that much force, most body builders cant even leave the ground
Mr.Lemondog 128 3 month ago
14:25 looks like a lovely father and son bonding moment
Maikel K 3 month ago
To be honest i was amazed how well you did that cart wheel in the beginning. I mean you're as big as a 2 story house and you did that with ease 👍
Rakehell007 3 month ago
Moved like a butterfly, buffed like a rhino!
Stephen Ford 3 month ago
Eddie is a true athlete. Swimming then strongman. Any sport he'd excel at.
AnalogX64 3 month ago
I love Eddie's enthusiasm in everything and the fact that the title was not clickbait, he actually did a backflip on his own.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
13:03 I'd be absolutely frightened to get squished by a mountain of muscle
ToxicGaming 3 month ago
*Eddie:* If marvel don’t pick me as Batman this year *Gymnast:* They’ve just finished all the avengers films. *Me:* Wait batman was secretly an avenger???
O2blitz gaming 3 month ago
Me seeing strong man do backflip:🙂 Me when he says Marvel needs to hire him to do bat man:REEEEEEEE
Sgt Lincoln Osiris 3 month ago
Eddie Hall with another record: World's heaviest man doing a backflip
Chris J 3 month ago
Eddie hall doing the worm, that maybe the best thing I’ve seen
Smash Roomvid 3 month ago
DAMN! Eddie looks hot, I'd love to see him in that same pink leotard without the black tights underneath! ;p
Edo 3 month ago
When they forgot to give the tank character an agility weakness.
Murder Doll 3 month ago
"It's serious business, mate." *LMAO!*
Christie Lotter 3 month ago
“If marvel don’t pick me as batman”....
Bruce John Speedster 3 month ago
2020: *Worlds thiccest man*
Zetornator 3 month ago
this is the moment when you say: if he can do it then i can do it too xD
Billy Logan 3 month ago
Mate, this is brilliant! You’re a ledge edd
Amanda Hatton 3 month ago
Would love to see you try pole or aerial silks.
RamblinAround 3 month ago
Eddie, you really are extremely athletic for your size, that was seriously impressive.
samothron1988 3 month ago
One of the best things I've seen in my live, that dude is as funny as strong, I laughed so loud at this video! Stumbled upon this randomly, I will have to subscribe and like as he said :D what a soul of a human (beast)!
IshrafS 3 month ago
No one: Eddie: *makes the whole gym shake*
AMO tribe 3 month ago
Love Eddie, he's sense of humor is to the roof!🙌🙌🙌😘
UTF x STEW 3 month ago
The human javelin was absolutely hilarious!
Makke Manninen 3 month ago
It's truly impressive to see Eddie, even though he jokes around a bit and has fun with it put in the effort and learn something totally out of his wheelhouse. Even more impressive is that he did it all while being severely dehydrated.
Pekka Laitinen 3 month ago
6:59 imagine Eddie Hall jumping towards you in this fashion. I would drop my shit and RUN
Usman Hussain 3 month ago
4:28 OMG did anyone else catch that Redwood reference? I loved that series!
tojiroh 3 month ago
"I am thoroughly impressed by the agility displayed by this human meat mountain" comment #43524 (also, that worm lol)
RitzyFormula 946 3 month ago
“Let me go on my own time” ~Eddie Hall da savage
Wompa Stompa 3 month ago
Eddie probably could've done a quadruple backflip if he was hydrated.
hassan Waleed 3 month ago
Eddie is 6ft 1 but very insecure about height, surprised hes listed 6ft 3
Nae Ves 3 month ago
Would really love to see Eddie try bouldering 😂😂😂
Stephan Janovic 3 month ago
Eddie you've to visit DAS GYM in Vienna,AUT , the guys there as crazy as u. cheers mate!
DarkEllixrr 114 3 month ago
Nile: Do a back flip! Eddie: visable Dissapointment , Confusion and Regret for coming to a gymnastic center!
Erich 3 month ago
Actually impressed. He moves quite well for a guy his size.
Cass Cody 3 month ago
16:37 for anyone that doesn't wanna get title-baited into a 20 minute video
CrappyPaintPapa 3 month ago
12:04 that was so unexpected I blacked out omg
THE psycho 3 month ago
Dont make him run, Nile! He has to move three times your weight!
Troy Walker 3 month ago
I'm actually laughing out loud...
DVids 3 month ago
Eddie looks at this guy as a protein source... He could eat him and still get around 5 BiGMacs.
Kobe Lansta 3 month ago
14:29 where’s he gone?! Lmao
104de 3 month ago
0:48 Youtube: Is that a nipple DEMONETIZED! Twitch: Is that a nipple BANNED! Everyone who watches content creators: why?
alfpolo29 3 month ago
14:58 Eddie you are amazing poliathletes, im sure that every sport you will be choice you achievement top result...
Andy Summer 3 month ago
Could someone turn that intro sound volume down a little bit? Damn,so loud.
Jack Troup 3 month ago
Imagine the endless things Eddie could do if he was fully hydrated
Simarpreet Singh Sandhu 3 month ago
6:17 that looks so funny like a happy giant being all merry 😂
Plurf Snurfmcchuuples 3 month ago
10:28 Can we talk about how that light tap send them flying?
Valdarian RaevenHeart 3 month ago
Ain't even got through the middle yet, and I'm thinking to myself: "Damn, Beast is going to need to replace 8000 calories by the end of this." o7
Bill of Rights 3 month ago
I enjoyed watching this video more than anything I've watched from Hollywood in years. Hollywood has become *PURE TRASH.*
omgJellyFish 3 month ago
i'm thoroughly impressed with how nimble eddie is for his size.
Jap3ten 3 month ago
If “Mavel” don’t pick me for batman 😂😂
DarrenAiton1 3 month ago
Amazing you can move like that Eddie mate well done, hilarious as usual too😂👌
Austin Banks-Wilson 3 month ago
It's amazing how agile he is... Even while in a dehydrated state...
*Dude your Intro is Killin itt* 😂
backflips2007 3 month ago
“I want the world’s strongest man to achieve a backflip” Eddie’s face at 2:11: I’m not fully hydrated to do that
Daniel Bracey 3 month ago
Could you imagine this man in Rugby 😂😳
Apex Warrior 3 month ago
5:35 I was dead when this part came
Wyatt The goat at pogo sticking 3 month ago
0:09 imagin if the subscribe button comes out his butt that would look funny
eXhaustedWisdom 3 month ago
he could kill all of us, without even noticing it. but hes such a nice guy <3
Brandon b 3 month ago
Not gonna lie eddies cartwheel was pretty effortless for a big fella
Tsvetan Tsvetkov 3 month ago
"In what reality, though?"
JJ Dryer 3 month ago
My goodness, that walk when he atlas stoned that Nile guy was quite intimidating.
DJ GEOMETRY 3 month ago
4:12 Eddie won the 2020 Tokyo olympics with all gold medals. What an incredible transformation. 😂
Ninja Ned 3 month ago
I like watching Nile's video and this one to see the same scene but a different camera focussing on a different aspect. it's quite interesting
Ben Fernandez 3 month ago
Girl: Guys with abs are hot, but I’d rather date a guy with a dad bod Eddy Hall: How about both?🤷🏻‍♂️
Sarmad Jutt 3 month ago
Much Earned Respect Dude ❤ I Can't Do It Even I'm Just 180 lbs 😂
Rafa Lyp 3 month ago
14:00 he just did a squat... Nile like... just represented air.
Moki 3 month ago
Ohmygod, when he turned into strongman mode before that "atlas stone" bit... that was intimidating :D
Real TG 3 month ago
I love this beast. Really love u. Am from mongolia 🇲🇳. My hero 🦸‍♂️
anabolic stephen 3 month ago
if this guy was hydrated he could've done a double backflip
BigZ7337 3 month ago
This was hilarious.
Holy Heinz 3 month ago
1. Eddie has a lot of humor, and no problem to laugh about himself. 2. Phantastic to see this athletes! Greetings from Germany
Gustav Hancke 3 month ago
how is a 400 LBS man better than me to do the worm!!??
Jozi 3 month ago
11:54 im dead hahaha
Lluc Aristondo Alzina 3 month ago
Your abs are literaly the size of his pecs